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Gernot Wilhelm

1982 Grundzüge der Geschichte und Kultur der Hurriter.
Darmstadt: Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft.
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     Wilhelm devotes this volume to the displaying (through 5 chapters) of the culture of the Hurrians.
     Chapter 1 is about Hurrian history, starting from the origin and the Akkadian period until the Neo-Assyrian period.
     Chapter 2 deals with the society and the economy of the Hurrians.
     Chapter 3 speaks about the Hurrian pantheon, the mythology, cultic practices and the magic.
     Chapter 4 presents an insight on Hurrian literature.
     Chapter 5 explores Hurrian art, considering different kind of artefacts (pottery, metal objects and glyptic).
     Several mentions of Urkesh are present (both with the spellings Urgeš and Urkeš): on p. 12, the city is quoted in connection with the first attestation of the toponym; pp. 12-16 are specifically devoted to Urkesh, summarizing topics regarding its location, its history and its religion; on p. 73, Urkesh is mentioned in connection with the figure and the epos of Kumarbi; on p. 76, the reference is stated speaking about the god Nerigal, while on p. 109, it is presented the lion-shaped bronze nail of Tiš-atal (with a drawing of the piece on the following page, fig. 1).

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