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Michael Zick

2008 Türkei. Wiege der Zivilisation.
Stuttgart: Konrad Theiss Verlag [specifically, pp. 71-76].

     A popular book about Turkey, it includes a richly illustrated chapter on the Hurrians, entitled “The kingdom of the unknown culture builders,” which gives pride of place to Urkesh (“Urkisch”). The significance of the early date (mid third millennium) for the Hurrians is emphasized, as well as the broad extent of the city and the regular planning of the lower city, which has important consequences for the history of city planning in general (p. 73). The importance of Tar’am-Agade is also emphasized, with regard to both political history (alliance rather than conquest on Naram-Sin's part) and chronology (Tupkish is Sargon's contemporary, p. 74). Finally (p. 76), the importance of Tell Mozan for the earliest period of urbanization is also stressed.
[The head of the figurine A12.30 is reproduced in color on p. 74].

[G. Buccellati – April 2009]