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Patricia Berlyn

2005 “The Journey of Terah: To Ur-Kasdim or Urkesh?,”
Jewsih Bible Quarterly 33/2, pp. 73-80.
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     THE HURRIAN LEDGE (p. 73).
     HARAN (p. 74).
     THE JOURNEY OF TERAH (p. 75).
     UR (p. 77).
     URKESH (p. 78).
     CONCLUSION (p. 79).

      For a short while, in the winter 2008, the conclusions reached by the author found their way into the Urkesh entry of Wikipedia. The contributors who provided these additions used the sigla Tomakiv and Hosnann38. A representative text version, dated February 20, 2008, reads as follows: Urkesh, Ur-Kesh is often identified by schoolars as originated from Ur-Kesed (English “Ur of the Chaldee”), where “kesed” is a Chaldean name of the Chaldees.
      Abraham and his family were originally from the city of Ur. His father, Terah, came from Ur of the Chaldees Mesopotamia which was under the rule of the Chaldeans – although Josephus, Islamic tradition, and Jewish authorities like Maimonides all concur that Ur of the Chaldees was in Northern Mesopotamia identified with Urkesh or with nearby Urfa, or in Urartu.

[G. Buccellati – May 2008]