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Processed on 10-10-2012

-EQQ903We put the Elevatore on the south sid of k101, bacause it is too deep there and we need to remove the two baulk on both side of k101 faster. fAB suggested to give the q-items which we will found on the Elevatore q-900. [Q903RE.J]
-SFQ831jW worked most of the day in the house processing data for vVE. bL worked 1 hour in the house entering data. [Q831RE.J]
-SGQ828Tomorrow we will discuss the function of f197, and we will explore it more, and take a photo for it then we will remove, in order to reach f184, then we will move to the south half of k31, and the south half of k21 in order to have more space, so the view for all the area will be beautiful. [Q828RE.J]
-SGQ831after tomorrow we will continue removing the west baulk of k109, and the southern part of k108. gB suggested to continue removing the middle eastern baulk of k108, after taking the photo of the surface which found in the baulk f214. We also plan to remove f213, to follow the baqaya glacis f109. [Q831RE.J]
-SNQ830aA and iI drew the north part of the east section of k109, with the string elevation of . Also they drew the west side of the west baulk of k109, with a string elevation of . [Q830RE.J]
-SNQ831aA and iI drew the west baulk of k109, and the upper part of the west section, which it is infact belongs to J1, the west section of k24. Because it is dangerous to draw it from J1 side, we did it. [Q831RE.J]
-SNQ903aA and iI drew the west section part of k109, after removing the baulk to combare between the to section if they have the sam leyer and features which belong to J1 [Q903RE.J]
-WK.riQ828All assigned workmen reported. Farid excused and left after the breakfast. Khalaf and Emad worked the last hour with vE. [Q828RE.J]
-WK.riQ830All the workmen reported. Ghandi worked all the day on the palace. Emad worked part of the time with vE. Lazgin worked half of the day with Mohammad Omo. [Q830RE.J]
-WK.riQ831All the workmen assigned reported, except Ahmad excused. Ghandi worked in the palace. Mohammad excused the last hour. [Q831RE.J]
-WK.riQ903Swar and Khaled excused because they are sick. Ahmad also excused and left after breakfast. Adaal quit the work after breakfest. Mohammad Khier excused the last hour of the work. [Q903RE.J]
A0001A21P828bu [P904GM1.J]
A0001B11P828Burial near N section of k104, in the compacted fill, f59, behind monumental wall, f11, and consisting of human bones (i8), bead (i7), stone tool (i10), a brick marker (f62), and q-items (q100). [P904GM1.J]
A0001D01P828k104 [P904GM1.J]
A0001G09P828f60,f62,i7,i8,i10,q100 [P904GM1.J]
A0002A21P828b [P904GM1.J]
A0002B11P828A burial consiting of placed animal bones (head and long bone) near the base of monumental wall, f11. It is not clear whether this is associated with human burial, a1 located nearby. [P904GM1.J]
A0002D01P828k104 [P904GM1.J]
A0002G09P828f61,q103 [P904GM1.J]
A0004O01Q829v0092 [RX31JW.J]
A0005O01Q829v0092a [RX31JW.J]
A0007O01Q829v0091 [RX31JW.J]
A0007O01Q829v0092 [RX31JW.J]
A0007O01Q829v0092a [RX31JW.J]
F0001F02P815<5si q0044 [P823GM3.J]
F0001F02P815<5si q0045 [P823GM3.J]
F0001F02P822>0co f0002 [P824GM.J]
F0001O01P815v0012 [P823GM5.J]
F0001O01P816v0013 [P823GM5.J]
F0001O01P816v0013a [P823GM5.J]
F0001O01P816v0013b [P823GM5.J]
F0002D03P816154 (41050 49379 - 9289 / Relay location: SE corner) [P816RE-R.J]
F0002F02P815<5si q0046 [P823GM3.J]
F0002F02P815<5si q0047 [P823GM3.J]
F0002F02P822<0co f0001 [P824GM.J]
F0002F02P822<5si f0003 [P824GM.J]
F0002F02P822<5si f0004 [P824GM.J]
F0002F02P822<5si f0005 [P824GM.J]
F0002F02P822<5si f0006 [P824GM.J]
F0002F02P822<5si f0020 [P824GM.J]
F0002F02P822<5si f0021 [P824GM.J]
F0002F02P822<5si f0022 [P824GM.J]
F0002F02P822<5si f0023 [P824GM.J]
F0002F02P822<5si f0024 [P824GM.J]
F0002F02P822<5si f0025 [P824GM.J]
F0002F02P822<5si f0041 [P824GM.J]
F0002F02P822>0co f0037 [P824GM.J]
F0002O01P804v0004 [P807GM.J]
F0002O01P806v0003 [P807GM.J]
F0002O01P806v0003a [P807GM.J]
F0002O01P806v0003b [P807GM.J]
F0002O01P806v0003c [P807GM.J]
F0002O01P815v0011 [P823GM5.J]
F0002O01P815v0012 [P823GM5.J]
F0002O01P816v0013 [P823GM5.J]
F0002O01P816v0013a [P823GM5.J]
F0002O01P816v0013b [P823GM5.J]
F0003D03P80310 (40951 48956 - 9277 / Relay location: E) [P816GM1R.J]
F0003D03P80311 (40929 48916 - 9277 / Relay location: S) [P816GM1R.J]
F0003D03P8039 (40981 48929 - 9277 / Relay location: N) [P816GM1R.J]
F0003F02P804<5si q0008 [P807GM.J]
F0003F02P804<5si q0009 [P807GM.J]
F0003F02P804<5si q0010 [P807GM.J]
F0003F02P822>5si f0002 [P824GM.J]
F0003O01P804v0004 [P807GM.J]
F0003O01P804v0004a [P807GM.J]
F0003O01P804v0005 [P807GM.J]
F0003O01P804v0005a [P807GM.J]
F0003O01P806v0003 [P807GM.J]
F0003O01P806v0003a [P807GM.J]
F0003O01P806v0003b [P807GM.J]
F0003O01P806v0003c [P807GM.J]
F0003O01Q829v0092 [RX31JW.J]
F0004D03P80316 (40927 49144 - 9268 / Relay location: W) [P816GM1R.J]
F0004D03P80317 (40980 49206 - 9268 / Relay location: N) [P816GM1R.J]
F0004D03P80318 (40925 49279 - 9268 / Relay location: E) [P816GM1R.J]
F0004D03P80319 (40857 49186 - 9268 / Relay location: S) [P816GM1R.J]
F0004F02P822>5si f0002 [P824GM.J]
F0004O01P804v0004 [P807GM.J]
F0004O01P804v0005 [P807GM.J]
F0004O01P806v0003 [P807GM.J]
F0004O01P806v0003a [P807GM.J]
F0004O01P806v0003b [P807GM.J]
F0005D03P80320 (40792 49218 - 9284 / Relay location: E) [P816GM1R.J]
F0005D03P80321 (40827 49200 - 9282 / Relay location: N) [P816GM1R.J]
F0005D03P80322 (40835 49159 - 9280 / Relay location: W) [P816GM1R.J]
F0005D03P80323 (40829 49143 - 9280 / Relay location: W) [P816GM1R.J]
F0005D03P80324 (40797 49165 - 9278 / Relay location: S) [P816GM1R.J]
F0005F02P822>5si f0002 [P824GM.J]
F0005O01P804v0004 [P807GM.J]
F0005O01P806v0003 [P807GM.J]
F0005O01P806v0003a [P807GM.J]
F0005O01P806v0003b [P807GM.J]
F0006D03P80312 (40964 49070 - 9258 / Relay location: W) [P816GM1R.J]
F0006D03P80313 (40964 49108 - 9271 / Relay location: N) [P816GM1R.J]
F0006D03P80314 (40935 49108 - 9267 / Relay location: E) [P816GM1R.J]
F0006D03P80315 (40931 49076 - 9263 / Relay location: S) [P816GM1R.J]
F0006F02P822>5si f0002 [P824GM.J]
F0006O01P804v0004 [P807GM.J]
F0006O01P804v0005 [P807GM.J]
F0006O01P806v0003 [P807GM.J]
F0006O01P806v0003a [P807GM.J]
F0006O01P806v0003b [P807GM.J]
F0006O01P806v0003c [P807GM.J]
F0007F02P822>0co f0008 [P824GM.J]
F0008F02P822<0co f0007 [P824GM.J]
F0008F02P822>0co f0009 [P824GM.J]
F0009D03P80325 (40814 48873 - 9250 / Relay location: NW corner ) [P816GM1R.J]
F0009D03P80326 (40764 49265 - 9250 / Relay location: NE corner) [P816GM1R.J]
F0009D03P80327 (40565 48885 - 9250 / Relay location: SE corner) [P816GM1R.J]
F0009D03P80328 (40714 48841 - 9250 / Relay location: SW corner) [P816GM1R.J]
F0009D03P80429 (40579 49198 - 9234 / Relay location: SE corner) [P816GM1R.J]
F0009F02P804<5si q0007 [P807GM.J]
F0009F02P804<5si q0011 [P807GM.J]
F0009F02P822<0co f0008 [P824GM.J]
F0009F02P822<5si f0026 [P824GM.J]
F0009F02P822<5si f0027 [P824GM.J]
F0009F02P822>0co f0010 [P824GM.J]
F0009F02P822>0co f0011 [P824GM.J]
F0009F02P822>0co f0013 [P824GM.J]
F0009F02P822>0co f0032 [P824GM.J]
F0009F02P822>0co f0051 [P824GM.J]
F0010A21P804st-in [P807GM.J]
F0010D01P804k101 [P807GM.J]
F0010D06P8049188 @top [P807GM.J]
F0010F02P822<0co f0009 [P824GM.J]
F0010F02P822<8ab f0011 [P824GM.J]
F0010F02P822>8ab f0011 [P824GM.J]
F0010F02P918<9bo f0055 [Q301JW.J]
F0010K03P804li [P807GM.J]
F0010O01P815v0011 [P823GM5.J]
F0010O01P815v0012 [P823GM5.J]
F0010O01P816v0013 [P823GM5.J]
F0010O01P816v0013a [P823GM5.J]
F0010O01P816v0013b [P823GM5.J]
F0010O01P816v0013c [P823GM5.J]
F0010O01P825v0017 [P904GM5.J]
F0010O01P825v0017a [P904GM5.J]
F0010O01P825v0017b [P904GM5.J]
F0010O01P825v0017c [P904GM5.J]
F0011A21P806w [P807GM.J]
F0011D01P806k101 [P807GM.J]
F0011D06P8069122 @top [P807GM.J]
F0011F02P822<0co f0009 [P824GM.J]
F0011F02P822<0co f0032 [P824GM.J]
F0011F02P822<0co f0051 [P824GM.J]
F0011F02P822<8ab f0010 [P824GM.J]
F0011F02P822<8ab f0049 [P824GM.J]
F0011F02P822>8ab f0010 [P824GM.J]
F0011F02P822>8ab f0070 [P824GM.J]
F0011F02P822>8ab f0080 [P824GM.J]
F0011F02P822>8ab f0094 [P824GM.J]
F0011F02P918<8ab f0070 [Q301JW.J]
F0011F02P918<8ab f0094 [Q301JW.J]
F0011F02P918<9bo f0066 [Q301JW.J]
F0011F02P918<9bo f0067 [Q301JW.J]
F0011F02P918<9bo f0080 [Q301JW.J]
F0011K03P806li [P807GM.J]
F0011O01P815v0011 [P823GM5.J]
F0011O01P815v0011c [P823GM5.J]
F0011O01P815v0011e [P823GM5.J]
F0011O01P815v0011f [P823GM5.J]
F0011O01P816v0013 [P823GM5.J]
F0011O01P816v0013a [P823GM5.J]
F0011O01P816v0013b [P823GM5.J]
F0011O01P825v0017 [P904GM5.J]
F0011O01P825v0017a [P904GM5.J]
F0011O01P825v0017b [P904GM5.J]
F0011O01P825v0017c [P904GM5.J]
F0012A21P806st-is [P807GM.J]
F0012D01P806k101 [P807GM.J]
F0012D06P8069110 @top [P807GM.J]
F0012F02P822>5si f0013 [P824GM.J]
F0012F02P822>8ab f0028 [P824GM.J]
F0012K03P806li [P807GM.J]
F0012P02P806P809 [P807GM.J]
F0013A21P806ad [P807GM.J]
F0013D01P806k101 [P807GM.J]
F0013D06P8069038 @bottom [P807GM.J]
F0013D06P8069177 @top [P807GM.J]
F0013F02P822<0co f0009 [P824GM.J]
F0013F02P822<5si f0012 [P824GM.J]
F0013F02P822<5si f0014 [P824GM.J]
F0013F02P822<5si f0015 [P824GM.J]
F0013F02P822<5si f0016 [P824GM.J]
F0013F02P822<5si f0017 [P824GM.J]
F0013F02P822<5si f0018 [P824GM.J]
F0013F02P822<5si f0019 [P824GM.J]
F0013F02P822<5si f0028 [P824GM.J]
F0013F02P822<5si f0029 [P824GM.J]
F0013F02P822>0co f0086 [P824GM.J]
F0013K05P806very pale brown [P807GM.J]
F0013K06P80610YR 7/3 [P807GM.J]
F0013K07P8063 [P807GM.J]
F0014B11P808Big stone in the middle of k101; it's part of a group of floating stones, that were situated at a higher level than the apron and the wall stones. Removed on P809. [Q302JW.J]
F0014F02P822>5si f0013 [P824GM.J]
F0015B11P808Big stone in the middle of k101; it's part of a group of floating stones, that were situated at a higher level than the apron and the wall stones. Removed on P809. [Q302JW.J]
F0015F02P822>5si f0013 [P824GM.J]
F0016B11P808Big stone in the middle of k101; it's part of a group of floating stones, that were situated at a higher level than the apron and the wall stones. Removed on P809. [Q302JW.J]
F0016F02P822>5si f0013 [P824GM.J]
F0017B11P808One of the floating stones in the middle of k101, near f14, f15 and f16; it's at a higher level than the apron and the wall stones (separated by a layer of natural accumulation). Removed on P809. [Q302JW.J]
F0017F02P822>5si f0013 [P824GM.J]
F0018B11P808One of the floating stones in the middle of k101, near f14, f15 and f16; it's at a higher level than the apron and the wall stones (separated by a layer of natural accumulation). Removed on P809. [Q302JW.J]
F0018F02P822>5si f0013 [P824GM.J]
F0019B11P808One of the floating stones in the middle of k101, near f14, f15 and f16; it's at a higher level than the apron and the wall stones (separated by a layer of natural accumulation). Removed on P809. [Q302JW.J]
F0019F02P822>5si f0013 [P824GM.J]
F0020B11P808Large limestone block in the NW corner of k12, just to the SE of limestone block f21. Removed on P813. [Q302JW.J]
F0020F02P822>5si f0002 [P824GM.J]
F0020O01P804v0004 [P807GM.J]
F0020O01P804v0005 [P807GM.J]
F0020O01P806v0003 [P807GM.J]
F0020O01P806v0003b [P807GM.J]
F0021B11P808Huge stone in the NW corner of k12, part of a group of stones that sit at a much higher level than the apron and the wall stones, ~ 70 cm below surface of topsoil. It sits in f2. Removed on P815. [Q302JW.J]
F0021F02P822>5si f0002 [P824GM.J]
F0021O01P804v0004 [P807GM.J]
F0021O01P804v0005 [P807GM.J]
F0021O01P806v0003 [P807GM.J]
F0021O01P806v0003b [P807GM.J]
F0021O01P815v0011 [P823GM5.J]
F0021O01P815v0012 [P823GM5.J]
F0022B11P808Small stone in the center of k12, to the south of tannur f3; it sits in f2, and it's situated at a much higher level than the apron and the wall stones. Still to be removed, only the upper side is visible. [Q302JW.J]
F0022F02P822>5si f0002 [P824GM.J]
F0023B11P809Stone situated in the middle of k12, sitting in f2. Removed P809. [Q302JW.J]
F0023F02P822>5si f0002 [P824GM.J]
F0024B11P809Stone situated in the middle of k12, sitting in f2. Removed P809. [Q302JW.J]
F0024F02P822>5si f0002 [P824GM.J]
F0025B11P809Small spot of harder soil in south part of k12 with texture similar to f4 in k12. Removed P809. [Q302JW.J]
F0025F02P822>5si f0002 [P824GM.J]
F0026B11P809Huge floating stone in NE corner of k101, under N section. Its level is higher than the apron and the wall stones. Still to be removed. [Q302JW.J]
F0026F02P822>5si f0009 [P824GM.J]
F0026O01P815v0011 [P823GM5.J]
F0026O01P815v0012 [P823GM5.J]
F0027B11P809Big floating stone under N section of k101. Its level is higher than the apron and the wall stones.Removed on P810. [Q302JW.J]
F0027F02P822>5si f0009 [P824GM.J]
F0028B11P810Thin layer situated between a group of little floating stones, f12, and the southern stones of the terrace wall. Removed P810. [Q302JW.J]
F0028F02P822<8ab f0012 [P824GM.J]
F0028F02P822>5si f0013 [P824GM.J]
F0029B11P810Huge floating stone situated in k101, near the E section. Its level is higher than the apron and the wall stones.Removed on P810. [Q302JW.J]
F0029F02P822>5si f0013 [P824GM.J]
F0030B11P810Natural accumlation in a reduced portion of the southern part of k101. The workmen have began the excavation of a smaller square in the southern side of the main square; the new area was defined by strings (~4x3 m); softer texture (powdry) and presence of small clods. Already visible a huge stone in the NW corner of the square and smaller stones under the N baulk. [Q302JW.J]
F0030F02P813<5si q0035 [P823GM3.J]
F0030F02P822<5si f0039 [P824GM.J]
F0030F02P822<5si f0040 [P824GM.J]
F0030F02P822>0co f0043 [P824GM.J]
F0030F02P918<0co f0087 [Q301JW.J]
F0030O01P815v0011 [P823GM5.J]
F0031B11P810Natural accumulation in k12, under accumulation f2. [Q302JW1.J]
F0031F02P813<5si q0034 [P823GM3.J]
F0031F02P813<5si q0037 [P823GM3.J]
F0031F02P822<0co f0037 [P824GM.J]
F0031F02P822<5si f0036 [P824GM.J]
F0031F02P822>0co f0033 [P824GM.J]
F0031O01P815v0011 [P823GM5.J]
F0031O01P815v0012 [P823GM5.J]
F0031O01P816v0013 [P823GM5.J]
F0031O01P816v0013a [P823GM5.J]
F0031O01P816v0013b [P823GM5.J]
F0031O01P816v0013c [P823GM5.J]
F0032B11P810Bakhia in the vicinity of f11 wall stones along the west baulk of k101. It was discovered in the process of exploring for the location of the south face of f11. [Q302JW1.J]
F0032F02P822<0co f0009 [P824GM.J]
F0032F02P822>0co f0011 [P824GM.J]
F0033A21P813lm [P823GM.J]
F0033B11JWLaminations with small pockets of ash and inclusions of bricky and plaster chunks in k12. Ashy material was 10YR4/2, dark grayish brown, plaster chunks were 7.5YR7/6, reddish yellow. Lamination color was 10YR5/6, yellowish brown. Bricky chunks were 7.5YR6/6, reddish yellow. Although inclusions were scattered throughout, they were more concentrated in the NE corner, nearest to the BA temple. Discussions with faB indicated that the temple had been destroyed at one point in time, which may account for the presence of the inclusions. [--Q302JW1.J]
F0033D01P813k12 [P823GM.J]
F0033D06P8139106 @bottom [P823GM.J]
F0033D06P8139150 @top [P823GM.J]
F0033F02P813<5si q0036 [P823GM3.J]
F0033F02P815<5si i0003 [P823GM1.J]
F0033F02P815<5si q0048 [P823GM3.J]
F0033F02P822<0co f0031 [P824GM.J]
F0033F02P822<5si f0035 [P824GM.J]
F0033F02P822>0co f0034 [P824GM.J]
F0033F02P822>0co f0055 [P824GM.J]
F0033F02P822>0co f0083 [P824GM.J]
F0033F02P822>0co f0084 [P824GM.J]
F0033F02P918<5si f0072 [Q301JW.J]
F0033K05P813dark grayish brown [P823GM.J]
F0033K06P81310YR 4/2 [P823GM.J]
F0033K07P8134 [P823GM.J]
F0033O01P815v0011 [P823GM5.J]
F0033O01P815v0012 [P823GM5.J]
F0033O01P816v0013 [P823GM5.J]
F0033O01P816v0013a [P823GM5.J]
F0033O01P816v0013b [P823GM5.J]
F0033O01P816v0013c [P823GM5.J]
F0034A21P813fi [P823GM.J]
F0034B11JWBroad area of hard-packed fill, below accumulation f33, throughout locus k12. This signaled an abrupt change from the previous accumulation, which was relatively soft, brown soil with pockets of laminations, bricky material and ash. Originally we thought f34 consisted of laminations formed when soil washed down from the temple mound and was contained by the massive wall, f11, just to the south and the top of which we are just beginning to uncover. As seen in section in the north and west baulks after excavation, it appears more likely that this feature was the top layer of packed fill that was part of the original construction of the temple mound. (Fill, f34, was originally covered by a layer of bakhia, f83, which, except for a small segment seen in the west baulk, has subsequently been eroded away) This identification as packed fill better accounts for the the abrupt change in density. [--Q302JW1.J]
F0034D01P813k12 [P823GM.J]
F0034D03P813122 (40824 48866 - 9137 / Relay location: SW corner) [P816GM4R.J]
F0034D03P813123 (40764 49152 - 9137 / Relay location: mid S) [P816GM4R.J]
F0034D03P813124 (40831 49307 - 9137 / Relay location: SE corner) [P816GM4R.J]
F0034D03P813125 (41022 49379 - 9137 / Relay location: NE corner) [P816GM4R.J]
F0034D03P813126 (41164 49085 - 9137 / Relay location: NW corner) [P816GM4R.J]
F0034D03P813127 (41107 48978 - 9137 / Relay location: mid W) [P816GM4R.J]
F0034D03P816155 (40747 48836 - 9093 / Relay location: SW corner) [P816RE-R.J]
F0034D06P8139095 @bottom [P823GM.J]
F0034D06P8139106 @top [P823GM.J]
F0034F02P813<5si q0038 [P823GM3.J]
F0034F02P815<5si i0002 [P823GM1.J]
F0034F02P815<5si q0043 [P823GM3.J]
F0034F02P822<0co f0033 [P824GM.J]
F0034F02P822>0co f0038 [P824GM.J]
F0034F02P823<5si q0085 [P904GM3.J]
F0034F02P918<0co f0083 [Q301JW.J]
F0034F02P918<0co f0084 [Q301JW.J]
F0034K05P813yellowish brown [P823GM.J]
F0034K06P81310YR 5/6 [P823GM.J]
F0034O01P815v0011 [P823GM5.J]
F0034O01P815v0012 [P823GM5.J]
F0034O01P816v0013 [P823GM5.J]
F0034O01P816v0013a [P823GM5.J]
F0034O01P816v0013b [P823GM5.J]
F0034O01P816v0013c [P823GM5.J]
F0035B11P814Large "T" shaped limestone block in the middle of the west baulk line of k12. It is unclear whether this is a floating stone or part of a late addition to the f10, f11 monumental wall complex. [Q302JW1.J]
F0035F02P822>5si f0033 [P824GM.J]
F0035F02P822>9bo f0072 [P824GM.J]
F0035O01P815v0011 [P823GM5.J]
F0036B11P814Large floating limestone block in the middle of the south baulk line of k12 along the northern edge of monumental wall f11. [Q302JW1.J]
F0036F02P822>5si f0031 [P824GM.J]
F0036O01P815v0011 [P823GM5.J]
F0036O01P815v0012 [P823GM5.J]
F0037B11P815Natural accumulation between accumulations f2 and f31, first seen in the north section of k112 after excavation. It was excavated as f37 when that baulk was excavated as part of k102. [Q302JW1.J]
F0037D03P816156 (41058 49373 - 9266 / Relay location: SE corner) [P816RE-R.J]
F0037F02P822<0co f0002 [P824GM.J]
F0037F02P822<5si f0044 [P824GM.J]
F0037F02P822<5si f0045 [P824GM.J]
F0037F02P822<5si f0046 [P824GM.J]
F0037F02P822>0co f0031 [P824GM.J]
F0037O01P815v0011 [P823GM5.J]
F0037O01P815v0012 [P823GM5.J]
F0037O01P816v0013 [P823GM5.J]
F0037O01P816v0013a [P823GM5.J]
F0037O01P816v0013b [P823GM5.J]
F0038B11P815Packed fill throughout k12, north of monumental wall, f11. This feature was originally classified as an accumulation as we excavated the top part of the typological column, k102. When we encountered the third millennium terrace, f50, just underneath, we realized that the accumulation, f38, may be able to yield definite information as to when it went out of use, whether or not, significant human activity occurred on it. The nature of this feature was only fully understood after we carefully examined the west baulk of k12 at the close of excavations. Although we once saw feature f38 as a living accumulation atop a thick layer of bakhia, f50, we now see that it is a thick layer of compacted fill. Furthermore, it is overlain by a higher layer of compacted fill, f34, which itself was covered by the remains of a higher layer of bakiah, f83. There are at least three colors associated with f38, which indicates that it was a compacted mass of material from several sources. Further examination of f38 as seen in the west baulk indicates that there is another distinct layer of compacted material, f90, underneath f38 and atop the bakhia, f50. The most logical explanation is that the mound was partially constructed and capped by f50, then completed later by adding more fill (f90, f38, f34) and capping it with another layer of bakhia, f83, which is poorly preserved. [Q302JW1.J]
F0038F02P822<0co f0034 [P824GM.J]
F0038F02P822<5si i0005 [P823GM1.J]
F0038F02P822>0co f0042 [P824GM.J]
F0038F02P822>0co f0050 [P824GM.J]
F0038F02P822>0co f0070 [P824GM.J]
F0038F02P822>0co f0090 [P824GM.J]
F0038F02P823<5si q0083 [P823GM3.J]
F0038F02P823<5si q0086 [P904GM3.J]
F0038O01P815v0011 [P823GM5.J]
F0038O01P815v0012 [P823GM5.J]
F0038O01P816v0013 [P823GM5.J]
F0038O01P816v0013a [P823GM5.J]
F0038O01P816v0013b [P823GM5.J]
F0038O01P816v0013c [P823GM5.J]
F0039B11P815A conglomeration of soil and small and large limestone blocks just to the south of monumental wall, f11, in the middle of k101. Although believed to possibly have been the top of a buttress for the wall, further excavation revealed that f39 and f40 did not touch the wall and must have tumbled down the mound and came to rest after abandonment. [Q302JW1.J]
F0039F02P822<8ab f0047 [P824GM.J]
F0039F02P822<9bo f0048 [P824GM.J]
F0039F02P822>5si f0030 [P824GM.J]
F0039O01P815v0011 [P823GM5.J]
F0039O01P815v0011d [P823GM5.J]
F0039O01P815v0011f [P823GM5.J]
F0039O01P816v0014 [P823GM5.J]
F0039O01P816v0014a [P823GM5.J]
F0040B11P815A very large semi-rectangular block of limestone just south of the south face of monumental wall f11 in the middle of k101. The stone was laying almost vertically, but tilted slightly to the east and resting against a conglomeration of stones and dirt, f39. Although believed to possibly have been the top of a buttress for the wall, further excavation revealed that f39 and f40 did not touch the wall and must have tumbled down the mound and came to rest after abandonment. After f40 was removed, we also noticed a "dent" in the accumulation, f43, upon which it sat, suggesting that the stone came to rest with some force during a time when f43 was very wet. [Q302JW1.J]
F0040F02P822<8ab f0047 [P824GM.J]
F0040F02P822>5si f0030 [P824GM.J]
F0040O01P815v0011 [P823GM5.J]
F0040O01P815v0011c [P823GM5.J]
F0040O01P815v0011d [P823GM5.J]
F0040O01P815v0011f [P823GM5.J]
F0041B11P816Large floating limestone block along the east edge of the typological column, k102. The south part of the stone had been exposed in the first days of the season during the excavation of k12 and left on a pillar of soil until now. It is one of a number of such stones which almost certainly migrated downhill from installations on the temple mound. [Q302JW1.J]
F0041D03P816157 (41061 49308 - 9295 / Relay location: SW corner) [P816RE-R.J]
F0041D03P816158 (41044 49328 - 9295 / Relay location: S corner) [P816RE-R.J]
F0041D03P816159 (41051 49370 - 9295 / Relay location: SE corner) [P816RE-R.J]
F0041D03P816160 (41090 49342 - 9295 / Relay location: N corner) [P816RE-R.J]
F0041F02P822>5si f0002 [P824GM.J]
F0041O01P806v0003 [P807GM.J]
F0041O01P815v0011 [P823GM5.J]
F0041O01P815v0012 [P823GM5.J]
F0042B11P816Packed fill below fill, f30, and above packing, f50, seen in the eastern baulk of k12. It was seen as reddish (compared with f38), and had few inclusions and forms part of the substructure for apron wall, f10, in k12. It may have been packing for a late phase of perimeter wall, f11, and addition of the wall apron, f10, or what now seems more likely, one of a number of lots of fill, brought in from elsewhere, that were used to build the mound between the perimeter wall to the south rising to the BA temple to the north. [Q302JW1.J]
F0042F02P822<0co f0038 [P824GM.J]
F0042F02P822>0co f0050 [P824GM.J]
F0042O01P816v0013 [P823GM5.J]
F0042O01P816v0013a [P823GM5.J]
F0042O01P816v0013b [P823GM5.J]
F0042O01P816v0013c [P823GM5.J]
F0043B11P816A very hard, ashy accumlation in the south half of k101. It abuts the south face of the temple mound wall, f11, and extends to the southern, eastern, and western limits of the locus, k12. There are some small charcoal inclusions. Because it seals the accumulations below, it has great promise of preserving the stratigraphy of the early and middle phases of the wall's construction and use. However, it is doubtful that we will be able to excavate here in the time remaining in this season, and it marks a good stopping point for MZ18. [Q302JW1.J]
F0043D03P816161 (40394 49118 - 8978 / Relay location: NE corner) [P816RE-R.J]
F0043D03P816162 (40212 49054 - 8978 / Relay location: SE corner) [P816RE-R.J]
F0043D03P816163 (40647 48808 - 8978 / Relay location: NW corner) [P816RE-R.J]
F0043D03P816164 (40344 48702 - 8978 / Relay location: SW corner) [P816RE-R.J]
F0043F02P822<0co f0030 [P824GM.J]
F0043F02P822<0co f0049 [P824GM.J]
F0043O01P825v0017 [P904GM5.J]
F0044B11P816Large, floating limestone block in the east half of the typological column k102. It is one of a number of such stones which almost certainly migrated downhill from installations on the temple mound. [Q302JW1.J]
F0044D03P816165 (41139 49294 - 9279 / Relay location: NE corner) [P816RE-R.J]
F0044D03P816166 (41140 49268 - 9279 / Relay location: NW corner) [P816RE-R.J]
F0044D03P816167 (41095 49265 - 9279 / Relay location: SW corner) [P816RE-R.J]
F0044D03P816168 (41105 49304 - 9279 / Relay location: SE corner) [P816RE-R.J]
F0044F02P822>5si f0037 [P824GM.J]
F0044O01P815v0011 [P823GM5.J]
F0044O01P815v0012 [P823GM5.J]
F0045B11P816Large, floating limestone block along the west edge of the typological column k102. It is one of a number of such stones which almost certainly migrated downhill from installations on the temple mound. [Q302JW1.J]
F0045D03P816169 (41231 49043 - 9288 / Relay location: NW corner) [P816RE-R.J]
F0045D03P816170 (41170 49028 - 9288 / Relay location: SW corner) [P816RE-R.J]
F0045D03P816171 (41163 49046 - 9288 / Relay location: SE corner) [P816RE-R.J]
F0045D03P816172 (41192 49067 - 9288 / Relay location: NE corner) [P816RE-R.J]
F0045F02P822>5si f0037 [P824GM.J]
F0045O01P804v0004 [P807GM.J]
F0045O01P815v0011 [P823GM5.J]
F0045O01P815v0012 [P823GM5.J]
F0046B11P816Large, floating limestone block in the west half of the typological column k102. It is one of a number of such stones which almost certainly migrated downhill from installations on the temple mound. [Q302JW1.J]
F0046D03P816175 (41148 49151 - 9279 / Relay location: SW corner) [P816RE-R.J]
F0046D03P816176 (41133 49168 - 9279 / Relay location: SE corner) [P816RE-R.J]
F0046D03P816177 (41150 49216 - 9279 / Relay location: E corner) [P816RE-R.J]
F0046D03P816178 (41182 49221 - 9279 / Relay location: NE corner) [P816RE-R.J]
F0046D03P816179 (41203 49201 - 9279 / Relay location: NW corner) [P816RE-R.J]
F0046F02P822>5si f0037 [P824GM.J]
F0047B11P816Soil in and around stone f40 and the individual stones of f38 in the middle of k101. In part it serves as a matrix to bind together the elements of f38. [Q302JW1.J]
F0047F02P817<5si i0004 [P823GM1.J]
F0047F02P817<5si i0004-I01 [P823GM1.J]
F0047F02P822>8ab f0039 [P824GM.J]
F0047F02P822>8ab f0040 [P824GM.J]
F0047F02P822>8ab f0048 [P824GM.J]
F0047F02P822>8ab f0085 [P824GM.J]
F0047F02P822>8ab f0091 [P824GM.J]
F0047O01P816v0014 [P823GM5.J]
F0047O01P816v0014a [P823GM5.J]
F0048B11P817The largest limstone block of the group of stones that was originally designated f39 in the middle of k12. [Q302JW1.J]
F0048D03P817184 (40483 48979 - 9027 / Relay location: NE corner) [P817RE1R.J]
F0048D03P817185 (40538 48928 - 9027 / Relay location: NW corner) [P817RE1R.J]
F0048D03P817186 (40509 48887 - 9027 / Relay location: SW corner) [P817RE1R.J]
F0048D03P817187 (40460 48939 - 9027 / Relay location: SE corner) [P817RE1R.J]
F0048F02P822<8ab f0047 [P824GM.J]
F0048F02P822>9bo f0039 [P824GM.J]
F0048F02P918<8ab f0085 [Q301JW.J]
F0048O01P816v0014 [P823GM5.J]
F0049B11P817Soil between the cluster of stones f38 and the east baulk of k101. It is bounded on the north by monumental wall f11 and is being removed to expose the wall's southern face. [Q302JW1.J]
F0049D03P817188 (40431 49131 - 9050 / Relay location: SE corner) [P817RE1R.J]
F0049D03P817189 (40510 49160 - 9050 / Relay location: NE corner) [P817RE1R.J]
F0049D03P817190 (40554 49015 - 9050 / Relay location: NW corner) [P817RE1R.J]
F0049D03P817191 (40482 49012 - 9050 / Relay location: W corner) [P817RE1R.J]
F0049D03P817192 (40450 49053 - 9050 / Relay location: SW corner) [P817RE1R.J]
F0049D03P818195 (40476 49153 - 9047 / Relay location: SE corner) [P824GM1R.J]
F0049F02P822>0co f0043 [P824GM.J]
F0049F02P822>8ab f0011 [P824GM.J]
F0050B11P820A surface, of unknown depth, of "bakhia", the local virgin soil which consists of reddish clay with white inclusions extending from k102 south into k12. It gives every indication of being the third millennium surface of the temple mound that extended from the monumental wall, f11, up to the BA temple. [Q302JW1.J]
F0050D03P818194 (41040 49377 - 9124 / Relay location: NE corner) [P824GM1R.J]
F0050D03P824235 (40705 49130 - 9022 / Relay location: sketch point 6=m4175) [P828GM1R.J]
F0050D03P824236 (40784 48951 - 9028 / Relay location: sketch point 7=m4173) [P828GM1R.J]
F0050D03P824237 (40969 49019 - 9053 / Relay location: sketch point 8=m4174) [P828GM1R.J]
F0050D03P827230 (41155 49408 - 9160 / Relay location: sketch point 1) [P828GM-R.J]
F0050D03P827231 (40842 49313 - 9160 / Relay location: sketch point 2) [P828GM-R.J]
F0050D03P827232 (40816 49277 - 9160 / Relay location: sketch point 3) [P828GM-R.J]
F0050D03P827233 (40774 49220 - 9160 / Relay location: sketch point 4) [P828GM-R.J]
F0050D03P827234 (40789 49177 - 9160 / Relay location: sketch point 5) [P828GM-R.J]
F0050D03P827238 (41021 49007 - 9160 / Relay location: sketch point 9) [P828GM-R.J]
F0050D03P827239 (41028 48970 - 9160 / Relay location: sketch point 10) [P828GM-R.J]
F0050D03P827240 (40969 48939 - 9160 / Relay location: sketch point 11) [P828GM-R.J]
F0050D03P827241 (40969 48923 - 9160 / Relay location: sketch point 12) [P828GM-R.J]
F0050D03P827242 (41264 49041 - 9160 / Relay location: sketch point 13) [P828GM-R.J]
F0050F02P822<0co f0038 [P824GM.J]
F0050F02P822<0co f0042 [P824GM.J]
F0050F02P822>0co f0057 [P824GM.J]
F0050F02P918<0co f0090 [Q301JW.J]
F0050O01P825v0017 [P904GM5.J]
F0050O01P825v0017a [P904GM5.J]
F0050O01P825v0017b [P904GM5.J]
F0050O01P825v0017c [P904GM5.J]
F0050O01Q829v0091 [RX31JW.J]
F0051B11P820A mixture of bakhia and brown soil surrounding the visible stones of wall, k11, in the west side of k12/k101. It could be either a coating to prevent water seepage into the interior of the wall or a mud mortar to support a second layer of stones as we see in the vicinity of the apron, f10, on the east side of these loci. [Q302JW1.J]
F0051F02P822<0co f0009 [P824GM.J]
F0051F02P822>0co f0011 [P824GM.J]
F0052B11P822Topsoil in locus 103. [Q302JW1.J]
F0052F02P822>0co f0053 [P824GM.J]
F0053B11P822Natural accumulation, primarily loess, under topsoil in k103. Contains a number of deep roots from surface shrubs. [Q302JW1.J]
F0053F02P822<0co f0052 [P824GM.J]
F0053F02P823<5si q0084 [P823GM3.J]
F0053F02P918<5si f0054 [Q301JW.J]
F0053F02P918>0co f0056 [Q301JW.J]
F0053O01P825v0018 [P904GM5.J]
F0054A21P823st-in [P904GM.J]
F0054B11P823Two large, flat, unfounded stones lying end to end, running E-W and emerging from the middle of the E baulk of k103. Organized in such a way as to suggest that they were placed as part of an installation relatively late. Marked as J3f54.1 and J3f54.2 before being removed. [Q302JW1.J]
F0054D01P823k103 [P904GM.J]
F0054D03P823205 (39053 48485 - 9159 / Relay location: NW corner) [P824GM1R.J]
F0054D03P823206 (39021 48613 - 9159 / Relay location: NE corner) [P824GM1R.J]
F0054D03P823207 (38999 48597 - 9159 / Relay location: SE corner) [P824GM1R.J]
F0054D03P823208 (38966 48544 - 9159 / Relay location: S face E) [P824GM1R.J]
F0054D03P823209 (38996 48514 - 9159 / Relay location: S face W) [P824GM1R.J]
F0054D03P823210 (39000 48458 - 9159 / Relay location: SW corner) [P824GM1R.J]
F0054D06P8239125 @bottom [P904GM.J]
F0054D06P8239159 @top [P904GM.J]
F0054F02P918>5si f0053 [Q301JW.J]
F0054K03P823li [P904GM.J]
F0054O01P825v0018 [P904GM5.J]
F0054O01P825v0018a [P904GM5.J]
F0054P02P823P825 [P904GM.J]
F0055A21P823st [P904GM.J]
F0055B11P823Large limestone block in the south half of k12, founded on several layers from top to bottom consisting of brownish soil, a layer of soil mixed with brick chunks, and a reddish layer resembling packing. Originally thought to have been floating, it may well have been part of the west end of the second millennium apron, f10. The gap between this stone and the apron may have been filled by the stones f39, f40, f48 and f88, which washed out and down to the south face of f11 just to the south. [Q302JW1.J]
F0055D01P823k101 [P904GM.J]
F0055D03P823211 (40809 49039 - 9130 / Relay location: NW corner) [P824GM1R.J]
F0055D03P823212 (40793 49066 - 9130 / Relay location: NE corner) [P824GM1R.J]
F0055D03P823213 (40743 49053 - 9130 / Relay location: SE corner) [P824GM1R.J]
F0055D03P823214 (40758 49001 - 9130 / Relay location: SW corner) [P824GM1R.J]
F0055D06P8239089 @bottom [P904GM.J]
F0055D06P8239130 @top [P904GM.J]
F0055F02P822<0co f0033 [P824GM.J]
F0055F02P918>9bo f0010 [Q301JW.J]
F0055K03P823li [P904GM.J]
F0055P02P823P823 [P904GM.J]
F0056A21P824lm [P904GM.J]
F0056B11P824A successive series of laminations under accumulation, f53, throughout k12. It was probably built up when rainwater and loess accumulated on the large, flat, plaza surface to the south of the BA temple mound, then dried. When struck by the pick it comes off in large blocks, which are easily broken with a shovel. There was relatively little pottery considering the large volume of soil excavated. [Q302JW1.J]
F0056D01P824k103 [P904GM.J]
F0056D06P8249000 @bottom [P904GM.J]
F0056D06P8249105 @top [P904GM.J]
F0056F02P831<5si q0105 [P904GM3.J]
F0056F02P918<0co f0053 [Q301JW.J]
F0056F02P918>0co f0063 [Q301JW.J]
F0056K05P824light yellowish brown [P904GM.J]
F0056K06P82410YR 6/4 [P904GM.J]
F0056K07P8244.5 [P904GM.J]
F0057A21P824fi [P904GM.J]
F0057B11P824Damp, brown soil with bricky and ashy pockets under f50 in k104. Originally thought to have been natural accumulation, the regionalized inclusions suggest it was deposited by those who were building and modifying the terrace between the BA temple and the monumental wall, f11. [Q302JW1.J]
F0057D01P824k104 [P904GM.J]
F0057D03P824218 (40886 49199 - 9056 / Relay location: NE corner) [P828GM-R.J]
F0057D03P824219 (40695 49129 - 9056 / Relay location: SE corner) [P828GM-R.J]
F0057D03P824220 (40776 48940 - 9056 / Relay location: SW corner) [P828GM-R.J]
F0057D03P824221 (40947 49023 - 9056 / Relay location: NW corner) [P828GM-R.J]
F0057D06P8249024 @bottom [P904GM.J]
F0057D06P8249041 @top [P904GM.J]
F0057F02P822<0co f0050 [P824GM.J]
F0057F02P918<5si f0089 [Q301JW.J]
F0057F02P918<5si f0092 [Q301JW.J]
F0057F02P918>0co f0058 [Q301JW.J]
F0057K05P824very pale brown [P904GM.J]
F0057K06P82410YR7/4 [P904GM.J]
F0057K07P8244.5+ [P904GM.J]
F0057P02P824P827 [P904GM.J]
F0058A21P827packing [P904GM.J]
F0058B11P827Layer of compacted local virgin soil known as bakhia throughout locus k104. It is reddish in color with small inclusions of whitish material identified as limstone by visiting geologist, Dr. Christian Fischer. [Q302JW1.J]
F0058D01P827k104 [P904GM.J]
F0058D03P827245 (40887 49190 - 8983 / Relay location: NE corner) [P828GM-R.J]
F0058D03P827246 (40723 49119 - 9024 / Relay location: SE corner) [P828GM-R.J]
F0058D03P827247 (40786 48960 - 8963 / Relay location: SW corner) [P828GM-R.J]
F0058D03P827248 (40961 49024 - 8963 / Relay location: NW corner) [P828GM-R.J]
F0058D06P8278958 @bottom [P904GM.J]
F0058D06P8279024 @top [P904GM.J]
F0058F02P918<0co f0057 [Q301JW.J]
F0058F02P918>0co f0059 [Q301JW.J]
F0058K05P827yellowish brown [P904GM.J]
F0058K06P82710YR 5/4 [P904GM.J]
F0058K07P8274.5 [P904GM.J]
F0059B11P828Brown soil with inclusions of reddish decayed brick along the S edge and ash and charcoal in the NE corner of k104. A conglomeration of partially burned brick was stacked in the middle of the E edge. [Q302JW1.J]
F0059D03P827249 (40955 49024 - 9000 / Relay location: NW corner) [P828GM-R.J]
F0059D03P827250 (40790 48958 - 8958 / Relay location: SW corner) [P828GM-R.J]
F0059D03P827251 (40720 49131 - 8958 / Relay location: SE corner) [P828GM-R.J]
F0059D03P827252 (40887 49195 - 9000 / Relay location: NE corner) [P828GM-R.J]
F0059F02P918<0co f0058 [Q301JW.J]
F0059F02P918<5si f0060 [Q301JW.J]
F0059F02P918<5si f0061 [Q301JW.J]
F0059F02P918<5si f0062 [Q301JW.J]
F0059F02P918>0co f0064 [Q301JW.J]
F0059F02P918>0co f0065 [Q301JW.J]
F0059F02P918>0co f0096 [Q301JW.J]
F0060B11P828Human remains consisting of a well preserved skeleton, buried in the flex position with the head and knees facing north. The head was beside a stack of partially baked bricks, f62, to the east, while the hips were to the west. More complete exposure of the human remains reveals that the individual was a mature adult. The sciatic notch is medium to wide, but the skull is large and relatively robust. One well-worn incisor, retrieved from the matrix surrounding the mandible, suggests that the individual was at least middle-aged, if not older. [Q302JW1.J]
F0060D03P829263 (40831 49145 - 8944 / Relay location: SE corner) [P830GM1R.J]
F0060D03P829264 (40850 49118 - 8944 / Relay location: SW corner) [P830GM1R.J]
F0060D03P829265 (40882 49131 - 8944 / Relay location: NW corner) [P830GM1R.J]
F0060D03P829266 (40873 49165 - 8944 / Relay location: N corner) [P830GM1R.J]
F0060D03P829267 (40833 49181 - 8944 / Relay location: NE corner) [P830GM1R.J]
F0060D03P829272 (40879 49121 - 8948 / Relay location: W drawing nail) [P830GM1R.J]
F0060D03P829273 (40848 49186 - 8949 / Relay location: E drawing nail) [P830GM1R.J]
F0060F02P831<5si q0108 [P904GM3.J]
F0060F02P901<5si i0010 [P904GM2.J]
F0060F02P901<5si q0111 [P904GM3.J]
F0060F02P918>5si f0059 [Q301JW.J]
F0061D03P829259 (40753 49101 - 8931 / Relay location: NE corner) [P830GM1R.J]
F0061D03P829260 (40745 49098 - 8931 / Relay location: SE corner) [P830GM1R.J]
F0061D03P829261 (40752 49065 - 8931 / Relay location: SW corner) [P830GM1R.J]
F0061D03P829262 (40767 49068 - 8931 / Relay location: NW corner) [P830GM1R.J]
F0061F02P901<5si i0009 [P904GM2.J]
F0061F02P901<5si q0112 [P904GM3.J]
F0061F02P918>5si f0059 [Q301JW.J]
F0062D03P829268 (40791 49160 - 8983 / Relay location: SE corner) [P830GM1R.J]
F0062D03P829269 (40810 49141 - 8983 / Relay location: SW corner) [P830GM1R.J]
F0062D03P829270 (40827 49142 - 8983 / Relay location: NW corner) [P830GM1R.J]
F0062D03P829271 (40819 49177 - 8983 / Relay location: NE corner) [P830GM1R.J]
F0062F02P918>5si f0059 [Q301JW.J]
F0063A21P831ad [P904GM.J]
F0063D01P831k103 [P904GM.J]
F0063D06P8319000 @top [P904GM.J]
F0063F02P831<5si q0106 [P904GM3.J]
F0063F02P901<5si q0109 [P904GM3.J]
F0063F02P901<5si q0110 [P904GM3.J]
F0063F02P918<0co f0056 [Q301JW.J]
F0063F02P918<5si f0075 [Q301JW.J]
F0063F02P918>0co f0081 [Q301JW.J]
F0063F02P918>0co f0082 [Q301JW.J]
F0063K05P831light brownish gray [P904GM.J]
F0063K06P83110YR 6/2 [P904GM.J]
F0064A21P831ly [P904GM.J]
F0064D01P831k104 [P904GM.J]
F0064D03P903309 (40872 49192 - 8939 / Relay location: NE corner point 1) [P904RE-R.J]
F0064D03P903310 (40937 49073 - 8939 / Relay location: N point 2) [P904RE-R.J]
F0064D03P903311 (40956 49016 - 8939 / Relay location: NW corner point 3) [P904RE-R.J]
F0064D03P903312 (40833 48966 - 8939 / Relay location: SW corner point 4) [P904RE-R.J]
F0064D03P903313 (40748 49143 - 8939 / Relay location: SE corner point 5) [P904RE-R.J]
F0064D03P903314 (40791 49062 - 8939 / Relay location: SE corner point 1) [P904RE-R.J]
F0064D03P903315 (40803 49069 - 8939 / Relay location: NE corner point 2) [P904RE-R.J]
F0064D03P903316 (40814 49052 - 8939 / Relay location: NW corner point 3) [P904RE-R.J]
F0064D03P903317 (40805 49045 - 8939 / Relay location: SW corner point 4) [P904RE-R.J]
F0064D03P903318 (40759 49147 - 8939 / Relay location: SE corner point 1) [P904RE-R.J]
F0064D03P903319 (40773 49153 - 8939 / Relay location: NE corner point 2) [P904RE-R.J]
F0064D03P903320 (40777 49123 - 8939 / Relay location: NW corner point 3) [P904RE-R.J]
F0064D03P903321 (40767 49123 - 8939 / Relay location: SW corner point 4) [P904RE-R.J]
F0064D06P8318979 @top [P904GM.J]
F0064F02P831<5si q0107 [P904GM3.J]
F0064F02P918<0co f0059 [Q301JW.J]
F0064F02P918<8ab f0065 [Q301JW.J]
F0064F02P918>0co f0095 [Q301JW.J]
F0064K05P831gray [P904GM.J]
F0064K06P83110YR6/1 [P904GM.J]
F0065F02P918<0co f0059 [Q301JW.J]
F0065F02P918>8ab f0064 [Q301JW.J]
F0066D03P903293 (40739 48970 - 9115 / Relay location: NW corner El=top) [P904RE-R.J]
F0066D03P903294 (40712 48958 - 9095 / Relay location: SW corner El=bottum) [P904RE-R.J]
F0066D03P903295 (40708 48984 - 9115 / Relay location: SE corner) [P904RE-R.J]
F0066D03P903296 (40734 48995 - 9115 / Relay location: NE corner) [P904RE-R.J]
F0066F02P918>8ab f0067 [Q301JW.J]
F0066F02P918>9bo f0011 [Q301JW.J]
F0066O01P825v0017 [P904GM5.J]
F0066O01P825v0017b [P904GM5.J]
F0067D03P903297 (40769 49001 - 9097 / Relay location: NE corner El=top (x)) [P904RE-R.J]
F0067D03P903298 (40768 48947 - 9065 / Relay location: NW corner El=bot (x)) [P904RE-R.J]
F0067D03P903299 (40736 48940 - 9097 / Relay location: SW corner) [P904RE-R.J]
F0067D03P903300 (40725 48957 - 9097 / Relay location: SE corner) [P904RE-R.J]
F0067D03P903301 (40748 48996 - 9097 / Relay location: E corner) [P904RE-R.J]
F0067F02P918<8ab f0066 [Q301JW.J]
F0067F02P918>9bo f0011 [Q301JW.J]
F0067O01P825v0017 [P904GM5.J]
F0067O01P825v0017b [P904GM5.J]
F0068D03P903302 (40702 49089 - 9113 / Relay location: NE corner (x)) [P904RE-R.J]
F0068D03P903303 (40688 49072 - 9063 / Relay location: E corner) [P904RE-R.J]
F0068D03P903304 (40668 49067 - 9113 / Relay location: SE corner) [P904RE-R.J]
F0068D03P903305 (40680 49015 - 9113 / Relay location: SW corner) [P904RE-R.J]
F0068D03P903306 (40746 49045 - 9113 / Relay location: NW corner (x)) [P904RE-R.J]
F0068F02P918>9bo f0111 [Q301JW.J]
F0068O01P825v0017 [P904GM5.J]
F0068O01P825v0017b [P904GM5.J]
F0068O01P825v0017c [P904GM5.J]
F0069F02P918>5si f0070 [Q301JW.J]
F0070D03P903325 (40778 48939 - 8933 / Relay location: NW corner) [P904RE1R.J]
F0070D03P903326 (40736 49036 - 8933 / Relay location: NE corner) [P904RE1R.J]
F0070D03P903327 (40714 49016 - 8933 / Relay location: SE corner) [P904RE1R.J]
F0070D03P903328 (40765 48942 - 8933 / Relay location: SW corner) [P904RE1R.J]
F0070F02P822<0co f0038 [P824GM.J]
F0070F02P822<8ab f0011 [P824GM.J]
F0070F02P918<5si f0069 [Q301JW.J]
F0070F02P918>8ab f0011 [Q301JW.J]
F0071A21P904fi [P918JW3.J]
F0071D01P904k105 [P918JW3.J]
F0071D06P9048884 @bottom [P918JW3.J]
F0071D06P9048931 @top [P918JW3.J]
F0071F02P918<0co f0096 [Q301JW.J]
F0071F02P918>0co f0073 [Q301JW.J]
F0071K05P904brown [P918JW3.J]
F0071K06P9047.5YR 5/3 [P918JW3.J]
F0071P02P904P904 [P918JW3.J]
F0072A21P904st-in [P918JW3.J]
F0072D01P904k12 [P918JW3.J]
F0072D03P903336 (40800 48859 - 9074 / Relay location: SW corner point 1) [P904RE1R.J]
F0072D03P903337 (40791 48894 - 9081 / Relay location: SE corner point 2) [P904RE1R.J]
F0072D03P903338 (40847 48925 - 9096 / Relay location: Arc 1a point 3) [P904RE1R.J]
F0072D03P903339 (40876 48950 - 9096 / Relay location: Arc 1b point 4) [P904RE1R.J]
F0072D03P903340 (40896 48945 - 9095 / Relay location: Arc 1c point 5) [P904RE1R.J]
F0072D03P903341 (40910 48964 - 9098 / Relay location: Arc 2a point 6) [P904RE1R.J]
F0072D03P903342 (40919 48997 - 9120 / Relay location: Arc 2b point 7) [P904RE1R.J]
F0072D03P903343 (40937 48998 - 9117 / Relay location: Arc 2c point 8) [P904RE1R.J]
F0072D03P903344 (40950 49013 - 9142 / Relay location: E1 point 9) [P904RE1R.J]
F0072D03P903345 (40965 49016 - 9133 / Relay location: E2 point 10) [P904RE1R.J]
F0072D03P903346 (40983 48991 - 9139 / Relay location: E3 point 11) [P904RE1R.J]
F0072D03P903347 (41006 49006 - 9147 / Relay location: NE corner point 12) [P904RE1R.J]
F0072D03P903348 (41019 48973 - 9157 / Relay location: NW corner point 13) [P904RE1R.J]
F0072D06P9049062 @bottom [P918JW3.J]
F0072D06P9049157 @top [P918JW3.J]
F0072F02P822<9bo f0035 [P824GM.J]
F0072F02P918>0co f0078 [Q301JW.J]
F0072F02P918>0co f0079 [Q301JW.J]
F0072F02P918>5si f0033 [Q301JW.J]
F0072K03P904li [P918JW3.J]
F0072O01P825v0017 [P904GM5.J]
F0072O01P825v0017a [P904GM5.J]
F0072P02P904P905 [P918JW3.J]
F0073A21P904fi [P918JW3.J]
F0073D01P904k105 [P918JW3.J]
F0073D06P9048882 @bottom [P918JW3.J]
F0073D06P9048884 @top [P918JW3.J]
F0073F02P918<0co f0071 [Q301JW.J]
F0073F02P918>0co f0074 [Q301JW.J]
F0073K05P904brown [P918JW3.J]
F0073K06P90410YR 4/3 [P918JW3.J]
F0073P02P904P904 [P918JW3.J]
F0074A21P905fi [P918JW3.J]
F0074D01P905k105 [P918JW3.J]
F0074D03P905353 (40803 49164 - 8882 / Relay location: NE corner) [Q427JW-R.J]
F0074D03P905354 (40714 49130 - 8882 / Relay location: SE corner) [Q427JW-R.J]
F0074D03P905355 (40745 49041 - 8882 / Relay location: SE corner point 1) [Q427JW-R.J]
F0074D03P905356 (40711 49018 - 8882 / Relay location: SE corner point 2) [Q427JW-R.J]
F0074D03P905357 (40770 48945 - 8882 / Relay location: SW corner) [Q427JW-R.J]
F0074D03P905358 (40730 48992 - 8882 / Relay location: NW corner) [Q427JW-R.J]
F0074D06P9058882 @top [P918JW3.J]
F0074F02P918<0co f0073 [Q301JW.J]
F0074F02P918<0co f0093 [Q301JW.J]
F0074K05P905dark grayish brown [P918JW3.J]
F0074K06P90510YR 4/2 [P918JW3.J]
F0074K07P9051.5 [P918JW3.J]
F0075A21P905st-in [P918JW3.J]
F0075D01P905k103 [P918JW3.J]
F0075F02P918>5si f0063 [Q301JW.J]
F0075K03P905li [P918JW3.J]
F0075P02P905P905 [P918JW3.J]
F0076A21P905pv [P918JW3.J]
F0076D01P905k103 [P918JW3.J]
F0076D06P9058826 @bottom [P918JW3.J]
F0076D06P9058865 @top [P918JW3.J]
F0076F02P918<1ov f0081 [Q301JW.J]
F0076F02P918<1ov f0082 [Q301JW.J]
F0076F02P918<5si f0077 [Q301JW.J]
F0076K05P905light gray [P918JW3.J]
F0076K06P90510YR 7/1 [P918JW3.J]
F0076K07P905more then 4.5 [P918JW3.J]
F0077A21P906st [P918JW3.J]
F0077D01P906k103 [P918JW3.J]
F0077D06P9068858 @top [P918JW3.J]
F0077F02P918>5si f0076 [Q301JW.J]
F0077K03P906li [P918JW3.J]
F0078A21P906st [P918JW3.J]
F0078D01P906k12 [P918JW3.J]
F0078D03P906359 (40892 48893 - 9085 / Relay location: NW corner) [Q427JW-R.J]
F0078D03P906360 (40888 48917 - 9085 / Relay location: NE corner) [Q427JW-R.J]
F0078D03P906361 (40838 48902 - 9056 / Relay location: SE corner) [Q427JW-R.J]
F0078D03P906362 (40841 48889 - 9056 / Relay location: SW corner) [Q427JW-R.J]
F0078D06P9069056 @bottom [P918JW3.J]
F0078D06P9069085 @top [P918JW3.J]
F0078F02P918<0co f0072 [Q301JW.J]
F0078F02P918<8ab f0079 [Q301JW.J]
F0078F02P918>8ab f0079 [Q301JW.J]
F0078K03P906li [P918JW3.J]
F0078P02P906P907 [P918JW3.J]
F0079A21P906st [P918JW3.J]
F0079D01P906k12 [P918JW3.J]
F0079D03P906363 (40836 48898 - 9061 / Relay location: NW corner) [Q427JW-R.J]
F0079D03P906364 (40818 48908 - 9061 / Relay location: NE corner) [Q427JW-R.J]
F0079D03P906365 (40803 48903 - 9036 / Relay location: SE corner) [Q427JW-R.J]
F0079D03P906366 (40815 48882 - 9036 / Relay location: SW corner) [Q427JW-R.J]
F0079D06P9069036 @bottom [P918JW3.J]
F0079D06P9069061 @top [P918JW3.J]
F0079F02P918<0co f0072 [Q301JW.J]
F0079F02P918<8ab f0078 [Q301JW.J]
F0079F02P918>8ab f0078 [Q301JW.J]
F0079K03P906li [P918JW3.J]
F0079P02P906P907 [P918JW3.J]
F0080A21P906packing [P918JW3.J]
F0080D01P906k105 [P918JW3.J]
F0080D06P9068832 @bottom [P918JW3.J]
F0080D06P9069054 @top [P918JW3.J]
F0080F02P822<8ab f0011 [P824GM.J]
F0080F02P918>9bo f0011 [Q301JW.J]
F0080K05P906reddish yellow [P918JW3.J]
F0080K06P9065YR 6/6 [P918JW3.J]
F0081F02P918<0co f0063 [Q301JW.J]
F0081F02P918>1ov f0076 [Q301JW.J]
F0082F02P918<0co f0063 [Q301JW.J]
F0082F02P918>1ov f0076 [Q301JW.J]
F0083F02P822<0co f0033 [P824GM.J]
F0083F02P918<8ab f0084 [Q301JW.J]
F0083F02P918>0co f0034 [Q301JW.J]
F0083F02P918>8ab f0084 [Q301JW.J]
F0084F02P822<0co f0033 [P824GM.J]
F0084F02P918<8ab f0083 [Q301JW.J]
F0084F02P918>0co f0034 [Q301JW.J]
F0084F02P918>8ab f0083 [Q301JW.J]
F0085F02P822<8ab f0047 [P824GM.J]
F0085F02P918<8ab f0091 [Q301JW.J]
F0085F02P918>8ab f0048 [Q301JW.J]
F0085F02P918>8ab f0091 [Q301JW.J]
F0085O01P816v0014 [P823GM5.J]
F0085O01P825v0017 [P904GM5.J]
F0086F02P822<0co f0013 [P824GM.J]
F0086F02P918<5si f0088 [Q301JW.J]
F0086F02P918>0co f0087 [Q301JW.J]
F0087F02P918<0co f0086 [Q301JW.J]
F0087F02P918>0co f0030 [Q301JW.J]
F0088F02P918>5si f0086 [Q301JW.J]
F0089A21P903packing [Q413JW.J]
F0089D01P903k104 [Q413JW.J]
F0089D06P9039004 @bottom [Q413JW.J]
F0089D06P9039023 @top [Q413JW.J]
F0089F02P918>5si f0057 [Q301JW.J]
F0090A21P903fi [Q413JW.J]
F0090D01P903k12 [Q413JW.J]
F0090F02P822<0co f0038 [P824GM.J]
F0090F02P918>0co f0050 [Q301JW.J]
F0091A21P903st [Q413JW.J]
F0091D01P903k101 [Q413JW.J]
F0091D06P9038988 @bottom [Q413JW.J]
F0091D06P9039025 @top [Q413JW.J]
F0091F02P822<8ab f0047 [P824GM.J]
F0091F02P918<8ab f0085 [Q301JW.J]
F0091F02P918>8ab f0085 [Q301JW.J]
F0091K03P903li [Q413JW.J]
F0091O01P816v0014 [P823GM5.J]
F0091O01P825v0017 [P904GM5.J]
F0092F02P918>5si f0057 [Q301JW.J]
F0093F02P918<0co f0095 [Q301JW.J]
F0093F02P918>0co f0074 [Q301JW.J]
F0094F02P822<8ab f0011 [P824GM.J]
F0094F02P918>8ab f0011 [Q301JW.J]
F0095F02P918<0co f0064 [Q301JW.J]
F0095F02P918>0co f0093 [Q301JW.J]
F0096F02P918<0co f0059 [Q301JW.J]
F0096F02P918>0co f0071 [Q301JW.J]
F0098O01Q812v0047 [RX31JW.J]
F0098O01Q815v0053 [RX31JW.J]
F0098O01Q815v0053a [RX31JW.J]
F0099O01Q812v0047 [RX31JW.J]
F0102A21QX06st [QX06EI.J]
F0102D01QX06k21 [QX06EI.J]
F0102D06QX069159 @top [QX06EI.J]
F0102K03QX06li [QX06EI.J]
F0102K05QX06grey [QX06EI.J]
F0102O01Q813v0048 [RX31JW.J]
F0103O01Q813v0048 [RX31JW.J]
F0103O01Q815v0053 [RX31JW.J]
F0103O01Q815v0053a [RX31JW.J]
F0103O01Q816v0058 [RX31JW.J]
F0109O01Q829v0091 [RX31JW.J]
F0109O01Q829v0092 [RX31JW.J]
F0111F02P918<9bo f0068 [Q301JW.J]
F0112O01Q829v0092 [RX31JW.J]
F0117O01Q829v0092 [RX31JW.J]
F0126A21Q815ts [QX06EI.J]
F0126D01Q815k21 [QX06EI.J]
F0126D06Q8159223 @bottom [QX06EI.J]
F0126D06Q8159233 @top [QX06EI.J]
F0126O01Q815v0053 [RX31JW.J]
F0126O01Q815v0053a [RX31JW.J]
F0129A21Q815ad [QX06EI.J]
F0129D01Q815k21 [QX06EI.J]
F0129D06Q8159189 @bottom [QX06EI.J]
F0129D06Q8159223 @top [QX06EI.J]
F0129O01Q815v0053 [RX31JW.J]
F0129O01Q815v0053a [RX31JW.J]
F0130O01Q829v0092 [RX31JW.J]
F0132O01Q829v0092 [RX31JW.J]
F0134O01Q816v0058 [RX31JW.J]
F0135O01Q816v0058 [RX31JW.J]
F0139A21Q817ad [QX06EI.J]
F0139D01Q817k108 [QX06EI.J]
F0139D06Q8179091 @bottom [QX06EI.J]
F0139D06Q8179112 @top [QX06EI.J]
F0139K05Q817pale brown [QX06EI.J]
F0139K06Q81710YR 6/3 [QX06EI.J]
F0139K07Q8174.5+ [QX06EI.J]
F0139O01Q815v0053 [RX31JW.J]
F0139O01Q815v0053a [RX31JW.J]
F0139P02Q817Q819 [QX06EI.J]
F0152O01Q829v0091 [RX31JW.J]
F0152O01Q903v0105 [RX31JW.J]
F0170A21Q822ts [QX06EI.J]
F0170D01Q822k31 [QX06EI.J]
F0170D06Q8229215 @bottom [QX06EI.J]
F0170D06Q8229237 @top [QX06EI.J]
F0170K05Q822brown [QX06EI.J]
F0170K06Q82210YR 5/3 [QX06EI.J]
F0170K07Q8224.0 [QX06EI.J]
F0170K08Q822hard with roots [QX06EI.J]
F0170P02Q822Q822 [QX06EI.J]
F0172O01Q829v0088 [RX31JW.J]
F0172O01Q829v0088a [RX31JW.J]
F0173O01Q829v0092 [RX31JW.J]
F0173O01Q903v0105 [RX31JW.J]
F0173O01Q903v0105a [RX31JW.J]
F0174O01Q829v0088 [RX31JW.J]
F0174O01Q829v0088a [RX31JW.J]
F0176F02Q824<5si q0224 [Q829JW1.J]
F0176F02Q824<5si q0224 [QX02JW.J]
F0177O01Q829v0088 [RX31JW.J]
F0177O01Q829v0088a [RX31JW.J]
F0181O01Q829v0088 [RX31JW.J]
F0181O01Q829v0088a [RX31JW.J]
F0182O01Q829v0088 [RX31JW.J]
F0182O01Q829v0088a [RX31JW.J]
F0184O01Q829v0088 [RX31JW.J]
F0184O01Q829v0088a [RX31JW.J]
F0185A21Q827st [QX06EI.J]
F0185D01Q827k109 [QX06EI.J]
F0185D06Q8279124 @top [QX06EI.J]
F0185K03Q827li [QX06EI.J]
F0185K05Q827gray [QX06EI.J]
F0185O01Q829v0088 [RX31JW.J]
F0185O01Q829v0088a [RX31JW.J]
F0186A21Q827st [QX06EI.J]
F0186D01Q827k109 [QX06EI.J]
F0186D06Q8279116 @top [QX06EI.J]
F0186K03Q827li [QX06EI.J]
F0186K05Q827gray [QX06EI.J]
F0186O01Q829v0088 [RX31JW.J]
F0186O01Q829v0088a [RX31JW.J]
F0187A21Q827st [QX06EI.J]
F0187D01Q827k109 [QX06EI.J]
F0187D06Q8279118 @top [QX06EI.J]
F0187K03Q827li [QX06EI.J]
F0187K05Q827gray [QX06EI.J]
F0187O01Q829v0088 [RX31JW.J]
F0187O01Q829v0088a [RX31JW.J]
F0188A21Q827st [QX06EI.J]
F0188D01Q827k109 [QX06EI.J]
F0188D06Q8279079 @bottom [QX06EI.J]
F0188D06Q8279108 @top [QX06EI.J]
F0188K03Q827li [QX06EI.J]
F0188K05Q827gray [QX06EI.J]
F0188P02Q827Q910 [QX06EI.J]
F0189A21Q827ts [QX06EI.J]
F0189D01Q827k109 [QX06EI.J]
F0189D06Q8279264 @top [QX06EI.J]
F0189K05Q827light yellowish brown [QX06EI.J]
F0189K06Q82710YR 6/4 [QX06EI.J]
F0189K07Q8274.5 [QX06EI.J]
F0190A21Q827in [QX06EI.J]
F0190D01Q827k23 [QX06EI.J]
F0190D06Q8279301 @bottom [QX06EI.J]
F0190D06Q8279316 @top [QX06EI.J]
F0190K03Q827li [QX06EI.J]
F0190K05Q827pale brown [QX06EI.J]
F0190K06Q82710YR 6/3 [QX06EI.J]
F0190K07Q8274.5 [QX06EI.J]
F0191A21Q827ad [QX06EI.J]
F0191D01Q827k109 [QX06EI.J]
F0191D06Q8279222 @bottom [QX06EI.J]
F0191D06Q8279268 @top [QX06EI.J]
F0191K05Q827pale brown [QX06EI.J]
F0191K06Q82710YR 6/3 [QX06EI.J]
F0191K07Q8274.5 [QX06EI.J]
F0192A21Q827bk [QX06EI.J]
F0192D01Q827k23 [QX06EI.J]
F0192D06Q8279259 @bottom [QX06EI.J]
F0192D06Q8279272 @top [QX06EI.J]
F0192K03Q827bk [QX06EI.J]
F0192K05Q827light reddish brown [QX06EI.J]
F0192K06Q8275YR 6/4 [QX06EI.J]
F0192K08Q827crumbly [QX06EI.J]
F0193A21Q827ad [QX06EI.J]
F0193D01Q827k109 [QX06EI.J]
F0193D06Q8279196 @bottom [QX06EI.J]
F0193D06Q8279222 @top [QX06EI.J]
F0193K05Q827pale brown [QX06EI.J]
F0193K06Q82710YR 6/3 [QX06EI.J]
F0193K07Q8274.0 [QX06EI.J]
F0194A21Q827ad [QX06EI.J]
F0194D01Q827k109 [QX06EI.J]
F0194D06Q8279160 @bottom [QX06EI.J]
F0194D06Q8279196 @top [QX06EI.J]
F0194K05Q827light grey [QX06EI.J]
F0194K06Q82710YR 7/2 [QX06EI.J]
F0194K07Q8273.5 [QX06EI.J]
F0194O01Q829v0090 [RX31JW.J]
F0195A21Q827st [QX06EI.J]
F0195D01Q827k22 [QX06EI.J]
F0195D06Q8279216 @bottom [QX06EI.J]
F0195D06Q8279271 @top [QX06EI.J]
F0195K03Q827li [QX06EI.J]
F0195K05Q827white [QX06EI.J]
F0195K08Q827sandy [QX06EI.J]
F0195O01Q829v0092 [RX31JW.J]
F0195P02Q827Q829 [QX06EI.J]
F0196A21Q827packing [QX06EI.J]
F0196D01Q827k109 [QX06EI.J]
F0196D06Q8279160 @bottom [QX06EI.J]
F0196D06Q8279184 @top [QX06EI.J]
F0196K05Q827pale brown [QX06EI.J]
F0196K06Q82710YR 7/4 [QX06EI.J]
F0196K07Q8272.0 [QX06EI.J]
F0196O01Q829v0090 [RX31JW.J]
F0197O01Q829v0090 [RX31JW.J]
F0201O01Q829v0092 [RX31JW.J]
F0213A21Q901ly [QX06EI.J]
F0213D01Q901k108 [QX06EI.J]
F0213D06Q9019119 @top [QX06EI.J]
F0214A21Q901ad [QX06EI.J]
F0214D01Q901k108 [QX06EI.J]
F0214D06Q9019119 @top [QX06EI.J]
F0214D06Q9019140 @bottom [QX06EI.J]
F0218O01Q901v0099 [RX31JW.J]
F0219O01Q901v0100 [RX31JW.J]
F0240A21Q909la [QX06EI.J]
F0240D01Q909k109 [QX06EI.J]
F0240D06Q9099096 @bottom [QX06EI.J]
F0240D06Q9099105 @top [QX06EI.J]
F0240K05Q909pale brown [QX06EI.J]
F0240K06Q90910YR 6/3 [QX06EI.J]
F0240K07Q9094.5+ [QX06EI.J]
I0002BA1P815ca [P823GM1.J]
I0002BA2P8154.2 [P823GM1.J]
I0002BA3P8156.4 [P823GM1.J]
I0002BA4P8154.9 [P823GM1.J]
I0002BA6P815cl [P823GM1.J]
I0002BA9P815clay object [P823GM1.J]
I0002D01P815k12 [P823GM1.J]
I0002F02P815>5si f0034 [P823GM1.J]
I0002G03P815associated q-lot: 43 [P823GM1.J]
I0003BA1P815ca [P823GM1.J]
I0003BA2P8155.9 [P823GM1.J]
I0003BA3P81511.26 [P823GM1.J]
I0003BA4P8158.9 [P823GM1.J]
I0003BA6P815cl [P823GM1.J]
I0003BA8P815tan [P823GM1.J]
I0003BA9P815lamp? [P823GM1.J]
I0003D01P815k12 [P823GM1.J]
I0003F02P815>5si f0033 [P823GM1.J]
I0003G03P815associated q-lot: 48 [P823GM1.J]
I0004A21P817cv [P827GM.J]
I0004B11P817Not entire little cup, Mittani, with broken base and inner bottom cracked. [P827GM.J]
I0004BA1P817cv [P823GM1.J]
I0004BA8P817red [P823GM1.J]
I0004BA9P817mitanni cup [P823GM1.J]
I0004D01P817k101 [P823GM1.J]
I0004D03P816173 (40501 48941 - 9009 / Relay location: center) [P816RE-R.J]
I0004F02P817>5si f0047 [P823GM1.J]
I0004G03P817associated q-lot: 55 [P823GM1.J]
I0004J01P8173.55 [P827GM.J]
I0004J04P8172.67 [P827GM.J]
I0004J05P8174.56 [P827GM.J]
I0004K03P817RC [P827GM.J]
I0004K04P817footed goblet [P827GM.J]
I0004K05P817reddish yellow [P827GM.J]
I0004K06P8175YR 6/8 [P827GM.J]
I0004O01P816v0014 [P823GM5.J]
I0004O01P816v0014a [P823GM5.J]
I0004P02P817ZSB 6-19 [P827GM.J]
I000401A21P817sm [P827GM.J]
I000401B11P817Several fragmetns of metal slag found near i4, between the huge stones situated in the S side of k101. [P827GM.J]
I000401BA1P817sm [P823GM1.J]
I000401BA6P817me [P823GM1.J]
I000401BA8P817brown [P823GM1.J]
I000401BA9P817slag in cup [P823GM1.J]
I000401D01P817k101 [P823GM1.J]
I000401F02P817>5si f0047 [P823GM1.J]
I000401G03P817associated q-lot: 55 [P823GM1.J]
I000401K03P817me [P827GM.J]
I000401K05P817dark gray [P827GM.J]
I000401P02P817ZSB 29-29 [P827GM.J]
I0005A21P824ba [P827GM.J]
I0005B11P824Bone needle, broken, with the upper part, above the hole, decorated. [P827GM.J]
I0005BA1P822ba [P823GM1.J]
I0005BA3P8224.49 [P823GM1.J]
I0005BA5P8220.6 [P823GM1.J]
I0005BA6P822bo [P823GM1.J]
I0005BA8P822brown [P823GM1.J]
I0005BA9P822bone needle (2 fragments) [P823GM1.J]
I0005D01P822k12 [P823GM1.J]
I0005F02P822>5si f0038 [P823GM1.J]
I0005G03P822associated q-lot: 81 [P823GM1.J]
I0005J02P8244.49 [P827GM.J]
I0005J04P8240.40 [P827GM.J]
I0005K03P824bo [P827GM.J]
I0005K05P824tan [P827GM.J]
I0005P99P824to conservation [P827GM.J]
I0006A21P825la [P827GM.J]
I0006B11P825Lithic pendent with drop shape; the hole is near the upper end. Very thin and rounded edges. [P827GM.J]
I0006J01P8250.49 [P827GM.J]
I0006J02P8253.88 [P827GM.J]
I0006J03P8252.37 [P827GM.J]
I0006K03P825li [P827GM.J]
I0006K05P825dark brown [P827GM.J]
I0006P99P825to drafting and photography [P827GM.J]
I0007A21P828bd [P830GM.J]
I0007B11P828Very tiny bead, with rounded profile; on one side the hole isnt't perfectly in the middle of the object. [P830GM.J]
I0007J01P8280.45 [P830GM.J]
I0007J04P8280.19 [P830GM.J]
I0007K05P828white [P830GM.J]
I0007P99P828to drafting and photography [P830GM.J]
I0009BA1P901bone [P904GM2.J]
I0009BA6P901bo [P904GM2.J]
I0009BA8P901brown [P904GM2.J]
I0009BA9P901animal bones from a2 [P904GM2.J]
I0009D01P901k104 [P904GM2.J]
I0009F02P901>5si f0061 [P904GM2.J]
I0009G03P901associated q-lot: 103 [P904GM2.J]
I0010A21P901la [P904GM7.J]
I0010B11P901Lithic object, probably a tool, found under the pelvic bones of human skeleton (i 8). Almost drop-shaped, thin section, rounded edges. Very heavy. [P904GM7.J]
I0010BA1P901la [P904GM2.J]
I0010BA6P901li [P904GM2.J]
I0010BA8P901gray [P904GM2.J]
I0010BA9P901lithic tool from burial a1 [P904GM2.J]
I0010D01P901k104 [P904GM2.J]
I0010D03P901289 (40851 49130 - 8941 / Relay location: center) [P902RE1R.J]
I0010F02P901>5si f0060 [P904GM2.J]
I0010G03P901associated q-lot: 111 [P904GM2.J]
I0010J01P9013.57 [P904GM7.J]
I0010J02P90119.20 [P904GM7.J]
I0010J03P9014 [P904GM7.J]
I0010J04P9018.42 [P904GM7.J]
I0010K03P901li [P904GM7.J]
I0010K05P901dark gray [P904GM7.J]
K0001B11P804formerly J2 k33 but not excavated in season MZ18 [P823GM2.J]
K0001D20P804m3619 [P823GM2.J]
K0001D21P804500 cms North, 500 cms East [P823GM2.J]
K0001O01P806v0002a [P807GM.J]
K0011B11P804formerly J2 k43 [P823GM2.J]
K0011D20P804m3624 [P823GM2.J]
K0011D21P804500 cms North, 500 cms East [P823GM2.J]
K0011O01P804v0005a [P807GM.J]
K0011O01P806v0002a [P807GM.J]
K0012D20P804m3925 [P823GM2.J]
K0012D21P804500 cms North, 500 cms East [P823GM2.J]
K0012O01P804v0004 [P807GM.J]
K0012O01P804v0005 [P807GM.J]
K0012O01P804v0005a [P807GM.J]
K0012O01P806v0002 [P807GM.J]
K0012O01P806v0002a [P807GM.J]
K0012O01P806v0002b [P807GM.J]
K0012O01P806v0003 [P807GM.J]
K0012O01P806v0003a [P807GM.J]
K0012O01P806v0003b [P807GM.J]
K0012O01P806v0003c [P807GM.J]
K0012O01P815v0011 [P823GM5.J]
K0012O01P815v0011a [P823GM5.J]
K0012O01P815v0011b [P823GM5.J]
K0012O01P815v0012 [P823GM5.J]
K0012O01P815v0012a [P823GM5.J]
K0012O01P816v0013 [P823GM5.J]
K0012O01P816v0013a [P823GM5.J]
K0012O01P816v0013b [P823GM5.J]
K0012O01P816v0013c [P823GM5.J]
K0012O01P825v0017 [P904GM5.J]
K0012O01P825v0017a [P904GM5.J]
K0012O01P825v0017b [P904GM5.J]
K0012O01P825v0017c [P904GM5.J]
K0012O01Q829v0091 [RX31JW.J]
K0013C01Q831Swar and so'od started the day with removing f147, the accumulation under the stones of a4. Under this feature we found f209, which was very hard and looks like the mud glacis, but the difference is that it is not sloping down. We stopped there until we take a picture and study this feature, and what is the connection between it and the mud glacis and the baqaya. [Q831RE.J]
K0013D20P804m3926 [P823GM2.J]
K0013D21P804500 cms North, 500 cms East [P823GM2.J]
K0013O01P804v0005a [P807GM.J]
K0013O01P806v0002 [P807GM.J]
K0013O01P806v0002a [P807GM.J]
K0013O01Q829v0091 [RX31JW.J]
K0021B11P804formerly J2 k53 but not excavated in season MZ18 [P823GM2.J]
K0021D20P804m3626 [P823GM2.J]
K0021D21P804500 cms North, 500 cms East [P823GM2.J]
K0021O01P806v0002a [P807GM.J]
K0021O01Q812v0047 [RX31JW.J]
K0021O01Q813v0048 [RX31JW.J]
K0021O01Q815v0053 [RX31JW.J]
K0021O01Q815v0053a [RX31JW.J]
K0021O01Q816v0058 [RX31JW.J]
K0022B11P804set by surveyor but not excavated in season MZ18 [P823GM2.J]
K0022D20P804m3627 [P823GM2.J]
K0022D21P804500 cms North, 500 cms East [P823GM2.J]
K0022O01Q903v0105 [RX31JW.J]
K0022O01Q903v0105a [RX31JW.J]
K0023B11P804set by surveyor but not excavated in season MZ18 [P823GM2.J]
K0023C01Q830We removed the 4 large limestones, which formed the western part of insstelation a4. [Q830RE.J]
K0023D20P804m4005 [P823GM2.J]
K0023D21P804500 cms North, 500 cms East [P823GM2.J]
K0023O01Q829v0091 [RX31JW.J]
K0023O01Q903v0105 [RX31JW.J]
K0091C01Q903We continued removing the topsoil f218, and the accumulation under the topsoil f220. [Q903RE.J]
K0091O01Q901v0099 [RX31JW.J]
K0093C01Q903We continued removing the topsoil f219, and the accumulation under the topsoil f221. [Q903RE.J]
K0093O01Q901v0100 [RX31JW.J]
K0094C01Q903gB moved 5 workmen from sC to work faster before the minister visit. So these workmen started removing the topsoil f222, then the accumulation under the topsoil f223. [Q903RE.J]
K0100B11P804column for sampling (not used) [P823GM2.J]
K0100D20P804r5 [P823GM2.J]
K0100D21P804200 cms North, 200 cms East [P823GM2.J]
K0100O01P806v0002 [P807GM.J]
K0100O01P806v0002a [P807GM.J]
K0100O01P806v0002b [P807GM.J]
K0101B11P804trapezoidal locus (big stones) [P823GM2.J]
K0101C01Q903We started removing the east baulk, we removed the topsoil f01. then the accumulation under it f02. [Q903RE.J]
K0101D20P804r30 [P823GM2.J]
K0101D21P804300 cms South, 400 cms East [P823GM2.J]
K0101O01P815v0011 [P823GM5.J]
K0101O01P815v0011a [P823GM5.J]
K0101O01P815v0011b [P823GM5.J]
K0101O01P815v0011c [P823GM5.J]
K0101O01P815v0011d [P823GM5.J]
K0101O01P815v0011e [P823GM5.J]
K0101O01P815v0011f [P823GM5.J]
K0101O01P816v0013 [P823GM5.J]
K0101O01P816v0013a [P823GM5.J]
K0101O01P816v0013b [P823GM5.J]
K0101O01P816v0013c [P823GM5.J]
K0101O01P816v0014 [P823GM5.J]
K0101O01P816v0014a [P823GM5.J]
K0101O01P825v0017 [P904GM5.J]
K0101O01P825v0017a [P904GM5.J]
K0101O01P825v0017b [P904GM5.J]
K0101O01P825v0017c [P904GM5.J]
K0102B11P8151m by 4m column for typological sampling [P823GM2.J]
K0102D20P815m3926 [P823GM2.J]
K0102D21P815100 cms South, 400 cms East [P823GM2.J]
K0103O01P825v0018 [P904GM5.J]
K0103O01P825v0018a [P904GM5.J]
K0104B11P8242m by 2m column for typological sampling centered along the north edge of monumental wall, f11. [Q413JW.J]
K0104D20P824m4173 [Q413JW.J]
K0104D21P824200 cms North, 200 cms East [Q413JW.J]
K0105B11P9031m by 2m column for typological sampling, with a small 1m by 0.5m extension into the SW corner to intercept the monumental wall, f11. Shape described by relays. Basically the south half of k104. [Q413JW.J]
K0105D03P903329 (40799 49162 - 8931 / Relay location: NE corner point 1) [P904RE1R.J]
K0105D03P903330 (40739 49221 - 8931 / Relay location: SE corner point 2) [P904RE1R.J]
K0105D03P903331 (40736 49036 - 8931 / Relay location: NE corner point 3) [P904RE1R.J]
K0105D03P903332 (40714 49016 - 8931 / Relay location: SE corner point 4) [P904RE1R.J]
K0105D03P903333 (40765 48942 - 8931 / Relay location: SW corner point 5) [P904RE1R.J]
K0105D03P903334 (40867 48986 - 8931 / Relay location: NW corner point 6) [P904RE1R.J]
K0105D20P903m4173 [Q413JW.J]
K0105D21P903100 cms North, 200 cms East [Q413JW.J]
K0108C01Q830we started removing f203, natural accumulation under topsoil, on the southern part. The topsoil of this locus was previously removed in MZ17 by J2. We stopped stopped at the end of this feature, and we shifted the crew to remove the middle part of the east baulk. Then Under f108, a natural accumulation, we found a hard floor containing sherds laying flat, and pebbles. [Q830RE.J]
K0108C01Q831we continued removing f203, at the southern part. Then the feature began to chenge to f213, which was hard with too many small sherds and pebbles compacted with the soil. [Q831RE.J]
K0108C01Q903We started removing the southern part of the east baulk, until we reached the same level of all the the baulk which was excavating two days ago. [Q903RE.J]
K0108O01Q815v0053 [RX31JW.J]
K0108O01Q815v0053a [RX31JW.J]
K0109C01Q828We resumed the work on what was the north half of k32. We were expecting to find the continuation of floor f173 which was found in k22, so we measured the depth of this feature from the topsoil, and when we were 15cm above where we might reach the floor, the workmen used the small pick. But there was no continuation for f173 in k109 - it could be sloping more then f173. At the same elevation of f173 we found a piece of hard material, f196, on the east part of f194. It was similar to f184 which was in the south half of what was k32, but at a lower elevation. So we removed the soft accumulation around it which is f192, while keeping f196. There was also another feature f197, which contains 3 parts cut from a sandy stone, and small limestones with many sherds of pottery (f195, a large stone block was formed of the same material). So we cleaned around it and we stopped here for today in order to take a photo for those features and study their function tomorrow. [Q828RE.J]
K0109C01Q830We started removing f202, natural accumulation, in the southern part. Then the feature began to change to f204, softer and more laminations. We removed this the feature until we reached f... the mud packing. we stopped here. Then we drew the east section. [Q830RE.J]
K0109C01Q831we started removing the west baulk, which belong to J1, k24. but gB suggested that it is better do do it from J3 side because it is safer. [Q831RE.J]
K0109O01Q829v0088 [RX31JW.J]
K0109O01Q829v0088a [RX31JW.J]
K0109O01Q829v0090 [RX31JW.J]
Q0001B21P802qi000103 [P815GM.J]
Q0001B21P802qi000104 [P815GM.J]
Q0007A21P804p [P807GM.J]
Q0007D01P804k101 [P807GM.J]
Q0007D13P804m3931 (9349) + 142 (height of instrument) - 27 [P807GM.J]
Q0007D20P804r29 [P807GM.J]
Q0007D21P804497 cms North, 400 cms West [P807GM.J]
Q0007D22P8049234 [P807GM.J]
Q0007F02P804>5si f0009 [P807GM.J]
Q0008A21P804sm [P807GM.J]
Q0008D01P804k12 [P807GM.J]
Q0008D13P804m3930 (9338) + 132 (height of instrument) - 71 [P807GM.J]
Q0008D20P804r9 [P807GM.J]
Q0008D22P8049277 [P807GM.J]
Q0008F02P804>5si f0003 [P807GM.J]
Q0009A21P804ta [P807GM.J]
Q0009D01P804k12 [P807GM.J]
Q0009D13P804m3930 (9338) + 132 (height of instrument) - 71 [P807GM.J]
Q0009D20P804r11 [P807GM.J]
Q0009D22P8049277 [P807GM.J]
Q0009F02P804>5si f0003 [P807GM.J]
Q0010A21P804p, b [P807GM.J]
Q0010D01P804k12 [P807GM.J]
Q0010D13P804m3930 (9338) + 132 (height of instrument) - 71 [P807GM.J]
Q0010D20P804r10 [P807GM.J]
Q0010D22P8049277 [P807GM.J]
Q0010F02P804>5si f0003 [P807GM.J]
Q0011A21P804p [P807GM.J]
Q0011D01P804k101 [P807GM.J]
Q0011D13P804m3931 (9349) + 142 (height of instrument) - 27 [P807GM.J]
Q0011D20P804r29 [P807GM.J]
Q0011D21P804500 cms North, 400 cms East [P807GM.J]
Q0011D22P8049234 [P807GM.J]
Q0011F02P804>5si f0009 [P807GM.J]
Q0012B21P806qi001201 [P807GM.J]
Q0012B21P806qi001201 [P815GM.J]
Q0013B21P806qi001301 [P807GM.J]
Q0013B21P806qi001301 [P815GM.J]
Q0013B21P806qi001302 [P807GM.J]
Q0013B21P806qi001302 [P815GM.J]
Q0015B21P807qi001501 [P807GM.J]
Q0015B21P807qi001501 [P815GM.J]
Q0015B21P807qi001502 [P807GM.J]
Q0015B21P807qi001502 [P815GM.J]
Q0015B21P807qi001503 [P807GM.J]
Q0015B21P807qi001503 [P815GM.J]
Q0016B21P807qi001601 [P807GM.J]
Q0016B21P807qi001601 [P815GM.J]
Q0016B21P807qi001602 [P807GM.J]
Q0016B21P807qi001602 [P815GM.J]
Q0016B21P807qi001603 [P807GM.J]
Q0016B21P807qi001603 [P815GM.J]
Q0017B21P808qi001701 [P815GM.J]
Q0017B21P808qi001702 [P815GM.J]
Q0017B21P808qi001703 [P815GM.J]
Q0017B21P808qi001704 [P815GM.J]
Q0018B21P808qi001801 [P815GM.J]
Q0018B21P808qi001802 [P815GM.J]
Q0019B21P808qi001901 [P815GM.J]
Q0020B21P809qi002001 [P815GM.J]
Q0022B21P809qi002201 [P815GM.J]
Q0022B21P809qi002202 [P815GM.J]
Q0022B21P809qi002203 [P815GM.J]
Q0023B21P810qi002301 [P815GM.J]
Q0023B21P810qi002302 [P815GM.J]
Q0025B21P810qi002501 [P815GM.J]
Q0025B21P810qi002502 [P815GM.J]
Q0025B21P810qi002503 [P815GM.J]
Q0026B21P810qi002601 [P815GM.J]
Q0029B21P812qi002901 [P815GM.J]
Q0029B21P812qi002902 [P815GM.J]
Q0029B21P812qi002903 [P815GM.J]
Q0030B21P812qi003001 [P815GM.J]
Q0031B21P812qi003101 [P815GM.J]
Q0031B21P812qi003102 [P815GM.J]
Q0034A21P813p, i [P823GM3.J]
Q0034B21P813qi003401 [P815GM.J]
Q0034B21P813qi003401 [P823GM4.J]
Q0034B21P813qi003402 [P815GM.J]
Q0034B21P813qi003402 [P823GM4.J]
Q0034B21P813qi003403 [P815GM.J]
Q0034B21P813qi003403 [P823GM4.J]
Q0034D01P813k12 [P823GM3.J]
Q0034D03P813119 (40815 48874 - 9192 / Relay location: SW corner) [P816GM4R.J]
Q0034D13P813m3625 (9287) + 161 (height of instrument) - 66 - 30 @bottom [P823GM3.J]
Q0034D20P813r119 [P823GM3.J]
Q0034D21P813400 cms North, 400 cms East [P823GM3.J]
Q0034D22P8139192 [P823GM3.J]
Q0034D23P8139162 [P823GM3.J]
Q0034F02P813>5si f0031 [P823GM3.J]
Q0035A21P813p, b [P823GM3.J]
Q0035D01P813k101 [P823GM3.J]
Q0035D03P813120 (40622 48867 - 9022 / Relay location: NW corner) [P816GM4R.J]
Q0035D13P813m4025 (9162) + 161 (height of instrument) - 21 - 50 @bottom [P823GM3.J]
Q0035D20P813r120 [P823GM3.J]
Q0035D21P813300 cms East, 400 cms South [P823GM3.J]
Q0035D22P8139022 [P823GM3.J]
Q0035D23P8138972 [P823GM3.J]
Q0035F02P813>5si f0030 [P823GM3.J]
Q0036A21P813p, i [P823GM3.J]
Q0036B21P813qi003601 [P815GM.J]
Q0036B21P813qi003601 [P823GM4.J]
Q0036D01P813k12 [P823GM3.J]
Q0036D03P813121 (40790 49133 - 9150 / Relay location: SW corner) [P816GM4R.J]
Q0036D13P813m4025 (9162) + 163 (height of instrument) - 151 - 25 @bottom [P823GM3.J]
Q0036D20P813r121 [P823GM3.J]
Q0036D21P813400 cms North, 150 cms East [P823GM3.J]
Q0036D22P8139150 [P823GM3.J]
Q0036D23P8139125 [P823GM3.J]
Q0036F02P813>5si f0033 [P823GM3.J]
Q0037A21P813p, b, i [P823GM3.J]
Q0037B21P813qi003701 [P815GM.J]
Q0037B21P813qi003701 [P823GM4.J]
Q0037B21P813qi003702 [P815GM.J]
Q0037B21P813qi003702 [P823GM4.J]
Q0037D01P813k12 [P823GM3.J]
Q0037D13P813m3625 (9287) + 164 (height of instrument) - 37 [P823GM3.J]
Q0037D20P813r121 [P823GM3.J]
Q0037D21P813400 cms North, 200 cms West [P823GM3.J]
Q0037D22P8139160 [P823GM3.J]
Q0037F02P813>5si f0031 [P823GM3.J]
Q0038A21P813p, b [P823GM3.J]
Q0038D01P813k12 [P823GM3.J]
Q0038D13P813m4025 (9162) + 156 (height of instrument) - 131 - 10 @bottom [P823GM3.J]
Q0038D20P813r122 [P823GM3.J]
Q0038D21P813400 cms North, 400 cms East [P823GM3.J]
Q0038D22P8139137 [P823GM3.J]
Q0038D23P8139127 [P823GM3.J]
Q0038F02P813>5si f0034 [P823GM3.J]
Q0043A21P815p, b, i [P823GM3.J]
Q0043B21P815qi004301 [P823GM4.J]
Q0043B21P815qi004302 [P823GM4.J]
Q0043D01P815k12 [P823GM3.J]
Q0043D13P815m4074 (9191) + 162 (height of instrument) - 80 [P823GM3.J]
Q0043D20P815r140 [P823GM3.J]
Q0043D21P815400 cms South, 400 cms West [P823GM3.J]
Q0043D22P8159109 [P823GM3.J]
Q0043F02P815>5si f0034 [P823GM3.J]
Q0044A21P815p [P823GM3.J]
Q0044D01P815k102 [P823GM3.J]
Q0044D13P815m3935 (9359) + 0 (height of instrument) - -5 - 10 @bottom [P823GM3.J]
Q0044D20P815m3935 [P823GM3.J]
Q0044D21P815100 cms South, 400 cms West [P823GM3.J]
Q0044D22P8159354 [P823GM3.J]
Q0044D23P8159344 [P823GM3.J]
Q0044F02P815>5si f0001 [P823GM3.J]
Q0045A21P815p [P823GM3.J]
Q0045D01P815k102 [P823GM3.J]
Q0045D13P815m3935 (9359) + 0 (height of instrument) - -5 - 10 @bottom [P823GM3.J]
Q0045D20P815m3935 [P823GM3.J]
Q0045D21P815100 cms South, 400 cms West [P823GM3.J]
Q0045D22P8159354 [P823GM3.J]
Q0045D23P8159344 [P823GM3.J]
Q0045F02P815>5si f0001 [P823GM3.J]
Q0046A21P815p [P823GM3.J]
Q0046B21P815qi004601 [P823GM4.J]
Q0046B21P815qi004602 [P823GM4.J]
Q0046D01P815k102 [P823GM3.J]
Q0046D13P815m3935 (9359) + 162 (height of instrument) - 131 - 43 @bottom [P823GM3.J]
Q0046D20P815m3935 [P823GM3.J]
Q0046D21P815100 cms South, 400 cms West [P823GM3.J]
Q0046D22P8159328 [P823GM3.J]
Q0046D23P8159285 [P823GM3.J]
Q0046F02P815>5si f0002 [P823GM3.J]
Q0047A21P815p [P823GM3.J]
Q0047B21P815qi004701 [P823GM4.J]
Q0047D01P815k102 [P823GM3.J]
Q0047D13P815m3935 (9359) + 162 (height of instrument) - 131 - 43 @bottom [P823GM3.J]
Q0047D20P815m3935 [P823GM3.J]
Q0047D21P815100 cms South, 400 cms West [P823GM3.J]
Q0047D22P8159328 [P823GM3.J]
Q0047D23P8159285 [P823GM3.J]
Q0047F02P815>5si f0002 [P823GM3.J]
Q0048A21P815p, b [P823GM3.J]
Q0048B21P815qi004801 [P823GM4.J]
Q0048D01P815k12 [P823GM3.J]
Q0048D13P815m3625 (9287) + 162 (height of instrument) - 20 - 64 @bottom [P823GM3.J]
Q0048D20P815r81 [P823GM3.J]
Q0048D21P815100 cms South, 100 cms West [P823GM3.J]
Q0048D22P8159145 [P823GM3.J]
Q0048D23P8159081 [P823GM3.J]
Q0048F02P815>5si f0033 [P823GM3.J]
Q0050B21P816qi005001 [P823GM4.J]
Q0055B21P816qi005501 [P823GM4.J]
Q0055B21P816qi005501 [P824GM3.J]
Q0055B21P816qi005502 [P823GM4.J]
Q0055B21P816qi005503 [P823GM4.J]
Q0055B21P818qi005502 [P824GM3.J]
Q0055B21P818qi005503 [P824GM3.J]
Q0055D03P816174 (40541 48947 - 9016 / Relay location: NW corner) [P816RE-R.J]
Q0061B21P817qi006101 [P824GM3.J]
Q0063D03P817180 (41263 49042 - 9249 / Relay location: NW corner) [P817RE1R.J]
Q0065B21P817qi006501 [P824GM3.J]
Q0065B21P817qi006502 [P824GM3.J]
Q0065B21P817qi006503 [P824GM3.J]
Q0065B21P817qi006504 [P824GM3.J]
Q0066B21P817qi006601 [P824GM3.J]
Q0067D03P817181 (41258 49039 - 9225 / Relay location: NW corner) [P817RE1R.J]
Q0068B21P817qi006801 [P824GM3.J]
Q0068D03P817182 (41142 49413 - 9195 / Relay location: NE corner) [P817RE1R.J]
Q0070B21P817qi007001 [P824GM3.J]
Q0070B21P817qi007002 [P824GM3.J]
Q0070B21P817qi007003 [P824GM3.J]
Q0070B21P817qi007004 [P824GM3.J]
Q0070B21P817qi007005 [P824GM3.J]
Q0070B21P817qi007006 [P824GM3.J]
Q0070B21P817qi007007 [P824GM3.J]
Q0071B21P817qi007101 [P824GM3.J]
Q0071D03P817183 (41116 49415 - 9032 / Relay location: NE corner) [P817RE1R.J]
Q0073B21P817qi007301 [P824GM3.J]
Q0073B21P817qi007302 [P824GM3.J]
Q0073D03P817193 (41118 49411 - 9165 / Relay location: NE corner) [P817RE1R.J]
Q0074B21P817qi007401 [P824GM3.J]
Q0078B21P820qi007801 [P823GM4.J]
Q0078B21P820qi007801 [P824GM3.J]
Q0078B21P820qi007802 [P823GM4.J]
Q0078B21P820qi007802 [P824GM3.J]
Q0078B21P820qi007803 [P823GM4.J]
Q0078B21P820qi007803 [P827GM.J]
Q0079B21P820qi007901 [P823GM4.J]
Q0079B21P820qi007901 [P824GM3.J]
Q0079B21P820qi007902 [P823GM4.J]
Q0079B21P820qi007902 [P824GM3.J]
Q0079B21P820qi007903 [P823GM4.J]
Q0079B21P820qi007903 [P827GM.J]
Q0081B21P822qi008101 [P823GM4.J]
Q0081B21P822qi008101 [P827GM.J]
Q0082B21P822qi008201 [P823GM4.J]
Q0082B21P822qi008201 [P827GM.J]
Q0083A21P823p [P823GM3.J]
Q0083B21P823qi008301 [P827GM.J]
Q0083B21P823qi008301 [P904GM4.J]
Q0083B21P823qi008302 [P827GM.J]
Q0083B21P823qi008302 [P904GM4.J]
Q0083D01P823k12 [P823GM3.J]
Q0083D03P823202 (40730 49055 - 9053 / Relay location: SW corner) [P824GM1R.J]
Q0083D13P823m4073 (9170) + 151 (height of instrument) - 34 [P823GM3.J]
Q0083D20P823r202 [P823GM3.J]
Q0083D21P823100 cms North, 100 cms East [P823GM3.J]
Q0083D22P8239053 [P823GM3.J]
Q0083F02P823>5si f0038 [P823GM3.J]
Q0084A21P823p [P823GM3.J]
Q0084B21P823qi008401 [P827GM.J]
Q0084B21P823qi008401 [P904GM4.J]
Q0084B21P823qi008402 [P827GM.J]
Q0084B21P823qi008402 [P904GM4.J]
Q0084D01P823k103 [P823GM3.J]
Q0084D03P823203 (38806 48520 - 9154 / Relay location: SW corner) [P824GM1R.J]
Q0084D13P823m4118 (9189) + 151 (height of instrument) - 116 [P823GM3.J]
Q0084D20P823r203 [P823GM3.J]
Q0084D21P823400 cms North, 400 cms West [P823GM3.J]
Q0084D22P8239154 [P823GM3.J]
Q0084F02P823>5si f0053 [P823GM3.J]
Q0085A21P823p [P904GM3.J]
Q0085D01P823k12 [P904GM3.J]
Q0085D03P823204 (40944 48917 - 9111 / Relay location: SW corner) [P824GM1R.J]
Q0085D13P823m4091 (9147) + 168 (height of instrument) - 132 - 70 @bottom [P904GM3.J]
Q0085D20P823r204 [P904GM3.J]
Q0085D21P823100 cms North, 25 cms East [P904GM3.J]
Q0085D22P8239111 [P904GM3.J]
Q0085D23P8239041 [P904GM3.J]
Q0085F02P823>5si f0034 [P904GM3.J]
Q0086A21P823p [P904GM3.J]
Q0086D01P823k12 [P904GM3.J]
Q0086D13P823m4073 (9170) + 168 (height of instrument) - 128 - 80 @bottom [P904GM3.J]
Q0086D20P823r211 [P904GM3.J]
Q0086D21P823100 cms South, 100 cms East [P904GM3.J]
Q0086D22P8239130 [P904GM3.J]
Q0086D23P8239050 [P904GM3.J]
Q0086F02P823>5si f0038 [P904GM3.J]
Q0087B21P823qi008703 [P827GM.J]
Q0087B21P824qi008701 [P827GM.J]
Q0087B21P824qi008702 [P827GM.J]
Q0087D03P824215 (40763 49001 - 9046 / Relay location: SW corner) [P824GM1R.J]
Q0088D03P824216 (38808 48518 - 9131 / Relay location: SE corner) [P824GM1R.J]
Q0090D03P824217 (38814 48522 - 9105 / Relay location: SE corner) [P828GM-R.J]
Q0091D03P824222 (40876 49193 - 9041 / Relay location: NW corner) [P828GM-R.J]
Q0092B21P825qi009201 [P827GM.J]
Q0092B21P825qi009202 [P827GM.J]
Q0093B21P825qi009301 [P827GM.J]
Q0094D03P827243 (38947 48170 - 9068 / Relay location: SW corner) [P828GM-R.J]
Q0095B21P827qi009501 [P827GM.J]
Q0095D03P827244 (40960 49025 - 8997 / Relay location: NW corner) [P828GM-R.J]
Q0096B21P827qi009601 [P827GM.J]
Q0096B21P827qi009602 [P827GM.J]
Q0097B21P828qi009701 [P830GM.J]
Q0098B21P828qi009801 [P830GM.J]
Q0098B21P828qi009802 [P830GM.J]
Q0100B21P828qi010001 [P830GM.J]
Q0100B21P828qi010002 [P830GM.J]
Q0101D03P829257 (39291 48307 - 9053 / Relay location: NE corner) [P830GM1R.J]
Q0102D03P829258 (40964 49022 - 8957 / Relay location: NW corner) [P830GM1R.J]
Q0105A21P831p [P904GM3.J]
Q0105D01P831k103 [P904GM3.J]
Q0105D13P831m4216 (9071) + 162 (height of instrument) - 106 - 10 @bottom [P904GM3.J]
Q0105D20P831r272 [P904GM3.J]
Q0105D21P831300 cms South, 400 cms West [P904GM3.J]
Q0105D22P8319015 [P904GM3.J]
Q0105D23P8319005 [P904GM3.J]
Q0105F02P831>5si f0056 [P904GM3.J]
Q0106A21P831p [P904GM3.J]
Q0106D01P831k103 [P904GM3.J]
Q0106D13P831m4217 (9080) + 162 (height of instrument) - 82 - 30 @bottom [P904GM3.J]
Q0106D20P831r278 [P904GM3.J]
Q0106D21P831300 cms South, 400 cms West [P904GM3.J]
Q0106D22P8319000 [P904GM3.J]
Q0106D23P8318970 [P904GM3.J]
Q0106F02P831>5si f0063 [P904GM3.J]
Q0107A21P831p, b, i [P904GM3.J]
Q0107D01P831k104 [P904GM3.J]
Q0107D13P831m4241 (8959) + 159 (height of instrument) - 144 [P904GM3.J]
Q0107D20P831r248 [P904GM3.J]
Q0107D21P831100 cms North, 100 cms West [P904GM3.J]
Q0107D22P8318944 [P904GM3.J]
Q0107F02P831>5si f0064 [P904GM3.J]
Q0108A21P831b, i [P904GM3.J]
Q0108D01P831k104 [P904GM3.J]
Q0108D13P831m4239 (8964) + 163 (height of instrument) - 130 [P904GM3.J]
Q0108D20P831r259 [P904GM3.J]
Q0108D21P83120 cms South, 20 cms West [P904GM3.J]
Q0108D22P8318931 [P904GM3.J]
Q0108F02P831>5si f0060 [P904GM3.J]
Q0109A21P901p, b, i [P904GM3.J]
Q0109B21P901qi010901 [P904GM7.J]
Q0109B21P901qi010902 [P904GM7.J]
Q0109D01P901k103 [P904GM3.J]
Q0109D03P901288 (39300 48303 - 8972 / Relay location: NW corner) [P902RE1R.J]
Q0109D13P901m4216 (9071) + 165 (height of instrument) - 66 - 20 @bottom [P904GM3.J]
Q0109D20P901r288 [P904GM3.J]
Q0109D21P901300 cms South, 400 cms East [P904GM3.J]
Q0109D22P9018972 [P904GM3.J]
Q0109D23P9018952 [P904GM3.J]
Q0109F02P901>5si f0063 [P904GM3.J]
Q0110A21P901p [P904GM3.J]
Q0110B21P901qi011001 [P904GM7.J]
Q0110D01P901k103 [P904GM3.J]
Q0110D03P901291 (39173 48668 - 8952 / Relay location: NE corner) [P902RE1R.J]
Q0110D13P901m4216 (9071) + 165 (height of instrument) - 46 - 10 @bottom [P904GM3.J]
Q0110D20P901r291 [P904GM3.J]
Q0110D21P901300 cms South, 400 cms West [P904GM3.J]
Q0110D22P9018952 [P904GM3.J]
Q0110D23P9018942 [P904GM3.J]
Q0110F02P901>5si f0063 [P904GM3.J]
Q0111A21P901b, i, p [P904GM3.J]
Q0111B21P901qi011101 [P904GM7.J]
Q0111B21P901qi011102 [P904GM7.J]
Q0111B21P901qi011103 [P904GM7.J]
Q0111B21P901qi011104 [P904GM7.J]
Q0111D01P901k104 [P904GM3.J]
Q0111D03P901290 (40874 49103 - 8941 / Relay location: NW corner) [P902RE1R.J]
Q0111D13P901m4241 (8959) + 165 (height of instrument) - 147 - 5 @bottom [P904GM3.J]
Q0111D20P901r290 [P904GM3.J]
Q0111D21P90150 cms South, 100 cms East [P904GM3.J]
Q0111D22P9018941 [P904GM3.J]
Q0111D23P9018936 [P904GM3.J]
Q0111F02P901>5si f0060 [P904GM3.J]
Q0112A21P901p, b [P904GM3.J]
Q0112B21P901qi011201 [P904GM7.J]
Q0112D01P901k104 [P904GM3.J]
Q0112D03P901292 (40870 48992 - 8942 / Relay location: SW corner) [P902RE1R.J]
Q0112D13P901m4241 (8959) + 166 (height of instrument) - 149 - 5 @bottom [P904GM3.J]
Q0112D20P901r292 [P904GM3.J]
Q0112D21P901100 cms North, 200 cms East [P904GM3.J]
Q0112D22P9018942 [P904GM3.J]
Q0112D23P9018937 [P904GM3.J]
Q0112F02P901>5si f0061 [P904GM3.J]
Q0113B21P903qi011301 [P904GM7.J]
Q0114B21P903qi011401 [P904GM7.J]
Q0114B21P903qi011402 [P904GM7.J]
Q0114D03P903308 (39166 48667 - 8946 / Relay location: NE corner) [P904RE-R.J]
Q0115B21P903qi011501 [P904GM7.J]
Q0115D03P903307 (40699 49118 - 8958 / Relay location: NE corner) [P904RE-R.J]
Q0116D03P903322 (40737 49043 - 8931 / Relay location: mid of the S section) [P904RE-R.J]
Q0117D03P903323 (40765 48942 - 8933 / Relay location: SW corner) [P904RE1R.J]
Q0118B21P904qi011801 [P904GM7.J]
Q0118B21P904qi011802 [P904GM7.J]
Q0118D03P903324 (39297 48305 - 8939 / Relay location: NW corner) [P904RE1R.J]
Q0119B21P904qi011901 [P904GM7.J]
Q0119D03P903335 (40799 49162 - 8931 / Relay location: NE corner) [P904RE1R.J]
Q0120D03P903350 (39300 48303 - 8928 / Relay location: NE corner) [P904RE1R.J]
Q0121B21P904qi012101 [P904GM7.J]
Q0121D03P903349 (40848 48986 - 8884 / Relay location: NE corner) [P904RE1R.J]
Q0122D03P905351 (39173 48659 - 8915 / Relay location: NE corner) [Q427JW-R.J]
Q0123B21P806qi012301 [P907GM.J]
Q0123B21P806qi012302 [P907GM.J]
Q0123B21P806qi012303 [P907GM.J]
Q0123B21P806qi012304 [P907GM.J]
Q0123B21P904qi012301 [P918JW.J]
Q0123B21P904qi012302 [P918JW.J]
Q0123B21P904qi012303 [P918JW.J]
Q0123D03P905352 (40730 48992 - 8882 / Relay location: NW corner) [Q427JW-R.J]
Q0124B21P806qi012401 [P907GM.J]
Q0124B21P904qi012401 [P918JW.J]
Q0125B21P904qi012501 [P918JW.J]
Q0127B21P806qi012701 [P907GM.J]
Q0127B21P806qi012702 [P907GM.J]
Q0127B21P806qi012703 [P907GM.J]
Q0127B21P806qi012704 [P907GM.J]
Q0127B21P904qi012701 [P918JW.J]
Q0127B21P904qi012702 [P918JW.J]
Q0127B21P904qi012703 [P918JW.J]
Q0127B21P904qi012704 [P918JW.J]
Q0130B21P904qi013001 [P918JW.J]
Q0130B21P904qi013002 [P918JW.J]
Q0131B21P806qi013101 [P907GM.J]
Q0131B21P806qi013102 [P907GM.J]
Q0131B21P806qi013103 [P907GM.J]
Q0131B21P904qi013101 [P918JW.J]
Q0131B21P904qi013102 [P918JW.J]
Q0131B21P904qi013103 [P918JW.J]
Q0133B21P806qi013301 [P907GM.J]
Q0134B21P806qi013401 [P907GM.J]
Q0134B21P806qi013402 [P907GM.J]
Q0134B21P806qi013403 [P907GM.J]
Q0138B21P806qi013801 [P907GM.J]
Q0138B21P806qi013802 [P907GM.J]
Q0140B21P806qi014001 [P907GM.J]
Q0164B21Q815qi016401 [Q921EDB.J]
Q0224A21Q824p [Q829JW1.J]
Q0224A21Q824p [QX02JW.J]
Q0224D01Q824k31 [Q829JW1.J]
Q0224D01Q824k31 [QX02JW.J]
Q0224F02Q824>5si f0176 [Q829JW1.J]
Q0224F02Q824>5si f0176 [QX02JW.J]
QI000103A21P802la [P815GM.J]
QI000103B11P802Fragment of a little door socket, with rounded profile and part of the inner concavity still visible. It's completely covered by concretions. [P815GM.J]
QI000103J01P8027 [P815GM.J]
QI000103J02P80220 [P815GM.J]
QI000103J03P80211 [P815GM.J]
QI000103K03P802LI [P815GM.J]
QI000103K05P802light brown [P815GM.J]
QI000104A21P802la [P815GM.J]
QI000104B11P802Fragment of flint blade, with trapezoidal section and traces of use on the edges. One side is wider than the other. [P815GM.J]
QI000104J01P8020.2 [P815GM.J]
QI000104J02P8023 [P815GM.J]
QI000104J03P8021 [P815GM.J]
QI000104K03P802LI [P815GM.J]
QI000104K05P802greenish brown [P815GM.J]
QI000104P99P802To drafting and photography [P815GM.J]
QI001201A21P806la [P815GM.J]
QI001201B11P806Fragment of a lithic artifact, maybe a door socket or a mortar; rounded shape, elliptical sections, inner concavity still visible. Covered by concretions. [P815GM.J]
QI001201BA1P806la [P807GM.J]
QI001201BA2P80611 [P807GM.J]
QI001201BA3P80616 [P807GM.J]
QI001201BA4P8066 [P807GM.J]
QI001201BA6P806li [P807GM.J]
QI001201BA8P806pale brown [P807GM.J]
QI001201BA9P806fragment of door socket or quern [P807GM.J]
QI001201J01P80610.7 [P815GM.J]
QI001201J02P80614.4 [P815GM.J]
QI001201J03P8068 [P815GM.J]
QI001201K03P806LI [P815GM.J]
QI001201K05P806light gray [P815GM.J]
QI001301A21P806la [P815GM.J]
QI001301B11P806Lithic artifact, maybe an axe or a celt, broken; flat and polished surfaces, lightly rounded edges. [P815GM.J]
QI001301BA1P806la [P807GM.J]
QI001301BA2P8064.2 [P807GM.J]
QI001301BA3P8063.5 [P807GM.J]
QI001301BA4P8061 [P807GM.J]
QI001301BA6P806li [P807GM.J]
QI001301BA8P806black [P807GM.J]
QI001301BA9P806lithic tool, polished [P807GM.J]
QI001301J01P8064.24 [P815GM.J]
QI001301J02P8063.71 [P815GM.J]
QI001301J03P8061.07 [P815GM.J]
QI001301K03P806LI [P815GM.J]
QI001301K05P806black [P815GM.J]
QI001302A21P806la [P815GM.J]
QI001302B11P806Fragment of obsidian blade, with one side flat (external cortex still visible) and traces of chopping on the edges. [P815GM.J]
QI001302BA1P806la [P807GM.J]
QI001302BA2P8062.6 [P807GM.J]
QI001302BA3P8060.6 [P807GM.J]
QI001302BA4P8060.3 [P807GM.J]
QI001302BA6P806ob [P807GM.J]
QI001302BA8P806black [P807GM.J]
QI001302BA9P806fragment of obsidian blade [P807GM.J]
QI001302J01P8060.36 [P815GM.J]
QI001302J02P8062.66 [P815GM.J]
QI001302J03P8061.40 [P815GM.J]
QI001302K03P806OB [P815GM.J]
QI001302K05P806black [P815GM.J]
QI001302P99P806To drafting and photography [P815GM.J]
QI001501A21P807sm [P815GM.J]
QI001501B11P807Three fragments of clay, two with a flat side and the third with a burnt spot; traces of vegetal fibres on surface. Very hard texture. Maybe pottery? [P815GM.J]
QI001501BA1P807cl [P807GM.J]
QI001501BA6P807cl [P807GM.J]
QI001501BA8P807brown [P807GM.J]
QI001501BA9P8073 clay lumps [P807GM.J]
QI001501J01P8072.3 [P815GM.J]
QI001501J02P8074.5 [P815GM.J]
QI001501J03P8072.2 [P815GM.J]
QI001501K03P807CL [P815GM.J]
QI001501K05P807pink [P815GM.J]
QI001501K06P8077.5YR 7/4 [P815GM.J]
QI001501K99P807Bigger piece measured [P815GM.J]
QI001502A21P807bd [P815GM.J]
QI001502B11P807Little lithic bead, with elliptical but irregular profile and flat upper and lower sides. The hole in the middle gets narrower going through the object. When found in the field the hole was filled with a fragment, maybe metal, or maybe it was just incidental. [P815GM.J]
QI001502BA1P807bd [P807GM.J]
QI001502BA2P8070.6 [P807GM.J]
QI001502BA5P8071.6 [P807GM.J]
QI001502BA6P807li [P807GM.J]
QI001502BA8P807light gray [P807GM.J]
QI001502BA9P807small lithic bead [P807GM.J]
QI001502J01P8070.64 [P815GM.J]
QI001502J02P8071.58 [P815GM.J]
QI001502J03P8071.43 [P815GM.J]
QI001502K03P807LI [P815GM.J]
QI001502K05P807tan [P815GM.J]
QI001502P99P807To drafting and photography [P815GM.J]
QI001503A21P807la [P815GM.J]
QI001503B11P807Lithic artifact, maybe a hammer stone, with one edge rounded and the other sharp, and on the two major sides two holes, maybe produced by a long use (place for fingers). [P815GM.J]
QI001503BA1P807la [P807GM.J]
QI001503BA2P8073.5 [P807GM.J]
QI001503BA3P8079.5 [P807GM.J]
QI001503BA4P8076 [P807GM.J]
QI001503BA6P807li [P807GM.J]
QI001503BA8P807black [P807GM.J]
QI001503BA9P807lithic artifact [P807GM.J]
QI001503J01P8076.4 [P815GM.J]
QI001503J02P8079.88 [P815GM.J]
QI001503J03P8073.95 [P815GM.J]
QI001503K03P807LI [P815GM.J]
QI001503K05P807dark gray [P815GM.J]
QI001503P99P807To drafting and photography [P815GM.J]
QI001601A21P807ca [P815GM.J]
QI001601B11P807Four pieces of a clay object, originally with a rectangular shape; rounded edges, flat sides. [P815GM.J]
QI001601BA1P807ca [P807GM.J]
QI001601BA6P807cl [P807GM.J]
QI001601BA8P807brown [P807GM.J]
QI001601BA9P8073 pcs of clay objects, maybe sling balls? [P807GM.J]
QI001601J01P8077.57 [P815GM.J]
QI001601J02P8075.17 [P815GM.J]
QI001601J03P8074.15 [P815GM.J]
QI001601K03P807CL [P815GM.J]
QI001601K05P807yellowish red [P815GM.J]
QI001601K06P8075YR 5/8 [P815GM.J]
QI001601K99P807Two bigger pieces measured together [P815GM.J]
QI001602A21P807bd [P815GM.J]
QI001602B11P807Lithic bead with almost rounded shape (but still irregular), flat upper and lower sides, large hole in the middle. [P815GM.J]
QI001602BA1P807bd [P807GM.J]
QI001602BA2P8070.5 [P807GM.J]
QI001602BA5P8071.6 [P807GM.J]
QI001602BA6P807li [P807GM.J]
QI001602BA8P807light gray [P807GM.J]
QI001602BA9P807small bead [P807GM.J]
QI001602J01P8070.53 [P815GM.J]
QI001602J04P8071.66 [P815GM.J]
QI001602K03P807LI [P815GM.J]
QI001602K05P807light gray [P815GM.J]
QI001602P99P807To drafting and photography [P815GM.J]
QI001603A21P807sm [P815GM.J]
QI001603B11P807Two fragments of waste coming from pottery making; porosity. [P815GM.J]
QI001603BA1P807sm [P807GM.J]
QI001603BA8P807green [P807GM.J]
QI001603BA9P8072 pcs of waste from pottery making [P807GM.J]
QI001603K03P807CL [P815GM.J]
QI001603K05P807green [P815GM.J]
QI001701A21P808la [P815GM.J]
QI001701B11P808Fragment of bsidian blade, very narrow, with one sharp end and one side flattened. Traces of use, thin stripes on the upper side and notches on cutting edges. [P815GM.J]
QI001701J01P8080.32 [P815GM.J]
QI001701J02P8083.35 [P815GM.J]
QI001701J03P8081.06 [P815GM.J]
QI001701K03P808OB [P815GM.J]
QI001701K05P808black [P815GM.J]
QI001701P99P808To drafting and photography [P815GM.J]
QI001702A21P808la [P815GM.J]
QI001702B11P808Spindle whorl, with almost rounded shape, tronco-conical profile; damaged. Hole in the middle. [P815GM.J]
QI001702J01P8081.59 [P815GM.J]
QI001702J04P8083.31 [P815GM.J]
QI001702K03P808LI [P815GM.J]
QI001702K05P808dark gray [P815GM.J]
QI001702P99P808To drafting [P815GM.J]
QI001703A21P808la [P815GM.J]
QI001703B11P808Fragment of a grinding stone or of a door socket. The lower side is rounded, the profile is elliptical; the inner concavity is still visible. [P815GM.J]
QI001703J01P80811 [P815GM.J]
QI001703J02P80824 [P815GM.J]
QI001703J03P80816 [P815GM.J]
QI001703K03P808LI [P815GM.J]
QI001703K05P808gray [P815GM.J]
QI001704A21P808la [P815GM.J]
QI001704B11P808Fragment of a lithic object, maybe a hammer stone, with one edge rounded and one sharp. The surface is still covered by concretions. [P815GM.J]
QI001704J01P8085.48 [P815GM.J]
QI001704J02P8085.64 [P815GM.J]
QI001704J03P8083.17 [P815GM.J]
QI001704K05P808pink [P815GM.J]
QI001801A21P808fg [P815GM.J]
QI001801B11P808Fragment of a figurine, maybe the head (two holes going throughout the upper part of the object). The upper side is flattened, traces of fingertips on surface. [P815GM.J]
QI001801J01P8085.04 [P815GM.J]
QI001801J02P8085.42 [P815GM.J]
QI001801J03P8083.17 [P815GM.J]
QI001801K03P808CL [P815GM.J]
QI001801K05P808pink [P815GM.J]
QI001801K06P8087.5YR 8/4 [P815GM.J]
QI001801P99P808To drafting [P815GM.J]
QI001802A21P808sp [P815GM.J]
QI001802B11P808Two little fragments of shell [P815GM.J]
QI001802K03P808SH [P815GM.J]
QI001802K05P808white [P815GM.J]
QI001901A21P808la [P815GM.J]
QI001901B11P808Big flint core, partially covered by the external cortex, with some spots showing the internal texture. Traces of hitting on surface. [P815GM.J]
QI001901J01P8083.78 [P815GM.J]
QI001901J02P8086.45 [P815GM.J]
QI001901J03P8085.32 [P815GM.J]
QI001901K03P808LI [P815GM.J]
QI001901K05P808gray [P815GM.J]
QI001901P99P808To drafting [P815GM.J]
QI002001A21P809kw [P815GM.J]
QI002001B11P809Small fragment of kiln waste. Diffuse porosity. [P815GM.J]
QI002001J01P8091.79 [P815GM.J]
QI002001J02P8093.95 [P815GM.J]
QI002001J03P8093.67 [P815GM.J]
QI002001K03P809CL [P815GM.J]
QI002001K05P809green [P815GM.J]
QI002201A21P809bk [P815GM.J]
QI002201B11P809Big fragment of baked brick, with burned spots visible in section. [P815GM.J]
QI002201J01P8095.25 [P815GM.J]
QI002201J02P80919.50 [P815GM.J]
QI002201J03P80911.2 [P815GM.J]
QI002201K03P809CL [P815GM.J]
QI002201K05P809very pale brown [P815GM.J]
QI002201K06P80910YR 7/4 [P815GM.J]
QI002202A21P809la [P815GM.J]
QI002202B11P809Little fragment of small door socket. Part of the inner concavity is still visible, the other sides are flat, the edges rounded. [P815GM.J]
QI002202J01P8096.55 [P815GM.J]
QI002202J02P80911.62 [P815GM.J]
QI002202J03P8098.50 [P815GM.J]
QI002202K03P809LI [P815GM.J]
QI002202K05P809light gray [P815GM.J]
QI002203A21P809la [P815GM.J]
QI002203B11P809Fragment of a lithic tool, with flat and polished surfaces; rounded edges. [P815GM.J]
QI002203J01P8095.50 [P815GM.J]
QI002203J02P8094.03 [P815GM.J]
QI002203J03P8091.64 [P815GM.J]
QI002203K05P809dark gray [P815GM.J]
QI002301A21P810sm [P815GM.J]
QI002301B11P810Soil sample taken from inside tannur (f3); the whole amount was taken. [P815GM.J]
QI002301P99P810To vS for further analysis [P815GM.J]
QI002302A21P810ta [P815GM.J]
QI002302B11P810Removal of all the fragments of tannur (f3) [P815GM.J]
QI002302K03P810CL [P815GM.J]
QI002302K05P810yellowish brown [P815GM.J]
QI002302K06P81010YR 6/4 [P815GM.J]
QI002501A21P810la [P815GM.J]
QI002501B11P810Stone object, maybe a little pestle. The surfaces are flattened but still rough. The edges are slightly rounded. [P815GM.J]
QI002501J01P8103.45 [P815GM.J]
QI002501J02P8104.87 [P815GM.J]
QI002501J03P8104.40 [P815GM.J]
QI002501K03P810LI [P815GM.J]
QI002501K05P810dark gray [P815GM.J]
QI002502A21P810kw [P815GM.J]
QI002502B11P810Little fragment of kiln waste, with very porous surface. [P815GM.J]
QI002502J01P8103.17 [P815GM.J]
QI002502J02P8102.73 [P815GM.J]
QI002502J03P8101.98 [P815GM.J]
QI002502K03P810CL [P815GM.J]
QI002502K05P810green [P815GM.J]
QI002503A21P810la [P815GM.J]
QI002503B11P810Fragment of a lithic object, still rough, but with some flattening on the sides. It's not possible to say what kind of tool it could be. [P815GM.J]
QI002503J01P8107.60 [P815GM.J]
QI002503J02P81010.15 [P815GM.J]
QI002503J03P8105.90 [P815GM.J]
QI002503K03P810LI [P815GM.J]
QI002503K05P810dark gray [P815GM.J]
QI002601A21P810ga [P815GM.J]
QI002601B11P810Fragment of glass bracelet; almost all the surface is oxydized. [P815GM.J]
QI002601J02P8103.96 [P815GM.J]
QI002601J04P8100.47 [P815GM.J]
QI002601K03P810GL [P815GM.J]
QI002601K05P810bluish white [P815GM.J]
QI002601P99P810To drafting and photography [P815GM.J]
QI002901A21P812la [P815GM.J]
QI002901B11P812Fragment of lithic blade, flint; the lower side is flat and polished. Notches on edges, triangular section. [P815GM.J]
QI002901J01P8121 [P815GM.J]
QI002901J02P8123.5 [P815GM.J]
QI002901J03P8124 [P815GM.J]
QI002901K03P812LI [P815GM.J]
QI002901K05P812brown [P815GM.J]
QI002901P99P812To drafting and photography [P815GM.J]
QI002902A21P812cl [P815GM.J]
QI002902B11P812Four fragments of clay lump [P815GM.J]
QI002902J01P8123 [P815GM.J]
QI002902J02P8122.7 [P815GM.J]
QI002902J03P8121.5 [P815GM.J]
QI002902K03P812CL [P815GM.J]
QI002902K05P812gray [P815GM.J]
QI002902K06P81210YR 5/1 [P815GM.J]
QI002902K99P812Bigger fragment measured [P815GM.J]
QI002903A21P812la [P815GM.J]
QI002903B11P812Half of a spindle whorl, with upper and lower side flattened, big central hole and polygonal profile (not perfectly rounded). [P815GM.J]
QI002903J01P8121.40 [P815GM.J]
QI002903J04P8124.75 [P815GM.J]
QI002903K03P812LI [P815GM.J]
QI002903K05P812tan [P815GM.J]
QI003001A21P812la [P815GM.J]
QI003001B11P812Fragment of basalt grinding stone; rough surfaces, porosity, one side flattened, the others rounded. [P815GM.J]
QI003001J01P8125.80 [P815GM.J]
QI003001J02P81214.20 [P815GM.J]
QI003001J03P81211.60 [P815GM.J]
QI003001K03P812LI [P815GM.J]
QI003001K05P812dark gray [P815GM.J]
QI003101A21P812si [P815GM.J]
QI003101B11P812Two fragments of clay lump, maybe some kind of impression on it. [P815GM.J]
QI003101J01P8122.20 [P815GM.J]
QI003101J02P8121.70 [P815GM.J]
QI003101J03P8121.40 [P815GM.J]
QI003101K03P812CL [P815GM.J]
QI003101K05P812light brownish gray [P815GM.J]
QI003101K06P81210YR 6/2 [P815GM.J]
QI003101K99P812Bigger piece measured [P815GM.J]
QI003101P99P812to mKB for further analysis [P815GM.J]
QI003102A21P812la [P815GM.J]
QI003102B11P812Fragment of a basalt grinding stone, broken in two pieces; one side is flat, the other is rounded. Rough surface. [P815GM.J]
QI003102J01P8126.90 [P815GM.J]
QI003102J02P8129.50 [P815GM.J]
QI003102J03P8129.60 [P815GM.J]
QI003102K03P812LI [P815GM.J]
QI003102K05P812dark gray [P815GM.J]
QI003102K99P812The two pieces have been measured together [P815GM.J]
QI003401A21P813la [P815GM.J]
QI003401B11P813Lithic tool, broken; triangular shape, one edge rounded and sharpened. [P815GM.J]
QI003401BA1P813la [P823GM4.J]
QI003401BA2P8132.4 [P823GM4.J]
QI003401BA3P8135.9 [P823GM4.J]
QI003401BA4P8135.7 [P823GM4.J]
QI003401BA5P8132.4 [P823GM4.J]
QI003401BA6P813li [P823GM4.J]
QI003401BA8P813gray [P823GM4.J]
QI003401BA9P813lithic tool [P823GM4.J]
QI003401J01P8132.40 [P815GM.J]
QI003401J02P8135.90 [P815GM.J]
QI003401J03P8135.70 [P815GM.J]
QI003401J04P8132.40 [P815GM.J]
QI003401K03P813LI [P815GM.J]
QI003401K05P813gray [P815GM.J]
QI003402A21P813fg [P815GM.J]
QI003402B11P813Fragment of an animal figurine, with one rear leg still visible. [P815GM.J]
QI003402BA1P813cl [P823GM4.J]
QI003402BA2P8135.5 [P823GM4.J]
QI003402BA3P8136 [P823GM4.J]
QI003402BA4P8133.5 [P823GM4.J]
QI003402BA5P8133.2 [P823GM4.J]
QI003402BA6P813cl [P823GM4.J]
QI003402BA8P813light gray [P823GM4.J]
QI003402BA9P813cooked clay [P823GM4.J]
QI003402J01P8135.52 [P815GM.J]
QI003402J02P8135.75 [P815GM.J]
QI003402J03P8133.32 [P815GM.J]
QI003402K03P813CL [P815GM.J]
QI003402K05P813pale yellow [P815GM.J]
QI003402K06P8135Y 8/3 [P815GM.J]
QI003403A21P813ca [P815GM.J]
QI003403B11P813Clay tool with elliptical and squeezed shape, baked clay; burnt spots on surface. [P815GM.J]
QI003403BA1P813ca [P823GM4.J]
QI003403BA2P8131 [P823GM4.J]
QI003403BA3P8135.5 [P823GM4.J]
QI003403BA4P8134 [P823GM4.J]
QI003403BA6P813cl [P823GM4.J]
QI003403BA8P813tan [P823GM4.J]
QI003403BA9P813clay artifact [P823GM4.J]
QI003403J01P8131.51 [P815GM.J]
QI003403J02P8135.85 [P815GM.J]
QI003403J03P8133.76 [P815GM.J]
QI003403K03P813CL [P815GM.J]
QI003403K05P813pink [P815GM.J]
QI003403K06P8137.5YR 8/4 [P815GM.J]
QI003403P99P813To drafting and photography [P815GM.J]
QI003601A21P813la [P815GM.J]
QI003601B11P813Fragment of flint blade, very rough, one side flattened with concretions; notches on edges, irregular shape. [P815GM.J]
QI003601BA1P813la [P823GM4.J]
QI003601BA2P8131 [P823GM4.J]
QI003601BA3P8134 [P823GM4.J]
QI003601BA4P8132 [P823GM4.J]
QI003601BA6P813li [P823GM4.J]
QI003601BA8P813black [P823GM4.J]
QI003601BA9P813flint blade [P823GM4.J]
QI003601J01P8130.79 [P815GM.J]
QI003601J02P8134.50 [P815GM.J]
QI003601J03P8131.86 [P815GM.J]
QI003601K03P813LI [P815GM.J]
QI003601K05P813dark gray [P815GM.J]
QI003601P99P813To drafting [P815GM.J]
QI003701A21P813la [P815GM.J]
QI003701B11P813Little fragment of flint blade, still rough; traces of hitting and chopping. [P815GM.J]
QI003701BA1P813la [P823GM4.J]
QI003701BA2P8133 [P823GM4.J]
QI003701BA3P8132 [P823GM4.J]
QI003701BA4P8132 [P823GM4.J]
QI003701BA6P813li [P823GM4.J]
QI003701BA8P813black [P823GM4.J]
QI003701BA9P813flint blade [P823GM4.J]
QI003701J01P8130.53 [P815GM.J]
QI003701J02P8132.47 [P815GM.J]
QI003701J03P8132.22 [P815GM.J]
QI003701K03P813LI [P815GM.J]
QI003701K05P813dark gray [P815GM.J]
QI003702A21P813ca [P815GM.J]
QI003702B11P813Fragment of a baked clay tool, broken in two pieces; burnt spots on surface and in section. Rounded edges, finger tips on surface. [P815GM.J]
QI003702BA1P813ca [P823GM4.J]
QI003702BA2P8137 [P823GM4.J]
QI003702BA3P8135 [P823GM4.J]
QI003702BA4P8132 [P823GM4.J]
QI003702BA5P8133 [P823GM4.J]
QI003702BA6P813cl [P823GM4.J]
QI003702BA8P813dark gray, dark brown [P823GM4.J]
QI003702BA9P813piece of tool [P823GM4.J]
QI003702J01P8132.89 [P815GM.J]
QI003702J02P8137.46 [P815GM.J]
QI003702J03P8135.08 [P815GM.J]
QI003702K03P813CL [P815GM.J]
QI003702K05P813dark brown [P815GM.J]
QI003702K05P813very pale brown [P815GM.J]
QI003702K06P81310YR 7/4 [P815GM.J]
QI003702K06P8137.5YR 4/2 [P815GM.J]
QI003702K99P813Fragments measured together [P815GM.J]
QI004301BA1P815ca [P823GM4.J]
QI004301BA2P8156.3 [P823GM4.J]
QI004301BA4P8154.3 [P823GM4.J]
QI004301BA5P8156.3 [P823GM4.J]
QI004301BA6P815cl [P823GM4.J]
QI004301BA8P815brown [P823GM4.J]
QI004301BA9P815clay artifact, broken [P823GM4.J]
QI004302BA1P815cl [P823GM4.J]
QI004302BA2P8151.1 [P823GM4.J]
QI004302BA3P8152.3 [P823GM4.J]
QI004302BA4P8151.9 [P823GM4.J]
QI004302BA6P815cl [P823GM4.J]
QI004302BA8P815light brown [P823GM4.J]
QI004302BA9P815clay lump with imprint [P823GM4.J]
QI004601BA1P815la [P823GM4.J]
QI004601BA2P8150.3 [P823GM4.J]
QI004601BA3P8153 [P823GM4.J]
QI004601BA4P8152 [P823GM4.J]
QI004601BA6P815li [P823GM4.J]
QI004601BA8P815brown [P823GM4.J]
QI004601BA9P815flint blade [P823GM4.J]
QI004602BA1P815fg [P823GM4.J]
QI004602BA2P8152.5 [P823GM4.J]
QI004602BA3P8153 [P823GM4.J]
QI004602BA4P8153 [P823GM4.J]
QI004602BA6P815cl [P823GM4.J]
QI004602BA8P815tan [P823GM4.J]
QI004602BA9P815hind quarters of animal [P823GM4.J]
QI004701BA1P815fg [P823GM4.J]
QI004701BA2P8154 [P823GM4.J]
QI004701BA3P8154 [P823GM4.J]
QI004701BA4P8154 [P823GM4.J]
QI004701BA6P815cl [P823GM4.J]
QI004701BA8P815tan [P823GM4.J]
QI004701BA9P815hind quarters of canine [P823GM4.J]
QI004801BA1P815la [P823GM4.J]
QI004801BA2P8154 [P823GM4.J]
QI004801BA3P8157.5 [P823GM4.J]
QI004801BA4P8156 [P823GM4.J]
QI004801BA6P815li [P823GM4.J]
QI004801BA8P815gray [P823GM4.J]
QI004801BA9P815broken grind stone [P823GM4.J]
QI005001BA1P816la [P823GM4.J]
QI005001BA2P8161.8 [P823GM4.J]
QI005001BA3P8163.2 [P823GM4.J]
QI005001BA4P8162.7 [P823GM4.J]
QI005001BA6P816li [P823GM4.J]
QI005001BA8P816tan [P823GM4.J]
QI005001BA9P816blade [P823GM4.J]
QI005501A21P816la [P824GM3.J]
QI005501B11P816Huge fragment of grind stone, with a concavity in the upper side, still a bit rough. Rounded shape also in the lower side. Surface covered by concretions. [P824GM3.J]
QI005501BA1P816la [P823GM4.J]
QI005501BA6P816li [P823GM4.J]
QI005501BA8P816tan [P823GM4.J]
QI005501BA9P816door socket [P823GM4.J]
QI005501J01P81618 [P824GM3.J]
QI005501J02P81636 [P824GM3.J]
QI005501J03P81633 [P824GM3.J]
QI005501K03P816LI [P824GM3.J]
QI005501K05P816light brown [P824GM3.J]
QI005502A21P818la [P824GM3.J]
QI005502B11P818Lithic pestle, with tronco-conical shape and rough surface. [P824GM3.J]
QI005502BA1P816la [P823GM4.J]
QI005502BA2P8164 [P823GM4.J]
QI005502BA3P8164 [P823GM4.J]
QI005502BA4P8163 [P823GM4.J]
QI005502BA5P8164 [P823GM4.J]
QI005502BA6P816li [P823GM4.J]
QI005502BA8P816black [P823GM4.J]
QI005502BA9P816grind stone [P823GM4.J]
QI005502J01P8184.80 [P824GM3.J]
QI005502J03P8183.64 [P824GM3.J]
QI005502J04P8184.64 [P824GM3.J]
QI005502K03P818LI [P824GM3.J]
QI005502K05P818dark gray [P824GM3.J]
QI005502P99P818To drafting and photography [P824GM3.J]
QI005503A21P818sm [P824GM3.J]
QI005503B11P818Soil sample taken from the dirt under f39 and f40, S side of k101. [P824GM3.J]
QI005503BA1P816sm [P823GM4.J]
QI005503BA8P816tan [P823GM4.J]
QI005503BA9P816soil sample [P823GM4.J]
QI005503P99P818To vS for further analysis [P824GM3.J]
QI006101A21P817wh [P824GM3.J]
QI006101B11P817Clay wheel, broken in two halfs, burnt. Geometric decoration on upper side. [P824GM3.J]
QI006101J01P8171.16 [P824GM3.J]
QI006101J04P8173.02 [P824GM3.J]
QI006101K03P817CL [P824GM3.J]
QI006101K05P817very dark gray [P824GM3.J]
QI006101K06P8171 FOR GLEY 3/N [P824GM3.J]
QI006101P99P817To drafting and photography [P824GM3.J]
QI006501A21P817la [P824GM3.J]
QI006501B11P817Small grinding stone, broken, with one side flattened and the other rounded. Very rough surface. [P824GM3.J]
QI006501J01P8176.25 [P824GM3.J]
QI006501J02P81710.55 [P824GM3.J]
QI006501J03P81717.35 [P824GM3.J]
QI006501K03P817LI [P824GM3.J]
QI006501K05P817gray [P824GM3.J]
QI006502A21P817la [P824GM3.J]
QI006502B11P817Stone artifact, maybe a pestle. Rounded edges, flattened sides, surfaces covered by concretions. [P824GM3.J]
QI006502J01P8175.17 [P824GM3.J]
QI006502J02P8178.82 [P824GM3.J]
QI006502J03P8174.15 [P824GM3.J]
QI006502K03P817LI [P824GM3.J]
QI006502K05P817yellowish white [P824GM3.J]
QI006503A21P817ca [P824GM3.J]
QI006503B11P817Clay artifact, broken, showing three concavities; in the middle of these concavities there are three holes. Surface with thin stripes traces (maybe from shaping, partially covered by concretions. [P824GM3.J]
QI006503J01P8174.22 [P824GM3.J]
QI006503J02P8176.27 [P824GM3.J]
QI006503J03P8175.27 [P824GM3.J]
QI006503K03P817CL [P824GM3.J]
QI006503K05P817pale yellow [P824GM3.J]
QI006503K06P8175Y 7/3 [P824GM3.J]
QI006504A21P817cl [P824GM3.J]
QI006504B11P817Burnt clay lump, no imprints on it. [P824GM3.J]
QI006504J01P8171.52 [P824GM3.J]
QI006504J02P8172.22 [P824GM3.J]
QI006504J03P8171.67 [P824GM3.J]
QI006504K03P817CL [P824GM3.J]
QI006504K05P817very dark gray [P824GM3.J]
QI006504K06P81710YR 3/1 [P824GM3.J]
QI006601A21P817cl [P824GM3.J]
QI006601B11P817Little clay lump, broken, with one side that seems flattened. [P824GM3.J]
QI006601J01P8172.15 [P824GM3.J]
QI006601J02P8172.90 [P824GM3.J]
QI006601J03P8171.80 [P824GM3.J]
QI006601K03P817CL [P824GM3.J]
QI006601K05P817reddish brown [P824GM3.J]
QI006601K06P8175YR 5/4 [P824GM3.J]
QI006801A21P817ca [P824GM3.J]
QI006801B11P817Several chunks of clay, maybe part of an object; little roots showing in section. [P824GM3.J]
QI006801K03P817CL [P824GM3.J]
QI006801K05P817light gray [P824GM3.J]
QI006801K06P81710YR 7/2 [P824GM3.J]
QI007001A21P817la [P824GM3.J]
QI007001B11P817Lithic artifact, similar to a bullet, maybe a sling ball. Very porous surface, one side sharp, the other flat, but maybe just broken. [P824GM3.J]
QI007001J02P8172.69 [P824GM3.J]
QI007001J04P8171.42 [P824GM3.J]
QI007001K03P817LI [P824GM3.J]
QI007001K05P817white [P824GM3.J]
QI007001P99P817To photography [P824GM3.J]
QI007002A21P817bd [P824GM3.J]
QI007002B11P817Lithic bead, very small, drop-shaped, unfinished; the hole-making started on one side, but then stopped maybe because of the presence of a little pebble in the middle. [P824GM3.J]
QI007002J01P8171.30 [P824GM3.J]
QI007002J04P8170.85 [P824GM3.J]
QI007002K03P817LI [P824GM3.J]
QI007002K05P817dark brown [P824GM3.J]
QI007002P99P817To photography [P824GM3.J]
QI007003A21P817sm [P824GM3.J]
QI007003B11P817Fragment of metal slag [P824GM3.J]
QI007003J01P8172.30 [P824GM3.J]
QI007003J02P8173.60 [P824GM3.J]
QI007003J03P8172.03 [P824GM3.J]
QI007003K03P817ME [P824GM3.J]
QI007003K05P817greenish gray [P824GM3.J]
QI007004A21P817bd [P824GM3.J]
QI007004B11P817Snail shell with a hole to use it like a bead. Concretions on the inner surface. [P824GM3.J]
QI007004J01P8173.00 [P824GM3.J]
QI007004J04P8172.50 [P824GM3.J]
QI007004K03P817SH [P824GM3.J]
QI007004K05P817white [P824GM3.J]
QI007005A21P817sp [P824GM3.J]
QI007005B11P817Several fragments of a shell. [P824GM3.J]
QI007005K03P817SH [P824GM3.J]
QI007006A21P817la [P824GM3.J]
QI007006B11P817Big flint flake, with one side flattened and the external cortex still showing. Concretions on surface. [P824GM3.J]
QI007006J01P8171.13 [P824GM3.J]
QI007006J02P8175.88 [P824GM3.J]
QI007006J03P8173.55 [P824GM3.J]
QI007006K03P817LI [P824GM3.J]
QI007006K05P817gray [P824GM3.J]
QI007007A21P817la [P824GM3.J]
QI007007B11P817Big fragment of grind stone, basalt; one side is flattened, the other rounded. The surface is rough. [P824GM3.J]
QI007007J01P8174.89 [P824GM3.J]
QI007007J02P81711.73 [P824GM3.J]
QI007007J03P81714 [P824GM3.J]
QI007007K03P817LI [P824GM3.J]
QI007007K05P817dark gray [P824GM3.J]
QI007101A21P817si [P824GM3.J]
QI007101B11P817Two fragments of clay lump(s); the bigger one has two flat sides, and on one of them there is the lower end of a seal impression. [P824GM3.J]
QI007101J01P8173.98 [P824GM3.J]
QI007101J02P8173.64 [P824GM3.J]
QI007101J03P8172.07 [P824GM3.J]
QI007101K03P817CL [P824GM3.J]
QI007101K05P817gray [P824GM3.J]
QI007101K06P81710YR 5/1 [P824GM3.J]
QI007101K99P817bigger fragment measured [P824GM3.J]
QI007101P99P817To mKB for further analysis [P824GM3.J]
QI007301A21P817cl [P824GM3.J]
QI007301B11P817Irregular clay lump, broken, with one side flat but no imprints on it. Burnt, as seen in section. [P824GM3.J]
QI007301J01P8171.58 [P824GM3.J]
QI007301J02P8174.02 [P824GM3.J]
QI007301J03P8173.20 [P824GM3.J]
QI007301K03P817CL [P824GM3.J]
QI007301K05P817very pale brown [P824GM3.J]
QI007301K06P81710YR 7/3 [P824GM3.J]
QI007302A21P817bd [P824GM3.J]
QI007302B11P817Clay bead, small and with cylindric shape. Unfinished, burnt all over the surface. [P824GM3.J]
QI007302J02P8171.57 [P824GM3.J]
QI007302J04P8170.78 [P824GM3.J]
QI007302K03P817CL [P824GM3.J]
QI007302K05P817very dark gray [P824GM3.J]
QI007302K06P8171 FOR GLEY 3/N [P824GM3.J]
QI007401A21P817fg [P824GM3.J]
QI007401B11P817Fragment of an animal's hind quarters, with left leg and a long tail still showing. Half of the figurine is burnt. [P824GM3.J]
QI007401J01P8172.18 [P824GM3.J]
QI007401J02P8172.78 [P824GM3.J]
QI007401J03P8171.68 [P824GM3.J]
QI007401K03P817CL [P824GM3.J]
QI007401K05P817very pale brown [P824GM3.J]
QI007401K06P81710YR 7/3 [P824GM3.J]
QI007801A21P820fg [P824GM3.J]
QI007801B11P820Undefined fragment of animal figurine, maybe the hind quarters. All surface is burnt. [P824GM3.J]
QI007801BA1P820fg [P823GM4.J]
QI007801BA2P8202 [P823GM4.J]
QI007801BA3P8203 [P823GM4.J]
QI007801BA4P8201.7 [P823GM4.J]
QI007801BA6P820cl [P823GM4.J]
QI007801BA8P820dark gray [P823GM4.J]
QI007801BA9P820fragment of figurine [P823GM4.J]
QI007801J01P8201.78 [P824GM3.J]
QI007801J02P8203.07 [P824GM3.J]
QI007801J03P8202.12 [P824GM3.J]
QI007801K03P820CL [P824GM3.J]
QI007801K05P820black [P824GM3.J]
QI007801K06P8205Y 5/1 [P824GM3.J]
QI007802A21P820bd [P824GM3.J]
QI007802B11P820Shell bead with one hole in its lower side. [P824GM3.J]
QI007802BA1P820bd [P823GM4.J]
QI007802BA2P8201.3 [P823GM4.J]
QI007802BA5P8201 [P823GM4.J]
QI007802BA6P820sh [P823GM4.J]
QI007802BA8P820white [P823GM4.J]
QI007802BA9P820shell bead [P823GM4.J]
QI007802J01P8201.40 [P824GM3.J]
QI007802J04P8201.00 [P824GM3.J]
QI007802K03P820SH [P824GM3.J]
QI007802K05P820light yellowish brown [P824GM3.J]
QI007802P99P820To drafting and photography [P824GM3.J]
QI007803A21P820si [P827GM.J]
QI007803B11P820Two fragments of clay lumps; one of them has some imprints showing on surface, maybe a seal impression. [P827GM.J]
QI007803BA1P820si [P823GM4.J]
QI007803BA2P8201.6 [P823GM4.J]
QI007803BA3P8202.5 [P823GM4.J]
QI007803BA4P8202 [P823GM4.J]
QI007803BA6P820cl [P823GM4.J]
QI007803BA8P820black [P823GM4.J]
QI007803BA9P820seal impression [P823GM4.J]
QI007803J01P8201.64 [P827GM.J]
QI007803J02P8202.53 [P827GM.J]
QI007803J03P8202.02 [P827GM.J]
QI007803K03P820CL [P827GM.J]
QI007803K05P820light gray [P827GM.J]
QI007803K06P82010YR 7/1 [P827GM.J]
QI007803K99P820bigger fragment measured [P827GM.J]
QI007803P99P820to mKB for further analysis [P827GM.J]
QI007901A21P820cl [P824GM3.J]
QI007901B11P820Several little fragments of clay lumps, with burnt spots and flat sides. Traces of roots on surface. [P824GM3.J]
QI007901BA1P820ca [P823GM4.J]
QI007901BA2P8202.1 [P823GM4.J]
QI007901BA3P8203.2 [P823GM4.J]
QI007901BA4P8202.9 [P823GM4.J]
QI007901BA6P820cl [P823GM4.J]
QI007901BA8P820reddish brown [P823GM4.J]
QI007901BA9P820fragment of clay sling ball? [P823GM4.J]
QI007901J01P8202.12 [P824GM3.J]
QI007901J02P8203.17 [P824GM3.J]
QI007901J03P8202.85 [P824GM3.J]
QI007901K03P820CL [P824GM3.J]
QI007901K05P820pink [P824GM3.J]
QI007901K06P8205YR 8/4 [P824GM3.J]
QI007901K99P820bigger piece measured [P824GM3.J]
QI007902A21P820fg [P824GM3.J]
QI007902B11P820Fragment of an animal figurine, maybe a horse head. Broken and burnt. [P824GM3.J]
QI007902BA1P820ca [P823GM4.J]
QI007902BA2P8202.3 [P823GM4.J]
QI007902BA3P8203 [P823GM4.J]
QI007902BA4P8201.3 [P823GM4.J]
QI007902BA6P820cl [P823GM4.J]
QI007902BA8P820dark brown [P823GM4.J]
QI007902BA9P820animal head (horse?) [P823GM4.J]
QI007902J01P8202.21 [P824GM3.J]
QI007902J02P8202.86 [P824GM3.J]
QI007902J03P8201.28 [P824GM3.J]
QI007902K03P820CL [P824GM3.J]
QI007902K05P820light yellowish brown [P824GM3.J]
QI007902K06P82010YR 6/4 [P824GM3.J]
QI007902P99P820To drafting and photography [P824GM3.J]
QI007903A21P820sm [P827GM.J]
QI007903B11P820Soil sample. [P827GM.J]
QI007903BA1P820sm [P823GM4.J]
QI007903BA8P820black [P823GM4.J]
QI007903BA9P820soil sample [P823GM4.J]
QI007903P99P820To vS for further analysis [P827GM.J]
QI008101A21P822sp [P827GM.J]
QI008101B11P822Fragment of a shell, very fragile. [P827GM.J]
QI008101BA1P822sp [P823GM4.J]
QI008101BA6P822sh [P823GM4.J]
QI008101BA8P822white [P823GM4.J]
QI008101BA9P822fragment of shell [P823GM4.J]
QI008101J01P8220.78 [P827GM.J]
QI008101J02P8222.64 [P827GM.J]
QI008101J03P8221.94 [P827GM.J]
QI008101K03P822SH [P827GM.J]
QI008101K05P822gray [P827GM.J]
QI008101P02P822ZSB 26-12 [P827GM.J]
QI008201A21P822ca [P827GM.J]
QI008201B11P822Fragment of turkish smoking pipe from last century. [P827GM.J]
QI008201BA1P822wh [P823GM4.J]
QI008201BA2P8221.5 [P823GM4.J]
QI008201BA3P8222.5 [P823GM4.J]
QI008201BA4P8221 [P823GM4.J]
QI008201BA6P822cl [P823GM4.J]
QI008201BA8P822tan [P823GM4.J]
QI008201BA9P822wheel [P823GM4.J]
QI008201J01P8221.53 [P827GM.J]
QI008201J02P8222.46 [P827GM.J]
QI008201J03P8221.15 [P827GM.J]
QI008201K03P822CL [P827GM.J]
QI008201K05P822white [P827GM.J]
QI008201K06P8225YR 8/1 [P827GM.J]
QI008201P02P822ZSB 7-64 [P827GM.J]
QI008301A21P823sp [P827GM.J]
QI008301B11P823Two fragments of shell. [P827GM.J]
QI008301BA1P823sp [P904GM4.J]
QI008301BA6P823sh [P904GM4.J]
QI008301BA8P823white [P904GM4.J]
QI008301BA9P823shell [P904GM4.J]
QI008301K03P823SH [P827GM.J]
QI008301K05P823pinkish white [P827GM.J]
QI008301P02P823ZSB 26-12 [P827GM.J]
QI008302A21P823ca [P827GM.J]
QI008302B11P823Fragment of clay artifact, with rounded shape, thin section, inner side flattened and outer side with a series of parallel incisions. [P827GM.J]
QI008302BA1P823ca [P904GM4.J]
QI008302BA2P8233 [P904GM4.J]
QI008302BA3P8232.5 [P904GM4.J]
QI008302BA4P8231.5 [P904GM4.J]
QI008302BA6P823li [P904GM4.J]
QI008302BA8P823tan [P904GM4.J]
QI008302BA9P823clay artifact with parallel incisions [P904GM4.J]
QI008302J01P8232.99 [P827GM.J]
QI008302J02P8232.73 [P827GM.J]
QI008302J03P8231.53 [P827GM.J]
QI008302K03P823CL [P827GM.J]
QI008302K05P823pale yellow [P827GM.J]
QI008302K06P8235Y 8/3 [P827GM.J]
QI008302P02P823ZSB 7-64 [P827GM.J]
QI008401A21P823la [P827GM.J]
QI008401B11P823Fragment of obsidian blade, with trapezoidal section, the lower side flattened and polished, notches on edges. [P827GM.J]
QI008401BA1P823la [P904GM4.J]
QI008401BA2P8230.5 [P904GM4.J]
QI008401BA3P8232 [P904GM4.J]
QI008401BA4P8231.5 [P904GM4.J]
QI008401BA6P823ob [P904GM4.J]
QI008401BA8P823black [P904GM4.J]
QI008401BA9P823obsidian blade [P904GM4.J]
QI008401J01P8230.41 [P827GM.J]
QI008401J02P8232.30 [P827GM.J]
QI008401J03P8231.40 [P827GM.J]
QI008401K03P823OB [P827GM.J]
QI008401K05P823black [P827GM.J]
QI008401P02P823ZSB 16-73 [P827GM.J]
QI008402A21P823wh [P827GM.J]
QI008402B11P823Half of a clay wheel; rough profile, flattened sides, the middle hole is hardly visible, because the object is broken. [P827GM.J]
QI008402BA1P823wh [P904GM4.J]
QI008402BA2P8230.7 [P904GM4.J]
QI008402BA3P8233.5 [P904GM4.J]
QI008402BA4P8231.8 [P904GM4.J]
QI008402BA6P823cl [P904GM4.J]
QI008402BA8P823tan [P904GM4.J]
QI008402BA9P823clay wheel [P904GM4.J]
QI008402J01P8230.78 [P827GM.J]
QI008402J02P8233.44 [P827GM.J]
QI008402J03P8231.77 [P827GM.J]
QI008402K03P823CL [P827GM.J]
QI008402K05P823very pale brown [P827GM.J]
QI008402K06P82310YR 7/4 [P827GM.J]
QI008402P02P823ZSB 5-16 [P827GM.J]
QI008701A21P824ba [P827GM.J]
QI008701B11P824Bone needle, broken in two pieces and not complete; the upper part is missing, the lower inner concavity of the hole is visible. [P827GM.J]
QI008701J02P8244.77 [P827GM.J]
QI008701J04P8240.27 [P827GM.J]
QI008701K03P824BO [P827GM.J]
QI008701K05P824tan [P827GM.J]
QI008701K99P824fragments measured together [P827GM.J]
QI008701P99P824to conservation [P827GM.J]
QI008702A21P824sp [P827GM.J]
QI008702B11P824Fragment of shell [P827GM.J]
QI008702J01P8241.20 [P827GM.J]
QI008702J02P8243.03 [P827GM.J]
QI008702J03P8242.60 [P827GM.J]
QI008702K03P824SH [P827GM.J]
QI008702K05P824pinkish white [P827GM.J]
QI008702P02P824ZSB 26-12 [P827GM.J]
QI008703A21P823sm [P827GM.J]
QI008703B11P823Fragment of gypsum or chalk. [P827GM.J]
QI008703J01P8232.37 [P827GM.J]
QI008703J02P8234.66 [P827GM.J]
QI008703J03P8233.40 [P827GM.J]
QI008703K03P823MINERAL [P827GM.J]
QI008703K05P823white [P827GM.J]
QI008703P02P823ZSB 29-29 [P827GM.J]
QI009201A21P825la [P827GM.J]
QI009201B11P825Lithic artifact, broken, with lengthened shape; on the upper side there's a concavity with a sharp end. Maybe it was part of a matrix for metal fusion. [P827GM.J]
QI009201J01P8252.57 [P827GM.J]
QI009201J02P8256.70 [P827GM.J]
QI009201J03P8253.60 [P827GM.J]
QI009201K03P825LI [P827GM.J]
QI009201K05P825gray [P827GM.J]
QI009201P99P825to drafting and photography [P827GM.J]
QI009202A21P825cl [P827GM.J]
QI009202B11P825Several little fragments of clay lumps, with burnt surfaces and irregular shape. [P827GM.J]
QI009202K03P825CL [P827GM.J]
QI009202K05P825very pale brown [P827GM.J]
QI009202K06P82510YR 7/3 [P827GM.J]
QI009202P02P825ZSB 8-46 [P827GM.J]
QI009301A21P825la [P827GM.J]
QI009301B11P825Lithic artifact, broken, with triangular shape; one side is flat, with a hole in it. The opposite is rougher and curved, with a hole too. Maybe it was a door socket. [P827GM.J]
QI009301J01P8255.50 [P827GM.J]
QI009301J02P82519.50 [P827GM.J]
QI009301J03P82512.35 [P827GM.J]
QI009301K03P825LI [P827GM.J]
QI009301K05P825light brown [P827GM.J]
QI009301P02P825ZSB 105-21 [P827GM.J]
QI009501A21P827la [P827GM.J]
QI009501B11P827Little lithic artifact, with one rounded edge and one sharper with notches. Maybe it was part of a sicle. [P827GM.J]
QI009501J01P8270.70 [P827GM.J]
QI009501J02P8273.60 [P827GM.J]
QI009501J03P8271 [P827GM.J]
QI009501K03P827LI [P827GM.J]
QI009501K05P827light brown [P827GM.J]
QI009501P99P827to drafting and photography [P827GM.J]
QI009601A21P827la [P827GM.J]
QI009601B11P827Rough obsidian flake with signs of working, like waves of percussion. Unpolished surfaces. [P827GM.J]
QI009601J01P8270.50 [P827GM.J]
QI009601J02P8273.15 [P827GM.J]
QI009601J03P8272.20 [P827GM.J]
QI009601K03P827OB [P827GM.J]
QI009601K05P827black [P827GM.J]
QI009601P02P827ZSB 16-73 [P827GM.J]
QI009602A21P827la [P827GM.J]
QI009602B11P827flint core with still part of the external cortex showing. Signs of hitting on surface to get smaller pieces from it. [P827GM.J]
QI009602J01P8272.66 [P827GM.J]
QI009602J02P8275.93 [P827GM.J]
QI009602J03P8274.45 [P827GM.J]
QI009602K03P827LI [P827GM.J]
QI009602K05P827brown [P827GM.J]
QI009602P99P827to drafting [P827GM.J]
QI009701A21P828bk [P830GM.J]
QI009701B11P828Fragment of baked brick. [P830GM.J]
QI009701J01P8287.11 [P830GM.J]
QI009701J02P82813.97 [P830GM.J]
QI009701J03P82811.72 [P830GM.J]
QI009701K03P828CL [P830GM.J]
QI009701K05P828light red [P830GM.J]
QI009701K06P8282.5YR 7/8 [P830GM.J]
QI009801A21P828la [P830GM.J]
QI009801B11P828fragment of a lithic tool; triangular section, polished surfaces. One edge shows a wavy line with three teeth. Maybe the tool was used for wool working. [P830GM.J]
QI009801J01P8280.70 [P830GM.J]
QI009801J02P8283.20 [P830GM.J]
QI009801J03P8281.79 [P830GM.J]
QI009801K03P828LI [P830GM.J]
QI009801K05P828black [P830GM.J]
QI009801P99P828to drafting and photography [P830GM.J]
QI009802A21P828la [P830GM.J]
QI009802B11P828Fragment of obsidian blade, with flattened and polished surfaces. On the upper side there are tiny scratches caused by use. [P830GM.J]
QI009802J01P8280.37 [P830GM.J]
QI009802J02P8282.42 [P830GM.J]
QI009802J03P8281.58 [P830GM.J]
QI009802K03P828OB [P830GM.J]
QI009802K05P828black [P830GM.J]
QI010001A21P828sp [P830GM.J]
QI010001B11P828Quartz fragment ; upper and lower sides are flat, the height shows parallel incisions (due to natural formation of the mineral). [P830GM.J]
QI010001J01P8281.84 [P830GM.J]
QI010001J02P8281.30 [P830GM.J]
QI010001J03P8280.90 [P830GM.J]
QI010001K03P828MI [P830GM.J]
QI010001K05P828white with transparency [P830GM.J]
QI010001P99P828to photography [P830GM.J]
QI010002A21P828sm [P830GM.J]
QI010002B11P828Soil sample with charcoal taken from the bakhia near the burial (a1) in k104. [P830GM.J]
QI010002P99P828To vS for further analysis. [P830GM.J]
QI010901A21P901bd [P904GM7.J]
QI010901B11P901Snail shell bead, with two holes; one in the external, one near the most internal part of it. Partially covered by concretions. [P904GM7.J]
QI010901J01P9012.80 [P904GM7.J]
QI010901J04P9012.33 [P904GM7.J]
QI010901K03P901SH [P904GM7.J]
QI010901K05P901yellowish white [P904GM7.J]
QI010902A21P901ca [P904GM7.J]
QI010902B11P901Clay artifact, with cylindric shape and painted external surface. The upper and lower sides are broken, and the cylinder gets wider in the lower part. It shows a hole that goes throughout the object. [P904GM7.J]
QI010902J01P9014.05 [P904GM7.J]
QI010902J04P9012.18 [P904GM7.J]
QI010902K03P901CL [P904GM7.J]
QI010902K05P901very pale brown [P904GM7.J]
QI010902K06P90110YR 8/2 [P904GM7.J]
QI010902K99P901the colour of the decoration is c# 2.5YR 5/4 co reddish brown [P904GM7.J]
QI010902P99P901to drafting and photography [P904GM7.J]
QI011001A21P901la [P904GM7.J]
QI011001B11P901Stone "ball", maybe a sling ball, covered by concretions. [P904GM7.J]
QI011001J04P9014.16 [P904GM7.J]
QI011001K03P901LI [P904GM7.J]
QI011001K05P901yellowish brown [P904GM7.J]
QI011101A21P901sm [P904GM7.J]
QI011101B11P901Soil sample with charcoal taken near the spine and the right ribs of the human skeleton (i 8). [P904GM7.J]
QI011101P99P901to vS for further analysis [P904GM7.J]
QI011102A21P901sm [P904GM7.J]
QI011102B11P901Soil sample taken near the skull of human skeleton (i 8). [P904GM7.J]
QI011102P99P901to vS for further analysis [P904GM7.J]
QI011103A21P901sm [P904GM7.J]
QI011103B11P901Soil sample with charcoal taken near i 10 (it was under pelvic bones of human skeleton). [P904GM7.J]
QI011103P99P901to vS for further analysis [P904GM7.J]
QI011104A21P901sp [P904GM7.J]
QI011104B11P901Two tiny and fragile fragments of some kind of object; maybe two flakes of a blade. [P904GM7.J]
QI011104J01P9010.16 [P904GM7.J]
QI011104J02P9011.50 [P904GM7.J]
QI011104J03P9010.80 [P904GM7.J]
QI011104K03P901LI [P904GM7.J]
QI011104K05P901gray [P904GM7.J]
QI011104K99P901bigger piece measured [P904GM7.J]
QI011201A21P901sp [P904GM7.J]
QI011201B11P901Little snail shell, broken. [P904GM7.J]
QI011201J01P9012.03 [P904GM7.J]
QI011201J04P9012.02 [P904GM7.J]
QI011201K03P901SH [P904GM7.J]
QI011201K05P901pinkish white [P904GM7.J]
QI011301A21P903la [P904GM7.J]
QI011301B11P903Little lithic object with one side sharper and a notch in the middle. Maybe it was used for wool working. [P904GM7.J]
QI011301J01P9030.53 [P904GM7.J]
QI011301J02P9032.18 [P904GM7.J]
QI011301J03P9031.40 [P904GM7.J]
QI011301K03P903LI [P904GM7.J]
QI011401A21P903fg [P904GM7.J]
QI011401B11P903Fragment of a figurine, maybe an animal. [P904GM7.J]
QI011401J01P9033.77 [P904GM7.J]
QI011401J02P9037.80 [P904GM7.J]
QI011401J03P9034.68 [P904GM7.J]
QI011401K03P903CL [P904GM7.J]
QI011401K05P903pale yellow [P904GM7.J]
QI011401K06P9035Y 7/4 [P904GM7.J]
QI011402A21P903la [P904GM7.J]
QI011402B11P903Little door socket or grind stone, with a circular concavity on one side, two slightly flattened sides and the others still rough. [P904GM7.J]
QI011402J01P90310.03 [P904GM7.J]
QI011402J02P90312.45 [P904GM7.J]
QI011402J03P9039.48 [P904GM7.J]
QI011402K03P903LI [P904GM7.J]
QI011501A21P903la [P904GM7.J]
QI011501B11P903Fragment of a lithic object, maybe a tool. One side is sharper but the others are rough. [P904GM7.J]
QI011501J01P9033.61 [P904GM7.J]
QI011501J02P9035.05 [P904GM7.J]
QI011501J03P9034.47 [P904GM7.J]
QI011501K03P903LI [P904GM7.J]
QI011501K05P903red [P904GM7.J]
QI011801A21P904la [P904GM7.J]
QI011801B11P904Lithic tool, broken, maybe a hammer stone; thin section, rounded edges, one end is rounded too. Partially covered by concretions. [P904GM7.J]
QI011801J01P9042.01 [P904GM7.J]
QI011801J02P9048.78 [P904GM7.J]
QI011801J03P9045.36 [P904GM7.J]
QI011801K03P904LI [P904GM7.J]
QI011802A21P904fg [P904GM7.J]
QI011802B11P904Fragment of animal figurine, the head of a horse. The face is lengthened, the mouth and the nostrils very well defined. The eyes are jutting out on the two sides. [P904GM7.J]
QI011802J01P9043.07 [P904GM7.J]
QI011802J02P9044.19 [P904GM7.J]
QI011802J03P9042.14 [P904GM7.J]
QI011802K03P904CL [P904GM7.J]
QI011802K06P9042.5YR 7/4 [P904GM7.J]
QI011802P99P904to drafting and photography [P904GM7.J]
QI011901A21P904sp [P904GM7.J]
QI011901B11P904Little shell, broken. Sharp end. [P904GM7.J]
QI011901J01P9041.45 [P904GM7.J]
QI011901J04P9040.75 [P904GM7.J]
QI011901K03P904SH [P904GM7.J]
QI011901K05P904brown [P904GM7.J]
QI012101A21P904sp [P904GM7.J]
QI012101B11P904Fragment of a mineral, characterized by dense granulosity. Presence of lots of inclusions. [P904GM7.J]
QI012101J01P9042.02 [P904GM7.J]
QI012101J02P9044.02 [P904GM7.J]
QI012101J03P9043.73 [P904GM7.J]
QI012101K03P904MI [P904GM7.J]
QI012101K05P904dark red [P904GM7.J]
QI012301A21P806la [P907GM.J]
QI012301B11P806Flake of obsidian, very thin, with waves of percussion on two sides, notches on edges. [P907GM.J]
QI012301BA1P904la [P918JW.J]
QI012301BA2P9040.6 [P918JW.J]
QI012301BA3P9042.9 [P918JW.J]
QI012301BA4P9041 [P918JW.J]
QI012301BA6P904li [P918JW.J]
QI012301BA8P904black [P918JW.J]
QI012301BA9P904flint flake [P918JW.J]
QI012301J01P8060.58 [P907GM.J]
QI012301J02P8062.86 [P907GM.J]
QI012301J03P8061.02 [P907GM.J]
QI012301K03P806OB [P907GM.J]
QI012301K05P806black [P907GM.J]
QI012302A21P806la [P907GM.J]
QI012302B11P806Flake of obsidian with one side convex and polished, the others with signs of hitting on surface. [P907GM.J]
QI012302BA1P904la [P918JW.J]
QI012302BA2P9042.5 [P918JW.J]
QI012302BA3P9040.5 [P918JW.J]
QI012302BA4P9041.5 [P918JW.J]
QI012302BA6P904ob [P918JW.J]
QI012302BA8P904black [P918JW.J]
QI012302BA9P904obsidian object [P918JW.J]
QI012302J01P8060.64 [P907GM.J]
QI012302J02P8062.38 [P907GM.J]
QI012302J03P8061.24 [P907GM.J]
QI012302K03P806OB [P907GM.J]
QI012302K05P806black [P907GM.J]
QI012303A21P806la [P907GM.J]
QI012303B11P806Flint flake with almost triangular shape, that still shows a thick part of the external cortex. Waves of percussion visible on surface. Notches on edges. [P907GM.J]
QI012303BA1P904la [P918JW.J]
QI012303BA6P904li [P918JW.J]
QI012303BA9P904piece of flint stone [P918JW.J]
QI012303J01P8061.67 [P907GM.J]
QI012303J02P8060.61 [P907GM.J]
QI012303J03P8063.50 [P907GM.J]
QI012303K03P806LI [P907GM.J]
QI012303K05P806dark grayish brown [P907GM.J]
QI012303P99P806to drafting [P907GM.J]
QI012304A21P806fg [P907GM.J]
QI012304B11P806Fragment of animal figurine, showing the trunk, the beginning of the legs, and of the neck. [P907GM.J]
QI012304J01P8062.81 [P907GM.J]
QI012304J02P8065.42 [P907GM.J]
QI012304J03P8063.27 [P907GM.J]
QI012304K03P806CL [P907GM.J]
QI012304K05P806pale yellow [P907GM.J]
QI012304K06P8062.5Y 8/2 [P907GM.J]
QI012401A21P806bd [P907GM.J]
QI012401B11P806Snail shell bead, broken, with a large hole. [P907GM.J]
QI012401BA1P904bd [P918JW.J]
QI012401BA2P9042.8 [P918JW.J]
QI012401BA5P9042.2 [P918JW.J]
QI012401BA6P904sh [P918JW.J]
QI012401BA8P904white [P918JW.J]
QI012401BA9P904snail shell bead [P918JW.J]
QI012401J01P8062.76 [P907GM.J]
QI012401J04P8062.16 [P907GM.J]
QI012401K03P806SH [P907GM.J]
QI012401K05P806white [P907GM.J]
QI012501BA1P904la [P918JW.J]
QI012501BA2P9041.5 [P918JW.J]
QI012501BA3P9045.5 [P918JW.J]
QI012501BA4P9044 [P918JW.J]
QI012501BA6P904li [P918JW.J]
QI012501BA8P904black [P918JW.J]
QI012701A21P806la [P907GM.J]
QI012701B11P806Little fragment of basalt, with almost cubic shape; surfaces are slightly smoothed. [P907GM.J]
QI012701BA1P904la [P918JW.J]
QI012701BA2P9043 [P918JW.J]
QI012701BA3P9044 [P918JW.J]
QI012701BA4P9043 [P918JW.J]
QI012701BA6P904li [P918JW.J]
QI012701BA9P904basalt stone [P918JW.J]
QI012701J01P8062.81 [P907GM.J]
QI012701J02P8064.33 [P907GM.J]
QI012701J03P8063.95 [P907GM.J]
QI012701K03P806LI [P907GM.J]
QI012701K05P806very dark gray [P907GM.J]
QI012702A21P806ca [P907GM.J]
QI012702B11P806Clay artifact, curved, with circular section; one side is convex, the other concave. On concavity there's a black layer, bitumen or painted. Maybe a handle. [P907GM.J]
QI012702BA1P904la [P918JW.J]
QI012702BA2P9043.5 [P918JW.J]
QI012702BA3P90410 [P918JW.J]
QI012702BA4P9044 [P918JW.J]
QI012702J02P8068.16 [P907GM.J]
QI012702J04P8063.33 [P907GM.J]
QI012702K03P806CL [P907GM.J]
QI012702K05P806light gray [P907GM.J]
QI012702K06P8062.5Y 7/2 [P907GM.J]
QI012703A21P806kw [P907GM.J]
QI012703B11P806Fragments of kiln waste, with some porosity visible on surface. [P907GM.J]
QI012703BA1P904kw [P918JW.J]
QI012703BA6P904cl [P918JW.J]
QI012703BA9P904kiln waste [P918JW.J]
QI012703J01P8061.95 [P907GM.J]
QI012703J02P8065.30 [P907GM.J]
QI012703J03P8062.56 [P907GM.J]
QI012703K03P806CL [P907GM.J]
QI012703K05P806grayish green [P907GM.J]
QI012704A21P806sp [P907GM.J]
QI012704B11P806Fragment of pottery slag, very porous and full of inclusions. [P907GM.J]
QI012704BA1P904sm [P918JW.J]
QI012704BA9P904slag [P918JW.J]
QI012704J01P8063.47 [P907GM.J]
QI012704J02P8065.85 [P907GM.J]
QI012704J03P8063.24 [P907GM.J]
QI012704K03P806CL [P907GM.J]
QI012704K05P806green [P907GM.J]
QI013001BA1P904si [P918JW.J]
QI013001BA6P904cl [P918JW.J]
QI013001BA8P904black [P918JW.J]
QI013001BA9P904pattern visible [P918JW.J]
QI013002BA1P904fg [P918JW.J]
QI013002BA6P904cl [P918JW.J]
QI013002BA8P904tan [P918JW.J]
QI013002BA9P904possibly human [P918JW.J]
QI013101A21P806la [P907GM.J]
QI013101B11P806Huge fragment of basalt, maybe a grinding stone; one side is flattened and slightly smoothed, the others are rough. Thin section. [P907GM.J]
QI013101BA1P904la [P918JW.J]
QI013101BA2P9044.5 [P918JW.J]
QI013101BA3P90417.5 [P918JW.J]
QI013101BA4P90413.5 [P918JW.J]
QI013101BA6P904li [P918JW.J]
QI013101BA8P904tan [P918JW.J]
QI013101BA9P904lithic object [P918JW.J]
QI013101J01P8065.16 [P907GM.J]
QI013101J02P80612.75 [P907GM.J]
QI013101J03P80615.40 [P907GM.J]
QI013101K03P806LI [P907GM.J]
QI013101K05P806dark gray [P907GM.J]
QI013102A21P806sm [P907GM.J]
QI013102B11P806Sample of very hard soil, cement-like layer (f 76). [P907GM.J]
QI013102BA1P904sm [P918JW.J]
QI013102BA8P904gray [P918JW.J]
QI013102BA9P904sample of cement-like layer, f76 [P918JW.J]
QI013103A21P806la [P907GM.J]
QI013103B11P806Huge fragment of stone used as door socket or grinding stone, with two circular concavities on two opposite sides. Rough surfaces. [P907GM.J]
QI013103BA1P904la [P918JW.J]
QI013103BA2P90417 [P918JW.J]
QI013103BA3P90426 [P918JW.J]
QI013103BA4P90418 [P918JW.J]
QI013103BA6P904li [P918JW.J]
QI013103BA8P904tan [P918JW.J]
QI013103BA9P904door socket or grindstone [P918JW.J]
QI013103J01P80613 [P907GM.J]
QI013103J02P80623 [P907GM.J]
QI013103J03P80618 [P907GM.J]
QI013103K05P806tan [P907GM.J]
QI013301A21P806fg [P907GM.J]
QI013301B11P806Fragment of animal figurine, with the trunk that shows the beginning of the legs. [P907GM.J]
QI013301J01P8063.05 [P907GM.J]
QI013301J02P8064.34 [P907GM.J]
QI013301J03P8061.83 [P907GM.J]
QI013301K03P806CL [P907GM.J]
QI013301K05P806very pale brown [P907GM.J]
QI013301K06P80610YR 7/4 [P907GM.J]
QI013401A21P806la [P907GM.J]
QI013401B11P806Lithic object, with almost circular but irregular shape, with a concavity in the middle. Maybe naturally made. [P907GM.J]
QI013401J01P8062.24 [P907GM.J]
QI013401J02P8064.51 [P907GM.J]
QI013401J03P8063.11 [P907GM.J]
QI013401K03P806LI [P907GM.J]
QI013401K05P806brown [P907GM.J]
QI013402A21P806sp [P907GM.J]
QI013402B11P806Entire snail shell. [P907GM.J]
QI013402J01P8063.03 [P907GM.J]
QI013402J04P8062.51 [P907GM.J]
QI013402K03P806SH [P907GM.J]
QI013402K05P806white [P907GM.J]
QI013403A21P806la [P907GM.J]
QI013403B11P806Lithic tool with flattened and rounded sides; one edge is sharper but still rounded. Part of the surface still shows the external cortex. [P907GM.J]
QI013403J01P8061.69 [P907GM.J]
QI013403J02P8064.16 [P907GM.J]
QI013403J03P8062.19 [P907GM.J]
QI013403K03P806LI [P907GM.J]
QI013403K05P806dark gray [P907GM.J]
QI013801A21P806sm [P907GM.J]
QI013801B11P806Charcoal sample from under the cement-like layer (f 76) in k103. [P907GM.J]
QI013801P99P806to vS for further analysis [P907GM.J]
QI013802A21P806fg [P907GM.J]
QI013802B11P806Fragment of a figurine, with cylindric shape and a hump in the middle. [P907GM.J]
QI013802J02P8066.17 [P907GM.J]
QI013802J03P8061.97 [P907GM.J]
QI013802J04P8062.61 [P907GM.J]
QI013802K03P806CL [P907GM.J]
QI013802K05P806pale yellow [P907GM.J]
QI013802K06P8062.5Y 8/2 [P907GM.J]
QI014001A21P806fg [P907GM.J]
QI014001B11P806Little fragemnt of animal figurine, with part of the trunk and of a leg showing. [P907GM.J]
QI014001J01P8062.93 [P907GM.J]
QI014001J02P8062.60 [P907GM.J]
QI014001J03P8062.02 [P907GM.J]
QI014001K03P806CL [P907GM.J]
QI014001K05P806very ale brown [P907GM.J]
QI014001K06P80610YR 7/4 [P907GM.J]
QI016401BA1Q815la [Q921EDB.J]
QI016401BA2Q8150.5 [Q921EDB.J]
QI016401BA3Q8154.8 [Q921EDB.J]
QI016401BA4Q8153.9 [Q921EDB.J]
QI016401BA8Q815beige [Q921EDB.J]
QI016401BA9Q815flint stone [Q921EDB.J]
R0009D04P80340981 [P816GM1R.J]
R0009D05P80348929 [P816GM1R.J]
R0009D06P8039277 [P816GM1R.J]
R0009D07P803N [P816GM1R.J]
R0009D07P803N side [P816GM1R.J]
R0009D08P803f3 [P816GM1R.J]
R0009D10P803t [P816GM1R.J]
R0009D11P8033930 [P816GM1R.J]
R0009D12P8033931 [P816GM1R.J]
R0009D13P803m3930(9338)+71 [P816GM1R.J]
R0009D14P803220 [P816GM1R.J]
R0009D15P803452 [P816GM1R.J]
R0009D16P803132 [P816GM1R.J]
R0010D04P80340951 [P816GM1R.J]
R0010D05P80348956 [P816GM1R.J]
R0010D06P8039277 [P816GM1R.J]
R0010D07P803E [P816GM1R.J]
R0010D07P803E side [P816GM1R.J]
R0010D08P803f3 [P816GM1R.J]
R0010D10P803t [P816GM1R.J]
R0010D11P8033930 [P816GM1R.J]
R0010D12P8033931 [P816GM1R.J]
R0010D13P803m3930(9338)+71 [P816GM1R.J]
R0010D14P803241 [P816GM1R.J]
R0010D15P803431 [P816GM1R.J]
R0010D16P803132 [P816GM1R.J]
R0011D04P80340929 [P816GM1R.J]
R0011D05P80348916 [P816GM1R.J]
R0011D06P8039277 [P816GM1R.J]
R0011D07P803S [P816GM1R.J]
R0011D07P803S side [P816GM1R.J]
R0011D08P803f3 [P816GM1R.J]
R0011D10P803t [P816GM1R.J]
R0011D11P8033930 [P816GM1R.J]
R0011D12P8033931 [P816GM1R.J]
R0011D13P803m3930(9338)+71 [P816GM1R.J]
R0011D14P803273 [P816GM1R.J]
R0011D15P803475 [P816GM1R.J]
R0011D16P803132 [P816GM1R.J]
R0012D04P80340964 [P816GM1R.J]
R0012D05P80349070 [P816GM1R.J]
R0012D06P8039258 [P816GM1R.J]
R0012D07P803W [P816GM1R.J]
R0012D07P803W side [P816GM1R.J]
R0012D08P803f6 [P816GM1R.J]
R0012D10P803t [P816GM1R.J]
R0012D11P8033930 [P816GM1R.J]
R0012D12P8033931 [P816GM1R.J]
R0012D13P803m3930(9338)+52 [P816GM1R.J]
R0012D14P803231 [P816GM1R.J]
R0012D15P803317 [P816GM1R.J]
R0012D16P803132 [P816GM1R.J]
R0013D04P80340964 [P816GM1R.J]
R0013D05P80349108 [P816GM1R.J]
R0013D06P8039271 [P816GM1R.J]
R0013D07P803N [P816GM1R.J]
R0013D07P803N side [P816GM1R.J]
R0013D08P803f6 [P816GM1R.J]
R0013D10P803t [P816GM1R.J]
R0013D11P8033930 [P816GM1R.J]
R0013D12P8033931 [P816GM1R.J]
R0013D13P803m3930(9338)+65 [P816GM1R.J]
R0013D14P803244 [P816GM1R.J]
R0013D15P803280 [P816GM1R.J]
R0013D16P803132 [P816GM1R.J]
R0014D04P80340935 [P816GM1R.J]
R0014D05P80349108 [P816GM1R.J]
R0014D06P8039267 [P816GM1R.J]
R0014D07P803E [P816GM1R.J]
R0014D07P803E side [P816GM1R.J]
R0014D08P803f6 [P816GM1R.J]
R0014D10P803t [P816GM1R.J]
R0014D11P8033930 [P816GM1R.J]
R0014D12P8033931 [P816GM1R.J]
R0014D13P803m3930(9338)+61 [P816GM1R.J]
R0014D14P803270 [P816GM1R.J]
R0014D15P803290 [P816GM1R.J]
R0014D16P803132 [P816GM1R.J]
R0015D04P80340931 [P816GM1R.J]
R0015D05P80349076 [P816GM1R.J]
R0015D06P8039263 [P816GM1R.J]
R0015D07P803S [P816GM1R.J]
R0015D07P803S side [P816GM1R.J]
R0015D08P803f6 [P816GM1R.J]
R0015D10P803t [P816GM1R.J]
R0015D11P8033930 [P816GM1R.J]
R0015D12P8033931 [P816GM1R.J]
R0015D13P803m3930(9338)+57 [P816GM1R.J]
R0015D14P803264 [P816GM1R.J]
R0015D15P803321 [P816GM1R.J]
R0015D16P803132 [P816GM1R.J]
R0016D04P80340927 [P816GM1R.J]
R0016D05P80349144 [P816GM1R.J]
R0016D06P8039268 [P816GM1R.J]
R0016D07P803W [P816GM1R.J]
R0016D07P803W side [P816GM1R.J]
R0016D08P803f4 [P816GM1R.J]
R0016D10P803t [P816GM1R.J]
R0016D11P8033930 [P816GM1R.J]
R0016D12P8033931 [P816GM1R.J]
R0016D13P803m3930(9338)+62 [P816GM1R.J]
R0016D14P803293 [P816GM1R.J]
R0016D15P803260 [P816GM1R.J]
R0016D16P803132 [P816GM1R.J]
R0017D04P80340980 [P816GM1R.J]
R0017D05P80349206 [P816GM1R.J]
R0017D06P8039268 [P816GM1R.J]
R0017D07P803N [P816GM1R.J]
R0017D07P803N side [P816GM1R.J]
R0017D08P803f4 [P816GM1R.J]
R0017D10P803t [P816GM1R.J]
R0017D11P8033930 [P816GM1R.J]
R0017D12P8033931 [P816GM1R.J]
R0017D13P803m3930(9338)+62 [P816GM1R.J]
R0017D14P803286 [P816GM1R.J]
R0017D15P803182 [P816GM1R.J]
R0017D16P803132 [P816GM1R.J]
R0018D04P80340925 [P816GM1R.J]
R0018D05P80349279 [P816GM1R.J]
R0018D06P8039268 [P816GM1R.J]
R0018D07P803E [P816GM1R.J]
R0018D07P803E side [P816GM1R.J]
R0018D08P803f4 [P816GM1R.J]
R0018D10P803t [P816GM1R.J]
R0018D11P8033930 [P816GM1R.J]
R0018D12P8033931 [P816GM1R.J]
R0018D13P803m3930(9338)+62 [P816GM1R.J]
R0018D14P803376 [P816GM1R.J]
R0018D15P803153 [P816GM1R.J]
R0018D16P803132 [P816GM1R.J]
R0019D04P80340857 [P816GM1R.J]
R0019D05P80349186 [P816GM1R.J]
R0019D06P8039268 [P816GM1R.J]
R0019D07P803S [P816GM1R.J]
R0019D07P803S side [P816GM1R.J]
R0019D08P803f4 [P816GM1R.J]
R0019D10P803t [P816GM1R.J]
R0019D11P8033930 [P816GM1R.J]
R0019D12P8033931 [P816GM1R.J]
R0019D13P803m3930(9338)+62 [P816GM1R.J]
R0019D14P803374 [P816GM1R.J]
R0019D15P803267 [P816GM1R.J]
R0019D16P803132 [P816GM1R.J]
R0020D04P80340792 [P816GM1R.J]
R0020D05P80349218 [P816GM1R.J]
R0020D06P8039284 [P816GM1R.J]
R0020D07P803E [P816GM1R.J]
R0020D07P803E side [P816GM1R.J]
R0020D08P803f5 [P816GM1R.J]
R0020D10P803t [P816GM1R.J]
R0020D11P8033930 [P816GM1R.J]
R0020D12P8033931 [P816GM1R.J]
R0020D13P803m3930(9338)+78 [P816GM1R.J]
R0020D14P803446 [P816GM1R.J]
R0020D15P803297 [P816GM1R.J]
R0020D16P803132 [P816GM1R.J]
R0021D04P80340827 [P816GM1R.J]
R0021D05P80349200 [P816GM1R.J]
R0021D06P8039282 [P816GM1R.J]
R0021D07P803N [P816GM1R.J]
R0021D07P803N side [P816GM1R.J]
R0021D08P803f5 [P816GM1R.J]
R0021D10P803t [P816GM1R.J]
R0021D11P8033930 [P816GM1R.J]
R0021D12P8033931 [P816GM1R.J]
R0021D13P803m3930(9338)+76 [P816GM1R.J]
R0021D14P803407 [P816GM1R.J]
R0021D15P803279 [P816GM1R.J]
R0021D16P803132 [P816GM1R.J]
R0022D04P80340835 [P816GM1R.J]
R0022D05P80349159 [P816GM1R.J]
R0022D06P8039280 [P816GM1R.J]
R0022D07P803W [P816GM1R.J]
R0022D07P803W side [P816GM1R.J]
R0022D08P803f5 [P816GM1R.J]
R0022D10P803t [P816GM1R.J]
R0022D11P8033930 [P816GM1R.J]
R0022D12P8033931 [P816GM1R.J]
R0022D13P803m3930(9338)+74 [P816GM1R.J]
R0022D14P803382 [P816GM1R.J]
R0022D15P803301 [P816GM1R.J]
R0022D16P803132 [P816GM1R.J]
R0023D04P80340829 [P816GM1R.J]
R0023D05P80349143 [P816GM1R.J]
R0023D06P8039280 [P816GM1R.J]
R0023D07P803W [P816GM1R.J]
R0023D07P803W side [P816GM1R.J]
R0023D08P803f5 [P816GM1R.J]
R0023D10P803t [P816GM1R.J]
R0023D11P8033930 [P816GM1R.J]
R0023D12P8033931 [P816GM1R.J]
R0023D13P803m3930(9338)+74 [P816GM1R.J]
R0023D14P803382 [P816GM1R.J]
R0023D15P803317 [P816GM1R.J]
R0023D16P803132 [P816GM1R.J]
R0024D04P80340797 [P816GM1R.J]
R0024D05P80349165 [P816GM1R.J]
R0024D06P8039278 [P816GM1R.J]
R0024D07P803S [P816GM1R.J]
R0024D07P803S side [P816GM1R.J]
R0024D08P803f5 [P816GM1R.J]
R0024D10P803t [P816GM1R.J]
R0024D11P8033930 [P816GM1R.J]
R0024D12P8033931 [P816GM1R.J]
R0024D13P803m3930(9338)+72 [P816GM1R.J]
R0024D14P803420 [P816GM1R.J]
R0024D15P803325 [P816GM1R.J]
R0024D16P803132 [P816GM1R.J]
R0025D04P80340814 [P816GM1R.J]
R0025D05P80348873 [P816GM1R.J]
R0025D06P8039250 [P816GM1R.J]
R0025D07P803NW corner [P816GM1R.J]
R0025D07P803corner [P816GM1R.J]
R0025D08P803f9 [P816GM1R.J]
R0025D10P803t [P816GM1R.J]
R0025D11P8033930 [P816GM1R.J]
R0025D12P8033931 [P816GM1R.J]
R0025D13P803m3625(9287)+95 [P816GM1R.J]
R0025D14P803396 [P816GM1R.J]
R0025D15P803554 [P816GM1R.J]
R0025D16P803132 [P816GM1R.J]
R0026D04P80340764 [P816GM1R.J]
R0026D05P80349265 [P816GM1R.J]
R0026D06P8039250 [P816GM1R.J]
R0026D07P803NE corner [P816GM1R.J]
R0026D07P803corner [P816GM1R.J]
R0026D08P803f9 [P816GM1R.J]
R0026D10P803t [P816GM1R.J]
R0026D11P8033930 [P816GM1R.J]
R0026D12P8033931 [P816GM1R.J]
R0026D13P803m3625(9287)+95 [P816GM1R.J]
R0026D14P803494 [P816GM1R.J]
R0026D15P803301 [P816GM1R.J]
R0026D16P803132 [P816GM1R.J]
R0027D04P80340565 [P816GM1R.J]
R0027D05P80348885 [P816GM1R.J]
R0027D06P8039250 [P816GM1R.J]
R0027D07P803SE corner [P816GM1R.J]
R0027D07P803not used [P816GM1R.J]
R0027D08P803f9 [P816GM1R.J]
R0027D10P803t [P816GM1R.J]
R0027D11P8033930 [P816GM1R.J]
R0027D12P8033931 [P816GM1R.J]
R0027D13P803m3625(9287)+95 [P816GM1R.J]
R0027D14P803633 [P816GM1R.J]
R0027D15P803686 [P816GM1R.J]
R0027D16P803132 [P816GM1R.J]
R0028D04P80340714 [P816GM1R.J]
R0028D05P80348841 [P816GM1R.J]
R0028D06P8039250 [P816GM1R.J]
R0028D07P803SW corner [P816GM1R.J]
R0028D07P803corner [P816GM1R.J]
R0028D08P803f9 [P816GM1R.J]
R0028D10P803t [P816GM1R.J]
R0028D11P8033930 [P816GM1R.J]
R0028D12P8033931 [P816GM1R.J]
R0028D13P803m3625(9287)+95 [P816GM1R.J]
R0028D14P803501 [P816GM1R.J]
R0028D15P803629 [P816GM1R.J]
R0028D16P803132 [P816GM1R.J]
R0029D04P80440579 [P816GM1R.J]
R0029D05P80449198 [P816GM1R.J]
R0029D06P8049234 [P816GM1R.J]
R0029D07P804SE corner [P816GM1R.J]
R0029D07P804corner [P816GM1R.J]
R0029D08P804f9 [P816GM1R.J]
R0029D10P804t [P816GM1R.J]
R0029D11P8043930 [P816GM1R.J]
R0029D12P8043931 [P816GM1R.J]
R0029D13P804m3931(9349)+27 [P816GM1R.J]
R0029D14P804636 [P816GM1R.J]
R0029D15P804497 [P816GM1R.J]
R0029D16P804142 [P816GM1R.J]
R0119D04P81340815 [P816GM4R.J]
R0119D05P81348874 [P816GM4R.J]
R0119D06P8139192 [P816GM4R.J]
R0119D07P813SW corner [P816GM4R.J]
R0119D07P813k12 [P816GM4R.J]
R0119D08P813q34 [P816GM4R.J]
R0119D10P813t [P816GM4R.J]
R0119D11P8133931 [P816GM4R.J]
R0119D12P8133932 [P816GM4R.J]
R0119D13P813m3625(9287)+66 [P816GM4R.J]
R0119D14P813552 [P816GM4R.J]
R0119D15P813390 [P816GM4R.J]
R0119D16P813161 [P816GM4R.J]
R0120D04P81340622 [P816GM4R.J]
R0120D05P81348867 [P816GM4R.J]
R0120D06P8139022 [P816GM4R.J]
R0120D07P813NW corner [P816GM4R.J]
R0120D07P813k101 [P816GM4R.J]
R0120D08P813q35 [P816GM4R.J]
R0120D10P813t [P816GM4R.J]
R0120D11P8134025 [P816GM4R.J]
R0120D12P8134024 [P816GM4R.J]
R0120D13P813m4025(9162)+21 [P816GM4R.J]
R0120D14P813338 [P816GM4R.J]
R0120D15P813327 [P816GM4R.J]
R0120D16P813161 [P816GM4R.J]
R0121D04P81340790 [P816GM4R.J]
R0121D05P81349133 [P816GM4R.J]
R0121D06P8139150 [P816GM4R.J]
R0121D07P813SW corner [P816GM4R.J]
R0121D07P813k12 [P816GM4R.J]
R0121D08P813q36 [P816GM4R.J]
R0121D10P813t [P816GM4R.J]
R0121D11P8133625 [P816GM4R.J]
R0121D12P8134007 [P816GM4R.J]
R0121D13P813m4025(9162)+151 [P816GM4R.J]
R0121D14P813267 [P816GM4R.J]
R0121D15P813410 [P816GM4R.J]
R0121D16P813163 [P816GM4R.J]
R0122D04P81340824 [P816GM4R.J]
R0122D05P81348866 [P816GM4R.J]
R0122D06P8139137 [P816GM4R.J]
R0122D07P813SW corner [P816GM4R.J]
R0122D07P813k12 [P816GM4R.J]
R0122D08P813f34 [P816GM4R.J]
R0122D10P813t [P816GM4R.J]
R0122D11P8134073 [P816GM4R.J]
R0122D12P8134075 [P816GM4R.J]
R0122D13P813m4025(9162)+131 [P816GM4R.J]
R0122D14P81375 [P816GM4R.J]
R0122D15P813462 [P816GM4R.J]
R0122D16P813156 [P816GM4R.J]
R0123D04P81340764 [P816GM4R.J]
R0123D05P81349152 [P816GM4R.J]
R0123D06P8139137 [P816GM4R.J]
R0123D07P813k12 [P816GM4R.J]
R0123D07P813mid S [P816GM4R.J]
R0123D08P813f34 [P816GM4R.J]
R0123D10P813t [P816GM4R.J]
R0123D11P8134073 [P816GM4R.J]
R0123D12P8134075 [P816GM4R.J]
R0123D13P813m4025(9162)+131 [P816GM4R.J]
R0123D14P813283 [P816GM4R.J]
R0123D15P813210 [P816GM4R.J]
R0123D16P813156 [P816GM4R.J]
R0124D04P81340831 [P816GM4R.J]
R0124D05P81349307 [P816GM4R.J]
R0124D06P8139137 [P816GM4R.J]
R0124D07P813SE corner [P816GM4R.J]
R0124D07P813k12 [P816GM4R.J]
R0124D08P813f34 [P816GM4R.J]
R0124D10P813t [P816GM4R.J]
R0124D11P8134073 [P816GM4R.J]
R0124D12P8134075 [P816GM4R.J]
R0124D13P813m4025(9162)+131 [P816GM4R.J]
R0124D14P813412 [P816GM4R.J]
R0124D15P81357 [P816GM4R.J]
R0124D16P813156 [P816GM4R.J]
R0125D04P81341022 [P816GM4R.J]
R0125D05P81349379 [P816GM4R.J]
R0125D06P8139137 [P816GM4R.J]
R0125D07P813NE corner [P816GM4R.J]
R0125D07P813k12 [P816GM4R.J]
R0125D08P813f34 [P816GM4R.J]
R0125D10P813t [P816GM4R.J]
R0125D11P8134075 [P816GM4R.J]
R0125D12P8134073 [P816GM4R.J]
R0125D13P813m4025(9162)+131 [P816GM4R.J]
R0125D14P813148 [P816GM4R.J]
R0125D15P813498 [P816GM4R.J]
R0125D16P813156 [P816GM4R.J]
R0126D04P81341164 [P816GM4R.J]
R0126D05P81349085 [P816GM4R.J]
R0126D06P8139137 [P816GM4R.J]
R0126D07P813NW corner [P816GM4R.J]
R0126D07P813k12 [P816GM4R.J]
R0126D08P813f34 [P816GM4R.J]
R0126D10P813t [P816GM4R.J]
R0126D11P8134075 [P816GM4R.J]
R0126D12P8134073 [P816GM4R.J]
R0126D13P813m4025(9162)+131 [P816GM4R.J]
R0126D14P813367 [P816GM4R.J]
R0126D15P813330 [P816GM4R.J]
R0126D16P813156 [P816GM4R.J]
R0127D04P81341107 [P816GM4R.J]
R0127D05P81348978 [P816GM4R.J]
R0127D06P8139137 [P816GM4R.J]
R0127D07P813k12 [P816GM4R.J]
R0127D07P813mid W [P816GM4R.J]
R0127D08P813f34 [P816GM4R.J]
R0127D10P813t [P816GM4R.J]
R0127D11P8134075 [P816GM4R.J]
R0127D12P8134073 [P816GM4R.J]
R0127D13P813m4025(9162)+131 [P816GM4R.J]
R0127D14P813411 [P816GM4R.J]
R0127D15P813230 [P816GM4R.J]
R0127D16P813156 [P816GM4R.J]
R0154D04P81641050 [P816RE-R.J]
R0154D05P81649379 [P816RE-R.J]
R0154D06P8169289 [P816RE-R.J]
R0154D07P816SE corner [P816RE-R.J]
R0154D07P816k102 [P816RE-R.J]
R0154D08P816f2 [P816RE-R.J]
R0154D10P816t [P816RE-R.J]
R0154D11P8163926 [P816RE-R.J]
R0154D12P8163935 [P816RE-R.J]
R0154D13P816m3935(9359)+93 [P816RE-R.J]
R0154D14P816407 [P816RE-R.J]
R0154D15P81693 [P816RE-R.J]
R0154D16P816163 [P816RE-R.J]
R0155D04P81640747 [P816RE-R.J]
R0155D05P81648836 [P816RE-R.J]
R0155D06P8169093 [P816RE-R.J]
R0155D07P816SE corner k12 [P816RE-R.J]
R0155D07P816SW corner [P816RE-R.J]
R0155D08P816f34 [P816RE-R.J]
R0155D10P816t [P816RE-R.J]
R0155D11P8164073 [P816RE-R.J]
R0155D12P8164074 [P816RE-R.J]
R0155D13P816m4073(9170)+86 [P816RE-R.J]
R0155D14P816157 [P816RE-R.J]
R0155D15P816510 [P816RE-R.J]
R0155D16P816163 [P816RE-R.J]
R0156D04P81641058 [P816RE-R.J]
R0156D05P81649373 [P816RE-R.J]
R0156D06P8169266 [P816RE-R.J]
R0156D07P816SE corner [P816RE-R.J]
R0156D07P816k102 [P816RE-R.J]
R0156D08P816f37 [P816RE-R.J]
R0156D10P816t [P816RE-R.J]
R0156D11P8163926 [P816RE-R.J]
R0156D12P8163935 [P816RE-R.J]
R0156D13P816m3935(9359)+69 [P816RE-R.J]
R0156D14P816397 [P816RE-R.J]
R0156D15P81688 [P816RE-R.J]
R0156D16P816162 [P816RE-R.J]
R0157D04P81641061 [P816RE-R.J]
R0157D05P81649308 [P816RE-R.J]
R0157D06P8169295 [P816RE-R.J]
R0157D07P816SW corner [P816RE-R.J]
R0157D07P816k102 [P816RE-R.J]
R0157D08P816f41 [P816RE-R.J]
R0157D10P816t [P816RE-R.J]
R0157D11P8163926 [P816RE-R.J]
R0157D12P8163935 [P816RE-R.J]
R0157D13P816m3935(9359)+104 [P816RE-R.J]
R0157D14P816343 [P816RE-R.J]
R0157D15P816130 [P816RE-R.J]
R0157D16P816168 [P816RE-R.J]
R0158D04P81641044 [P816RE-R.J]
R0158D05P81649328 [P816RE-R.J]
R0158D06P8169295 [P816RE-R.J]
R0158D07P816S corner [P816RE-R.J]
R0158D07P816k102 [P816RE-R.J]
R0158D08P816f41 [P816RE-R.J]
R0158D10P816t [P816RE-R.J]
R0158D11P8163926 [P816RE-R.J]
R0158D12P8163935 [P816RE-R.J]
R0158D13P816m3935(9359)+104 [P816RE-R.J]
R0158D14P816370 [P816RE-R.J]
R0158D15P816126 [P816RE-R.J]
R0158D16P816168 [P816RE-R.J]
R0159D04P81641051 [P816RE-R.J]
R0159D05P81649370 [P816RE-R.J]
R0159D06P8169295 [P816RE-R.J]
R0159D07P816SE corner [P816RE-R.J]
R0159D07P816k102 [P816RE-R.J]
R0159D08P816f41 [P816RE-R.J]
R0159D10P816t [P816RE-R.J]
R0159D11P8163926 [P816RE-R.J]
R0159D12P8163935 [P816RE-R.J]
R0159D13P816m3935(9359)+104 [P816RE-R.J]
R0159D14P816399 [P816RE-R.J]
R0159D15P81696 [P816RE-R.J]
R0159D16P816168 [P816RE-R.J]
R0160D04P81641090 [P816RE-R.J]
R0160D05P81649342 [P816RE-R.J]
R0160D06P8169295 [P816RE-R.J]
R0160D07P816N corner [P816RE-R.J]
R0160D07P816k102 [P816RE-R.J]
R0160D08P816f41 [P816RE-R.J]
R0160D10P816t [P816RE-R.J]
R0160D11P8163926 [P816RE-R.J]
R0160D12P8163935 [P816RE-R.J]
R0160D13P816m3935(9359)+104 [P816RE-R.J]
R0160D14P816354 [P816RE-R.J]
R0160D15P81685 [P816RE-R.J]
R0160D16P816168 [P816RE-R.J]
R0161D04P81640394 [P816RE-R.J]
R0161D05P81649118 [P816RE-R.J]
R0161D06P8168978 [P816RE-R.J]
R0161D07P816NE corner [P816RE-R.J]
R0161D07P816k101 [P816RE-R.J]
R0161D08P816f43 [P816RE-R.J]
R0161D10P816t [P816RE-R.J]
R0161D11P8164048 [P816RE-R.J]
R0161D12P8164047 [P816RE-R.J]
R0161D13P816m4048(9087)+54 [P816RE-R.J]
R0161D14P816391 [P816RE-R.J]
R0161D15P816395 [P816RE-R.J]
R0161D16P816163 [P816RE-R.J]
R0162D04P81640212 [P816RE-R.J]
R0162D05P81649054 [P816RE-R.J]
R0162D06P8168978 [P816RE-R.J]
R0162D07P816SE corner [P816RE-R.J]
R0162D07P816k101 [P816RE-R.J]
R0162D08P816f43 [P816RE-R.J]
R0162D10P816t [P816RE-R.J]
R0162D11P8164048 [P816RE-R.J]
R0162D12P8164047 [P816RE-R.J]
R0162D13P816m4048(9087)+54 [P816RE-R.J]
R0162D14P816341 [P816RE-R.J]
R0162D15P816481 [P816RE-R.J]
R0162D16P816163 [P816RE-R.J]
R0163D04P81640647 [P816RE-R.J]
R0163D05P81648808 [P816RE-R.J]
R0163D06P8168978 [P816RE-R.J]
R0163D07P816NW corner [P816RE-R.J]
R0163D07P816k101 [P816RE-R.J]
R0163D08P816f43 [P816RE-R.J]
R0163D10P816t [P816RE-R.J]
R0163D11P8164049 [P816RE-R.J]
R0163D12P8164048 [P816RE-R.J]
R0163D13P816m4048(9087)+54 [P816RE-R.J]
R0163D14P816393 [P816RE-R.J]
R0163D15P816330 [P816RE-R.J]
R0163D16P816163 [P816RE-R.J]
R0164D04P81640344 [P816RE-R.J]
R0164D05P81648702 [P816RE-R.J]
R0164D06P8168978 [P816RE-R.J]
R0164D07P816SW corner [P816RE-R.J]
R0164D07P816k101 [P816RE-R.J]
R0164D08P816f43 [P816RE-R.J]
R0164D10P816t [P816RE-R.J]
R0164D11P8164049 [P816RE-R.J]
R0164D12P8164048 [P816RE-R.J]
R0164D13P816m4048(9087)+54 [P816RE-R.J]
R0164D14P816457 [P816RE-R.J]
R0164D15P81636 [P816RE-R.J]
R0164D16P816163 [P816RE-R.J]
R0165D04P81641139 [P816RE-R.J]
R0165D05P81649294 [P816RE-R.J]
R0165D06P8169279 [P816RE-R.J]
R0165D07P816NE corner [P816RE-R.J]
R0165D07P816SE k102 [P816RE-R.J]
R0165D08P816f44 [P816RE-R.J]
R0165D10P816t [P816RE-R.J]
R0165D11P8163926 [P816RE-R.J]
R0165D12P8164022 [P816RE-R.J]
R0165D13P816m3935(9359)+82 [P816RE-R.J]
R0165D14P816287 [P816RE-R.J]
R0165D15P816301 [P816RE-R.J]
R0165D16P816162 [P816RE-R.J]
R0166D04P81641140 [P816RE-R.J]
R0166D05P81649268 [P816RE-R.J]
R0166D06P8169279 [P816RE-R.J]
R0166D07P816NW corner [P816RE-R.J]
R0166D07P816SE k102 [P816RE-R.J]
R0166D08P816f44 [P816RE-R.J]
R0166D10P816t [P816RE-R.J]
R0166D11P8163926 [P816RE-R.J]
R0166D12P8164022 [P816RE-R.J]
R0166D13P816m3935(9359)+82 [P816RE-R.J]
R0166D14P816264 [P816RE-R.J]
R0166D15P816303 [P816RE-R.J]
R0166D16P816162 [P816RE-R.J]
R0167D04P81641095 [P816RE-R.J]
R0167D05P81649265 [P816RE-R.J]
R0167D06P8169279 [P816RE-R.J]
R0167D07P816SE k102 [P816RE-R.J]
R0167D07P816SW corner [P816RE-R.J]
R0167D08P816f44 [P816RE-R.J]
R0167D10P816t [P816RE-R.J]
R0167D11P8163926 [P816RE-R.J]
R0167D12P8164022 [P816RE-R.J]
R0167D13P816m3935(9359)+82 [P816RE-R.J]
R0167D14P816288 [P816RE-R.J]
R0167D15P816348 [P816RE-R.J]
R0167D16P816162 [P816RE-R.J]
R0168D04P81641105 [P816RE-R.J]
R0168D05P81649304 [P816RE-R.J]
R0168D06P8169279 [P816RE-R.J]
R0168D07P816SE corner [P816RE-R.J]
R0168D07P816SE k102 [P816RE-R.J]
R0168D08P816f44 [P816RE-R.J]
R0168D10P816t [P816RE-R.J]
R0168D11P8163926 [P816RE-R.J]
R0168D12P8164022 [P816RE-R.J]
R0168D13P816m3935(9359)+82 [P816RE-R.J]
R0168D14P816314 [P816RE-R.J]
R0168D15P816335 [P816RE-R.J]
R0168D16P816162 [P816RE-R.J]
R0169D04P81641231 [P816RE-R.J]
R0169D05P81649043 [P816RE-R.J]
R0169D06P8169288 [P816RE-R.J]
R0169D07P816NW corner [P816RE-R.J]
R0169D07P816SW k102 [P816RE-R.J]
R0169D08P816f45 [P816RE-R.J]
R0169D10P816t [P816RE-R.J]
R0169D11P8163926 [P816RE-R.J]
R0169D12P8164022 [P816RE-R.J]
R0169D13P816m3926(9334)+118 [P816RE-R.J]
R0169D14P81648 [P816RE-R.J]
R0169D15P816340 [P816RE-R.J]
R0169D16P816164 [P816RE-R.J]
R0170D04P81641170 [P816RE-R.J]
R0170D05P81649028 [P816RE-R.J]
R0170D06P8169288 [P816RE-R.J]
R0170D07P816SW corner [P816RE-R.J]
R0170D07P816SW k102 [P816RE-R.J]
R0170D08P816f45 [P816RE-R.J]
R0170D10P816t [P816RE-R.J]
R0170D11P8163926 [P816RE-R.J]
R0170D12P8164022 [P816RE-R.J]
R0170D13P816m3926(9334)+118 [P816RE-R.J]
R0170D14P816110 [P816RE-R.J]
R0170D15P816391 [P816RE-R.J]
R0170D16P816164 [P816RE-R.J]
R0171D04P81641163 [P816RE-R.J]
R0171D05P81649046 [P816RE-R.J]
R0171D06P8169288 [P816RE-R.J]
R0171D07P816SE corner [P816RE-R.J]
R0171D07P816SW k102 [P816RE-R.J]
R0171D08P816f45 [P816RE-R.J]
R0171D10P816t [P816RE-R.J]
R0171D11P8163926 [P816RE-R.J]
R0171D12P8164022 [P816RE-R.J]
R0171D13P816m3926(9334)+118 [P816RE-R.J]
R0171D14P816116 [P816RE-R.J]
R0171D15P816383 [P816RE-R.J]
R0171D16P816164 [P816RE-R.J]
R0172D04P81641192 [P816RE-R.J]
R0172D05P81649067 [P816RE-R.J]
R0172D06P8169288 [P816RE-R.J]
R0172D07P816NE corner [P816RE-R.J]
R0172D07P816SW k102 [P816RE-R.J]
R0172D08P816f45 [P816RE-R.J]
R0172D10P816t [P816RE-R.J]
R0172D11P8163926 [P816RE-R.J]
R0172D12P8164022 [P816RE-R.J]
R0172D13P816m3926(9334)+118 [P816RE-R.J]
R0172D14P81690 [P816RE-R.J]
R0172D15P816348 [P816RE-R.J]
R0172D16P816164 [P816RE-R.J]
R0173D04P81640501 [P816RE-R.J]
R0173D05P81648941 [P816RE-R.J]
R0173D06P8169009 [P816RE-R.J]
R0173D07P816N k101 [P816RE-R.J]
R0173D07P816center [P816RE-R.J]
R0173D08P816i4 [P816RE-R.J]
R0173D10P816t [P816RE-R.J]
R0173D11P8164048 [P816RE-R.J]
R0173D12P8164047 [P816RE-R.J]
R0173D13P816m4049(9085)+87 [P816RE-R.J]
R0173D14P816272 [P816RE-R.J]
R0173D15P816189 [P816RE-R.J]
R0173D16P816163 [P816RE-R.J]
R0174D04P81640541 [P816RE-R.J]
R0174D05P81648947 [P816RE-R.J]
R0174D06P8169016 [P816RE-R.J]
R0174D07P816N k101 [P816RE-R.J]
R0174D07P816NW corner [P816RE-R.J]
R0174D08P816q55 [P816RE-R.J]
R0174D10P816t [P816RE-R.J]
R0174D11P8164049 [P816RE-R.J]
R0174D12P8164048 [P816RE-R.J]
R0174D13P816m4049(9085)+95 [P816RE-R.J]
R0174D14P816221 [P816RE-R.J]
R0174D15P816303 [P816RE-R.J]
R0174D16P816164 [P816RE-R.J]
R0175D04P81641148 [P816RE-R.J]
R0175D05P81649151 [P816RE-R.J]
R0175D06P8169279 [P816RE-R.J]
R0175D07P816SW corner [P816RE-R.J]
R0175D07P816middle k102 [P816RE-R.J]
R0175D08P816f46 [P816RE-R.J]
R0175D10P816t [P816RE-R.J]
R0175D11P8163926 [P816RE-R.J]
R0175D12P8164022 [P816RE-R.J]
R0175D13P816m4022(9372)+70 [P816RE-R.J]
R0175D14P816170 [P816RE-R.J]
R0175D15P816333 [P816RE-R.J]
R0175D16P816163 [P816RE-R.J]
R0176D04P81641133 [P816RE-R.J]
R0176D05P81649168 [P816RE-R.J]
R0176D06P8169279 [P816RE-R.J]
R0176D07P816SE corner [P816RE-R.J]
R0176D07P816middle k102 [P816RE-R.J]
R0176D08P816f46 [P816RE-R.J]
R0176D10P816t [P816RE-R.J]
R0176D11P8163926 [P816RE-R.J]
R0176D12P8164022 [P816RE-R.J]
R0176D13P816m4022(9372)+70 [P816RE-R.J]
R0176D14P816192 [P816RE-R.J]
R0176D15P816339 [P816RE-R.J]
R0176D16P816163 [P816RE-R.J]
R0177D04P81641150 [P816RE-R.J]
R0177D05P81649216 [P816RE-R.J]
R0177D06P8169279 [P816RE-R.J]
R0177D07P816E corner [P816RE-R.J]
R0177D07P816middle k102 [P816RE-R.J]
R0177D08P816f46 [P816RE-R.J]
R0177D10P816t [P816RE-R.J]
R0177D11P8163926 [P816RE-R.J]
R0177D12P8164022 [P816RE-R.J]
R0177D13P816m4022(9372)+70 [P816RE-R.J]
R0177D14P816216 [P816RE-R.J]
R0177D15P816305 [P816RE-R.J]
R0177D16P816163 [P816RE-R.J]
R0178D04P81641182 [P816RE-R.J]
R0178D05P81649221 [P816RE-R.J]
R0178D06P8169279 [P816RE-R.J]
R0178D07P816NE corner [P816RE-R.J]
R0178D07P816middle k102 [P816RE-R.J]
R0178D08P816f46 [P816RE-R.J]
R0178D10P816t [P816RE-R.J]
R0178D11P8163926 [P816RE-R.J]
R0178D12P8164022 [P816RE-R.J]
R0178D13P816m4022(9372)+70 [P816RE-R.J]
R0178D14P816203 [P816RE-R.J]
R0178D15P816273 [P816RE-R.J]
R0178D16P816163 [P816RE-R.J]
R0179D04P81641203 [P816RE-R.J]
R0179D05P81649201 [P816RE-R.J]
R0179D06P8169279 [P816RE-R.J]
R0179D07P816NW corner [P816RE-R.J]
R0179D07P816middle k102 [P816RE-R.J]
R0179D08P816f46 [P816RE-R.J]
R0179D10P816t [P816RE-R.J]
R0179D11P8163926 [P816RE-R.J]
R0179D12P8164022 [P816RE-R.J]
R0179D13P816m4022(9372)+70 [P816RE-R.J]
R0179D14P816175 [P816RE-R.J]
R0179D15P816261 [P816RE-R.J]
R0179D16P816163 [P816RE-R.J]
R0180D04P81741263 [P817RE1R.J]
R0180D05P81749042 [P817RE1R.J]
R0180D06P8179249 [P817RE1R.J]
R0180D07P817NW corner [P817RE1R.J]
R0180D07P817k102 [P817RE1R.J]
R0180D08P817q63 [P817RE1R.J]
R0180D10P817t [P817RE1R.J]
R0180D11P8174022 [P817RE1R.J]
R0180D12P8173935 [P817RE1R.J]
R0180D13P817m4022(9372)+39 [P817RE1R.J]
R0180D14P817322 [P817RE1R.J]
R0180D15P817393 [P817RE1R.J]
R0180D16P817162 [P817RE1R.J]
R0181D04P81741258 [P817RE1R.J]
R0181D05P81749039 [P817RE1R.J]
R0181D06P8179225 [P817RE1R.J]
R0181D07P817NW corner [P817RE1R.J]
R0181D07P817k102 [P817RE1R.J]
R0181D08P817q67 [P817RE1R.J]
R0181D10P817t [P817RE1R.J]
R0181D11P8174022 [P817RE1R.J]
R0181D12P8173935 [P817RE1R.J]
R0181D13P817m4022(9372)+15 [P817RE1R.J]
R0181D14P817327 [P817RE1R.J]
R0181D15P817394 [P817RE1R.J]
R0181D16P817162 [P817RE1R.J]
R0182D04P81741142 [P817RE1R.J]
R0182D05P81749413 [P817RE1R.J]
R0182D06P8179195 [P817RE1R.J]
R0182D07P817NE corner [P817RE1R.J]
R0182D07P817k102 [P817RE1R.J]
R0182D08P817q68 [P817RE1R.J]
R0182D10P817t [P817RE1R.J]
R0182D11P8174075 [P817RE1R.J]
R0182D12P8174073 [P817RE1R.J]
R0182D13P817m4075(9218)+138 [P817RE1R.J]
R0182D14P817272 [P817RE1R.J]
R0182D15P817572 [P817RE1R.J]
R0182D16P817161 [P817RE1R.J]
R0183D04P81741116 [P817RE1R.J]
R0183D05P81749415 [P817RE1R.J]
R0183D06P8179032 [P817RE1R.J]
R0183D07P817NE corner [P817RE1R.J]
R0183D07P817k102 [P817RE1R.J]
R0183D08P817q71 [P817RE1R.J]
R0183D10P817t [P817RE1R.J]
R0183D11P8174075 [P817RE1R.J]
R0183D12P8174073 [P817RE1R.J]
R0183D13P817m4045(9071)+122 [P817RE1R.J]
R0183D14P817248 [P817RE1R.J]
R0183D15P817563 [P817RE1R.J]
R0183D16P817161 [P817RE1R.J]
R0184D04P81740483 [P817RE1R.J]
R0184D05P81748979 [P817RE1R.J]
R0184D06P8179027 [P817RE1R.J]
R0184D07P817NE corner [P817RE1R.J]
R0184D07P817S side k101 [P817RE1R.J]
R0184D08P817f48 [P817RE1R.J]
R0184D10P817t [P817RE1R.J]
R0184D11P8174048 [P817RE1R.J]
R0184D12P8174047 [P817RE1R.J]
R0184D13P817m4049(9085)+103 [P817RE1R.J]
R0184D14P817292 [P817RE1R.J]
R0184D15P817230 [P817RE1R.J]
R0184D16P817161 [P817RE1R.J]
R0185D04P81740538 [P817RE1R.J]
R0185D05P81748928 [P817RE1R.J]
R0185D06P8179027 [P817RE1R.J]
R0185D07P817NW corner [P817RE1R.J]
R0185D07P817S side k101 [P817RE1R.J]
R0185D08P817f48 [P817RE1R.J]
R0185D10P817t [P817RE1R.J]
R0185D11P8174048 [P817RE1R.J]
R0185D12P8174047 [P817RE1R.J]
R0185D13P817m4049(9085)+103 [P817RE1R.J]
R0185D14P817288 [P817RE1R.J]
R0185D15P817158 [P817RE1R.J]
R0185D16P817161 [P817RE1R.J]
R0186D04P81740509 [P817RE1R.J]
R0186D05P81748887 [P817RE1R.J]
R0186D06P8179027 [P817RE1R.J]
R0186D07P817S side k101 [P817RE1R.J]
R0186D07P817SW corner [P817RE1R.J]
R0186D08P817f48 [P817RE1R.J]
R0186D10P817t [P817RE1R.J]
R0186D11P8174048 [P817RE1R.J]
R0186D12P8174047 [P817RE1R.J]
R0186D13P817m4049(9085)+103 [P817RE1R.J]
R0186D14P817239 [P817RE1R.J]
R0186D15P817143 [P817RE1R.J]
R0186D16P817161 [P817RE1R.J]
R0187D04P81740460 [P817RE1R.J]
R0187D05P81748939 [P817RE1R.J]
R0187D06P8179027 [P817RE1R.J]
R0187D07P817S side k101 [P817RE1R.J]
R0187D07P817SE corner [P817RE1R.J]
R0187D08P817f48 [P817RE1R.J]
R0187D10P817t [P817RE1R.J]
R0187D11P8174048 [P817RE1R.J]
R0187D12P8174047 [P817RE1R.J]
R0187D13P817m4049(9085)+103 [P817RE1R.J]
R0187D14P817246 [P817RE1R.J]
R0187D15P817214 [P817RE1R.J]
R0187D16P817161 [P817RE1R.J]
R0188D04P81740431 [P817RE1R.J]
R0188D05P81749131 [P817RE1R.J]
R0188D06P8179050 [P817RE1R.J]
R0188D07P817S side k101 [P817RE1R.J]
R0188D07P817SE corner [P817RE1R.J]
R0188D08P817f49 [P817RE1R.J]
R0188D10P817t [P817RE1R.J]
R0188D11P8174048 [P817RE1R.J]
R0188D12P8174047 [P817RE1R.J]
R0188D13P817m4049(9085)+126 [P817RE1R.J]
R0188D14P817412 [P817RE1R.J]
R0188D15P817388 [P817RE1R.J]
R0188D16P817161 [P817RE1R.J]
R0189D04P81740510 [P817RE1R.J]
R0189D05P81749160 [P817RE1R.J]
R0189D06P8179050 [P817RE1R.J]
R0189D07P817NE corner [P817RE1R.J]
R0189D07P817S side k101 [P817RE1R.J]
R0189D08P817f49 [P817RE1R.J]
R0189D10P817t [P817RE1R.J]
R0189D11P8174048 [P817RE1R.J]
R0189D12P8174047 [P817RE1R.J]
R0189D13P817m4049(9085)+126 [P817RE1R.J]
R0189D14P817465 [P817RE1R.J]
R0189D15P817385 [P817RE1R.J]
R0189D16P817161 [P817RE1R.J]
R0190D04P81740554 [P817RE1R.J]
R0190D05P81749015 [P817RE1R.J]
R0190D06P8179050 [P817RE1R.J]
R0190D07P817NW corner [P817RE1R.J]
R0190D07P817S side k101 [P817RE1R.J]
R0190D08P817f49 [P817RE1R.J]
R0190D10P817t [P817RE1R.J]
R0190D11P8174048 [P817RE1R.J]
R0190D12P8174047 [P817RE1R.J]
R0190D13P817m4049(9085)+126 [P817RE1R.J]
R0190D14P817363 [P817RE1R.J]
R0190D15P817234 [P817RE1R.J]
R0190D16P817161 [P817RE1R.J]
R0191D04P81740482 [P817RE1R.J]
R0191D05P81749012 [P817RE1R.J]
R0191D06P8179050 [P817RE1R.J]
R0191D07P817S side k101 [P817RE1R.J]
R0191D07P817W corner [P817RE1R.J]
R0191D08P817f49 [P817RE1R.J]
R0191D10P817t [P817RE1R.J]
R0191D11P8174048 [P817RE1R.J]
R0191D12P8174047 [P817RE1R.J]
R0191D13P817m4049(9085)+126 [P817RE1R.J]
R0191D14P817320 [P817RE1R.J]
R0191D15P817259 [P817RE1R.J]
R0191D16P817161 [P817RE1R.J]
R0192D04P81740450 [P817RE1R.J]
R0192D05P81749053 [P817RE1R.J]
R0192D06P8179050 [P817RE1R.J]
R0192D07P817S side k101 [P817RE1R.J]
R0192D07P817SW corner [P817RE1R.J]
R0192D08P817f49 [P817RE1R.J]
R0192D10P817t [P817RE1R.J]
R0192D11P8174048 [P817RE1R.J]
R0192D12P8174047 [P817RE1R.J]
R0192D13P817m4049(9085)+126 [P817RE1R.J]
R0192D14P817343 [P817RE1R.J]
R0192D15P817310 [P817RE1R.J]
R0192D16P817161 [P817RE1R.J]
R0193D04P81741118 [P817RE1R.J]
R0193D05P81749411 [P817RE1R.J]
R0193D06P8179165 [P817RE1R.J]
R0193D07P817NE corner [P817RE1R.J]
R0193D07P817k102 [P817RE1R.J]
R0193D08P817q73 [P817RE1R.J]
R0193D10P817t [P817RE1R.J]
R0193D11P8174075 [P817RE1R.J]
R0193D12P8174073 [P817RE1R.J]
R0193D13P817m4075(9218)+108 [P817RE1R.J]
R0193D14P817249 [P817RE1R.J]
R0193D15P817560 [P817RE1R.J]
R0193D16P817161 [P817RE1R.J]
R0194D04P81841040 [P824GM1R.J]
R0194D05P81849377 [P824GM1R.J]
R0194D06P8189124 [P824GM1R.J]
R0194D07P818NE corner [P824GM1R.J]
R0194D07P818k12 [P824GM1R.J]
R0194D08P818f50 [P824GM1R.J]
R0194D10P818t [P824GM1R.J]
R0194D11P8184073 [P824GM1R.J]
R0194D12P8184092 [P824GM1R.J]
R0194D13P818m4093(9158)+128 [P824GM1R.J]
R0194D14P818501 [P824GM1R.J]
R0194D15P818227 [P824GM1R.J]
R0194D16P818162 [P824GM1R.J]
R0195D04P81840476 [P824GM1R.J]
R0195D05P81849153 [P824GM1R.J]
R0195D06P8189047 [P824GM1R.J]
R0195D07P818SE corner [P824GM1R.J]
R0195D07P818k12 [P824GM1R.J]
R0195D08P818f49 [P824GM1R.J]
R0195D10P818t [P824GM1R.J]
R0195D11P8184048 [P824GM1R.J]
R0195D12P8184023 [P824GM1R.J]
R0195D13P818m4049(9085)+124 [P824GM1R.J]
R0195D14P818446 [P824GM1R.J]
R0195D15P818385 [P824GM1R.J]
R0195D16P818162 [P824GM1R.J]
R0202D04P82340730 [P824GM1R.J]
R0202D05P82349055 [P824GM1R.J]
R0202D06P8239053 [P824GM1R.J]
R0202D07P823SW corner [P824GM1R.J]
R0202D07P823k12 [P824GM1R.J]
R0202D08P823q83 [P824GM1R.J]
R0202D10P823t [P824GM1R.J]
R0202D11P8234073 [P824GM1R.J]
R0202D12P8234093 [P824GM1R.J]
R0202D13P823m4073(9170)+34 [P824GM1R.J]
R0202D14P823224 [P824GM1R.J]
R0202D15P823346 [P824GM1R.J]
R0202D16P823151 [P824GM1R.J]
R0203D04P82338806 [P824GM1R.J]
R0203D05P82348520 [P824GM1R.J]
R0203D06P8239154 [P824GM1R.J]
R0203D07P823SW corner [P824GM1R.J]
R0203D07P823k103 [P824GM1R.J]
R0203D08P823q84 [P824GM1R.J]
R0203D10P823t [P824GM1R.J]
R0203D11P8234105 [P824GM1R.J]
R0203D12P8234117 [P824GM1R.J]
R0203D13P823m4118(9189)+116 [P824GM1R.J]
R0203D14P823391 [P824GM1R.J]
R0203D15P823391 [P824GM1R.J]
R0203D16P823151 [P824GM1R.J]
R0204D04P82340944 [P824GM1R.J]
R0204D05P82348917 [P824GM1R.J]
R0204D06P8239111 [P824GM1R.J]
R0204D07P823E k103 [P824GM1R.J]
R0204D07P823SW corner [P824GM1R.J]
R0204D08P823q85 [P824GM1R.J]
R0204D10P823t [P824GM1R.J]
R0204D11P8234091 [P824GM1R.J]
R0204D12P8234092 [P824GM1R.J]
R0204D13P823m4091(9147)+132 [P824GM1R.J]
R0204D14P82357 [P824GM1R.J]
R0204D15P823399 [P824GM1R.J]
R0204D16P823168 [P824GM1R.J]
R0205D04P82339053 [P824GM1R.J]
R0205D05P82348485 [P824GM1R.J]
R0205D06P8239159 [P824GM1R.J]
R0205D07P823E k103 [P824GM1R.J]
R0205D07P823NW corner [P824GM1R.J]
R0205D08P823f54 [P824GM1R.J]
R0205D10P823t [P824GM1R.J]
R0205D11P8234105 [P824GM1R.J]
R0205D12P8234116 [P824GM1R.J]
R0205D13P823m4118(9189)+138 [P824GM1R.J]
R0205D14P823337 [P824GM1R.J]
R0205D15P823317 [P824GM1R.J]
R0205D16P823168 [P824GM1R.J]
R0206D04P82339021 [P824GM1R.J]
R0206D05P82348613 [P824GM1R.J]
R0206D06P8239159 [P824GM1R.J]
R0206D07P823E k103 [P824GM1R.J]
R0206D07P823NE corner [P824GM1R.J]
R0206D08P823f54 [P824GM1R.J]
R0206D10P823t [P824GM1R.J]
R0206D11P8234105 [P824GM1R.J]
R0206D12P8234116 [P824GM1R.J]
R0206D13P823m4118(9189)+138 [P824GM1R.J]
R0206D14P823456 [P824GM1R.J]
R0206D15P823426 [P824GM1R.J]
R0206D16P823168 [P824GM1R.J]
R0207D04P82338999 [P824GM1R.J]
R0207D05P82348597 [P824GM1R.J]
R0207D06P8239159 [P824GM1R.J]
R0207D07P823E k103 [P824GM1R.J]
R0207D07P823SE corner [P824GM1R.J]
R0207D08P823f54 [P824GM1R.J]
R0207D10P823t [P824GM1R.J]
R0207D11P8234105 [P824GM1R.J]
R0207D12P8234116 [P824GM1R.J]
R0207D13P823m4118(9189)+138 [P824GM1R.J]
R0207D14P823438 [P824GM1R.J]
R0207D15P823430 [P824GM1R.J]
R0207D16P823168 [P824GM1R.J]
R0208D04P82338966 [P824GM1R.J]
R0208D05P82348544 [P824GM1R.J]
R0208D06P8239159 [P824GM1R.J]
R0208D07P823E k103 [P824GM1R.J]
R0208D07P823S face E [P824GM1R.J]
R0208D08P823f54 [P824GM1R.J]
R0208D10P823t [P824GM1R.J]
R0208D11P8234105 [P824GM1R.J]
R0208D12P8234116 [P824GM1R.J]
R0208D13P823m4118(9189)+138 [P824GM1R.J]
R0208D14P823383 [P824GM1R.J]
R0208D15P823422 [P824GM1R.J]
R0208D16P823168 [P824GM1R.J]
R0209D04P82338996 [P824GM1R.J]
R0209D05P82348514 [P824GM1R.J]
R0209D06P8239159 [P824GM1R.J]
R0209D07P823E k103 [P824GM1R.J]
R0209D07P823S face W [P824GM1R.J]
R0209D08P823f54 [P824GM1R.J]
R0209D10P823t [P824GM1R.J]
R0209D11P8234105 [P824GM1R.J]
R0209D12P8234116 [P824GM1R.J]
R0209D13P823m4118(9189)+138 [P824GM1R.J]
R0209D14P823355 [P824GM1R.J]
R0209D15P823380 [P824GM1R.J]
R0209D16P823168 [P824GM1R.J]
R0210D04P82339000 [P824GM1R.J]
R0210D05P82348458 [P824GM1R.J]
R0210D06P8239159 [P824GM1R.J]
R0210D07P823E k103 [P824GM1R.J]
R0210D07P823SW corner [P824GM1R.J]
R0210D08P823f54 [P824GM1R.J]
R0210D10P823t [P824GM1R.J]
R0210D11P8234105 [P824GM1R.J]
R0210D12P8234116 [P824GM1R.J]
R0210D13P823m4118(9189)+138 [P824GM1R.J]
R0210D14P823300 [P824GM1R.J]
R0210D15P823348 [P824GM1R.J]
R0210D16P823168 [P824GM1R.J]
R0211D04P82340809 [P824GM1R.J]
R0211D05P82349039 [P824GM1R.J]
R0211D06P8239130 [P824GM1R.J]
R0211D07P823NW corner [P824GM1R.J]
R0211D07P823S k12 [P824GM1R.J]
R0211D08P823f55 [P824GM1R.J]
R0211D10P823t [P824GM1R.J]
R0211D11P8234073 [P824GM1R.J]
R0211D12P8234091 [P824GM1R.J]
R0211D13P823m4073(9170)+128 [P824GM1R.J]
R0211D14P823162 [P824GM1R.J]
R0211D15P823215 [P824GM1R.J]
R0211D16P823168 [P824GM1R.J]
R0212D04P82340793 [P824GM1R.J]
R0212D05P82349066 [P824GM1R.J]
R0212D06P8239130 [P824GM1R.J]
R0212D07P823NE corner [P824GM1R.J]
R0212D07P823S k12 [P824GM1R.J]
R0212D08P823f55 [P824GM1R.J]
R0212D10P823t [P824GM1R.J]
R0212D11P8234073 [P824GM1R.J]
R0212D12P8234091 [P824GM1R.J]
R0212D13P823m4073(9170)+128 [P824GM1R.J]
R0212D14P823194 [P824GM1R.J]
R0212D15P823243 [P824GM1R.J]
R0212D16P823168 [P824GM1R.J]
R0213D04P82340743 [P824GM1R.J]
R0213D05P82349053 [P824GM1R.J]
R0213D06P8239130 [P824GM1R.J]
R0213D07P823S k12 [P824GM1R.J]
R0213D07P823SE corner [P824GM1R.J]
R0213D08P823f55 [P824GM1R.J]
R0213D10P823t [P824GM1R.J]
R0213D11P8234073 [P824GM1R.J]
R0213D12P8234091 [P824GM1R.J]
R0213D13P823m4073(9170)+128 [P824GM1R.J]
R0213D14P823214 [P824GM1R.J]
R0213D15P823281 [P824GM1R.J]
R0213D16P823168 [P824GM1R.J]
R0214D04P82340758 [P824GM1R.J]
R0214D05P82349001 [P824GM1R.J]
R0214D06P8239130 [P824GM1R.J]
R0214D07P823S k12 [P824GM1R.J]
R0214D07P823SW corner [P824GM1R.J]
R0214D08P823f55 [P824GM1R.J]
R0214D10P823t [P824GM1R.J]
R0214D11P8234073 [P824GM1R.J]
R0214D12P8234091 [P824GM1R.J]
R0214D13P823m4073(9170)+128 [P824GM1R.J]
R0214D14P823168 [P824GM1R.J]
R0214D15P823249 [P824GM1R.J]
R0214D16P823168 [P824GM1R.J]
R0215D04P82440763 [P824GM1R.J]
R0215D05P82449001 [P824GM1R.J]
R0215D06P8249046 [P824GM1R.J]
R0215D07P824SW corner [P824GM1R.J]
R0215D07P824k12 [P824GM1R.J]
R0215D08P824q87 [P824GM1R.J]
R0215D10P824t [P824GM1R.J]
R0215D11P8244073 [P824GM1R.J]
R0215D12P8244091 [P824GM1R.J]
R0215D13P824m4073(9170)+42 [P824GM1R.J]
R0215D14P824164 [P824GM1R.J]
R0215D15P824244 [P824GM1R.J]
R0215D16P824166 [P824GM1R.J]
R0216D04P82438808 [P824GM1R.J]
R0216D05P82448518 [P824GM1R.J]
R0216D06P8249131 [P824GM1R.J]
R0216D07P824SE corner [P824GM1R.J]
R0216D07P824k103 [P824GM1R.J]
R0216D08P824q88 [P824GM1R.J]
R0216D10P824t [P824GM1R.J]
R0216D11P8244105 [P824GM1R.J]
R0216D12P8244117 [P824GM1R.J]
R0216D13P824m4118(9189)+108 [P824GM1R.J]
R0216D14P824388 [P824GM1R.J]
R0216D15P824390 [P824GM1R.J]
R0216D16P824166 [P824GM1R.J]
R0217D04P82438814 [P828GM-R.J]
R0217D05P82448522 [P828GM-R.J]
R0217D06P8249105 [P828GM-R.J]
R0217D07P824SE corner [P828GM-R.J]
R0217D07P824k103 [P828GM-R.J]
R0217D08P824q90 [P828GM-R.J]
R0217D10P824t [P828GM-R.J]
R0217D11P8244105 [P828GM-R.J]
R0217D12P8244117 [P828GM-R.J]
R0217D13P824m4118(9189)+81 [P828GM-R.J]
R0217D14P824390 [P828GM-R.J]
R0217D15P824382 [P828GM-R.J]
R0217D16P824165 [P828GM-R.J]
R0218D04P82440886 [P828GM-R.J]
R0218D05P82449199 [P828GM-R.J]
R0218D06P8249056 [P828GM-R.J]
R0218D07P824NE corner [P828GM-R.J]
R0218D07P824k104 [P828GM-R.J]
R0218D08P824f57 [P828GM-R.J]
R0218D10P824t [P828GM-R.J]
R0218D11P8244073 [P828GM-R.J]
R0218D12P8244091 [P828GM-R.J]
R0218D13P824m4073(9170)+50 [P828GM-R.J]
R0218D14P824300 [P828GM-R.J]
R0218D15P824286 [P828GM-R.J]
R0218D16P824164 [P828GM-R.J]
R0219D04P82440695 [P828GM-R.J]
R0219D05P82449129 [P828GM-R.J]
R0219D06P8249056 [P828GM-R.J]
R0219D07P824SE corner [P828GM-R.J]
R0219D07P824k104 [P828GM-R.J]
R0219D08P824f57 [P828GM-R.J]
R0219D10P824t [P828GM-R.J]
R0219D11P8244073 [P828GM-R.J]
R0219D12P8244091 [P828GM-R.J]
R0219D13P824m4073(9170)+50 [P828GM-R.J]
R0219D14P824302 [P828GM-R.J]
R0219D15P824359 [P828GM-R.J]
R0219D16P824164 [P828GM-R.J]
R0220D04P82440776 [P828GM-R.J]
R0220D05P82448940 [P828GM-R.J]
R0220D06P8249056 [P828GM-R.J]
R0220D07P824SW corner [P828GM-R.J]
R0220D07P824k104 [P828GM-R.J]
R0220D08P824f57 [P828GM-R.J]
R0220D10P824t [P828GM-R.J]
R0220D11P8244073 [P828GM-R.J]
R0220D12P8244091 [P828GM-R.J]
R0220D13P824m4073(9170)+50 [P828GM-R.J]
R0220D14P824122 [P828GM-R.J]
R0220D15P824222 [P828GM-R.J]
R0220D16P824164 [P828GM-R.J]
R0221D04P82440947 [P828GM-R.J]
R0221D05P82449023 [P828GM-R.J]
R0221D06P8249056 [P828GM-R.J]
R0221D07P824NW corner [P828GM-R.J]
R0221D07P824k104 [P828GM-R.J]
R0221D08P824f57 [P828GM-R.J]
R0221D10P824t [P828GM-R.J]
R0221D11P8244073 [P828GM-R.J]
R0221D12P8244091 [P828GM-R.J]
R0221D13P824m4073(9170)+50 [P828GM-R.J]
R0221D14P824136 [P828GM-R.J]
R0221D15P824101 [P828GM-R.J]
R0221D16P824164 [P828GM-R.J]
R0222D04P82440876 [P828GM-R.J]
R0222D05P82449193 [P828GM-R.J]
R0222D06P8249041 [P828GM-R.J]
R0222D07P824NW corner [P828GM-R.J]
R0222D07P824k104 [P828GM-R.J]
R0222D08P824q91 [P828GM-R.J]
R0222D10P824t [P828GM-R.J]
R0222D11P8244073 [P828GM-R.J]
R0222D12P8244091 [P828GM-R.J]
R0222D13P824m4073(9170)+35 [P828GM-R.J]
R0222D14P824294 [P828GM-R.J]
R0222D15P824284 [P828GM-R.J]
R0222D16P824164 [P828GM-R.J]
R0230D04P82741155 [P828GM-R.J]
R0230D05P82749408 [P828GM-R.J]
R0230D06P8279160 [P828GM-R.J]
R0230D07P827k12 [P828GM-R.J]
R0230D07P827sketch point 1 [P828GM-R.J]
R0230D08P827f50 [P828GM-R.J]
R0230D10P827t [P828GM-R.J]
R0230D11P8274073 [P828GM-R.J]
R0230D12P8274092 [P828GM-R.J]
R0230D13P827m4092(9204)+121 [P828GM-R.J]
R0230D14P827573 [P828GM-R.J]
R0230D15P827194 [P828GM-R.J]
R0230D16P827165 [P828GM-R.J]
R0231D04P82740842 [P828GM-R.J]
R0231D05P82749313 [P828GM-R.J]
R0231D06P8279160 [P828GM-R.J]
R0231D07P827k12 [P828GM-R.J]
R0231D07P827sketch point 2 [P828GM-R.J]
R0231D08P827f50 [P828GM-R.J]
R0231D10P827t [P828GM-R.J]
R0231D11P8274073 [P828GM-R.J]
R0231D12P8274092 [P828GM-R.J]
R0231D13P827m4092(9204)+121 [P828GM-R.J]
R0231D14P827417 [P828GM-R.J]
R0231D15P827374 [P828GM-R.J]
R0231D16P827165 [P828GM-R.J]
R0232D04P82740816 [P828GM-R.J]
R0232D05P82749277 [P828GM-R.J]
R0232D06P8279160 [P828GM-R.J]
R0232D07P827k12 [P828GM-R.J]
R0232D07P827sketch point 3 [P828GM-R.J]
R0232D08P827f50 [P828GM-R.J]
R0232D10P827t [P828GM-R.J]
R0232D11P8274073 [P828GM-R.J]
R0232D12P8274092 [P828GM-R.J]
R0232D13P827m4092(9204)+121 [P828GM-R.J]
R0232D14P827385 [P828GM-R.J]
R0232D15P827392 [P828GM-R.J]
R0232D16P827165 [P828GM-R.J]
R0233D04P82740774 [P828GM-R.J]
R0233D05P82749220 [P828GM-R.J]
R0233D06P8279160 [P828GM-R.J]
R0233D07P827k12 [P828GM-R.J]
R0233D07P827sketch point 4 [P828GM-R.J]
R0233D08P827f50 [P828GM-R.J]
R0233D10P827t [P828GM-R.J]
R0233D11P8274073 [P828GM-R.J]
R0233D12P8274092 [P828GM-R.J]
R0233D13P827m4092(9204)+121 [P828GM-R.J]
R0233D14P827342 [P828GM-R.J]
R0233D15P827430 [P828GM-R.J]
R0233D16P827165 [P828GM-R.J]
R0234D04P82740789 [P828GM-R.J]
R0234D05P82749177 [P828GM-R.J]
R0234D06P8279160 [P828GM-R.J]
R0234D07P827k12 [P828GM-R.J]
R0234D07P827sketch point 5 [P828GM-R.J]
R0234D08P827f50 [P828GM-R.J]
R0234D10P827t [P828GM-R.J]
R0234D11P8274073 [P828GM-R.J]
R0234D12P8274092 [P828GM-R.J]
R0234D13P827m4092(9204)+121 [P828GM-R.J]
R0234D14P827296 [P828GM-R.J]
R0234D15P827417 [P828GM-R.J]
R0234D16P827165 [P828GM-R.J]
R0235D04P82440705 [P828GM1R.J]
R0235D05P82449130 [P828GM1R.J]
R0235D06P8249022 [P828GM1R.J]
R0235D07P824k12 [P828GM1R.J]
R0235D07P824sketch point 6=m4175 [P828GM1R.J]
R0235D08P824f50 [P828GM1R.J]
R0235D10P824k [P828GM1R.J]
R0236D04P82440784 [P828GM1R.J]
R0236D05P82448951 [P828GM1R.J]
R0236D06P8249028 [P828GM1R.J]
R0236D07P824k12 [P828GM1R.J]
R0236D07P824sketch point 7=m4173 [P828GM1R.J]
R0236D08P824f50 [P828GM1R.J]
R0236D10P824k [P828GM1R.J]
R0237D04P82440969 [P828GM1R.J]
R0237D05P82449019 [P828GM1R.J]
R0237D06P8249053 [P828GM1R.J]
R0237D07P824k12 [P828GM1R.J]
R0237D07P824sketch point 8=m4174 [P828GM1R.J]
R0237D08P824f50 [P828GM1R.J]
R0237D10P824k [P828GM1R.J]
R0238D04P82741021 [P828GM-R.J]
R0238D05P82749007 [P828GM-R.J]
R0238D06P8279160 [P828GM-R.J]
R0238D07P827k12 [P828GM-R.J]
R0238D07P827sketch point 9 [P828GM-R.J]
R0238D08P827f50 [P828GM-R.J]
R0238D10P827t [P828GM-R.J]
R0238D11P8274092 [P828GM-R.J]
R0238D12P8274075 [P828GM-R.J]
R0238D13P827m4092(9204)+121 [P828GM-R.J]
R0238D14P827281 [P828GM-R.J]
R0238D15P827345 [P828GM-R.J]
R0238D16P827165 [P828GM-R.J]
R0239D04P82741028 [P828GM-R.J]
R0239D05P82748970 [P828GM-R.J]
R0239D06P8279160 [P828GM-R.J]
R0239D07P827k12 [P828GM-R.J]
R0239D07P827sketch point 10 [P828GM-R.J]
R0239D08P827f50 [P828GM-R.J]
R0239D10P827t [P828GM-R.J]
R0239D11P8274092 [P828GM-R.J]
R0239D12P8274075 [P828GM-R.J]
R0239D13P827m4092(9204)+121 [P828GM-R.J]
R0239D14P827306 [P828GM-R.J]
R0239D15P827382 [P828GM-R.J]
R0239D16P827165 [P828GM-R.J]
R0240D04P82740969 [P828GM-R.J]
R0240D05P82748939 [P828GM-R.J]
R0240D06P8279160 [P828GM-R.J]
R0240D07P827k12 [P828GM-R.J]
R0240D07P827sketch point 11 [P828GM-R.J]
R0240D08P827f50 [P828GM-R.J]
R0240D10P827t [P828GM-R.J]
R0240D11P8274092 [P828GM-R.J]
R0240D12P8274075 [P828GM-R.J]
R0240D13P827m4092(9204)+121 [P828GM-R.J]
R0240D14P827366 [P828GM-R.J]
R0240D15P827394 [P828GM-R.J]
R0240D16P827165 [P828GM-R.J]
R0241D04P82740969 [P828GM-R.J]
R0241D05P82748923 [P828GM-R.J]
R0241D06P8279160 [P828GM-R.J]
R0241D07P827k12 [P828GM-R.J]
R0241D07P827sketch point 12 [P828GM-R.J]
R0241D08P827f50 [P828GM-R.J]
R0241D10P827t [P828GM-R.J]
R0241D11P8274092 [P828GM-R.J]
R0241D12P8274075 [P828GM-R.J]
R0241D13P827m4092(9204)+121 [P828GM-R.J]
R0241D14P827379 [P828GM-R.J]
R0241D15P827410 [P828GM-R.J]
R0241D16P827165 [P828GM-R.J]
R0242D04P82741264 [P828GM-R.J]
R0242D05P82749041 [P828GM-R.J]
R0242D06P8279160 [P828GM-R.J]
R0242D07P827k12 [P828GM-R.J]
R0242D07P827sketch point 13 [P828GM-R.J]
R0242D08P827f50 [P828GM-R.J]
R0242D10P827t [P828GM-R.J]
R0242D11P8274092 [P828GM-R.J]
R0242D12P8274075 [P828GM-R.J]
R0242D13P827m4092(9204)+121 [P828GM-R.J]
R0242D14P827189 [P828GM-R.J]
R0242D15P827473 [P828GM-R.J]
R0242D16P827165 [P828GM-R.J]
R0243D04P82738947 [P828GM-R.J]
R0243D05P82748170 [P828GM-R.J]
R0243D06P8279068 [P828GM-R.J]
R0243D07P827SW corner [P828GM-R.J]
R0243D07P827k103 [P828GM-R.J]
R0243D08P827q94 [P828GM-R.J]
R0243D10P827t [P828GM-R.J]
R0243D11P8274116 [P828GM-R.J]
R0243D12P8274118 [P828GM-R.J]
R0243D13P827m4118(9189)+40 [P828GM-R.J]
R0243D14P827386 [P828GM-R.J]
R0243D15P827394 [P828GM-R.J]
R0243D16P827161 [P828GM-R.J]
R0244D04P82740960 [P828GM-R.J]
R0244D05P82749025 [P828GM-R.J]
R0244D06P8278997 [P828GM-R.J]
R0244D07P827NW corner [P828GM-R.J]
R0244D07P827k104 [P828GM-R.J]
R0244D08P827q95 [P828GM-R.J]
R0244D10P827t [P828GM-R.J]
R0244D11P8274176 [P828GM-R.J]
R0244D12P8274173 [P828GM-R.J]
R0244D13P827m4176(9065)+93 [P828GM-R.J]
R0244D14P827188 [P828GM-R.J]
R0244D15P827191 [P828GM-R.J]
R0244D16P827161 [P828GM-R.J]
R0245D04P82740887 [P828GM-R.J]
R0245D05P82749190 [P828GM-R.J]
R0245D06P8278983 [P828GM-R.J]
R0245D07P827NE corner [P828GM-R.J]
R0245D07P827k104 [P828GM-R.J]
R0245D08P827f58 [P828GM-R.J]
R0245D10P827t [P828GM-R.J]
R0245D11P8274173 [P828GM-R.J]
R0245D12P8274174 [P828GM-R.J]
R0245D13P827m4176(9065)+82 [P828GM-R.J]
R0245D14P827260 [P828GM-R.J]
R0245D15P827189 [P828GM-R.J]
R0245D16P827164 [P828GM-R.J]
R0246D04P82740723 [P828GM-R.J]
R0246D05P82749119 [P828GM-R.J]
R0246D06P8279024 [P828GM-R.J]
R0246D07P827SE corner [P828GM-R.J]
R0246D07P827k104 [P828GM-R.J]
R0246D08P827f58 [P828GM-R.J]
R0246D10P827t [P828GM-R.J]
R0246D11P8274173 [P828GM-R.J]
R0246D12P8274174 [P828GM-R.J]
R0246D13P827m4176(9065)+123 [P828GM-R.J]
R0246D14P827179 [P828GM-R.J]
R0246D15P827266 [P828GM-R.J]
R0246D16P827164 [P828GM-R.J]
R0247D04P82740786 [P828GM-R.J]
R0247D05P82748960 [P828GM-R.J]
R0247D06P8278963 [P828GM-R.J]
R0247D07P827SW corner [P828GM-R.J]
R0247D07P827k104 [P828GM-R.J]
R0247D08P827f58 [P828GM-R.J]
R0247D10P827t [P828GM-R.J]
R0247D11P8274176 [P828GM-R.J]
R0247D12P8274175 [P828GM-R.J]
R0247D13P827m4176(9065)+62 [P828GM-R.J]
R0247D14P827261 [P828GM-R.J]
R0247D15P827188 [P828GM-R.J]
R0247D16P827164 [P828GM-R.J]
R0248D04P82740961 [P828GM-R.J]
R0248D05P82749024 [P828GM-R.J]
R0248D06P8278963 [P828GM-R.J]
R0248D07P827NW corner [P828GM-R.J]
R0248D07P827k104 [P828GM-R.J]
R0248D08P827f58 [P828GM-R.J]
R0248D10P827t [P828GM-R.J]
R0248D11P8274176 [P828GM-R.J]
R0248D12P8274175 [P828GM-R.J]
R0248D13P827m4176(9065)+62 [P828GM-R.J]
R0248D14P827190 [P828GM-R.J]
R0248D15P827277 [P828GM-R.J]
R0248D16P827164 [P828GM-R.J]
R0249D04P82740955 [P828GM-R.J]
R0249D05P82749024 [P828GM-R.J]
R0249D06P8279000 [P828GM-R.J]
R0249D07P827NW corner [P828GM-R.J]
R0249D07P827k104 [P828GM-R.J]
R0249D08P827f59 [P828GM-R.J]
R0249D10P827t [P828GM-R.J]
R0249D11P8274176 [P828GM-R.J]
R0249D12P8274175 [P828GM-R.J]
R0249D13P827m4176(9065)+99 [P828GM-R.J]
R0249D14P827188 [P828GM-R.J]
R0249D15P827272 [P828GM-R.J]
R0249D16P827164 [P828GM-R.J]
R0250D04P82740790 [P828GM-R.J]
R0250D05P82748958 [P828GM-R.J]
R0250D06P8278958 [P828GM-R.J]
R0250D07P827SW corner [P828GM-R.J]
R0250D07P827k104 [P828GM-R.J]
R0250D08P827f59 [P828GM-R.J]
R0250D10P827t [P828GM-R.J]
R0250D11P8274176 [P828GM-R.J]
R0250D12P8274175 [P828GM-R.J]
R0250D13P827m4176(9065)+57 [P828GM-R.J]
R0250D14P827262 [P828GM-R.J]
R0250D15P827192 [P828GM-R.J]
R0250D16P827164 [P828GM-R.J]
R0251D04P82740720 [P828GM-R.J]
R0251D05P82749131 [P828GM-R.J]
R0251D06P8278958 [P828GM-R.J]
R0251D07P827SE corner [P828GM-R.J]
R0251D07P827k104 [P828GM-R.J]
R0251D08P827f59 [P828GM-R.J]
R0251D10P827t [P828GM-R.J]
R0251D11P8274173 [P828GM-R.J]
R0251D12P8274174 [P828GM-R.J]
R0251D13P827m4176(9065)+57 [P828GM-R.J]
R0251D14P827191 [P828GM-R.J]
R0251D15P827273 [P828GM-R.J]
R0251D16P827164 [P828GM-R.J]
R0252D04P82740887 [P828GM-R.J]
R0252D05P82749195 [P828GM-R.J]
R0252D06P8279000 [P828GM-R.J]
R0252D07P827NE corner [P828GM-R.J]
R0252D07P827k104 [P828GM-R.J]
R0252D08P827f59 [P828GM-R.J]
R0252D10P827t [P828GM-R.J]
R0252D11P8274173 [P828GM-R.J]
R0252D12P8274174 [P828GM-R.J]
R0252D13P827m4176(9065)+99 [P828GM-R.J]
R0252D14P827265 [P828GM-R.J]
R0252D15P827194 [P828GM-R.J]
R0252D16P827164 [P828GM-R.J]
R0257D04P82939291 [P830GM1R.J]
R0257D05P82948307 [P830GM1R.J]
R0257D06P8299053 [P830GM1R.J]
R0257D07P829NE corner [P830GM1R.J]
R0257D07P829k103 [P830GM1R.J]
R0257D08P829q101 [P830GM1R.J]
R0257D10P829t [P830GM1R.J]
R0257D11P8294216 [P830GM1R.J]
R0257D12P8294215 [P830GM1R.J]
R0257D13P829m4216(9071)+145 [P830GM1R.J]
R0257D14P829196 [P830GM1R.J]
R0257D15P829154 [P830GM1R.J]
R0257D16P829163 [P830GM1R.J]
R0258D04P82940964 [P830GM1R.J]
R0258D05P82949022 [P830GM1R.J]
R0258D06P8298957 [P830GM1R.J]
R0258D07P829NW corner [P830GM1R.J]
R0258D07P829k104 [P830GM1R.J]
R0258D08P829q102 [P830GM1R.J]
R0258D10P829t [P830GM1R.J]
R0258D11P8294175 [P830GM1R.J]
R0258D12P8294173 [P830GM1R.J]
R0258D13P829m4173(9028)+92 [P830GM1R.J]
R0258D14P829281 [P830GM1R.J]
R0258D15P829194 [P830GM1R.J]
R0258D16P829163 [P830GM1R.J]
R0259D04P82940753 [P830GM1R.J]
R0259D05P82949101 [P830GM1R.J]
R0259D06P8298931 [P830GM1R.J]
R0259D07P829NE corner [P830GM1R.J]
R0259D07P829k104 [P830GM1R.J]
R0259D08P829f61 [P830GM1R.J]
R0259D10P829t [P830GM1R.J]
R0259D11P8294239 [P830GM1R.J]
R0259D12P8294241 [P830GM1R.J]
R0259D13P829m4239(8964)+130 [P830GM1R.J]
R0259D14P829165 [P830GM1R.J]
R0259D15P82983 [P830GM1R.J]
R0259D16P829163 [P830GM1R.J]
R0260D04P82940745 [P830GM1R.J]
R0260D05P82949098 [P830GM1R.J]
R0260D06P8298931 [P830GM1R.J]
R0260D07P829SE corner [P830GM1R.J]
R0260D07P829k104 [P830GM1R.J]
R0260D08P829f61 [P830GM1R.J]
R0260D10P829t [P830GM1R.J]
R0260D11P8294239 [P830GM1R.J]
R0260D12P8294241 [P830GM1R.J]
R0260D13P829m4239(8964)+130 [P830GM1R.J]
R0260D14P829169 [P830GM1R.J]
R0260D15P82990 [P830GM1R.J]
R0260D16P829163 [P830GM1R.J]
R0261D04P82940752 [P830GM1R.J]
R0261D05P82949065 [P830GM1R.J]
R0261D06P8298931 [P830GM1R.J]
R0261D07P829SW corner [P830GM1R.J]
R0261D07P829k104 [P830GM1R.J]
R0261D08P829f61 [P830GM1R.J]
R0261D10P829t [P830GM1R.J]
R0261D11P8294239 [P830GM1R.J]
R0261D12P8294241 [P830GM1R.J]
R0261D13P829m4239(8964)+130 [P830GM1R.J]
R0261D14P829143 [P830GM1R.J]
R0261D15P829115 [P830GM1R.J]
R0261D16P829163 [P830GM1R.J]
R0262D04P82940767 [P830GM1R.J]
R0262D05P82949068 [P830GM1R.J]
R0262D06P8298931 [P830GM1R.J]
R0262D07P829NW corner [P830GM1R.J]
R0262D07P829k104 [P830GM1R.J]
R0262D08P829f61 [P830GM1R.J]
R0262D10P829t [P830GM1R.J]
R0262D11P8294239 [P830GM1R.J]
R0262D12P8294241 [P830GM1R.J]
R0262D13P829m4239(8964)+130 [P830GM1R.J]
R0262D14P829133 [P830GM1R.J]
R0262D15P829106 [P830GM1R.J]
R0262D16P829163 [P830GM1R.J]
R0263D04P82940831 [P830GM1R.J]
R0263D05P82949145 [P830GM1R.J]
R0263D06P8298944 [P830GM1R.J]
R0263D07P829SE corner [P830GM1R.J]
R0263D07P829k104 [P830GM1R.J]
R0263D08P829f60 [P830GM1R.J]
R0263D10P829t [P830GM1R.J]
R0263D11P8294239 [P830GM1R.J]
R0263D12P8294240 [P830GM1R.J]
R0263D13P829m4239(8964)+143 [P830GM1R.J]
R0263D14P829166 [P830GM1R.J]
R0263D15P82998 [P830GM1R.J]
R0263D16P829163 [P830GM1R.J]
R0264D04P82940850 [P830GM1R.J]
R0264D05P82949118 [P830GM1R.J]
R0264D06P8298944 [P830GM1R.J]
R0264D07P829SW corner [P830GM1R.J]
R0264D07P829k104 [P830GM1R.J]
R0264D08P829f60 [P830GM1R.J]
R0264D10P829t [P830GM1R.J]
R0264D11P8294239 [P830GM1R.J]
R0264D12P8294240 [P830GM1R.J]
R0264D13P829m4239(8964)+143 [P830GM1R.J]
R0264D14P829135 [P830GM1R.J]
R0264D15P82971 [P830GM1R.J]
R0264D16P829163 [P830GM1R.J]
R0265D04P82940882 [P830GM1R.J]
R0265D05P82949131 [P830GM1R.J]
R0265D06P8298944 [P830GM1R.J]
R0265D07P829NW corner [P830GM1R.J]
R0265D07P829k104 [P830GM1R.J]
R0265D08P829f60 [P830GM1R.J]
R0265D10P829t [P830GM1R.J]
R0265D11P8294239 [P830GM1R.J]
R0265D12P8294240 [P830GM1R.J]
R0265D13P829m4239(8964)+143 [P830GM1R.J]
R0265D14P829147 [P830GM1R.J]
R0265D15P82946 [P830GM1R.J]
R0265D16P829163 [P830GM1R.J]
R0266D04P82940873 [P830GM1R.J]
R0266D05P82949165 [P830GM1R.J]
R0266D06P8298944 [P830GM1R.J]
R0266D07P829N corner [P830GM1R.J]
R0266D07P829k104 [P830GM1R.J]
R0266D08P829f60 [P830GM1R.J]
R0266D10P829t [P830GM1R.J]
R0266D11P8294239 [P830GM1R.J]
R0266D12P8294240 [P830GM1R.J]
R0266D13P829m4239(8964)+143 [P830GM1R.J]
R0266D14P829181 [P830GM1R.J]
R0266D15P82976 [P830GM1R.J]
R0266D16P829163 [P830GM1R.J]
R0267D04P82940833 [P830GM1R.J]
R0267D05P82949181 [P830GM1R.J]
R0267D06P8298944 [P830GM1R.J]
R0267D07P829NE corner [P830GM1R.J]
R0267D07P829k104 [P830GM1R.J]
R0267D08P829f60 [P830GM1R.J]
R0267D10P829t [P830GM1R.J]
R0267D11P8294239 [P830GM1R.J]
R0267D12P8294240 [P830GM1R.J]
R0267D13P829m4239(8964)+143 [P830GM1R.J]
R0267D14P829200 [P830GM1R.J]
R0267D15P829115 [P830GM1R.J]
R0267D16P829163 [P830GM1R.J]
R0268D04P82940791 [P830GM1R.J]
R0268D05P82949160 [P830GM1R.J]
R0268D06P8298983 [P830GM1R.J]
R0268D07P829SE corner [P830GM1R.J]
R0268D07P829k104 [P830GM1R.J]
R0268D08P829f62 [P830GM1R.J]
R0268D10P829t [P830GM1R.J]
R0268D11P8294239 [P830GM1R.J]
R0268D12P8294240 [P830GM1R.J]
R0268D13P829m4239(8964)+130 [P830GM1R.J]
R0268D14P829193 [P830GM1R.J]
R0268D15P829140 [P830GM1R.J]
R0268D16P829111 [P830GM1R.J]
R0269D04P82940810 [P830GM1R.J]
R0269D05P82949141 [P830GM1R.J]
R0269D06P8298983 [P830GM1R.J]
R0269D07P829SW corner [P830GM1R.J]
R0269D07P829k104 [P830GM1R.J]
R0269D08P829f62 [P830GM1R.J]
R0269D10P829t [P830GM1R.J]
R0269D11P8294239 [P830GM1R.J]
R0269D12P8294240 [P830GM1R.J]
R0269D13P829m4239(8964)+130 [P830GM1R.J]
R0269D14P829168 [P830GM1R.J]
R0269D15P829116 [P830GM1R.J]
R0269D16P829111 [P830GM1R.J]
R0270D04P82940827 [P830GM1R.J]
R0270D05P82949142 [P830GM1R.J]
R0270D06P8298983 [P830GM1R.J]
R0270D07P829NW corner [P830GM1R.J]
R0270D07P829k104 [P830GM1R.J]
R0270D08P829f62 [P830GM1R.J]
R0270D10P829t [P830GM1R.J]
R0270D11P8294239 [P830GM1R.J]
R0270D12P8294240 [P830GM1R.J]
R0270D13P829m4239(8964)+130 [P830GM1R.J]
R0270D14P829164 [P830GM1R.J]
R0270D15P829100 [P830GM1R.J]
R0270D16P829111 [P830GM1R.J]
R0271D04P82940819 [P830GM1R.J]
R0271D05P82949177 [P830GM1R.J]
R0271D06P8298983 [P830GM1R.J]
R0271D07P829NE corner [P830GM1R.J]
R0271D07P829k104 [P830GM1R.J]
R0271D08P829f62 [P830GM1R.J]
R0271D10P829t [P830GM1R.J]
R0271D11P8294239 [P830GM1R.J]
R0271D12P8294240 [P830GM1R.J]
R0271D13P829m4239(8964)+130 [P830GM1R.J]
R0271D14P829200 [P830GM1R.J]
R0271D15P829124 [P830GM1R.J]
R0271D16P829111 [P830GM1R.J]
R0272D04P82940879 [P830GM1R.J]
R0272D05P82949121 [P830GM1R.J]
R0272D06P8298948 [P830GM1R.J]
R0272D07P829W drawing nail [P830GM1R.J]
R0272D07P829k104 [P830GM1R.J]
R0272D08P829f60 [P830GM1R.J]
R0272D10P829t [P830GM1R.J]
R0272D11P8294239 [P830GM1R.J]
R0272D12P8294240 [P830GM1R.J]
R0272D13P829m4239(8964)+149 [P830GM1R.J]
R0272D14P829137 [P830GM1R.J]
R0272D15P82944 [P830GM1R.J]
R0272D16P829165 [P830GM1R.J]
R0273D04P82940848 [P830GM1R.J]
R0273D05P82949186 [P830GM1R.J]
R0273D06P8298949 [P830GM1R.J]
R0273D07P829E drawing nail [P830GM1R.J]
R0273D07P829k104 [P830GM1R.J]
R0273D08P829f60 [P830GM1R.J]
R0273D10P829t [P830GM1R.J]
R0273D11P8294239 [P830GM1R.J]
R0273D12P8294240 [P830GM1R.J]
R0273D13P829m4239(8964)+150 [P830GM1R.J]
R0273D14P829203 [P830GM1R.J]
R0273D15P829108 [P830GM1R.J]
R0273D16P829165 [P830GM1R.J]
R0288D04P90139300 [P902RE1R.J]
R0288D05P90148303 [P902RE1R.J]
R0288D06P9018972 [P902RE1R.J]
R0288D07P901NW corner [P902RE1R.J]
R0288D07P901k103 f63 [P902RE1R.J]
R0288D08P901q109 [P902RE1R.J]
R0288D10P901t [P902RE1R.J]
R0288D11P9014216 [P902RE1R.J]
R0288D12P9014215 [P902RE1R.J]
R0288D13P901m4216(9071)+66 [P902RE1R.J]
R0288D14P901203 [P902RE1R.J]
R0288D15P901161 [P902RE1R.J]
R0288D16P901165 [P902RE1R.J]
R0289D04P90140851 [P902RE1R.J]
R0289D05P90149130 [P902RE1R.J]
R0289D06P9018941 [P902RE1R.J]
R0289D07P901center [P902RE1R.J]
R0289D07P901k104 f60 [P902RE1R.J]
R0289D08P901i10 [P902RE1R.J]
R0289D10P901t [P902RE1R.J]
R0289D11P9014239 [P902RE1R.J]
R0289D12P9014240 [P902RE1R.J]
R0289D13P901m4241(8959)+147 [P902RE1R.J]
R0289D14P901147 [P902RE1R.J]
R0289D15P90173 [P902RE1R.J]
R0289D16P901165 [P902RE1R.J]
R0290D04P90140874 [P902RE1R.J]
R0290D05P90149103 [P902RE1R.J]
R0290D06P9018941 [P902RE1R.J]
R0290D07P901NW corner [P902RE1R.J]
R0290D07P901k104 f60 [P902RE1R.J]
R0290D08P901q111 [P902RE1R.J]
R0290D10P901t [P902RE1R.J]
R0290D11P9014239 [P902RE1R.J]
R0290D12P9014240 [P902RE1R.J]
R0290D13P901m4241(8959)+147 [P902RE1R.J]
R0290D14P901119 [P902RE1R.J]
R0290D15P90146 [P902RE1R.J]
R0290D16P901165 [P902RE1R.J]
R0291D04P90139173 [P902RE1R.J]
R0291D05P90148668 [P902RE1R.J]
R0291D06P9018952 [P902RE1R.J]
R0291D07P901NE corner [P902RE1R.J]
R0291D07P901k103 f63 [P902RE1R.J]
R0291D08P901q110 [P902RE1R.J]
R0291D10P901t [P902RE1R.J]
R0291D11P9014217 [P902RE1R.J]
R0291D12P9014216 [P902RE1R.J]
R0291D13P901m4216(9071)+46 [P902RE1R.J]
R0291D14P901208 [P902RE1R.J]
R0291D15P901184 [P902RE1R.J]
R0291D16P901165 [P902RE1R.J]
R0292D04P90140870 [P902RE1R.J]
R0292D05P90148992 [P902RE1R.J]
R0292D06P9018942 [P902RE1R.J]
R0292D07P901SW corner [P902RE1R.J]
R0292D07P901k104 f64 [P902RE1R.J]
R0292D08P901q112 [P902RE1R.J]
R0292D10P901t [P902RE1R.J]
R0292D11P9014240 [P902RE1R.J]
R0292D12P9014241 [P902RE1R.J]
R0292D13P901m4241(8959)+149 [P902RE1R.J]
R0292D14P901124 [P902RE1R.J]
R0292D15P901189 [P902RE1R.J]
R0292D16P901166 [P902RE1R.J]
R0293D04P90340739 [P904RE-R.J]
R0293D05P90348970 [P904RE-R.J]
R0293D06P9039115 [P904RE-R.J]
R0293D07P903NW corner El=top [P904RE-R.J]
R0293D07P903k101 [P904RE-R.J]
R0293D08P903f66 [P904RE-R.J]
R0293D10P903t [P904RE-R.J]
R0293D11P9034025 [P904RE-R.J]
R0293D12P9034023 [P904RE-R.J]
R0293D13P903m4025(9162)+117 [P904RE-R.J]
R0293D14P903293 [P904RE-R.J]
R0293D15P903235 [P904RE-R.J]
R0293D16P903164 [P904RE-R.J]
R0294D04P90340712 [P904RE-R.J]
R0294D05P90348958 [P904RE-R.J]
R0294D06P9039095 [P904RE-R.J]
R0294D07P903SW corner El=bottum [P904RE-R.J]
R0294D07P903k101 [P904RE-R.J]
R0294D08P903f66 [P904RE-R.J]
R0294D10P903t [P904RE-R.J]
R0294D11P9034025 [P904RE-R.J]
R0294D12P9034023 [P904RE-R.J]
R0294D13P903m4025(9162)+97 [P904RE-R.J]
R0294D14P903287 [P904RE-R.J]
R0294D15P903209 [P904RE-R.J]
R0294D16P903164 [P904RE-R.J]
R0295D04P90340708 [P904RE-R.J]
R0295D05P90348984 [P904RE-R.J]
R0295D06P9039115 [P904RE-R.J]
R0295D07P903SE corner [P904RE-R.J]
R0295D07P903k101 [P904RE-R.J]
R0295D08P903f66 [P904RE-R.J]
R0295D10P903t [P904RE-R.J]
R0295D11P9034025 [P904RE-R.J]
R0295D12P9034023 [P904RE-R.J]
R0295D13P903m4025(9162)+117 [P904RE-R.J]
R0295D14P903263 [P904RE-R.J]
R0295D15P903229 [P904RE-R.J]
R0295D16P903164 [P904RE-R.J]
R0296D04P90340734 [P904RE-R.J]
R0296D05P90348995 [P904RE-R.J]
R0296D06P9039115 [P904RE-R.J]
R0296D07P903NE corner [P904RE-R.J]
R0296D07P903k101 [P904RE-R.J]
R0296D08P903f66 [P904RE-R.J]
R0296D10P903t [P904RE-R.J]
R0296D11P9034025 [P904RE-R.J]
R0296D12P9034023 [P904RE-R.J]
R0296D13P903m4025(9162)+117 [P904RE-R.J]
R0296D14P903271 [P904RE-R.J]
R0296D15P903252 [P904RE-R.J]
R0296D16P903164 [P904RE-R.J]
R0297D04P90340769 [P904RE-R.J]
R0297D05P90349001 [P904RE-R.J]
R0297D06P9039097 [P904RE-R.J]
R0297D07P903NE corner El=top (x) [P904RE-R.J]
R0297D07P903k101 [P904RE-R.J]
R0297D08P903f67 [P904RE-R.J]
R0297D10P903t [P904RE-R.J]
R0297D11P9034025 [P904RE-R.J]
R0297D12P9034023 [P904RE-R.J]
R0297D13P903m4025(9162)+99 [P904RE-R.J]
R0297D14P903291 [P904RE-R.J]
R0297D15P903278 [P904RE-R.J]
R0297D16P903164 [P904RE-R.J]
R0298D04P90340768 [P904RE-R.J]
R0298D05P90348947 [P904RE-R.J]
R0298D06P9039065 [P904RE-R.J]
R0298D07P903NW corner El=bot (x) [P904RE-R.J]
R0298D07P903k101 [P904RE-R.J]
R0298D08P903f67 [P904RE-R.J]
R0298D10P903t [P904RE-R.J]
R0298D11P9034025 [P904RE-R.J]
R0298D12P9034023 [P904RE-R.J]
R0298D13P903m4025(9162)+67 [P904RE-R.J]
R0298D14P903329 [P904RE-R.J]
R0298D15P903238 [P904RE-R.J]
R0298D16P903164 [P904RE-R.J]
R0299D04P90340736 [P904RE-R.J]
R0299D05P90348940 [P904RE-R.J]
R0299D06P9039097 [P904RE-R.J]
R0299D07P903SW corner [P904RE-R.J]
R0299D07P903k101 [P904RE-R.J]
R0299D08P903f67 [P904RE-R.J]
R0299D10P903t [P904RE-R.J]
R0299D11P9034025 [P904RE-R.J]
R0299D12P9034023 [P904RE-R.J]
R0299D13P903m4025(9162)+99 [P904RE-R.J]
R0299D14P903315 [P904RE-R.J]
R0299D15P903210 [P904RE-R.J]
R0299D16P903164 [P904RE-R.J]
R0300D04P90340725 [P904RE-R.J]
R0300D05P90348957 [P904RE-R.J]
R0300D06P9039097 [P904RE-R.J]
R0300D07P903SE corner [P904RE-R.J]
R0300D07P903k101 [P904RE-R.J]
R0300D08P903f67 [P904RE-R.J]
R0300D10P903t [P904RE-R.J]
R0300D11P9034025 [P904RE-R.J]
R0300D12P9034023 [P904RE-R.J]
R0300D13P903m4025(9162)+99 [P904RE-R.J]
R0300D14P903295 [P904RE-R.J]
R0300D15P903216 [P904RE-R.J]
R0300D16P903164 [P904RE-R.J]
R0301D04P90340748 [P904RE-R.J]
R0301D05P90348996 [P904RE-R.J]
R0301D06P9039097 [P904RE-R.J]
R0301D07P903E corner [P904RE-R.J]
R0301D07P903k101 [P904RE-R.J]
R0301D08P903f67 [P904RE-R.J]
R0301D10P903t [P904RE-R.J]
R0301D11P9034025 [P904RE-R.J]
R0301D12P9034023 [P904RE-R.J]
R0301D13P903m4025(9162)+99 [P904RE-R.J]
R0301D14P903279 [P904RE-R.J]
R0301D15P903261 [P904RE-R.J]
R0301D16P903164 [P904RE-R.J]
R0302D04P90340702 [P904RE-R.J]
R0302D05P90349089 [P904RE-R.J]
R0302D06P9039113 [P904RE-R.J]
R0302D07P903NE corner (x) [P904RE-R.J]
R0302D07P903k101 [P904RE-R.J]
R0302D08P903f68 [P904RE-R.J]
R0302D10P903t [P904RE-R.J]
R0302D11P9034025 [P904RE-R.J]
R0302D12P9034023 [P904RE-R.J]
R0302D13P903m4025(9162)+115 [P904RE-R.J]
R0302D14P903183 [P904RE-R.J]
R0302D15P903322 [P904RE-R.J]
R0302D16P903164 [P904RE-R.J]
R0303D04P90340688 [P904RE-R.J]
R0303D05P90349072 [P904RE-R.J]
R0303D06P9039063 [P904RE-R.J]
R0303D07P903E corner [P904RE-R.J]
R0303D07P903k101 [P904RE-R.J]
R0303D08P903f68 [P904RE-R.J]
R0303D10P903t [P904RE-R.J]
R0303D11P9034025 [P904RE-R.J]
R0303D12P9034023 [P904RE-R.J]
R0303D13P903m4025(9162)+65 [P904RE-R.J]
R0303D14P903183 [P904RE-R.J]
R0303D15P903301 [P904RE-R.J]
R0303D16P903164 [P904RE-R.J]
R0304D04P90340668 [P904RE-R.J]
R0304D05P90349067 [P904RE-R.J]
R0304D06P9039113 [P904RE-R.J]
R0304D07P903SE corner [P904RE-R.J]
R0304D07P903k101 [P904RE-R.J]
R0304D08P903f68 [P904RE-R.J]
R0304D10P903t [P904RE-R.J]
R0304D11P9034025 [P904RE-R.J]
R0304D12P9034023 [P904RE-R.J]
R0304D13P903m4025(9162)+115 [P904RE-R.J]
R0304D14P903173 [P904RE-R.J]
R0304D15P903291 [P904RE-R.J]
R0304D16P903164 [P904RE-R.J]
R0305D04P90340680 [P904RE-R.J]
R0305D05P90349015 [P904RE-R.J]
R0305D06P9039113 [P904RE-R.J]
R0305D07P903SW corner [P904RE-R.J]
R0305D07P903k101 [P904RE-R.J]
R0305D08P903f68 [P904RE-R.J]
R0305D10P903t [P904RE-R.J]
R0305D11P9034025 [P904RE-R.J]
R0305D12P9034023 [P904RE-R.J]
R0305D13P903m4025(9162)+115 [P904RE-R.J]
R0305D14P903222 [P904RE-R.J]
R0305D15P903245 [P904RE-R.J]
R0305D16P903164 [P904RE-R.J]
R0306D04P90340746 [P904RE-R.J]
R0306D05P90349045 [P904RE-R.J]
R0306D06P9039113 [P904RE-R.J]
R0306D07P903NW corner (x) [P904RE-R.J]
R0306D07P903k101 [P904RE-R.J]
R0306D08P903f68 [P904RE-R.J]
R0306D10P903t [P904RE-R.J]
R0306D11P9034025 [P904RE-R.J]
R0306D12P9034023 [P904RE-R.J]
R0306D13P903m4025(9162)+115 [P904RE-R.J]
R0306D14P903245 [P904RE-R.J]
R0306D15P903301 [P904RE-R.J]
R0306D16P903164 [P904RE-R.J]
R0307D04P90340699 [P904RE-R.J]
R0307D05P90349118 [P904RE-R.J]
R0307D06P9038958 [P904RE-R.J]
R0307D07P903NE corner [P904RE-R.J]
R0307D07P903k104 [P904RE-R.J]
R0307D08P903q115 [P904RE-R.J]
R0307D10P903t [P904RE-R.J]
R0307D11P9034173 [P904RE-R.J]
R0307D12P9034239 [P904RE-R.J]
R0307D13P903m4240(8963)+159 [P904RE-R.J]
R0307D14P903187 [P904RE-R.J]
R0307D15P903217 [P904RE-R.J]
R0307D16P903164 [P904RE-R.J]
R0308D04P90339166 [P904RE-R.J]
R0308D05P90348667 [P904RE-R.J]
R0308D06P9038946 [P904RE-R.J]
R0308D07P903NE corner [P904RE-R.J]
R0308D07P903k103 [P904RE-R.J]
R0308D08P903q114 [P904RE-R.J]
R0308D10P903t [P904RE-R.J]
R0308D11P9034215 [P904RE-R.J]
R0308D12P9034216 [P904RE-R.J]
R0308D13P903m4216(9071)+37 [P904RE-R.J]
R0308D14P903423 [P904RE-R.J]
R0308D15P903185 [P904RE-R.J]
R0308D16P903162 [P904RE-R.J]
R0309D04P90340872 [P904RE-R.J]
R0309D05P90349192 [P904RE-R.J]
R0309D06P9038939 [P904RE-R.J]
R0309D07P903NE corner point 1 [P904RE-R.J]
R0309D07P903k104 [P904RE-R.J]
R0309D08P903f64 [P904RE-R.J]
R0309D10P903t [P904RE-R.J]
R0309D11P9034241 [P904RE-R.J]
R0309D12P9034239 [P904RE-R.J]
R0309D13P903m4241(8959)+143 [P904RE-R.J]
R0309D14P90374 [P904RE-R.J]
R0309D15P903208 [P904RE-R.J]
R0309D16P903163 [P904RE-R.J]
R0310D04P90340937 [P904RE-R.J]
R0310D05P90349073 [P904RE-R.J]
R0310D06P9038939 [P904RE-R.J]
R0310D07P903N point 2 [P904RE-R.J]
R0310D07P903k104 [P904RE-R.J]
R0310D08P903f64 [P904RE-R.J]
R0310D10P903t [P904RE-R.J]
R0310D11P9034241 [P904RE-R.J]
R0310D12P9034239 [P904RE-R.J]
R0310D13P903m4241(8959)+143 [P904RE-R.J]
R0310D14P903165 [P904RE-R.J]
R0310D15P903111 [P904RE-R.J]
R0310D16P903163 [P904RE-R.J]
R0311D04P90340956 [P904RE-R.J]
R0311D05P90349016 [P904RE-R.J]
R0311D06P9038939 [P904RE-R.J]
R0311D07P903NW corner point 3 [P904RE-R.J]
R0311D07P903k104 [P904RE-R.J]
R0311D08P903f64 [P904RE-R.J]
R0311D10P903t [P904RE-R.J]
R0311D11P9034241 [P904RE-R.J]
R0311D12P9034239 [P904RE-R.J]
R0311D13P903m4241(8959)+143 [P904RE-R.J]
R0311D14P903217 [P904RE-R.J]
R0311D15P90392 [P904RE-R.J]
R0311D16P903163 [P904RE-R.J]
R0312D04P90340833 [P904RE-R.J]
R0312D05P90348966 [P904RE-R.J]
R0312D06P9038939 [P904RE-R.J]
R0312D07P903SW corner point 4 [P904RE-R.J]
R0312D07P903k104 [P904RE-R.J]
R0312D08P903f64 [P904RE-R.J]
R0312D10P903t [P904RE-R.J]
R0312D11P9034239 [P904RE-R.J]
R0312D12P9034240 [P904RE-R.J]
R0312D13P903m4241(8959)+143 [P904RE-R.J]
R0312D14P90341 [P904RE-R.J]
R0312D15P903164 [P904RE-R.J]
R0312D16P903163 [P904RE-R.J]
R0313D04P90340748 [P904RE-R.J]
R0313D05P90349143 [P904RE-R.J]
R0313D06P9038939 [P904RE-R.J]
R0313D07P903SE corner point 5 [P904RE-R.J]
R0313D07P903k104 [P904RE-R.J]
R0313D08P903f64 [P904RE-R.J]
R0313D10P903t [P904RE-R.J]
R0313D11P9034239 [P904RE-R.J]
R0313D12P9034240 [P904RE-R.J]
R0313D13P903m4241(8959)+143 [P904RE-R.J]
R0313D14P903200 [P904RE-R.J]
R0313D15P903176 [P904RE-R.J]
R0313D16P903163 [P904RE-R.J]
R0314D04P90340791 [P904RE-R.J]
R0314D05P90349062 [P904RE-R.J]
R0314D06P9038939 [P904RE-R.J]
R0314D07P903SE corner point 1 [P904RE-R.J]
R0314D07P903k104 [P904RE-R.J]
R0314D08P903f64 [P904RE-R.J]
R0314D10P903t [P904RE-R.J]
R0314D11P9034239 [P904RE-R.J]
R0314D12P9034240 [P904RE-R.J]
R0314D13P903m4241(8959)+143 [P904RE-R.J]
R0314D14P903111 [P904RE-R.J]
R0314D15P903136 [P904RE-R.J]
R0314D16P903163 [P904RE-R.J]
R0315D04P90340803 [P904RE-R.J]
R0315D05P90349069 [P904RE-R.J]
R0315D06P9038939 [P904RE-R.J]
R0315D07P903NE corner point 2 [P904RE-R.J]
R0315D07P903k104 [P904RE-R.J]
R0315D08P903f64 [P904RE-R.J]
R0315D10P903t [P904RE-R.J]
R0315D11P9034239 [P904RE-R.J]
R0315D12P9034240 [P904RE-R.J]
R0315D13P903m4241(8959)+143 [P904RE-R.J]
R0315D14P903108 [P904RE-R.J]
R0315D15P903122 [P904RE-R.J]
R0315D16P903163 [P904RE-R.J]
R0316D04P90340814 [P904RE-R.J]
R0316D05P90349052 [P904RE-R.J]
R0316D06P9038939 [P904RE-R.J]
R0316D07P903NW corner point 3 [P904RE-R.J]
R0316D07P903k104 [P904RE-R.J]
R0316D08P903f64 [P904RE-R.J]
R0316D10P903t [P904RE-R.J]
R0316D11P9034239 [P904RE-R.J]
R0316D12P9034240 [P904RE-R.J]
R0316D13P903m4241(8959)+143 [P904RE-R.J]
R0316D14P90388 [P904RE-R.J]
R0316D15P903118 [P904RE-R.J]
R0316D16P903163 [P904RE-R.J]
R0317D04P90340805 [P904RE-R.J]
R0317D05P90349045 [P904RE-R.J]
R0317D06P9038939 [P904RE-R.J]
R0317D07P903SW corner point 4 [P904RE-R.J]
R0317D07P903k104 [P904RE-R.J]
R0317D08P903f64 [P904RE-R.J]
R0317D10P903t [P904RE-R.J]
R0317D11P9034239 [P904RE-R.J]
R0317D12P9034240 [P904RE-R.J]
R0317D13P903m4241(8959)+143 [P904RE-R.J]
R0317D14P90389 [P904RE-R.J]
R0317D15P903130 [P904RE-R.J]
R0317D16P903163 [P904RE-R.J]
R0318D04P90340759 [P904RE-R.J]
R0318D05P90349147 [P904RE-R.J]
R0318D06P9038939 [P904RE-R.J]
R0318D07P903SE corner point 1 [P904RE-R.J]
R0318D07P903k104 [P904RE-R.J]
R0318D08P903f64 [P904RE-R.J]
R0318D10P903t [P904RE-R.J]
R0318D11P9034239 [P904RE-R.J]
R0318D12P9034240 [P904RE-R.J]
R0318D13P903m4241(8959)+143 [P904RE-R.J]
R0318D14P903197 [P904RE-R.J]
R0318D15P903166 [P904RE-R.J]
R0318D16P903163 [P904RE-R.J]
R0319D04P90340773 [P904RE-R.J]
R0319D05P90349153 [P904RE-R.J]
R0319D06P9038939 [P904RE-R.J]
R0319D07P903NE corner point 2 [P904RE-R.J]
R0319D07P903k104 [P904RE-R.J]
R0319D08P903f64 [P904RE-R.J]
R0319D10P903t [P904RE-R.J]
R0319D11P9034239 [P904RE-R.J]
R0319D12P9034240 [P904RE-R.J]
R0319D13P903m4241(8959)+143 [P904RE-R.J]
R0319D14P903195 [P904RE-R.J]
R0319D15P903155 [P904RE-R.J]
R0319D16P903163 [P904RE-R.J]
R0320D04P90340777 [P904RE-R.J]
R0320D05P90349123 [P904RE-R.J]
R0320D06P9038939 [P904RE-R.J]
R0320D07P903NW corner point 3 [P904RE-R.J]
R0320D07P903k104 [P904RE-R.J]
R0320D08P903f64 [P904RE-R.J]
R0320D10P903t [P904RE-R.J]
R0320D11P9034239 [P904RE-R.J]
R0320D12P9034240 [P904RE-R.J]
R0320D13P903m4241(8959)+143 [P904RE-R.J]
R0320D14P903167 [P904RE-R.J]
R0320D15P903144 [P904RE-R.J]
R0320D16P903163 [P904RE-R.J]
R0321D04P90340767 [P904RE-R.J]
R0321D05P90349123 [P904RE-R.J]
R0321D06P9038939 [P904RE-R.J]
R0321D07P903SW corner point 4 [P904RE-R.J]
R0321D07P903k104 [P904RE-R.J]
R0321D08P903f64 [P904RE-R.J]
R0321D10P903t [P904RE-R.J]
R0321D11P9034239 [P904RE-R.J]
R0321D12P9034240 [P904RE-R.J]
R0321D13P903m4241(8959)+143 [P904RE-R.J]
R0321D14P903173 [P904RE-R.J]
R0321D15P903154 [P904RE-R.J]
R0321D16P903163 [P904RE-R.J]
R0322D04P90340737 [P904RE-R.J]
R0322D05P90349043 [P904RE-R.J]
R0322D06P9038931 [P904RE-R.J]
R0322D07P903k105 f70 [P904RE-R.J]
R0322D07P903mid of the S section [P904RE-R.J]
R0322D08P903q116 [P904RE-R.J]
R0322D10P903t [P904RE-R.J]
R0322D11P9034239 [P904RE-R.J]
R0322D12P9034240 [P904RE-R.J]
R0322D13P903m4240(8963)+130 [P904RE-R.J]
R0322D14P903145 [P904RE-R.J]
R0322D15P903193 [P904RE-R.J]
R0322D16P903162 [P904RE-R.J]
R0323D04P90340765 [P904RE1R.J]
R0323D05P90348942 [P904RE1R.J]
R0323D06P9038933 [P904RE1R.J]
R0323D07P903SW corner [P904RE1R.J]
R0323D07P903k105 f70 [P904RE1R.J]
R0323D08P903q117 [P904RE1R.J]
R0323D10P903t [P904RE1R.J]
R0323D11P9034239 [P904RE1R.J]
R0323D12P9034240 [P904RE1R.J]
R0323D13P903m4240(8963)+127 [P904RE1R.J]
R0323D14P903113 [P904RE1R.J]
R0323D15P903225 [P904RE1R.J]
R0323D16P903157 [P904RE1R.J]
R0324D04P90339297 [P904RE1R.J]
R0324D05P90348305 [P904RE1R.J]
R0324D06P9038939 [P904RE1R.J]
R0324D07P903NW corner [P904RE1R.J]
R0324D07P903k103 lens 1m step [P904RE1R.J]
R0324D08P903q118 [P904RE1R.J]
R0324D10P903t [P904RE1R.J]
R0324D11P9034216 [P904RE1R.J]
R0324D12P9034215 [P904RE1R.J]
R0324D13P903m4216(9071)+25 [P904RE1R.J]
R0324D14P903200 [P904RE1R.J]
R0324D15P903159 [P904RE1R.J]
R0324D16P903157 [P904RE1R.J]
R0325D04P90340778 [P904RE1R.J]
R0325D05P90348939 [P904RE1R.J]
R0325D06P9038933 [P904RE1R.J]
R0325D07P903NW corner [P904RE1R.J]
R0325D07P903k105 [P904RE1R.J]
R0325D08P903f70 [P904RE1R.J]
R0325D10P903t [P904RE1R.J]
R0325D11P9034239 [P904RE1R.J]
R0325D12P9034240 [P904RE1R.J]
R0325D13P903m4240(8963)+127 [P904RE1R.J]
R0325D14P903102 [P904RE1R.J]
R0325D15P903218 [P904RE1R.J]
R0325D16P903157 [P904RE1R.J]
R0326D04P90340736 [P904RE1R.J]
R0326D05P90349036 [P904RE1R.J]
R0326D06P9038933 [P904RE1R.J]
R0326D07P903NE corner [P904RE1R.J]
R0326D07P903k105 [P904RE1R.J]
R0326D08P903f70 [P904RE1R.J]
R0326D10P903t [P904RE1R.J]
R0326D11P9034239 [P904RE1R.J]
R0326D12P9034240 [P904RE1R.J]
R0326D13P903m4240(8963)+127 [P904RE1R.J]
R0326D14P903144 [P904RE1R.J]
R0326D15P903197 [P904RE1R.J]
R0326D16P903157 [P904RE1R.J]
R0327D04P90340714 [P904RE1R.J]
R0327D05P90349016 [P904RE1R.J]
R0327D06P9038933 [P904RE1R.J]
R0327D07P903SE corner [P904RE1R.J]
R0327D07P903k105 [P904RE1R.J]
R0327D08P903f70 [P904RE1R.J]
R0327D10P903t [P904RE1R.J]
R0327D11P9034239 [P904RE1R.J]
R0327D12P9034240 [P904RE1R.J]
R0327D13P903m4240(8963)+127 [P904RE1R.J]
R0327D14P903159 [P904RE1R.J]
R0327D15P903224 [P904RE1R.J]
R0327D16P903157 [P904RE1R.J]
R0328D04P90340765 [P904RE1R.J]
R0328D05P90348942 [P904RE1R.J]
R0328D06P9038933 [P904RE1R.J]
R0328D07P903SW corner [P904RE1R.J]
R0328D07P903k105 [P904RE1R.J]
R0328D08P903f70 [P904RE1R.J]
R0328D10P903t [P904RE1R.J]
R0328D11P9034239 [P904RE1R.J]
R0328D12P9034240 [P904RE1R.J]
R0328D13P903m4240(8963)+127 [P904RE1R.J]
R0328D14P903113 [P904RE1R.J]
R0328D15P903225 [P904RE1R.J]
R0328D16P903157 [P904RE1R.J]
R0329D04P90340799 [P904RE1R.J]
R0329D05P90349162 [P904RE1R.J]
R0329D06P9038931 [P904RE1R.J]
R0329D07P903NE corner point 1 [P904RE1R.J]
R0329D07P903k105 [P904RE1R.J]
R0329D08P903k105 [P904RE1R.J]
R0329D10P903t [P904RE1R.J]
R0329D11P9034239 [P904RE1R.J]
R0329D12P9034240 [P904RE1R.J]
R0329D13P903m4240(8963)+125 [P904RE1R.J]
R0329D14P903192 [P904RE1R.J]
R0329D15P903134 [P904RE1R.J]
R0329D16P903157 [P904RE1R.J]
R0330D04P90340739 [P904RE1R.J]
R0330D05P90349221 [P904RE1R.J]
R0330D06P9038931 [P904RE1R.J]
R0330D07P903SE corner point 2 [P904RE1R.J]
R0330D07P903k105 [P904RE1R.J]
R0330D08P903k105 [P904RE1R.J]
R0330D10P903t [P904RE1R.J]
R0330D11P9034239 [P904RE1R.J]
R0330D12P9034240 [P904RE1R.J]
R0330D13P903m4240(8963)+125 [P904RE1R.J]
R0330D14P903271 [P904RE1R.J]
R0330D15P903215 [P904RE1R.J]
R0330D16P903157 [P904RE1R.J]
R0331D04P90340736 [P904RE1R.J]
R0331D05P90349036 [P904RE1R.J]
R0331D06P9038931 [P904RE1R.J]
R0331D07P903NE corner point 3 [P904RE1R.J]
R0331D07P903k105 [P904RE1R.J]
R0331D08P903k105 [P904RE1R.J]
R0331D10P903t [P904RE1R.J]
R0331D11P9034239 [P904RE1R.J]
R0331D12P9034240 [P904RE1R.J]
R0331D13P903m4240(8963)+125 [P904RE1R.J]
R0331D14P903144 [P904RE1R.J]
R0331D15P903197 [P904RE1R.J]
R0331D16P903157 [P904RE1R.J]
R0332D04P90340714 [P904RE1R.J]
R0332D05P90349016 [P904RE1R.J]
R0332D06P9038931 [P904RE1R.J]
R0332D07P903SE corner point 4 [P904RE1R.J]
R0332D07P903k105 [P904RE1R.J]
R0332D08P903k105 [P904RE1R.J]
R0332D10P903t [P904RE1R.J]
R0332D11P9034239 [P904RE1R.J]
R0332D12P9034240 [P904RE1R.J]
R0332D13P903m4240(8963)+125 [P904RE1R.J]
R0332D14P903159 [P904RE1R.J]
R0332D15P903224 [P904RE1R.J]
R0332D16P903157 [P904RE1R.J]
R0333D04P90340765 [P904RE1R.J]
R0333D05P90348942 [P904RE1R.J]
R0333D06P9038931 [P904RE1R.J]
R0333D07P903SW corner point 5 [P904RE1R.J]
R0333D07P903k105 [P904RE1R.J]
R0333D08P903k105 [P904RE1R.J]
R0333D10P903t [P904RE1R.J]
R0333D11P9034239 [P904RE1R.J]
R0333D12P9034240 [P904RE1R.J]
R0333D13P903m4240(8963)+125 [P904RE1R.J]
R0333D14P903113 [P904RE1R.J]
R0333D15P903225 [P904RE1R.J]
R0333D16P903157 [P904RE1R.J]
R0334D04P90340867 [P904RE1R.J]
R0334D05P90348986 [P904RE1R.J]
R0334D06P9038931 [P904RE1R.J]
R0334D07P903NW corner point 6 [P904RE1R.J]
R0334D07P903k105 [P904RE1R.J]
R0334D08P903k105 [P904RE1R.J]
R0334D10P903t [P904RE1R.J]
R0334D11P9034240 [P904RE1R.J]
R0334D12P9034241 [P904RE1R.J]
R0334D13P903m4240(8963)+125 [P904RE1R.J]
R0334D14P903130 [P904RE1R.J]
R0334D15P903193 [P904RE1R.J]
R0334D16P903157 [P904RE1R.J]
R0335D04P90340799 [P904RE1R.J]
R0335D05P90349162 [P904RE1R.J]
R0335D06P9038931 [P904RE1R.J]
R0335D07P903NE corner [P904RE1R.J]
R0335D07P903k105 f71 [P904RE1R.J]
R0335D08P903q119 [P904RE1R.J]
R0335D10P903t [P904RE1R.J]
R0335D11P9034239 [P904RE1R.J]
R0335D12P9034240 [P904RE1R.J]
R0335D13P903m4240(8963)+125 [P904RE1R.J]
R0335D14P903192 [P904RE1R.J]
R0335D15P903134 [P904RE1R.J]
R0335D16P903157 [P904RE1R.J]
R0336D04P90340800 [P904RE1R.J]
R0336D05P90348859 [P904RE1R.J]
R0336D06P9039074 [P904RE1R.J]
R0336D07P903SW corner point 1 [P904RE1R.J]
R0336D07P903k12 SW corner [P904RE1R.J]
R0336D08P903f72 [P904RE1R.J]
R0336D10P903t [P904RE1R.J]
R0336D11P9034092 [P904RE1R.J]
R0336D12P9034075 [P904RE1R.J]
R0336D13P903m4073(9170)+67 [P904RE1R.J]
R0336D14P903542 [P904RE1R.J]
R0336D15P903473 [P904RE1R.J]
R0336D16P903163 [P904RE1R.J]
R0337D04P90340791 [P904RE1R.J]
R0337D05P90348894 [P904RE1R.J]
R0337D06P9039081 [P904RE1R.J]
R0337D07P903SE corner point 2 [P904RE1R.J]
R0337D07P903k12 SW corner [P904RE1R.J]
R0337D08P903f72 [P904RE1R.J]
R0337D10P903t [P904RE1R.J]
R0337D11P9034092 [P904RE1R.J]
R0337D12P9034075 [P904RE1R.J]
R0337D13P903m4073(9170)+74 [P904RE1R.J]
R0337D14P903526 [P904RE1R.J]
R0337D15P903440 [P904RE1R.J]
R0337D16P903163 [P904RE1R.J]
R0338D04P90340847 [P904RE1R.J]
R0338D05P90348925 [P904RE1R.J]
R0338D06P9039096 [P904RE1R.J]
R0338D07P903Arc 1a point 3 [P904RE1R.J]
R0338D07P903k12 SW corner [P904RE1R.J]
R0338D08P903f72 [P904RE1R.J]
R0338D10P903t [P904RE1R.J]
R0338D11P9034092 [P904RE1R.J]
R0338D12P9034075 [P904RE1R.J]
R0338D13P903m4073(9170)+89 [P904RE1R.J]
R0338D14P903463 [P904RE1R.J]
R0338D15P903401 [P904RE1R.J]
R0338D16P903163 [P904RE1R.J]
R0339D04P90340876 [P904RE1R.J]
R0339D05P90348950 [P904RE1R.J]
R0339D06P9039096 [P904RE1R.J]
R0339D07P903Arc 1b point 4 [P904RE1R.J]
R0339D07P903k12 SW corner [P904RE1R.J]
R0339D08P903f72 [P904RE1R.J]
R0339D10P903t [P904RE1R.J]
R0339D11P9034092 [P904RE1R.J]
R0339D12P9034075 [P904RE1R.J]
R0339D13P903m4073(9170)+89 [P904RE1R.J]
R0339D14P903425 [P904RE1R.J]
R0339D15P903374 [P904RE1R.J]
R0339D16P903163 [P904RE1R.J]
R0340D04P90340896 [P904RE1R.J]
R0340D05P90348945 [P904RE1R.J]
R0340D06P9039095 [P904RE1R.J]
R0340D07P903Arc 1c point 5 [P904RE1R.J]
R0340D07P903k12 SW corner [P904RE1R.J]
R0340D08P903f72 [P904RE1R.J]
R0340D10P903t [P904RE1R.J]
R0340D11P9034092 [P904RE1R.J]
R0340D12P9034075 [P904RE1R.J]
R0340D13P903m4073(9170)+88 [P904RE1R.J]
R0340D14P903413 [P904RE1R.J]
R0340D15P903379 [P904RE1R.J]
R0340D16P903163 [P904RE1R.J]
R0341D04P90340910 [P904RE1R.J]
R0341D05P90348964 [P904RE1R.J]
R0341D06P9039098 [P904RE1R.J]
R0341D07P903Arc 2a point 6 [P904RE1R.J]
R0341D07P903k12 SW corner [P904RE1R.J]
R0341D08P903f72 [P904RE1R.J]
R0341D10P903t [P904RE1R.J]
R0341D11P9034092 [P904RE1R.J]
R0341D12P9034075 [P904RE1R.J]
R0341D13P903m4073(9170)+91 [P904RE1R.J]
R0341D14P903390 [P904RE1R.J]
R0341D15P903361 [P904RE1R.J]
R0341D16P903163 [P904RE1R.J]
R0342D04P90340919 [P904RE1R.J]
R0342D05P90348997 [P904RE1R.J]
R0342D06P9039120 [P904RE1R.J]
R0342D07P903Arc 2b point 7 [P904RE1R.J]
R0342D07P903k12 SW corner [P904RE1R.J]
R0342D08P903f72 [P904RE1R.J]
R0342D10P903t [P904RE1R.J]
R0342D11P9034092 [P904RE1R.J]
R0342D12P9034075 [P904RE1R.J]
R0342D13P903m4073(9170)+113 [P904RE1R.J]
R0342D14P903362 [P904RE1R.J]
R0342D15P903329 [P904RE1R.J]
R0342D16P903163 [P904RE1R.J]
R0343D04P90340937 [P904RE1R.J]
R0343D05P90348998 [P904RE1R.J]
R0343D06P9039117 [P904RE1R.J]
R0343D07P903Arc 2c point 8 [P904RE1R.J]
R0343D07P903k12 SW corner [P904RE1R.J]
R0343D08P903f72 [P904RE1R.J]
R0343D10P903t [P904RE1R.J]
R0343D11P9034092 [P904RE1R.J]
R0343D12P9034075 [P904RE1R.J]
R0343D13P903m4073(9170)+110 [P904RE1R.J]
R0343D14P903347 [P904RE1R.J]
R0343D15P903330 [P904RE1R.J]
R0343D16P903163 [P904RE1R.J]
R0344D04P90340950 [P904RE1R.J]
R0344D05P90349013 [P904RE1R.J]
R0344D06P9039142 [P904RE1R.J]
R0344D07P903E1 point 9 [P904RE1R.J]
R0344D07P903k12 SW corner [P904RE1R.J]
R0344D08P903f72 [P904RE1R.J]
R0344D10P903t [P904RE1R.J]
R0344D11P9034092 [P904RE1R.J]
R0344D12P9034075 [P904RE1R.J]
R0344D13P903m4073(9170)+135 [P904RE1R.J]
R0344D14P903328 [P904RE1R.J]
R0344D15P903318 [P904RE1R.J]
R0344D16P903163 [P904RE1R.J]
R0345D04P90340965 [P904RE1R.J]
R0345D05P90349016 [P904RE1R.J]
R0345D06P9039133 [P904RE1R.J]
R0345D07P903E2 point 10 [P904RE1R.J]
R0345D07P903k12 SW corner [P904RE1R.J]
R0345D08P903f72 [P904RE1R.J]
R0345D10P903t [P904RE1R.J]
R0345D11P9034092 [P904RE1R.J]
R0345D12P9034075 [P904RE1R.J]
R0345D13P903m4073(9170)+126 [P904RE1R.J]
R0345D14P903314 [P904RE1R.J]
R0345D15P903318 [P904RE1R.J]
R0345D16P903163 [P904RE1R.J]
R0346D04P90340983 [P904RE1R.J]
R0346D05P90348991 [P904RE1R.J]
R0346D06P9039139 [P904RE1R.J]
R0346D07P903E3 point 11 [P904RE1R.J]
R0346D07P903k12 SW corner [P904RE1R.J]
R0346D08P903f72 [P904RE1R.J]
R0346D10P903t [P904RE1R.J]
R0346D11P9034092 [P904RE1R.J]
R0346D12P9034075 [P904RE1R.J]
R0346D13P903m4073(9170)+132 [P904RE1R.J]
R0346D14P903318 [P904RE1R.J]
R0346D15P903347 [P904RE1R.J]
R0346D16P903163 [P904RE1R.J]
R0347D04P90341006 [P904RE1R.J]
R0347D05P90349006 [P904RE1R.J]
R0347D06P9039147 [P904RE1R.J]
R0347D07P903NE corner point 12 [P904RE1R.J]
R0347D07P903k12 SW corner [P904RE1R.J]
R0347D08P903f72 [P904RE1R.J]
R0347D10P903t [P904RE1R.J]
R0347D11P9034092 [P904RE1R.J]
R0347D12P9034075 [P904RE1R.J]
R0347D13P903m4073(9170)+140 [P904RE1R.J]
R0347D14P903291 [P904RE1R.J]
R0347D15P903340 [P904RE1R.J]
R0347D16P903163 [P904RE1R.J]
R0348D04P90341019 [P904RE1R.J]
R0348D05P90348973 [P904RE1R.J]
R0348D06P9039157 [P904RE1R.J]
R0348D07P903NW corner point 13 [P904RE1R.J]
R0348D07P903k12 SW corner [P904RE1R.J]
R0348D08P903f72 [P904RE1R.J]
R0348D10P903t [P904RE1R.J]
R0348D11P9034092 [P904RE1R.J]
R0348D12P9034075 [P904RE1R.J]
R0348D13P903m4073(9170)+150 [P904RE1R.J]
R0348D14P903309 [P904RE1R.J]
R0348D15P903376 [P904RE1R.J]
R0348D16P903163 [P904RE1R.J]
R0349D04P90340848 [P904RE1R.J]
R0349D05P90348986 [P904RE1R.J]
R0349D06P9038884 [P904RE1R.J]
R0349D07P903NE corner [P904RE1R.J]
R0349D07P903k105 [P904RE1R.J]
R0349D08P903q121 [P904RE1R.J]
R0349D10P903t [P904RE1R.J]
R0349D11P9034240 [P904RE1R.J]
R0349D12P9034241 [P904RE1R.J]
R0349D13P903m4239(8964)+83 [P904RE1R.J]
R0349D14P903139 [P904RE1R.J]
R0349D15P903188 [P904RE1R.J]
R0349D16P903163 [P904RE1R.J]
R0350D04P90339300 [P904RE1R.J]
R0350D05P90348303 [P904RE1R.J]
R0350D06P9038928 [P904RE1R.J]
R0350D07P903N half k103 [P904RE1R.J]
R0350D07P903NE corner [P904RE1R.J]
R0350D08P903q120 [P904RE1R.J]
R0350D10P903t [P904RE1R.J]
R0350D11P9034216 [P904RE1R.J]
R0350D12P9034215 [P904RE1R.J]
R0350D13P903m4216(9071)+20 [P904RE1R.J]
R0350D14P903203 [P904RE1R.J]
R0350D15P903161 [P904RE1R.J]
R0350D16P903163 [P904RE1R.J]
R0351D04P90539173 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0351D05P90548659 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0351D06P9058915 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0351D07P905NE corner [Q427JW-R.J]
R0351D07P905k103 less step [Q427JW-R.J]
R0351D08P905q122 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0351D10P905t [Q427JW-R.J]
R0351D11P9054217 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0351D12P9054216 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0351D13P905m4216(9071)+12 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0351D14P905205 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0351D15P905175 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0351D16P905168 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0352D04P90540730 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0352D05P90548992 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0352D06P9058882 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0352D07P905NW corner [Q427JW-R.J]
R0352D07P905k105 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0352D08P905q123 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0352D10P905t [Q427JW-R.J]
R0352D11P9054239 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0352D12P9054241 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0352D13P905m4239(8964)+81 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0352D14P905140 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0352D15P905190 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0352D16P905163 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0353D04P90540803 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0353D05P90549164 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0353D06P9058882 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0353D07P905NE corner [Q427JW-R.J]
R0353D07P905k105 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0353D08P905f74 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0353D10P905t [Q427JW-R.J]
R0353D11P9054239 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0353D12P9054240 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0353D13P905m4239(8964)+81 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0353D14P905192 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0353D15P905131 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0353D16P905163 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0354D04P90540714 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0354D05P90549130 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0354D06P9058882 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0354D07P905SE corner [Q427JW-R.J]
R0354D07P905k105 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0354D08P905f74 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0354D10P905t [Q427JW-R.J]
R0354D11P9054239 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0354D12P9054240 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0354D13P905m4239(8964)+81 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0354D14P905213 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0354D15P905207 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0354D16P905163 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0355D04P90540745 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0355D05P90549041 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0355D06P9058882 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0355D07P905SE corner point 1 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0355D07P905k105 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0355D08P905f74 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0355D10P905t [Q427JW-R.J]
R0355D11P9054239 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0355D12P9054240 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0355D13P905m4239(8964)+81 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0355D14P905137 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0355D15P905186 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0355D16P905163 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0356D04P90540711 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0356D05P90549018 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0356D06P9058882 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0356D07P905SE corner point 2 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0356D07P905k105 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0356D08P905f74 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0356D10P905t [Q427JW-R.J]
R0356D11P9054239 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0356D12P9054240 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0356D13P905m4239(8964)+81 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0356D14P905163 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0356D15P905227 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0356D16P905163 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0357D04P90540770 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0357D05P90548945 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0357D06P9058882 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0357D07P905SW corner [Q427JW-R.J]
R0357D07P905k105 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0357D08P905f74 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0357D10P905t [Q427JW-R.J]
R0357D11P9054239 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0357D12P9054240 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0357D13P905m4239(8964)+81 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0357D14P905107 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0357D15P905219 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0357D16P905163 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0358D04P90540730 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0358D05P90548992 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0358D06P9058882 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0358D07P905NW corner [Q427JW-R.J]
R0358D07P905k105 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0358D08P905f74 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0358D10P905t [Q427JW-R.J]
R0358D11P9054239 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0358D12P9054241 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0358D13P905m4239(8964)+81 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0358D14P905140 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0358D15P905190 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0358D16P905163 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0359D04P90640892 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0359D05P90648893 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0359D06P9069085 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0359D07P906NW corner [Q427JW-R.J]
R0359D07P906k12 W baulk [Q427JW-R.J]
R0359D08P906f78 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0359D10P906t [Q427JW-R.J]
R0359D11P9064092 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0359D12P9064093 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0359D13P906m4073(9170)+79 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0359D14P906452 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0359D15P906448 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0359D16P906164 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0360D04P90640888 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0360D05P90648917 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0360D06P9069085 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0360D07P906NE corner [Q427JW-R.J]
R0360D07P906k12 W baulk [Q427JW-R.J]
R0360D08P906f78 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0360D10P906t [Q427JW-R.J]
R0360D11P9064092 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0360D12P9064093 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0360D13P906m4073(9170)+79 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0360D14P906438 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0360D15P906425 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0360D16P906164 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0361D04P90640838 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0361D05P90648902 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0361D06P9069056 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0361D07P906SE corner [Q427JW-R.J]
R0361D07P906k12 W baulk [Q427JW-R.J]
R0361D08P906f78 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0361D10P906t [Q427JW-R.J]
R0361D11P9064092 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0361D12P9064093 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0361D13P906m4073(9170)+50 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0361D14P906485 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0361D15P906447 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0361D16P906164 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0362D04P90640841 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0362D05P90648889 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0362D06P9069056 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0362D07P906SW corner [Q427JW-R.J]
R0362D07P906k12 W baulk [Q427JW-R.J]
R0362D08P906f78 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0362D10P906t [Q427JW-R.J]
R0362D11P9064092 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0362D12P9064093 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0362D13P906m4073(9170)+50 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0362D14P906491 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0362D15P906459 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0362D16P906164 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0363D04P90640836 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0363D05P90648898 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0363D06P9069061 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0363D07P906NW corner [Q427JW-R.J]
R0363D07P906k12 W baulk [Q427JW-R.J]
R0363D08P906f79 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0363D10P906t [Q427JW-R.J]
R0363D11P9064092 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0363D12P9064093 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0363D13P906m4073(9170)+55 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0363D14P906489 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0363D15P906451 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0363D16P906164 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0364D04P90640818 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0364D05P90648908 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0364D06P9069061 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0364D07P906NE corner [Q427JW-R.J]
R0364D07P906k12 W baulk [Q427JW-R.J]
R0364D08P906f79 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0364D10P906t [Q427JW-R.J]
R0364D11P9064092 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0364D12P9064093 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0364D13P906m4073(9170)+55 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0364D14P906496 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0364D15P906445 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0364D16P906164 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0365D04P90640803 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0365D05P90648903 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0365D06P9069036 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0365D07P906SE corner [Q427JW-R.J]
R0365D07P906k12 W baulk [Q427JW-R.J]
R0365D08P906f79 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0365D10P906t [Q427JW-R.J]
R0365D11P9064092 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0365D12P9064093 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0365D13P906m4073(9170)+30 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0365D14P906511 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0365D15P906454 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0365D16P906164 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0366D04P90640815 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0366D05P90648882 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0366D06P9069036 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0366D07P906SW corner [Q427JW-R.J]
R0366D07P906k12 W baulk [Q427JW-R.J]
R0366D08P906f79 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0366D10P906t [Q427JW-R.J]
R0366D11P9064092 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0366D12P9064093 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0366D13P906m4073(9170)+30 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0366D14P906515 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0366D15P906471 [Q427JW-R.J]
R0366D16P906164 [Q427JW-R.J]
V0002O15P806k12,k13,k100 [P807GM.J]
V0002O22P806N [P807GM.J]
V0002O25P806View showing condition of loci, k13 and k100 prior to the planned start of its excavation. There is a slight upslope from south to north to the top of a mound upon which was built a series of temples (BA). The vegetation is typical of the entire site - weeds with large, deep roots not eaten by grazing caprids. It was originally anticipated that these loci would be used for a deep sounding to explore the methodology used to construct the monumental wall which defines the outer extent of the mound, but we later decided to excavate closer to the wall. Therefore these loci were never excavated. [P807GM.J]
V0002AO15P806k1,k11,k12,k13,k21,k100 [P807GM.J]
V0002AO21P806m [P807GM.J]
V0002AO22P806S [P807GM.J]
V0002AO25P806Sub-view to the south showing condition of loci k13 and k100 prior to the planned start of excavation, as well as their relationship to loci k11 and k12 which straddled the monumental wall and were excavated. [P807GM.J]
V0002BO15P806k12,k100 [P807GM.J]
V0002BO21P806t [P807GM.J]
V0002BO22P806S [P807GM.J]
V0002BO25P806View showing condition of locus k100 prior to its planned excavation. Locus k12 appears at the top of the photo which was taken soon after excavation began. [P807GM.J]
V0003O12P806f2,f3,f4,f5,f6,f20,f21,f41 [P807GM.J]
V0003O15P806k12 [P807GM.J]
V0003O16P806m3931,m3932,m4007 [P807GM.J]
V0003O22P806N [P807GM.J]
V0003O25P806View of the first non-soil features exposed after the removal of a thin layer of topsoil from k12. It consists of a tannur, f3, an associated working surface, f4 and five large floating stones, f5,f6,f20,f21,f41. All were found in a matrix of loess, f2. On the template are plotted survey markers m4007, m3931, and m3932 which provide a geo-reference for the photograph. [P807GM.J]
V0003AO12P806f2,f3,f4,f5,f6 [P807GM.J]
V0003AO15P806k12 [P807GM.J]
V0003AO21P806w [P807GM.J]
V0003AO22P806E [P807GM.J]
V0003AO25P806Sub-view to the east, highlighting the relationship of the German exploratory trench, the north edge of the monumental wall apron and the excavated features in k12. [P807GM.J]
V0003BO12P806f2,f3,f4,f5,f6,f20,f21 [P807GM.J]
V0003BO15P806k12 [P807GM.J]
V0003BO21P806m [P807GM.J]
V0003BO22P806S [P807GM.J]
V0003BO25P806Sub-view to the south showing the relationship between the working surface, f4, and the two floating stones, f5, f6. The dirt-covered tops of more floating stones, f20, f21, can be seen in the lower right-hand corner. [P807GM.J]
V0003CO12P806f2,f3,f6 [P807GM.J]
V0003CO15P806k12 [P807GM.J]
V0003CO21P806t [P807GM.J]
V0003CO22P806W [P807GM.J]
V0003CO25P806Sub-view to the west, highlighting the tannur, f3, whose rim is just beginning to be exposed along the west baulk. Due to the shallow depth of the tannur we presume that it was used during a post-abandonment late period of scattered occupation. [P807GM.J]
V0004O12P804f2,f3,f4,f5,f6,f20,f21,f45 [P807GM.J]
V0004O15P804k12 [P807GM.J]
V0004O22P804NW [P807GM.J]
V0004O25P804View of tannur, f3, probably constructed during scattered occupation, at a point in the excavtion where it was about half exposed. [P807GM.J]
V0004AO12P804f3 [P807GM.J]
V0004AO21P804t [P807GM.J]
V0004AO22P804S [P807GM.J]
V0004AO25P804Closeup of tannur, f3. [P807GM.J]
V0005O12P804f3,f4,f6,f20,f21 [P807GM.J]
V0005O15P804k12 [P807GM.J]
V0005O22P804WSW [P807GM.J]
V0005O25P804View of the excavated tannur, f3. Also shown are a related working surface, f4, and three floating stones, f6,f20,21. [P807GM.J]
V0005AO12P804f3 [P807GM.J]
V0005AO15P804k11,k12,k13 [P807GM.J]
V0005AO21P804w [P807GM.J]
V0005AO22P804W [P807GM.J]
V0005AO25P804Sub-view of excavated tannur, f3, as seen along the north edge of a wall apron ,f10, that was exposed during the course of excavation by a German team several seasons ago. closeup of tannur [P807GM.J]
V0011O12P815f2,f10,f11,f21,f26,f30,f31,f33,f34,f35,f36,f37,f38,f39,f40,f41,f44,f45 [P823GM5.J]
V0011O15P815k12,k101 [P823GM5.J]
V0011O22P815N [P823GM5.J]
V0011O25P815This major photograph, taken of k12 and k101 at a point in the excavation when the extent and composition of the monumental wall, f11, and its apron were almost fully exposed, shows a number of the phases of use and later abandonment. It was also taken just before we began to excavate the typological column, f102/f104. [P823GM5.J]
V0011AO15P815k12,k101 [P823GM5.J]
V0011AO21P815t [P823GM5.J]
V0011AO22P815N [P823GM5.J]
V0011AO25P815This subview, taken from nearly overhead shows the major stone work of the monumental wall, f11, and the apron, f10. At this point we were in the process of trying to determine which of the large limestone blocks were part of the walls and which were "floating" ones were residue from deteriorated strutures that had washed down from higher in the slope. The vertical south face of f11 was just being exposed and can be seen in the lower left part of the photo. There is a group of large limestone blocks, f39, f40, in the bottom center of the photo which may be a buttress. [P823GM5.J]
V0011BO15P815k12,k101 [P823GM5.J]
V0011BO21P815w [P823GM5.J]
V0011BO22P815N [P823GM5.J]
V0011BO25P815This sub-view, taken with a wide-angle lens illustrates the total scope of the excavated portions of loci k12 and k101. [P823GM5.J]
V0011CO12P815f11,f40 [P823GM5.J]
V0011CO15P815k101 [P823GM5.J]
V0011CO21P815t [P823GM5.J]
V0011CO22P815N [P823GM5.J]
V0011CO25P815Closeup of the vertical south face of the monumental wall, f11 along the west edge of k101. Part of a large limestone block, f40 appears in the bottom right of the photo. [P823GM5.J]
V0011DO12P815f39,f40 [P823GM5.J]
V0011DO15P815k101 [P823GM5.J]
V0011DO21P815t [P823GM5.J]
V0011DO22P815N [P823GM5.J]
V0011DO25P815Closeup of the large limestone block, f40 and the conglomeration of smaller blocks and mud, f39, along the south face of monumental wall, f11. At this point, it was unclear whether f40 and f39 were part of a natural, post-abandonment or whether they were constructed during active use to buttress the wall. [P823GM5.J]
V0011EO12P815f11 [P823GM5.J]
V0011EO15P815k101 [P823GM5.J]
V0011EO21P815t [P823GM5.J]
V0011EO22P815N [P823GM5.J]
V0011EO25P815This sub-view shows the eastern part of the south part of monumental wall, f11. The south face has not been exposed at this point. [P823GM5.J]
V0011FO12P815f11,f39,f40 [P823GM5.J]
V0011FO15P815k101 [P823GM5.J]
V0011FO21P815t [P823GM5.J]
V0011FO22P815NE [P823GM5.J]
V0011FO25P815This subview taken from a low angle and looking north across the top of the exposed top of the monumental wall, f11, shows the possible path of a rock fall which could have deposited f40 and f39, which appear in the foreground. [P823GM5.J]
V0012O12P815f1,f2,f10,f21,f26,f31,f33,f34,f36,f37,f38,f41,f44,f45 [P823GM5.J]
V0012O15P815k12 [P823GM5.J]
V0012O22P815N [P823GM5.J]
V0012O25P815View of the north section of k12, taken with the horizontal reference string and feature labels still attached. Two large floating stones, f21 and f41, are supported by pedistals, pending excavation of the north baulk. [P823GM5.J]
V0012AO15P815k12 [P823GM5.J]
V0012AO21P815m [P823GM5.J]
V0012AO22P815N [P823GM5.J]
V0012AO25P815Subview of the N section, without the string and labels. [P823GM5.J]
V0013O12P816f1,f2,f10,f11,f31,f33,f34,f37,f38,f42 [P823GM5.J]
V0013O15P816k12,k101 [P823GM5.J]
V0013O22P816E [P823GM5.J]
V0013O25P816This view illustrates the relationship between the apron stones, k10, in k101, and the structures to the east and south. Several years ago, a German team excavated an E-W trench to the east of k12/k101 which revealed a line of large limestone blocks extending along the south baulk of their trench. This line of stones matches the north edge of apron stones, f10 in J03k101. This series of views also provides evidence to resolve the issue of whether the apron, f10, was built as a part of the monumental wall, f11, in Phase 1 (ED III) or was added subsequently as decoration in Phase 5 (Khabur) or 6 (Mittani). [P823GM5.J]
V0013AO12P816f1,f2,f10,f11,f31,f33,f34,f37,f38,f42 [P823GM5.J]
V0013AO15P816k12,k101 [P823GM5.J]
V0013AO21P816t [P823GM5.J]
V0013AO22P816E [P823GM5.J]
V0013AO25P816This sub-view of the east section of k12 and extending into k101, best shows the stratigraphy associated with the apron stones towards E section. It appears as if the stones were laid on top of accumulation, f33, which overlays fill, f34, the top level of material datable to Phase 1. Note that the scoring that separated f33 and f31 in the vicinity of the vertical reference stick is in error. The photo clearly shows that f33 contines to angle upward to the north crossing the stick at the red/white boundary rather than in the middle of the red band. The photo also shows that the stones of the south edge of the apron, f10, are higher than the stones of the north edge of the monumental wall, f11. Furhermore, the edge stones do not abut. [P823GM5.J]
V0013BO12P816f1,f2,f10,f11,f31,f33,f34,f37,f38,f42 [P823GM5.J]
V0013BO15P816k12,k101 [P823GM5.J]
V0013BO21P816t [P823GM5.J]
V0013BO22P816SE [P823GM5.J]
V0013BO25P816This view to the SE shows another aspect of the relationship between the Phase 1 and Phase 5/6 accumulations and construction. It seems to show accumulation, f31, building up behind the apron stones, f10, and contrasts with the layers of fill, f34, f38, f42, which were part of the Phase 1 constrution of monumental wall, f11, and the temple BA mound which rose to the north (left in photo) behind it in this sector. [P823GM5.J]
V0013CO12P816f10,f31,f33,f34,f38,f42 [P823GM5.J]
V0013CO15P816k12,k101 [P823GM5.J]
V0013CO21P816t [P823GM5.J]
V0013CO22P816SE [P823GM5.J]
V0013CO25P816This closeup of the apron, f10, and the material underneath shows the stones laid on top of the fill layers, f34. f38, f42, which comprise the Phase 1 temple mound. It is more evidence that the apron was a late addition to the wall/mound/temple complex. [P823GM5.J]
V0014O12P816f39,f47,f48,f85,f91 [P823GM5.J]
V0014O13P816i4 [P823GM5.J]
V0014O15P816k101 [P823GM5.J]
V0014O22P816NE [P823GM5.J]
V0014O25P816View showing some of the components of f39, a conglomeration of large limstone blocks and soil immediately to the south of monumental wall, f11. In the area between the individual blocks (eventually designated f48, f85, and f91) one can see the base of a small Mittani cup, i4, as well as slag, i4.1, probably from metal working. [P823GM5.J]
V0014AO12P816f39,f47 [P823GM5.J]
V0014AO13P816i4 [P823GM5.J]
V0014AO15P816k101 [P823GM5.J]
V0014AO21P816t [P823GM5.J]
V0014AO22P816SW [P823GM5.J]
V0014AO25P816The sub-view is a closeup of f39, showing in more detail the cup base whose location is indicated by the spot pointer. [P823GM5.J]
V0017O12P825f10,f11,f43,f50,f66,f67,f68,f72,f85,f91 [P904GM5.J]
V0017O15P825k12,k101 [P904GM5.J]
V0017O22P825N [P904GM5.J]
V0017O25P825This series of views, taken after the monumental wall, f11, and apron, f10 were fully excavated, allows us to evaluate their extent after the last modifications were made, probably in Phase 5, the Mittani period. From this photograph, it appears as if the large limestone blocks f66, f67, and f68 were part of the wall prior to abandonment. They were set in, but not covered with plaster-like mud. They appear to be on the northernmost of three E-W lines of similar blocks that form the extant top of the wall. They were later removed for safety reasons as we excavated just to the north of them to explore how the wall was constructed. The three subviews are all taken looking south towards the north face of the wall and illustrate how the most intact of several layers of bakhia, f50, sealed the surface extending from the wall up to the temple BA. [P904GM5.J]
V0017AO12P825f10,f11,f50,f72 [P904GM5.J]
V0017AO15P825k12,k101 [P904GM5.J]
V0017AO21P825t [P904GM5.J]
V0017AO22P825S [P904GM5.J]
V0017AO25P825This sub-view shows the bakhia layer, f50. Although at first we thought that it was the top surface of the temple mound, this photo illustrates that it abuts the wall about 50cm. below the top, and therefore must be an intermediate surface, perhaps marking the end of seasonal construction. Several more layers of fill would have been subsequently placed above f50 and another layer of bakhia, bricks and stones would have marked the true top. This photo shows that the N-S line of limestone blocks, f72, were laid atop the highest layer of fill, f34, that we can positively associate with the temple mound. It is possible that they were a part of the apron system, f10. One can also see the limestone blocks, f66-68, hanging over the north edge of the wall, necessitating their removal when we began to excavate directly below them. [P904GM5.J]
V0017BO12P825f10,f11,f50,f66,f67,f68 [P904GM5.J]
V0017BO15P825k12,k101 [P904GM5.J]
V0017BO21P825t [P904GM5.J]
V0017BO22P825S [P904GM5.J]
V0017BO25P825Subview showing the interface of the bakhia layer, f50, and the inside face (N) of wall, f11. The bakia layer in this vicinity was later removed as a part of the excavation of the typological column, k102/k104. [P904GM5.J]
V0017CO12P825f10,f11,f50,f68 [P904GM5.J]
V0017CO15P825k12,k101 [P904GM5.J]
V0017CO21P825t [P904GM5.J]
V0017CO22P825S [P904GM5.J]
V0017CO25P825Subview showing details of the upper part of wall, f11, construction. [P904GM5.J]
V0018O12P825f53,f54 [P904GM5.J]
V0018O15P825k103 [P904GM5.J]
V0018O22P825E [P904GM5.J]
V0018O25P825This view shows an installation of two large stones, which sit in the first layer of natural accumulation, f53, below the surface topsoil, f52. The stones were placed, but not founded within f53 as it built up, and later covered. This is most likely a simple installation constructed during scattered occupation after abandonment. [P904GM5.J]
V0018AO12P825f54 [P904GM5.J]
V0018AO15P825k103 [P904GM5.J]
V0018AO21P825t [P904GM5.J]
V0018AO22P825S [P904GM5.J]
V0018AO25P825Subview closeup of stones, f54, showing they were not founded [P904GM5.J]
V0047O12Q812f98,f99 [RX31JW.J]
V0047O15Q812k21 [RX31JW.J]
V0047O22Q812N [RX31JW.J]
V0047O25Q812Photograph of locus k21 just after it had been cleaned and prior to excavation. The locus had been partially dug in MZ 17 as part of unit J2's attempts to find the top of the revetment wall, f11, but abandoned when that season ended. One can see the first accumulation to be excavated. f98, and a large limestone block, f99. [RX31JW.J]
V0048O12Q813f102,f103 [RX31JW.J]
V0048O15Q813k21 [RX31JW.J]
V0048O22Q813E [RX31JW.J]
V0048O25Q813This is a photograph of locus k21 the day after excavation had been started. A large limestone block, f102, can be seen in the east section as can the working natural accumulation, f103. [RX31JW.J]
V0053O12Q815f98,f103,f126,f129,f139 [RX31JW.J]
V0053O15Q815k21,k108 [RX31JW.J]
V0053O22Q815N [RX31JW.J]
V0053O25Q815This view is of the north section of locus k21, which will be combined with locus k22 to the north to form locus k108. The features are numbered in a curious way because excavation this season began below the tell surface when an effort in a previous season to find the revetment wall by J2 was stopped due to higher priority needs elsewhere. So the topsoil is f126, while the starting point of the excavation was f98, two layers below. The photo was taken with a wide-angle lens which exhibited considerable distortion at the edges. Even so, the boundary between accumulations f103 and f139 suggest that perhaps there had been a gully along that boundary after abandonment. [RX31JW.J]
V0053AO12Q815f98,f103,f126,f129,f139 [RX31JW.J]
V0053AO15Q815k21,k108 [RX31JW.J]
V0053AO21Q815t [RX31JW.J]
V0053AO22Q815N [RX31JW.J]
V0053AO25Q815The same section without the string. [RX31JW.J]
V0058O12Q816f103,f134,f135 [RX31JW.J]
V0058O15Q816k21 [RX31JW.J]
V0058O22Q816N [RX31JW.J]
V0058O25Q816This is a view of two large limestone blocks which were found relatively close to the surface and well above the revetment wall, f11, and the memory stones which were placed above f11 when it became covered in the Mittani Period. Typically we have considered them secondarily deposited by natural forces, but in the case of these two we cannot rule out placement by humans as part of some structure in the period of scattered occupation. [RX31JW.J]
V0088O12Q829f172,f174,f177,f181,f182,f184,f185,f186,f187 [RX31JW.J]
V0088O15Q829k109 [RX31JW.J]
V0088O22Q829E [RX31JW.J]
V0088O25Q829This is a photograph of the east section of k109. It shows a series of natural accumulations which generally slope down from north (left) to south (right). Three large limestone blocks roughly in a line are also shown. The elevation reference string is level, but was not framed this way in the camera. The north reference arrow was also omitted. [RX31JW.J]
V0088AO12Q829f172,f174,f177,f181,f182,f184,f185,f186,f187 [RX31JW.J]
V0088AO15Q829k109 [RX31JW.J]
V0088AO21Q829m [RX31JW.J]
V0088AO22Q829E [RX31JW.J]
V0088AO25Q829This alternate view shows the E section of k109 without the elevation reference. [RX31JW.J]
V0090O12Q829f194,f196,f197 [RX31JW.J]
V0090O15Q829k109 [RX31JW.J]
V0090O22Q829W [RX31JW.J]
V0090O25Q829This photograph of the northern part of k109 was taken just before the third glacis, f241 was exposed. In a matrix of brownish soil which covered the glacis, f194, was found a consolidated mass of gray soil, pottery sherds, limestones, sand stones, f197. On the periphery was a lens of soil that was more brown and that contained numerous small, white roots. [RX31JW.J]
V0091O11Q829a7 [RX31JW.J]
V0091O12Q829f50,f109,f152 [RX31JW.J]
V0091O15Q829k12,k13,k23 [RX31JW.J]
V0091O22Q829N [RX31JW.J]
V0091O25Q829This photograph documents the progress of the excavtions at a point where the Early Dynastic Period elements, the revetment wall, f11; the apron, f10; and the baqaya glacis, f50 and f109 had been excavated. Elements built during the Mittani period and later such as the wahal glacis, f152, and the living space installation, a7 had been excavated, but preserved in place to aid in stratigraphich analysis. [RX31JW.J]
V0092O11Q829a4,a7 [RX31JW.J]
V0092O12Q829f3,f109,f112,f117,f130,f132,f173,f195,f201 [RX31JW.J]
V0092O22Q829SW [RX31JW.J]
V0092O25Q829This photograph shows many of the components of a late occupational domestic installation, a7, which includes a tannur, f3, two working surfaces f4 (not shown) and f173, and two lines of large limestone blocks, a4 and two blocks from a second line of limestone blocks, f195 ,and f201. [RX31JW.J]
V0092AO11Q829a5,a7 [RX31JW.J]
V0092AO21Q829m [RX31JW.J]
V0092AO22Q829S [RX31JW.J]
V0092AO25Q829This subview shows the lines of stones from a different angle. In the foreground of the photo is pit a5, which was cut and used at a much earlier time and is not related to the elements that are the subject of the main view. [RX31JW.J]
V0099O12Q901f218 [RX31JW.J]
V0099O15Q901k91 [RX31JW.J]
V0099O22Q901N [RX31JW.J]
V0099O25Q901This photograph shows k91, just before excavation began. One can see that the surface is flat and dusty, a situation resulting from its location in the area of the original plaza associated with the BA temple and from the fact that it served as a temporary road to facilitate removal of backdirt. This was one of four loci excavated primarily to establish sight lines for visitors to observe the revetment wall, apron, staircase and other components of the temple mound from a viewing platform south of the revetment wall. [RX31JW.J]
V0100O12Q901f219 [RX31JW.J]
V0100O15Q901k93 [RX31JW.J]
V0100O22Q901N [RX31JW.J]
V0100O25Q901This photograph shows k93, just before excavation began. One can see that the surface is flat and dusty, a situation resulting from its location in the area of the original plaza associated with the BA temple and from the fact that it served as a temporary road to facilitate removal of backdirt. This was one of four loci excavated primarily to establish sight lines for visitors to observe the revetment wall, apron, staircase and other components of the temple mound from a viewing platform south of the revetment wall. [RX31JW.J]
V0105O12Q903f152,f173 [RX31JW.J]
V0105O15Q903k22,k23 [RX31JW.J]
V0105O22Q903N [RX31JW.J]
V0105O25Q903This photograph shows a late stage in the use of the north part of the wahal glacis, f152. A large quantity of soil has covered the lower part of the wahal glacis and has been used as a path or a floor. This can be verified by the levelness of the surface and the fact that the pottery sherds are all oriented horizontally. This floor is at the same elevation (9200) as a nearby tannur and a line of stones, all suggesting that they may have been part of a living space, a7. [RX31JW.J]
V0105AO12Q903f173 [RX31JW.J]
V0105AO15Q903k22 [RX31JW.J]
V0105AO21Q903t [RX31JW.J]
V0105AO22Q903E [RX31JW.J]
V0105AO25Q903Closeup of floor showing imbedded sherds laying flat. [RX31JW.J]

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