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G. Buccellati, 2010; Laerke Recht & Rick Hauser, 2012-
Updated July 2014

Video clip 7
Rain water eddy in C2

Date February, 2009
Cameraman Diadin Mustapha
Format .MP4
File size 7.5 MB
Duration 44 seconds


Rainwater Eddy in C2

           Winter rains can be so strong that they cause veritable streams to form on the surface of the tell (the so-called wadis). The intensity and velocity of the water is surprising, and it explains some of the features we find in the excavations, for instance the channels in J5 and the erosion in J2. These events cut through features, often to the frustration and dismay of those excavating.
           The scene is south of J7, and when the camera pans to follow the water stream, the view is towards the south of the Tell.

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The term "video" is used here instead of "film", as these sequences are raw unedited footage (as the term is taken customarily to mean).