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Laerke Recht, 2012-

Video clip 9
Bull being slaughtered
Part I

Date 30 August 2012
Cameraman Giorgio Buccellati
Laerke Recht
Editor Laerke Recht
Format .MP4
File size 7.8 MB
Duration 1.52 minutes (no sound)
Warning Strong images, including blood

Description    We witness the butcher Augusto Crosetti and his team slaughter a bull. The first part shows what happens immediately after the animal is killed: it is hanged upside down by the back legs and the head is cut off. Macellerie Crosetti, Crodo (VB), Italy.
Notes    The sequence is of particular interest in relation to the Akkadian seal A15.270. This seal depicts a bull held upside down by the back legs by two priests (rather than a machine as is done by the modern butcher here); the bull's head has been cut off, and one of the priests holds a dagger or knife in his hand. We see here how easy it in fact is to cut off the head. The butcher does not cut the bone itself, but rather softer tissue between vertebrae. The instrument used by the butcher is a double-edged blade not unlike that depicted on our seal. The double edge means that the tool can move in two directions once it has pierced the throat of the animal.
Featuring Augusto Crosetti

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