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Laerke Recht & Rick Hauser, 2014-
Updated July 2014

Film clip 34
M'saq's kiln

Date 1992
Editor Rick Hauser
Format .MP4
File size 26.2 MB
Duration 2.06 minutes


M'saq's Kiln

It is somewhat chastening to realize that complex operations can be executed with the simplest of means. In this case, Qamishli potter M'saq, a long-time associate of the staff at Tell Mozan, builds - from the ground up - a kiln to fire pottery. He uses the very same materials that constitute the pots themselves. However, here, the structure is almost monumental, reminiscent of Mycenae's "beehive tombs".

Featuring              M'saq
             Giorgio Buccellati
             Marilyn Kelly-Buccellati (voiceover)

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