1: G. Buccellati, February 2009


Different tiers - e.g. Alphabetic texts vs. more complex Digital monographs.
Use the Urkesh Journal idea to highlight special topics, even if marginal?

     Listed below are links to the more complex portions of the website that are completed or close to completion. Once the website opens to the public, this section will include links to important new portions of the website.
     See also the shortcuts to the Grammar and to the UGR.

title description
Digital thought A thorough presentation of the principles that underlie our digital approach, especially as used in this website.
Royal inscriptions Edition of the main royal inscriptions from Urkesh.
Seal legends Edition of inscribed seal legends from the time of Tupkish and Tar'am-Agade.
Site presentation A description of the extensive program of site presentation at Tell Mozan, with full access to some two-hundred panels posted at the site.
Human figurines Publication of the corpus of human figurines from the excavations.
e-Library Full online version of all official publications of the Expedition, with a substantial annotated bibliography.
Index to publications A detailed index to all references to features and items found in the paper publications.