1: G. Buccellati, April 2011


     Were you to drop by at the physical site of Tell Mozan, ancient Urkesh, my welcome would be warm and personal.
     By necessity, my welcome to the Urkesh website remains, alas, anonymous – for I cannot sense how fleeting the time of your visit might be, or, conversely, what a full measure of interest you might be bringing to this website.
image at site

     Anonymous, perhaps, but still warm and personal, because I have had both of you in mind during my long work on this project – you the casual tourist and you the purposeful visitor, the hurried as well as the deeply interested.
     Hence the use of this preface as a threshold, a point of encounter. (The very notion of a "preface" may seem anachronistic at first because, fragmented and non-linear, a website does not seem to be a structure with a starting point. But one may argue to the contrary.)
     The Urkesh website is a complex structure: it aims to be intuitive in its format, but its complexity may be daunting.
     If you are in a hurry, but have already spent enough time to get this far, you will find help in the
Guide for the first timers.
     If instead you have a specific purpose but are not clear on how to pursue it, you will find help in the
Guide for the perplexed.
     If you have been here before, you may just want to look at the current highlights.
     If you have a comment, please send it to the Urkesh webmaster.
     Just as on a visit to Mozan you may or may not find me to welcome you personally,
someone from the staff will get back to you.
     In the meantime, a warm cyber-welcome...