1: G. Buccellati, March 2002

The main sections (top bar)

     The eleven major sections of the website, plus the Search function, are listed in the top bar of every page. They are briefly described below.

1. Introductory sections
Overview of the archaeo­logical site of Tell Mozan, ancient Urkesh, for the occasional visitor, with general background information about the history, the archaeology and the project
Project informs the visitor about the organization that lays behind our archaeological endeavor, and the people that make it possible
Website describes the conceptual goals and the design of urkesh.org, with a full site map and other technical details about the digital aspects of the website

Education assists non-specialists, from children to lay persons, to gain a deeper insight into the discoveries at Urkesh

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2. Specialized synthesis

Methodology is a scholarly section that deals with the operational aspects of the excavation and the follow-up research
Setting presents the individual excavation units, and within them the sequences that can be identified in the ground
Typology offers a thorough overview of the major individual finds, from architecture to objects, sorted by category
Interpretation is a scholarly section that builds on the data and presents our own reconstruction of the Urkesh cultural universe

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3. Detailed documentation and dissemination

Community includes events, activities and updates in the local Mozan community and state of the site.
Preservation describes the principles that govern our approach to conservation and restoration viewed as an integral part of the publication process, and the concrete results obtained so far.
Record gives the full documentary evidence for each of the excavation units
e-Library offers a complete bibliography, with extensive abstracts and the full online version of books and articles by staff members

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Search provides the standard tools and utilitites for working online within the web site

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