1: G. Buccellati, March 2002

Digital books

     The Urkesh website serves as a portal for a number of "digital books" that are, in effect, separate websites.
     The main type consists of the books devoted to individual excavation units: they are accessed from left sidebar in the section on the RECORD.
     A special case cosists of books that deal with special topics relating to the Global Record.
     The first is the Grammar of the Archaeological Record (G. Buccellati), a technical and theoretical presentation that serves as the scaffolding for the entire system.
     The book on Ceramics (M. Kelly-Buccellati) gives a complete presentation of the categorization system used, with exhaustive explanations and catalogs.
     Similarly, the book on Glyptics (M. Kelly-Buccellati) explains in full the categorization system, and gives a comprehensive catalog of all types identified at Urkesh.