1: G. Buccellati, February 2003


A gallery of images
The UNICUM gallery

A gallery of images

     A “kaleidscope” is literally “the viewing of beautiful images” (from Greek). It is also the optical instrument that produces random sym­me­trical patterns of light and color. That is what you will find here – a gallery of views that flows as if a stream of consciousness, without developing an argument or explaining anything, aiming only and frankly at provoking a strong first impression of enjoyment and even of awe in front of the beauty that our project has in store for us.
     The title of this section refers to the many “faces,” ancient and modern, that make our excavations so profoundly evocative – as if we could actually look at these ancient persons and animals in the eye the same way that we enjoy the view of the same landscape they did enjoy.
     Most of these images appear elsewhere on our website, and there one will find more detailed explanations about the subject and its context. But here they are simply proposed as an invitation to a calm moment of enjoyment.

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The UNICUM Gallery

     Individual images may be selected for inscription within a special Gallery that includes items attributed singly and uniquely to special individuals.
     Clicking here starts a slide show that will take you continuously through all the images at full format.
     Clicking on any image opens the full file.

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