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1: G. Buccellati, June 2008

The season profiles

     We publish technical yearly reports in the traditional mold, and these are given in our e-Library. In the future, we will also have digital reports that are tied directly to the Urkesh Global Record.
     But there is more to a season than a sequence of days, with its chronicle of events and discoveries.
     There is, as well, a physiognomy that builds on the perspective plans we make before the start, and on some unexpected major discovery or the twists in the life of the staff.
     It is this special and distinctive profile that I have tried to capture (for the more recent seasons) in special reports addressed to our major supporters, originally presented in an attractive printed version. These Folios are now also available in electronic format: there, you will find painted, with a broad stroke, the development of the project and main accomplishments of each season's work.

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