1: G. Buccellati, June 2002


     The main support for our work comes from institutions and individuals who have an interest in different aspects of the Mozan/Urkesh Archaeological Project.
     A consonance of ideals links our common goals and aspirations, whereby we feel that while grants are indeed a matter of funding, the whole process of defining the scope of the project adds up to much more.
     Behind the grants and the collaboration, there is the shared vision of a common civilizational past that is long since gone, but more present than ever.
     And there is shared venture – we jointly strive to recapture this past and re-embed it in our experience.
     No less than those who dig and interpret the otherwise mute testimony of the earth, those who enable the whole process take pride in our end results. In this light, a grant becomes a source not only of support, but of inspiration.
     We wish to give here voice, with our words, to these feelings of a shared vision, venture and pride. We wish to capture the genius that is theirs and that we perceive in their support of our endeavor. We wish to recognize how much the supporters are in many ways those who nurture our project intellectually as well financially or operationally.
     Listed in the pages here are all the institutions that have thus "enabled" our project in the past, or continue to enable it now in its ongoing venture.

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