SITE PRESENTATION \ The site as a book \ 238-3
1: G. Buccellati, November 2009

A chapter of the digital monograph: Site Presentation

3. Facing the transcendence

The southern edge
Sacred and profane

Signpost (PDF 126K)
     We walk away from the Temple Terrace, and reach the southernmost edge of the ancient Plaza. As we turn and look back, we gain a sense of archaeology in the making. We see the monumental Temple complex in the distance as if through a keyhole, and we can visualize the effort that it will take to widen the "keyhole" so that a full wide window will open. Then will we be able to share the full perspective for which the Temple Terrace had been designed in the first place. Then we will be able to face the transcendence.

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The southern edge (PDF 582K)
     The southern edge of the Plaza is buried deep below the later accumulations, and we can barely make it out. It is clear what direction future excavations will have to take if we want to expose the original situation as we can, now, only imagine it.

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Sacred and profane (PDF 681K)
     As we turn and look north, we have same sense of what the future holds in store. We can now only walk as if through a corridor, at the end of which the Temple Terrace looms large. But as the swath we have begun to open widens, then the corridor will become once again the square that it once was.

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