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1: G. Buccellati, November 2002

Center Grove Elementary School, Randolph, NJ

October 21, 2001

     The fourth grade at Center Grove Elementary School, Randolph, New Jersey, taught by Ms. Maria Kelly, invited us for a slide presentation on the excavations. There were some 20 students in attendance, and the presentation was followed by a lively period of questions and answers. We subse­quently received numerous written follow-ups, which we are presenting here.

      Each letter included the drawing of one of the aspects that most interested the students, from the “unknown room” (the underground structure of which we have now unveiled the mystery!) to the seal impressions and the statue of the lion.
     “Archaeology is awesome,” writes one of “our new friends.” Others chime in saying that “artifacts were awesome,” “the queen was cool,” and even reproducing from memory the cuneiform characters of the inscriptions.

     That visits like this develop proper attitudes towards archaeology is shown not only by the general enthusiasm generated, but also by such statements as: “it is cool how you donate stuff like pots to the Museums” – clearly the best education for potential future collectors...

     And it is certainly gratifying to be called “probably the smartest archaeologists” and “the coolest archaeologists on the planet”!

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