1: G. Buccellati, March 2003

The Record

     A digital publication is so because of the medium in which it is embedded: the computer.
     But this is deceptive. Seen exclusively in terms of hardware, the difference between a digital and a paper edition amounts to little more than the difference between a scroll and a codex, or between a book and a microfilm, or even between a softcover and a hardcover book.
     The conceptual dimension is more important. A digital publication proper is articulated along very different lines than those we associate with a "book" – regardless of whether this is on paper, film or a CD.
     The present section includes only that portion of our publications that are “born digital” in the full sense of the word. I call this the Global Record.

     The Urkesh Global Record is the pivot around which our entire research revolves.
It includes both a full-fledged digital narrative and the complete documentary data base.
It is so vast in scope that it represents properly a series of parallel "sites."
While conceptually embedded in the Urkesh website, each digital book is invoked as its own website.

NOTE. Digital books preceded by a colon are in an advanced state of preparation.
For all other books, clicking on the code (e.g., A16) opens the book in an independent window,
clicking instead on the definition (e.g., "Palace courtyard") opens a brief introductory page.