G. Buccellati, November 2002.
L. Recht, December 2013).


Urkesh and the Hurrians
A Volume in Honor of Lloyd Cotsen

Giorgio Buccellati and Marilyn Kelly-Buccellati (eds)
Urkesh/Mozan Studies 3
Bibliotheca Mesopotamica 26, Malibu: Undena Publications, 1998.
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     The series Urkesh/Mozan Studies continues directly the earlier series which was simply entitled Mozan and which has been discontinued (hence there are no volumes 1 and 2 in the UMS series). An accompanying slide set and a CD which duplicates exactly the volume and the slides is also available.

     Dedicated to Lloyd Cotsen, a well-known Aegean archaeologist and a long time friend and supporter of the Expedition, the volume opens with a presentation to the honoree and a biographical sketch by Ernestine S. Elster.

     The first four chapters, by staff members, deal with new aspects of the excavations at Mozan/Urkesh, while the others, by distinguished colleagues from Europe and the United States, place the site in its wider historical perspective.
Table of contents

Giorgio Buccellati – Preface
Ernestine S. Elster – Lloyd Cotsen: A Brief Archaeological Biography

Giorgio Buccellati – Urkesh as Tell Mozan: Profiles of the Ancient City
Marilyn Kelly Buccellati – The Workshops of Urkesh
Federico Buccellati – 3D Rendering and Animation at Tell Mozan/Urkesh
Rick A. Hauser – The Equids of Urkesh: What the Figurines Say

Piotr Steinkeller – The Historical Background of Urkesh and the Hurrian Beginnings in Northern Mesopotamia
Mirjo Salvini – The Earliest Evidence of the Hurrians Before the Formation of the Reign of Mittanni
Gernot Wilhelm – Die Inschrift des Tišatal von Urkeš
Vyacheslav Ivanov – Horse Symbols and the Name of the Horse in Hurrian
Harry A. Hoffner – Hurrian Civilization from a Hittite Perspective