L. Recht (November 2013).
M. De Pietri (2018–).

UMSUrkesh/Mozan Studies

     This first section is dedicated to the major series related to Tell Mozan, entitled UMSUrkesh/Mozan Studies: it presents traditional reports on various aspects of the project, including both the ancient dimension (Urkesh) and modern persepctives (Mozan – e.g., geomorphology or ethnography).
     N.B.: The series Urkesh/Mozan Studies continues directly the earlier series which was simply entitled Mozan and which has been discontinued (hence there are no volumes 1 and 2 in the UMS series).
     The series Urkesh/Mozan Studies evolves directly from an earlier series entitled Mozan, of which it continues the numeration. The sequence of volumes is as follows:

     Where possible, each entry includes a pdf to the full text, abstract and/or poster, flyer and handout. In some cases other supporting material is also noted and linked.