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S. Ermidoro, April 2019.

I millenni per l'oggi
L'archeologia contro la guerra: Urkesh di ieri nella Siria di oggi

Giorgio Buccellati, Stefania Ermidoro and Yasmine Mahmoud
Firenze: Società Editrice Fiorentina, 2018.
Publisher's page (for the Italian version)

     The catalogue of the exhibition presented in Rimini at the "Meeting for Friendship among Peoples" presents the very special role played by the archaeological site of Urkesh, in Syria, during seven years of war (from 2011 to 2018).

     The ancient city of Urkesh, now Tell Mozan, has become the center of many activities carried out around the archaeological site, that give life to a strong and unexpected synergy between a variety of communities and social groups.

     In stark contrast to the destructive violence of war and to the intentional and perverse iconoclastic movements, Urkesh has emerged as a source of hope and pride for the people who gravitate around it.

     Thus, the Tell Mozan archaeological project has become a model for the new sensibility that archaeology as a discipline is increasingly invited to develop – a sensibility that identifies the shared territory as a common load-bearing element between the ancients and those who now live in the same places.

     The catalogue of the exhibition presented on the occasion of the 2018 Meeting for Friendship Among People in Rimini has been entirely translated into Arabic by Yasmine Mahmoud.