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Links to Urkesh specific websites

     Included here are sites and pages that are Urkesh specific, and are either are primarily devoted to Urkesh, or include only references to the site.

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Antik Forever: Nuzi et Urkesh
          Short outline in French about the excavations and history of Nuzi and Urkesh. [Accessed 23 January 2015, rL]

Deutsche Orient-Gesellschaft: Tell Mozan (2010-2013)
          Notice about the Deutche Orient-Gesellschaft's support of the Tübingen excavations at Tell Mozan, in German. Includes list of German publications on the excavations. Note: the image of the site shows IIMAS excavations. [Accessed 23 January 2015, rL]

Harvard University, The Semitic Museum: Nuzi and the Hurrians (1997-2014)
          A section of the Exhibit devoted to Nuzi and the Hurrians contains a case devoted to Urkesh, with objects and posters.

The History File: Hurrian State of Urkesh & Nawar (Nagar) (1999-2015)
          Short piece on Hurrians at Urkesh with a timeline. [Accessed 23 January 2015, rL]

The History of the Ancient Near East Electronic Compendium
          A short notice about the Hurrians and Urkesh.

Kenneth Garrett Photography: Urkesh
          Beautiful high quality pictures of the excavations and some of the finds from the site. [Accessed 23 January 2015, rL]

Latitude: GPS Coordinates of Urkesh (2020)
          A website providing the GPS location of Urkesh/Tell Mozan. [Accessed 4 February 2020, mDP]

The Louvre: A Hurrian foundation deposit known as the "Urkesh Lion" (2008)
          Description, background and images of the Urkesh Lion and tablet now located in the Louvre. Note: The inscription on the tablet is mentioned as the oldest known Hurrian inscription, but the Tupkish seal legends are older. [Accessed 23 January 2015, rL]

The Metropolitan Museum of Art: Tell Mozan Excavations (2012-2014)
The Metropolitan Museum of Art: Tell Mozan Fieldwork (2000-2014)
          Notices on the Met's support for the excavations, 2006-2010. [Accessed 23 January 2015, rL]

University of Saskatchewan, Museum of Antiquities: Urkesh lion replica
          Description of a replica of the Louvre Urkesh lion peg and tablet found in the museum. [Accessed 23 January 2015, rL]

University of Tübingen: Tell Mozan excavations
          Website for the University of Tübingen's participation in the excavations at Tell Mozan, 1998-2003, in German. The website includes a description of the project, historical background, outline of the main finds according to period, chronological table, summary and list of publications from the German team. [Accessed 23 January 2015, rL]

Wikipedia entry on Urkesh - English (2014)
Wikipedia entry on Urkesh - Italian (2014)
          Short popular outline of the archaeology and history of Tell Mozan, with further links and references. [Accessed 23 January 2015, rL]

World Monuments Fund: Tell Mozan (2015)
          Short description of the World Monuments Watch's support of and involvement in the archaeological park and conservation at Mozan since 2006. [Accessed 23 January 2015, rL]

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