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Category 2001-8-28!! fill, dumping, collapse [Input file: L901LR.J / L901LR.-J]
Definition 2001-8-28fAB ~fi [Input file: L901LR.J / L901LR.-J]
Best image 2011-12-12 lC


Description 2001-8-27lR Small pit and fill located in the eastern end of k110 towards the middle [Input file: M928LR2.J / M928LR2.-J]

Recovery/Assignment and the Record
Daily 2001-9-2lR we have scraped and cleaned the area in order to identify any features within k110 especially pits. We have come down in the entire area on a compact reddish brown material and on the north area we were exposing an ashy thin layer. All the pits f216 and f217 have been excavated. [Input file: L903LR.J / L903LR.-J]
2002-9-7lR the small section inside this pit was excavated today. Last season we assigned f216 to the pit fill until the stones below then it was given f220 since it was ashy. This season we kept f216 for the small section, which was primarily f220 (the material below f216). This pit was cleaned today with plans to remove all traces of fill and photograph the stones, packing below the stones, and the baked bricks below. To date, this pit is the deepest we have gone in A16. It cuts throughout the stone pavement and exposes a thick red chunky packing below followed by baked bricks. The pit cuts through the bricks and below is a reddish material that may be more packing or a possible drain collector. This theory of a drain collector below the stone pavement was suggested last season with the baked bricks alluding to the use of water. Taking into consideration the slope of the courtyard, it is possible that a "collector" of a sort lies below the stones and is used to hold used water then drain out through another channel. [Input file: M907LR.J / M907LR.-J]
2002-9-8lR This pit was excavated primarily in MZ14 and today we cleaned the area around the surface to remove any traces of the fill. Currently the pit is 130 cm deep and appears to be the end of the pit since the soil has changed from a soft gray to brown orange color. There are also several white cobbles at the bottom. [Input file: M908LR5.J / M908LR5.-J]
2002-9-26lR We decided to continue excavating in this pit after reviewing the deeper pit f250. Last season the matrix slowly changed from gray material to a reddish color with a few cobbles in view. This marked the interface between end of pit and the material below. Yesterday a few cm of this material was removed to see if it was the end of the pit and it resulted in the cobbles continuing through the pit wall marking it clearly non-pit. Several arguments were proposed including the possibility of a septic tank like installation below the stone pavement. The baked brick f194 would be the covering for this installation. f216 would then be a cut into this installation and after a brief meeting with gB we decided to remove the cobbles to see if drain-like material begins to emerge. The cobbles were removed from the bottom and a brown matrix with charcoal inclusions was found below the layer of cobbles. The situation remains unclear. [Input file: M926LR.J / M926LR.-J]
Strategy 2002-9-7lR We plan to excavate this pit once we arrive to the level of the stone pavement a12. [Input file: M907LR.J / M907LR.-J]
Procedure 2014-12-3cJC Some types of contact reconstructed from text description [Input file: YY06CJC.J / YY06CJC.-J]

Volumetric localization
Locus 2001-8-28fAB k110 [Input file: L901LR.J / L901LR.-J]
Relays 2001-8-27lR 263 (41451 37307 - 8504 / Relay location: center of pt) [Input file: R7QFAB1R.J / R7QFAB1R.-J]
2002-9-13lF 375 (41381 37303 - 8537 / Relay location: @topedge of pit) [Input file: R7QFAB1R.J / R7QFAB1R.-J]
2002-9-13lF 376 (41515 37288 - 8512 / Relay location: @topedge of pit) [Input file: R7QFAB1R.J / R7QFAB1R.-J]
2002-9-13lF 377 (41494 37372 - 8511 / Relay location: @topedge of pit) [Input file: R7QFAB1R.J / R7QFAB1R.-J]

Contact association
Type of contact: Latest events 2002-9-25lR f332 (fi) covers f216 [Input file: M926LR.J / M926LR.-J]
2007-8-28fAB f220 (fi) sits in f216 [Input file: R828FAB.J / R828FAB.-J]
Type of contact: Contemporary events/Movable items 2001-8-28fAB q641 sits in f216 [Input file: -MX12-99.J / -MX12-99.-J]
2001-8-29fAB q643 sits in f216 [Input file: -MX12-99.J / -MX12-99.-J]
2002-9-5lR q702 sits in f216 [Input file: MX12LR.J / MX12LR.-J]
2002-9-7lR q706 sits in f216 [Input file: MX12LR.J / MX12LR.-J]
2002-9-8lR q718 sits in f216 [Input file: MX12LR.J / MX12LR.-J]
Type of contact: Earliest events 2007-8-28fAB f216 cuts f193 (pavement) [Input file: R828FAB.J / R828FAB.-J]
2007-8-28fAB f216 cuts f210 (accumulation) [Input file: R828FAB.J / R828FAB.-J]
2007-8-28fAB f216 cuts f237 (fi) [Input file: R828FAB.J / R828FAB.-J]
2014-12-3cJC f216 cuts f290 (rodent hole) [Input file: YY06CJC.J / YY06CJC.-J]
2002-9-26lR f216 cuts f338 (pavement B) [Input file: M926LR.J / M926LR.-J]
2002-9-26lR f216 cuts f339 (layer) [Input file: M926LR.J / M926LR.-J]
Inclusions 10-10-2016 !! frequencies of ceramic vessels and sherds included within feature

Spatial aggregation
Aggregate 2000-12-18!! a28 [Input file: A-CUMUL.J / A-CUMUL.-J]

Time sequencing
Stratum to which element belongs 2015-5-20cJC s330AAH [Input file: ZA520CJC.J / ZA520CJC.-J]
Phase to which stratum belongs 2015-5-20cJC h5hAAH [Input file: ZA520CJC.J / ZA520CJC.-J]
~I82 2011-9-28mKB the ceramics in this feature are very similar to those found in A16 f163. both date to the transition between Phase 4b and Phase 5a. [Input file: W219LC.J / W219LC.-J]
~I99 2005-11-13mKB few type sherds, date UC [Input file: P902MKB.J / P902MKB.-J]
2011-9-28mKB Phase 4b-5a [Input file: W219LC.J / W219LC.-J]

Analogical record
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Photo of view




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Photo of view

Drawing of view




Drawing of view

~O08 2012-3-22lC p0010 [Input file: W322LC.J / W322LC.-J]