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Description 2001-7-31lR extension of k5 into k1, k107 [Input file: L630LR.J / L630LR.-J]

Recovery/Assignment and the Record
Daily 2001-8-1lR In k110 removed the foundation stones from a1. In k108 we still have not reached the stone pavement and are deeper than 8500 which is the elevation of the pavement of A13. We decided to pound in a metal shish to see if there are stones underneath and found that the shish hit something hard. The metal shish was pounded in at the elevation of 8498 and we believe to hit something by the next 25-30 cm. [Input file: L816LR.J / L816LR.-J]
2001-8-2lR In k110 we have decided to terminate excavations in this area since it is too large and we will not reach our projected goal of exposing the stone pavement. In realizing this we have concentrated all our effort in exposing the stone pavement in the small trench k109 located in the North of k110 and the Northern portion of k108. We hope to finish excavating k110 in season MZ15 in 2002. [Input file: L815LR.J / L815LR.-J]
2001-8-2lR We have made three new loci to facilitate digging and q-lot assignment. Locus k108 includes k2, and k6; locus k109 includes the Northern portion of k1; and locus k110 includes the Southern portion of k1, k5 and the Northern baulk of k5. [Input file: L815LR.J / L815LR.-J]
2001-8-22lR We reopened k110 today after a twenty day break in order to expose the entire stone pavement a12 which was our initial goal. The north baulk of k110 was removed today and we will continue to excavate the square without a baulk since the north baulk of k109 lays only 150cm north and would serve the same purpose as k110 north baulk. After the baulk was removed (only 25 cm) we began to straighten the square since the northern end forms a hump. In straightening the area we came down of f199, a tannur sitting on a white plaster floor. The tannur is large in diameter, 90cm and has a smooth surface on both the inside and out. All that remains of the tannur is the base and the gray fill inside which contains small pieces of burned bone, and kiln waste. The white plaster floor is located on the south and east of the tannur but does not appear to continue very far and looks cut by a pit. In the northeast next in the east baulk two bricks were found lying onto of each other, fAB cleaned the area and noticed that a gray band runs underneath the bricks eliminating the possibility of it being a wall. On the west side of k108 in the west baulk we have brick-like material running north to south and these two bricks maybe associated with this material. We will not know until this baulk is excavated which we plan to do in controlled layers. [Input file: L822LR.J / L822LR.-J]
2001-8-25lR finished drawing the east section utilizing a portion of the section drawn by CI. In the section, the corner of a1 is still visible with a clear line seperating the accumulation related to a1 and the material below. The house accumulation consists of a pinkish compact layer approx 30 centemeters in thickness. Underneath this layer is a uniform gray with medium sized flakes of charcoal. The layer spreads out through the entire section N-S but only extends approx one meter west and is relatively clean of pottery (that is seen in section). This gray is most likely part of the pit in k108, the uppermost portion that extends west. Under the gray a layer of cobbles, large pottery, ash and layers of chunky red clay is found ( f202). All the sections (north k1, A13 north section, and A10 east section) show muliple layers of sherds, ash, and reddish fill which we believe to be non-khabur phase along with f202. In the north part of the section while drawing the section, thin reddish brown lines became apparent along with 8cm thick brown material above and below these lines. This area appears to be a wall with no clear signs of brick lines but the mortar lines are visible. This wall runs north to southeast and is at the same elevation as the mortor lines that were found in k108 west section. We are continuing to excavate west removing f202. Currently we are at an elevation of 8610 which is approximately 110 cm above the stone pavement. We are using A10 markers since A16 markers are too high to use and these markers are easily accessable. They were checked today along with A16 markers and appear accurate. [Input file: L825LR.J / L825LR.-J]
2001-8-31lR Today while excavating k110 a small circular depression was noticed in the northeast corner next to the East baulk. The area was cleaned which revealed vertical bricks in a soft sandy matrix, which we labeled as a pit f217, possibly a burial. This pit did turn out to be a burial, labeled a15. [Input file: L831LR.J / L831LR.-J]
2001-9-2lR a section was strung across k110 to separate the locus since the area is too large to refer to it as one locus. k111 refers to the new locus on the north side of the section, and k112 is the southern portion. we have scraped and cleaned the area in order to identify any features within k110 especially pits. We have come down in the entire area on a compact reddish brown material and on the north area we were exposing an ashy thin layer. All the pits f216 and f217 have been excavated. [Input file: L903LR.J / L903LR.-J]
Strategy 2001-8-22lR Clean the area and Photograph the tannur ( a14), and continue straightening the area. Excavate the east baulk [Input file: L822LR.J / L822LR.-J]
2001-9-2lR after discussing with gB, fAB, and jLW, it is evident that we will not reach the goal of excavating to the stone pavement for another week. This poses a problem in completing the record since we only have two weeks to finish documenting A16. We have agreed that we will stop excavations in A16 after a few minor excavations primarily straightening the sections and leveling the area. It is uncertain if we plan to remove the section east section of k110, since it is approx 50cm thick and uncertain whether it will last through to the next season. [Input file: L903LR.J / L903LR.-J]
Argument 2001-9-2lR We have not reached our goal of uncovering the courtyard, and are jeopardizing documentation trying to excavate faster. I propose that we end excavations, level off the area, take final photographs, and resume excavations in the area next season where we can allocate more time and energy to this area. [Input file: L903LR.J / L903LR.-J]
C99.NRecovery 2001-8-25lR L823 we removed the tannur and features associated with it and also found a ceramic jar turned upside-down with the bones of an infant and small animal found inside. The burial was found on the south end of k110 at an elevation of 8617. The bones were articulated, and photographed inside the jar. The jar was removed L823. [Input file: L825LR.J / L825LR.-J]

Volumetric localization
Relays 2001-7-31lR r242: 600s, 700e [Input file: L630LR.J / L630LR.-J]

Analogical record
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Reference to Plot 2012-3-22lC p0005 [Input file: W322LC.J / W322LC.-J]
2012-3-22lC p0006 [Input file: W322LC.J / W322LC.-J]
2012-3-22lC p0007 [Input file: W322LC.J / W322LC.-J]
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