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Astour, Michael C.
2002 "A Reconstruction of the History of Ebla (Part 2)"
Eblaitica; Essays on the Ebla Archives and Eblaite Language, 4, 57-195
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Barrelet, M.J.
1977 "Le ‘Cas’ hurrite et la pratique archeologique," in
Methodologie et critique,I: problemes concernent les Hurrites, Paris, pp. 1-20.
1978 "Le ‘cas hurrite’ et l’archeologie,"
RHA 36, pp. 23-34.
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Bonetti, Sophie (ed.)
2001 Gli Opifici di Urkesh.
Papers read at the Round Table in Florence, Novembre 1999.

Urkesh/Mozan Studies 4
Bibliotheca Mesopotamica 27, Malibu: Undena Publications.
Published jointly with the Opificio delle Pietre Dure, Florence.
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Bonetti, Sophie and Buccellati, Giorgio
2003 "Conservation at the Core of Archaeological Strategy: The Case of Ancient Urkesh at Tell Mozan"
The Getty Conservation Institute Newsletter 18
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Buccellati, Giorgio and Marilyn Kelly-Buccellati
1988 Mozan 1. The Soundings of the First Two Seasons
Bibliotheca Mesopotamica 20, Malibu.
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1990 "Tell Mozan,"
Syrian Archaeology Bulletin 2, pp. 4-7.
1990 "Tell Mozan,"
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1994 "Mozan"
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1995 "Mozan, Tall,"
Reallexikon der Assyriologie 8 (5/6), 386-393.
See full text
1995 "The Identification of Urkesh with Tell Mozan (Syria),"
Orient-Express 1995/3, cover page and pp. 67-70.
1996 "The Royal Storehouse of Urkesh: The Glyptic Evidence from the Southwestern Wing,"
Archiv für Orientforschung 42-43 (1995-96), 1-32.
See full text
1996 "The Seals of the King of Urkesh: Evidence from the Western Wing of the Royal Storehouse AK,"
Wiener Zeitschrift für die Kunde des Morgenlandes 86, 65-100, Pl. 1-7.
See full text
1996 "Una manciata di secoli,"
Bollettino dell'Associazione Archeologica Ticinese 6 (1996) 16-23
See full text
1996 "Evidence for a Royal Palace at Tell Mozan/Urkesh,"
Orient-Express 1996/3, 72-76
1997 "Mozan, Tell,"
The Oxford Encyclopedia of Archaeology in the Near East, Vol. 4, New York – Oxford: 60-64.
See full text.
1997 "Urkesh. The First Hurrian Capital,"
Biblical Archaeologist 60: 77-96
See full text
1997 "The Seventh Season of Excavations at Tell Mozan, 1992,"
Chronique Archéologique en Syrie 1, 79-84
1998 "The Courtiers of the Queen of Urkesh: Glyptic Evidence from the Western Wing of the Royal Storehouse AK,"
Subartu 4/2, 195-216
1998 Urkesh and the Hurrians. A volume in Honor of Lloyd Cotsen.
Urkesh/Mozan Studies, 3. Bibliotheca Mesopotamic 26. Malibu: Undena Publications. (Contributions by F.A. Buccellati, G. Buccellati, R. Hauser, H. Hoffner, V. Ivanov, M. Kelly-Buccellati, M. Salvini, P. Steinkeller, G. Wilhelm)
See summary
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1999 "Das archäologische Projekt Tall Mozan/Urkeš,"
Mitteilungen der deutschen Orient-Gesellschaft zu Berlin 131, 7-16
See full text
2000 "The Royal Palace of Urkesh. Report on the 12th Season at Tell Mozan/Urkesh: Excavations in Area AA, June–October 1999,"
Mitteilungen der Deutschen Orient-Gesellschaft zu Berlin 132, pp. 133-183
See full text
2001 "In Search of Hurrian Urkesh,"
Archaeology Odyssey 4, 16-27
See full text
2001 "Überlegungen zur funktionellen und historischen Bestimmung des Königspalastes AP in Urkesch. Bericht über die 13. Kampagne in Tall Mozan/Urkesch: Ausgrabungen im Gebiet AA, Juni-August 2000,"
Mitteilungen der Deutschen Orient-Gesellschaft zu Berlin 133, pp. 59-96
See full text
2001 "The Royal Palace at Urkesh and the Daughter of Naram-Sin,"
Ministère de la Culture
Direction Générale des Antiqués et des Musées
Les Annales Archéologiques Arabes Syriennes: Revue D'Archéologie et D'Histoire, Vol. XLIV, 2001, pp. 63-69
See full text
2002 "Die Große Schnittstelle. Bericht über die 14. Kampagne in Tall Mozan/Urkeš: Ausgrabungen im Gebiet AA, Juni-Oktober 2001,"
Mitteilungen der Deutschen Orient-Gesellschaft zu Berlin 134, pp. 103-130
See full text
2002 "Mozan/Urkesh: A New Capital in the Northern Djezireh,"
M. Al-Maqdissi, M.A. Karim, A. Al-Azm, M.D. Al-Khoury (eds.)
The Syrian Jezira: Cultural Heritage and Interrelations. Proceedings of the International Conference held in Deir ez-Zor April 22nd-25th, 1996, pp.127-133
See full text
2002 "Tar’am-Agade, Daughter of Naram-Sin, at Urkesh,"
L. al Gailani Werr, J. Curtis, H. Martin, A. McMahon, J. Oates and J. Reade (eds.),
Of Pots and Plans. Papers on the Archaeology and History of Mesopotamia and Syria presented to David Oates in Honour of his 75th Birthday.
London: Nabu Publications, pp. 11-31.
See full text
2003 "Tell Mozan (Ancient Urkesh),"
J. Aruz (ed.),
Art of the First Cities. The Third Millennium B.C. from the Mediterranean to the Indus.
New York and New Haven, pp. 224-227.
See full text
2004 "Der monumentale Palasthof von Tall Mozan/Urkeš und die stratigraphische Geschichte des ābi"
Mitteilungen der Deutschen Orient-Gesellschaft zu Berlin 136, pp. 13-39
See full text
in press "Preliminary Report on the 12th Season of Excavations at Tell Mozan/Urkesh (June-October 1999),"
Chronique Archéologique de Syrie (submitted 2000)
in press "The Monumental Palace Courtyard and the Stratigraphic History of the ābi,"
Mitteilungen der Deutschen Orient-Gesellschaft (submitted 2003)
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Buccellati, Federico
1998 "3-D Rendering and Animation at Tell Mozan/Urkesh," in
Urkesh and the Hurrians (cited), 51-62
See full text
2001 "Digital Photography and Architectural Modeling as Elements of Conservation," in
Bonetti, Opifici (cited), 82-88
See full text
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Buccellati, Giorgio
1998 "Urkesh as Tell Mozan: Profiles of the Ancient City," in
Urkesh and the Hurrians (cited), 11-34
See full text
1999 "The Royal Storehouse of Urkesh," in M. Fortin,
Syria, Land of Civilizations, Quebec: Musée de la Civilization, p. 170
1999 "Urkesh and the Question of Early Hurrian Urbanism," in M. Hudson and B. A. Levine, eds.,
Urbanization and Land Ownership in the Ancient Near East,
Peabody Museum Bulletin 7, Cambridge: Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography/Harvard University, pp. 229-250
See full text
2000 "Urkesh: archeologia, conservazione e restauro,"
Kermes 13, 41-48
See full text
2002 "Beyond Clay and Beyond Paper,"
Backdirt Fall 2002 / Winter 2003, 4-5
See full text
2003 "A Lu E School Tablet from the Service Quarter of the Royal Palace AP at Urkesh,"
JCS 55, 45-48
See full text
2004 "ANONYMUS (Ed.): La civiltà dei Hurriti. La parola del passato. Rivista di studi antichi, Vol. 55 Napoli: Gaetano Macchiaroli, 2000, pp. 42,"
Die Welt des Orients, pp. 209-214
See full text
in press "The Royal Palace of Urkesh: A Browser Edition,"
Y. Montchambert et al (eds.), still untitled volume (submitted 2003)
in press "Conservation qua Archaeology,"
N. Agnew (ed.), still untitled volume (submitted 2004)
in press "Conservation and presentation of Archaeological Sites: The case of Mozan,"
N. Agnew (ed.), still untitled volume (submitted 2004)
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Canby, Jeanny Vorys
2003 "A Figurine From Urkesh: A 'Darling' From Troy to Mesopotamia,"
Iraq 65, 171-173
See full text
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Caubet, Annie and Patrick Pouyssegur
1977 The Origins of Civilization. The Ancient Near East.
Paris: Finest/Terrail, 1998 (original French edition: 1997).
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Christie, Agatha
1977 Come, Tell Me How You Live
(New York; first published in 1946).
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Collins, Billie Jean
2004 "A Channel to the Underworld in Syria,"
Near Eastern Archaeology 67: 1, 54-56
See full text
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1966 The Metropolitan Museum of Art Guide to the Collections, Ancient Near Eastern Art, New York.
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Dalley, Stephanie
2001 "Old Babylonian Tablets from Nineveh, and Possible Pieces of Early Gilgamesh Epic"
Iraq, 63, 155-167
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Dilleman, L.
1962 Haute Mesopotamie orientale et pays adjacent,
BAH 72, Paris.
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Dolce, Rita
1999 "Political Supremacy and Cultural Supremacy. A Hypothesis of Symmetrical Alternations between Upper Mesopotamia and Northern Syria in the Fourth and Third Millenia BC"
in L. Milano, S. de Martino, F.M. Fales, G.B. Lanfranchi (eds.)
Landscapes, Territories, Frontiers and Horizons in the Ancient Near East.
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Vol. 2. Geography and Cultural Landscapes
History of the Ancient Near East / Monographs.
Padova 199, pp.103-121.
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Edzard, D.O. and G. Farber
Repertoire geographique des Textes Cuneiformes: Die Orts- und Gewassernames der Zeit der 3. Dynastie von Ur,
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Edzard, D.O., G. Farber, and E. Sollberger.
1977 Repertoire géographique des Textes Cuneiformes: Die Orts- und Gewassernames der prasargonischen und sargonischen Zeit, Wiesbaden.
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Edzard, D.O. and A. Kammenhuber
1972-1975 "Hurriter, Hurritisch,"
RLA 4, pp. 507-14.
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Ellis, Richard
1968 Foundation Deposits in Ancient Mesopotamia, New Haven.
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1940 "Tablets from Chagar Bazar and Tall Brak, 1937-38,"
Iraq 7, 22 ff.
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1944 Hurrians and Subarians, Chicago.
1956 "New Light on Hurrians and Subarians," in
Studi orientalistici in onore di Giorgio Levi della Vida, Rome, pp. 378-92.
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2000 "Schizzo grammaticale della lingua Hurrica,"
La civilità dei Hurriti = La parola del passato 55, pp. 171-277.
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1953 "An Old Babylonian Itinerary,"
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1978 "Simurrum and the Hurrian Frontier,"
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Hauser, Rick
1997 "The Figurines of Urkesh"
Biblical Archaeologist 60: 87
1998 Unwrapping Urkesh
A film produced for the Radio-Televisione della Svizzera Italiana, with L. Fedele, G. Buccellati and M. Kelly-Buccellati
1998 "The Equids of Urkesh: What the Figurines Say"
in Urkesh and the Hurrians, 63-74
See full text
in prepar. Figurines from the Service Wing AK of the Royal Palace
to appear in Urkesh Typological Record
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Hijara, Ismail
in press Prehistoric Pottery from the Surface Collection of the 1985 Regional Survey
to appear in Urkesh/Mozan Studies
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Hrouda, B.
1958 "Wassukanni, Urkis, Subat-Enlil"
MDOG 90 pp. 22-35
1985 "Zum Problem der Hurriter"
MARI 4 pp. 595-613
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Kelly-Buccellati, Marilyn
1990 "Trade in Metals in the Third Millennium: Northeastern Syria and Eastern Anatolia"
in Resurrecting the Past: A Joint Tribute to Adnan Bounni
ed by P. Matthiae, M. Van Loon, and H. Weiss.
Nederlands Historisch-Archaeologisch Instituut, pp. 117-130
See full text
1990 "Three Seasons of Excavation at Tell Mozan"
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in A. Leonard and B. Williams, eds.
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See full text
1996 "Nuzi Viewed from Urkesh, Urkesh Viewed from Nuzi: Stock Elements and Framing Devices in Northern Syro-Mesopotamia,"
Studies on the Civilization and Culture of Nuzi and the Hurrians 8, 247-268
See full text
1998 "The Workshops of Urkesh"
in Urkesh and the Hurrians(cited), 35-50
See full text
2002 "Ein hurritischer Gang in die Unterwelt,"
Mitteilungen der Deutschen Orient-Gesellschaft 134, 131-148
See full text
in press "Andirons at Urkesh,"
A. Sagona (ed.), still untitled volume (submitted 2003)
in press "Gilgamesh at Urkesh: Figurative Representations and Literary Motifs,"
Y. Montchambert et al. (eds.), still untitled volume (submitted 2003)
in prepar. The Glyptics of the Service Wing AK of the Royal Palace
to appear in Urkesh Typological Record
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Kessler, K.
1980 Untersuchungen zur historischen Topographie Nortmeso­pota­miens
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1998 Lettres royales du temps de Zimri-Lim
Archives Royales de Mari 28.
Paris: Éditions Recherches sur les Civilisations.

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Mallowan, Max E. L.
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1972-75 "Hurriter Kunst,"
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2003 "An Early Dynastic Tablet of ED Lu A from Tell Brak (Nagar),"
CDLJ, 2003_003
6 pages.
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1991 Mozan 2. The Epigraphic Finds of the Sixth Season
Syro-Mesopotamian Studies 5/1, Malibu
See summary
See full text
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1960 "Documents des Habur"
Syria 37, 3/4, 205-214
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1950 Mythen vom Gotte Kumarbi
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1977 "L’Attribution de Sculptures aux Hurrites"
in Barrelet 1974, pp. 115-208
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1948 "Depot Hurrite de Foundation"
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1948 "Un Document de Foundation Hurrite"
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Salvini, Mirjo
2000 "La civiltà dei Hurriti, popolo dell’Asia anteriore antica.
Introduzione alla storia degli studi e alla documentazione testuale"

La civiltà dei Hurriti.
La Parola del Passato 55, pp. 7-24.

"Le più antiche testimonianze dei Hurriti prima della formazione del regno di Mittanni"
La civiltà dei Hurriti.
La Parola del Passato 55,, pp. 25-67

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Thureau-Dangin, F.
1912 "Tablette de Samarra"
RA 11, pp. 1-14
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1997 "The Kingdom of the Lion."
Aramco World 48, Issue 3.
See full text
See on-line version
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Van Ginneken, Paul
2000 "De Hurrieten van Tell Mozan"
Spiegel Historiael 6, Issue 35, pp. 262-269
See full text
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1954-55 "Nouvelle prospection archeologique dans la haute Jezireh Syrienne"
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1981 Gestalt und Kult der Istar-Sawuska in Kleinasien
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1976 "Tis-atal of Nineveh and Babati, Uncle of Su-Sin"
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Wilhelm, G.
1982 Grundzüge der Geschichte und Kultur der Hurriter
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