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Laura Ramos (lR)

Staff profile
Processed on February 19, 2009

Curriculum vitae

2000B.A. Anthropology, Occidental College, California
2004MSc (with distinction), Human Osteology and Funerary Archaeology. University of Sheffield, England.
CurrentDoctoral Student, Department of Anthropology. Binghamton University (SUNY) New York.

Archaeological field work

1998Field School, Harvard, Ashkelon Israel
2000-2001Archaeologist, URS Dames & Moore, Phoenix, AZ
1999-2008Archaeologist, Tell Mozan, Syria
2008Archaeologist, Landmark Archaeology, Newburgh burial project, NY

Academic Writings

xxxPoster presented at the 76th AAPA meeting, Death and Trauma: A case from Tell Mozan 1600 BCE.
2000"Cultural Resources Overview for the Pima County Department of Transportation Skyline Drive, Chula Vista to Orange Grove Project", Pima County, Arizona. URS, Phoenix. (with Matthew Hill)
2004"The Khabur burials of Mozan: Units A16 and A15 explored", MSC Thesis, University of Sheffield, October 2004
2004"Skeletal Report for Tell Mabtua: Akkadian levels".

Tasks at Mozan

1999Archaeology Crew: A7, A12, A13.
2000Coordinator, Topographic Survey
2001Unit co-supervisor for A16
2002Unit co-supervisor for A16
2002-2003Publication work, A16
2003Unit director for A18
2004Unit director for A18, salvage burial recovery F2
2004-2007Physical Anthropologist
2008Unit director for A20

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