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June 2013

Rasha el-Endari (rE)

Staff profile
Processed on February 27, 2008

Curriculum vitae

September 14, 1980Born, Syria
2005Degree in Archaeology, Damascus University

Archaeological field work

2001Staff archaeologist, Tell Amar Excavation, Syria (Prof. Uwe Finkbeiner)
2003-Staff archaeologist, Tell Mozan Excavation, Syria

The Jay and Brenda Jarmakani Urkesh Student Scholarship Fund


Tasks at Mozan

2003Field Assistant A17
2004Field Assistant and data analyst A14
2005Field Assistant and data analyst J3
2006Field Assistant, assistant unit director, ceramics data analyst J3,J4
2007Site-wide ceramics data analyst, Global Record Preparation A16

Data authored for the Urkesh Global Record

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