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Giorgio Buccellati – January 2008

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An area is a typologically coherent whole, which typically includes several units. Obviously, it can only be declared after excavations have progressed to a degree sufficient to establish its proper typological character.

The term is also used for distinct features which have a typological identity apart from, and earlier than, the excavations. In the High Mound, this pertains especially to the two modern cemeteries that were in use when excavations began and are still visible (DC, EC and HC).

Area BH constitutes a special case, in that it corresponds to the Expedition House. We excavated it as a regular operation which was also called BH, but the label refers to the general area as well.

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Digital book

Each area corresponds to a specific digital book, which describes the overall typological character, and offers indices and tabulations for the finds coming from the pertinent units.

These books serve as an intermediate frame in the overall presentation of the excavations, intermediate between the total detail (the “Urkesh Global Record”, or UGR) of the units and the broader synthesis given in the Mozan Sitewide digital book.

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High Mound areas

     The following areas have been declared on the High Mound since the beginning of the excavations (no areas were declared in the Outer City). I hope to be able eventually to develop a full Browser Edition for all these areas. For now, the only areas in a relatively advanced state of elaboration are the ones listed in the lower portion of the right hand side vertical bar.

AA the overall area that includes the Palace, the later settlements above it, and the lower Sacral Area.
AP the Palace as a whole
AK the service wing of the Palace. The letter K was assigned with reference to the many sealings found in it (kishib is the Sumerian term for seal, and a storehouse is called e kishib)
AF the formal wing of the Palace
AS the lower sacral area (the abi)
BA the Temple (the letter A was chosen as the first in the alphabet before the nature of the building became clear)
BH Expedition House
BT the Temple Terrace
CA a city quarter (excavated by DOG team) with service and commercial extablishments
DC an extensive modern cemetery, with high profile graves
EC modern cemetery, in part extending nito zone A (and removed during exavations)
HC modern cemetery
JP the ancent Plaza (used as a soccer field in modern times, until the beginning of excavations)


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