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Strata sequence AAE
(Phases 5a and 5b are missing)

Stefania Ermidoro – August 2005
horizon phase sub-phase stratum sub-str. definition
Mesopot. Syria Urkes
    Mozan 8 modern   1   surface wash and erosion
road building in A17-A15
2 sod layer; top soil
3 disturbed upper layer
4 removal of ancient stones; gully wash; laminations
5 modern burials
MA 7 scattr abandonment 6 scattered occupation (tannurs)
7 erosion covering terrace
Mittani -
Early Middle Babylonian / Assyrian
OJ III Sauštatar (?)
1450 (?)
6 final village 6b
expansion to the east and abandonment
10 erosion with terrace in place
11 narrowing
a collapse (A18)
b accumulations within divided storehouse (A18)
c repairing, partitioning
12 first construction & retaining walls
a [abandonment]
b later accumulations within s12c
c structural build-up of A18 storehouse (walls, first floors) and of room with burnt basin in A17
e north-south retaining wall
Parattarna I (?)
1500 (?)
establishment south of phase 5
13 missing houses
a [collapse and erosion of houses?]
b [accumulations within houses]
large extremural dumps to the east
c extramural stone pavement to the east
d [structural build-up of houses (walls and first floors)]
e re-use of phase 5 walls (A1)
  ? (h6 or
11-13 scattered occupation
a bins (A14)
plaza with remnants of Temple terrace and tannurs (J2)
b pits (A14)
c burials (A17)
d extramural open areas (A17, A18)
Amorite kingdoms -
Old Babylonian
OJ II no overlord (?) 5 town 5c
expansion to the south
20 topmost houses
a abandonment and scattered occupation
b collapse of houses and brickfall
c accumulation within houses
d structural build-up of houses (walls and first floors)
Mittani/late OB strata definition for area AA with correlations to J2 (Version AAsE)

horizon phase stratum
mid chr Mes. Syr. Urkeš. h s ss definition
2000-1900 Isin-Larsa OJ I ? 4 4b
no Palace
40   houses
41   burials
2100-2000 Ur III EJ V Sadar-mat,
Palace walls
45   houses  (A7, A9)
46   scattered occupation (A10, A16)
49   burials
2192-2112 Post-imperial Akkadian EJ IV Isar-kinnum 3
raising of AK walls,
re-use of damaged AF,
higher levels in A14
50   higher accumulations
aa accumulations within AK
ab scattered occupation in AF
ac extramural activities in A14 (oblongs)
ad building in abi antechamber
51   Ishar-kinum
52   Jars and line of stones
2217-2193 Šar-kali-šarri Tar'am-Agade 3a
use of AK w/out installations,
damage of AF,
lower levels in A14,
building of ābi antechamber
55   leveling and raising of AK walls (AK, A14)
56   lower accumulations
aa later accumulations within AK
ab first re-use of AF (tannurs, sealings discard)
a organized outdoor activities in A14 (jars)
ad second use of ante-chamber
b first accumulations (ba, bb, bc, bd)
2255-2218 Naram-Sin      
57   drain outfall/accumulations above pavement
58   first floors and accumulations
a living accumulations
b pebble and sherd pavement
Tupkiš & Uqnitum 2
building of Palace
raising of ābi,
lowest pvmnt in A14
60   continued organized use
2269-2255 Manistušu 61   construction and first occupation
a construction of AP
b organized use of AP
? 1
2278-2270 Rimuš      
Strata definition for AA Phases 1-4 - sequence AAsE (P805)