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Introduction to spreadsheet data base

Giorgio Buccellati – January 2007

The data presented here are identical to those given in the Texts portion of the Data Base, except that they are in tabular format. They can be imported directly into a commercial program like Excel for a more personalized study.

Thus, if you click on Sherds on the bottom of right hand bar, you get the full list of coded A16 sherds, in ASCII tabular format, each column being separated from the next by a tab. (For the advantages of having the data in ASCII see the Introdution to the Data Base section.)

The first row identifies the roster category to which the date in each colum belong. The meaning of the roster slots can be found in both the Main Roster and the special Ceramic Roster. The value of some of the variables can be found in the Main Lexicon and the special Ceramic Lexicon.

To import the data into Excel, for example, you need to select the entire table (CTRL-A), then copy it to memory (CTRL-C). You then open a new Excel file, and paste the file with tabs (right click / Paste Special / Text).

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