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Monumental urban Complex
Strata synopsis for selected units
(JPB synopsis)

Giorgio Buccellati – July 2008

Only the major elements that belong in any given stratum are given here, using specific labels whenever available.

h def sr
definition of stratum (JP)
definition of substratum
definition of stratum (AA)
definition of substratum
A18 A19 A20 J5 J1 J3 J2 J4 J6 J7
8 recent 1 erosion and latest activities erosion and latest activities
a surface wash and erosion surface wash and erosion
road building A17-A15-A14
b sod layer, topsoil sod layer, topsoil
c disturbed upper layer disturbed upper layer
d - removal of ancient stones
gulley wash, laminations
e - modern burials
f tell surface at abandonment tell surface at abandonment f27
7 non-sacral 3 scattered occupation:
tannurs (J2-3), pits (J3)
scattered occupation: tannurs
4 layers covering Terrace -
5 surface -
6b glacis
10 abandonment -
edge of glacis
marked by memory stones
narrowing of service structures
a - collapse (A18) ^bf2
b - accumulation within
   divided storehouses (A18)
c - partitioning and repaiing
d glacis covering top of wall - ^a2
12 remodeling of upper part of staircase and "secondary apron" structures and retaining wall to the west
a - [abandonment ?]
b - last accumulations
c - A18 storehouse (walls,first floors)
room with burnt basin in A17
d - north-south retaining wall
   for continuing dumps
6a revetment
13 upper part of accumulation
against revetment wall
(missing) houses to the west
a - [collapse and erosion of houses?]
b - [accumulation within houses]
start of extramural dumps
   to the east (A17-18)
c - extramural stone pavement
   to the east (A17,18,19)
d - building of (missing) houses
   (walls, first floors)
14 lower part of accumulations against wall ?
a - re-use of phase 5 walls (A17)
interface? ? ? ?
5c escarpment
30 top accumulations
   against escarpment;
erosion to the east (?)
houses and collapse
a J1 floors; J4 bin great brickfall
b - erosion and subsequent cut
c - abandonment
d - accumulations
e - minor rebuilding
5b escarpment
31 mid plaza accumulations;
service activities to the east
houses/graves build-up and first use
a - higher accumulations within houses
b - construction and first floors
5a escarpment still visible 32 - scattered occupation (not house related)
a - A15 burials; small pit; late kilns;
fragments of wall and hard acc. in south
b - late dumping in depression
c - depression for mudbrick pitting
d - early dumping in widened pits and depression
33 - scattered occupation (house related)
a - storage pits (large)
b - A15 pottery kilns
c - depression for mudbrick pitting
34 - scattered occupation (house related)
a - burials
b - tannurs ?
c - pebble lenses and accumulations (A16)

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