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Reference To Qlot q5

Category 1998-7-12!! build-up [Input file: I713JL.J / I713JL.-J]
1998-7-19!! unknown [Input file: I719JL.J / I719JL.-J]
Definition 1998-7-12jL lithic artifact [Input file: I713JL.J / I713JL.-J]
1998-7-19mKB sealing [Input file: I719JL.J / I719JL.-J]

Description 1998-7-12jL 4 pieces of stone; 1 large chunk of stone, one side rounded, other side broken off and depressed, greenish-gray in color with some brown encrustations, some grooves on rounded sides, possibly part of a hammer?; 1 long, rectangular piece of stone, wider at one end, greenish-gray with some brown encrustations; 1 triangular chunk of dark gray flint, one surface narrower than the other; 1 smaller chunk of flint, dark gray, white encrustation on one surface [Input file: I713JL.J / I713JL.-J]
1998-7-19mKB clay fragment; flat base, trace of cord, peg impression; fingernail impression at 90 degree angle to peg impression [Input file: I719JL.J / I719JL.-J]

Field Record
Field: definition 1998-7-8jL fg [Input file: I714JL.J / I714JL.-J]
Field: height 1998-7-8jL 1.7 [Input file: I714JL.J / I714JL.-J]
Field: length 1998-7-8jL 3.6 [Input file: I714JL.J / I714JL.-J]
Field: width 1 1998-7-8jL 2.6 [Input file: I714JL.J / I714JL.-J]

Recovery/Assignment and the Record
Problems in recording 2011-8-17cJC Although it is known that q-items were grouped together during the OH2 excavations there appear to be multiple listings in this entry. The most likely answer is that it was a grouping of lithic artifacts, of which, one was identified as a clay sealing. The field definition of a figurine seems unsubstantiated based on the other entries. Until the actual item can be retrieved from storage and double-checked this remains unclear. [Input file: V817CJC.J / V817CJC.-J]
C99.NRecovery 2011-8-17cJC In 1998 multipe q-items were recorded using the same q-item number, in this case q5.1. In subsequent years this practice was discontinued but for purposes of clarity these q-items have not been separated into separate q-items in this book. In some cases multiple descriptions of items are found in the q-item entry. [Input file: V817CJC.J / V817CJC.-J]

Time sequencing
Stratum to which element belongs 2006-8-25!! s20OH2 [Input file: S-CUMUL.J / S-CUMUL.-J]
Phase to which stratum belongs 2006-8-25!! h9mOH2 [Input file: S-CUMUL.J / S-CUMUL.-J]

Length 1998-7-19mKB 3.6 [Input file: I719JL.J / I719JL.-J]
Top width 1998-7-19mKB 2.6 [Input file: I719JL.J / I719JL.-J]
Thickness 1998-7-19mKB 1.7 [Input file: I719JL.J / I719JL.-J]

Ware/Material 1998-7-19mKB ~TYPE 4 [Input file: I719JL.J / I719JL.-J]
2011-8-17cJC ~LI [Input file: V817CJC.J / V817CJC.-J]
Color definition 1998-7-19mKB black [Input file: I719JL.J / I719JL.-J]
Color number 1998-7-19mKB 7.5r2.5/0 [Input file: I719JL.J / I719JL.-J]
Preservation 1998-7-19mKB part with the cord impression is not well preserved [Input file: I719JL.J / I719JL.-J]
Iconographic Description 1998-7-19mKB fingernail impression is a single line across the object - not in TIP [Input file: I719JL.J / I719JL.-J]

Analogical record
Photo of constituent



O720 fLP
Drawing of constituent


J804 mA

Storage 1998-7-12jL ZS11.1 [Input file: I713JL.J / I713JL.-J]
1998-7-19mKB to mKB [Input file: I719JL.J / I719JL.-J]