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Reference To Qlot q8

Label equals another 1998-7-19mKB i0001 [Input file: I719JL.J / I719JL.-J]
Category 1998-7-12!! build-up [Input file: I713JL.J / I713JL.-J]
1998-7-19!! unknown [Input file: I719JL.J / I719JL.-J]
2011-8-17!! unknown [Input file: V817CJC.J / V817CJC.-J]
2011-8-17cJC stone artifacts [Input file: V817CJC.J / V817CJC.-J]
Definition 1998-7-12jL lithic artifact [Input file: I713JL.J / I713JL.-J]
1998-7-19mKB sealing [Input file: I719JL.J / I719JL.-J]
2011-8-17cJC unknown [Input file: V817CJC.J / V817CJC.-J]

Description 1998-7-12jL 2 pieces of flint; 1 large triangular chunk of flint, one side smooth but uneven, some brown encrustations; 1 small, flat, oblong piece of flint, sharp projection from one side, one side smooth [Input file: I713JL.J / I713JL.-J]
1998-7-19mKB clay fragment; flat base, 2 cord impressions, very clear peg impression with one almost 90 degree angle and another slight angle; 2 rollings in TIP [Input file: I719JL.J / I719JL.-J]

Field Record
Field: definition 1998-7-9jL sl [Input file: I714JL.J / I714JL.-J]
Field: height 1998-7-9jL 3.5 [Input file: I714JL.J / I714JL.-J]
Field: length 1998-7-9jL 4.0 [Input file: I714JL.J / I714JL.-J]
Field: width 1 1998-7-9jL 3.0 [Input file: I714JL.J / I714JL.-J]
Field: color 1998-7-9jL tan [Input file: I714JL.J / I714JL.-J]

Recovery/Assignment and the Record
Problems in recording 2011-8-17cJC It appears that both a sealing with an impression as well as some lithic artifacts were assigned the same q-item number. Until it is possible to check the items in storage for accuracy these items will both be described under q8.1. [Input file: V817CJC.J / V817CJC.-J]
C99.NRecovery 2011-8-17cJC In 1998 multipe q-items were recorded using the same q-item number, in this case q8.1. In subsequent years this practice was discontinued but for purposes of clarity these q-items have not been separated into separate q-items in this book. In some cases multiple descriptions of items are found in the q-item entry. [Input file: V817CJC.J / V817CJC.-J]

Time sequencing
Stratum to which element belongs 2006-8-25!! s610OH2 [Input file: S-CUMUL.J / S-CUMUL.-J]
Phase to which stratum belongs 2006-8-25!! h3uOH2 [Input file: S-CUMUL.J / S-CUMUL.-J]

Length 1998-7-19mKB 4.0 [Input file: I719JL.J / I719JL.-J]
Top width 1998-7-19mKB 3.0 [Input file: I719JL.J / I719JL.-J]
Thickness 1998-7-19mKB 3.5 [Input file: I719JL.J / I719JL.-J]

Ware/Material 1998-7-19mKB ~TYPE 1 [Input file: I719JL.J / I719JL.-J]
2011-8-17cJC ~LI [Input file: V817CJC.J / V817CJC.-J]
Color definition 1998-7-19mKB pale brown [Input file: I719JL.J / I719JL.-J]
Color number 1998-7-19mKB 10yr6/3 [Input file: I719JL.J / I719JL.-J]
Iconographic Description 1998-7-19mKB unclear figure, globular necked jar with 2 drinking tubes and to other shorter straight elements coming from tip of jar; below jar is a smaller horned animal facing left, seated figure in long pleated skirt facing left; in his right hand is the drinking tube and right hand is raised and holds (?) an unclear object; behind him are unclear objects; second rolling - pleated skirt (?) and unclear objects [Input file: I719JL.J / I719JL.-J]

Analogical record
Photo of constituent


O802 gG


O802 gG


O802 gG


O802 gG
Drawing of constituent


I719 mA


I719 mA


I719 mA


I719 mA
Drawing of constituent


I719 mA


I719 mA


J804 mA

Storage 1998-7-12jL ZS11.1 [Input file: I713JL.J / I713JL.-J]
1998-7-19mKB to mKB [Input file: I719JL.J / I719JL.-J]