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Reference To Qlot q15

Category 1998-7-12!! clay artifacts [Input file: I713JL.J / I713JL.-J]
Definition 1998-7-12jL figurine [Input file: I713JL.J / I713JL.-J]

Description 1998-7-12jL square of black material, charcoal?; protrusion, like bird's beak, from one side; broken into three pieces [Input file: I713JL.J / I713JL.-J]

Field Record
Field: definition 1998-7-12jL fg [Input file: I714JL.J / I714JL.-J]
Field: height 1998-7-12jL 1.2 [Input file: I714JL.J / I714JL.-J]
Field: length 1998-7-12jL 1.2 [Input file: I714JL.J / I714JL.-J]
Field: width 1 1998-7-12jL 0.5 [Input file: I714JL.J / I714JL.-J]
Field: notes 1998-7-12jL figurine head? [Input file: I714JL.J / I714JL.-J]

Volumetric localization
Locus 1998-7-22rAH k1 [Input file: I722RAH.J / I722RAH.-J]
Method of measurement 1998-7-22rAH Note on lg: reconstructed [Input file: I722RAH.J / I722RAH.-J]
1998-7-22rAH Note on sz: projected width, across appendages, tip-to-tip [Input file: I722RAH.J / I722RAH.-J]

Contact association
Type of contact: Earliest events 1998-7-22rAH qi001501 sits in f5 (subfloor) [Input file: I722RAH.J / I722RAH.-J]

Time sequencing
Stratum to which element belongs 2006-8-25!! s611OH2 [Input file: S-CUMUL.J / S-CUMUL.-J]
Phase to which stratum belongs 2006-8-25!! h3uOH2 [Input file: S-CUMUL.J / S-CUMUL.-J]

Height 1998-7-12jL 1.2 [Input file: I713JL.J / I713JL.-J]
Length 1998-7-12jL 1.2 [Input file: I713JL.J / I713JL.-J]
1998-7-22rAH 1.5 [Input file: I722RAH.J / I722RAH.-J]
Top width 1998-7-12jL 0.5 [Input file: I713JL.J / I713JL.-J]
Size, other 1998-7-22rAH 1.6 [Input file: I722RAH.J / I722RAH.-J]

Ware/Material 1998-7-22rAH ~FINE [Input file: I722RAH.J / I722RAH.-J]
2011-8-17cJC ~CL [Input file: V817CJC.J / V817CJC.-J]
Color definition 1998-7-22rAH black [Input file: I722RAH.J / I722RAH.-J]
Color number 1998-7-22rAH 7.5YR 2.5/1 [Input file: I722RAH.J / I722RAH.-J]
Condition 1998-7-22rAH The piece disintegrated while cleaning under water. [Input file: I722RAH.J / I722RAH.-J]
Preservation 1998-7-22rAH Many small pieces, at least six of which await consolidation. [Input file: I722RAH.J / I722RAH.-J]
Iconographic Definition 1998-7-22rAH humanoid figurine with ailerons [tentative] [Input file: I722RAH.J / I722RAH.-J]
Iconographic Description 1998-7-22rAH The excavator described this small object as a "bird figure." I saw it only in passing before cleaning and wanted to analyze it because I saw similarities with certain of the [substantially larger] humanoid figurines from the Royal Storeroom. These latter objects have opposing upper limbs that project outwards from a headless or terminated torso; for convenience of reference, I called these appendages ®MDBR¯ailerons®MDNM¯ or "little wings." [Input file: I722RAH.J / I722RAH.-J]
Notes on typology 1998-7-22rAH The body-type has a -- again much larger -- referent at Tell Chuera in Korp-Typ 6.2. [Input file: I722RAH.J / I722RAH.-J]

Assumptn 1998-7-22rAH It was evidently unbaked. [Input file: I722RAH.J / I722RAH.-J]
1998-7-22rAH The piece may have been uniformly overfired and thus friable. [Input file: I722RAH.J / I722RAH.-J]

Storage 1998-7-22rAH ZS11.12 [Input file: I722RAH.J / I722RAH.-J]