Unit Book A16

Version 2

A16 Synthetic View / Introduction

Errors for Unit A16

Federico A. Buccellati – September 2011
Lorenzo Crescioli – August 2012

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See MZ.

A16 is the oldest book that has been made to comply to the current UGR standards; it was the primary book that was used to test the programs that produced the UGR. These various permutations of the programs required slightly different input formats, and these changes meant that some of the problems were amplified while others were resolved. Additionally, the several input formats meant that several of the files were copied, in whole or in part, thereby creating multiple entries with the same information.

A further factor which lead to the number of errors in the data is the large quantity of information collected over two seasons of excavation. The volume of material excavated over the two years was considerable: 8 initial loci meant that the footprint was 10m x 20m, covering thus 200m2 and there was an additional small locus along the western side of the unit along the border with A10. The estimated total cubic volume is 350m3, and this is a conservative estimate. As for the chronological span, the latest material dates to the Khabur levels while the earliest dates to phase 2, the construction level of the palace. As such, A16 spans nearly the complete diachronic sequence present in the AA area of Mozan. All of these are indicators of the large quantity of data present in the current volume. This large quantity of data also contributed to the quantity of errors that arose in the processing of the data; thus while there might be more errors in number than in other books, they are still relatively few as a percentage of the total data.

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Some of the errors present in the record are the result of changing practices in documentation over the years. The main problems focus on the digital photographs and the use of relays. The use of digital photography has developed considerably over the years, primarily in labeling of the files and their integration into the UGR, the use of views and the view log, and the creation of templates. Relays were used less frequently in defining excavated volumes, resulting primarily in the lack of precise volumetric data tied to the pottery collection lots.

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The following are a list of errors still present in the record, as compiled by Yasmine Mahmoud in September 2011, and revised by Lorenzo Crescioli during July-August 2012. These will be corrected in future as much as possible, but for now current focus is on completing the interpretitive portions present in the left hand side.

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aggregate missing
a5 picture
a7 picture

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feature missing
f11 picture
f22 picture
f23 picture
f26 picture
f29 picture
f30 picture
f31 picture
f33 picture
f35 picture
f46 picture
f59 picture
f61 picture
f64 picture
f65 picture
f66 picture
f68 picture
f82 picture
f83 picture
f84 picture
f85 picture
f91 picture
f92 picture
f95 picture
f98 picture
f101 picture
f121 picture
f124 picture
f130 picture
f131 picture
f134 picture
f135 picture
f139 picture
f140 picture
f141 picture
f144 picture
f145 picture
f146 picture
f147 picture
f150 picture
f151 picture
f154 picture
f155 picture
f162 picture
f164 picture
f167 picture
f168 picture
f181 picture
f184 picture
f187 picture
f188 picture
f195 picture
f207 picture
f208 picture
f209 picture
f210 picture
f213 picture
f214 picture
f220 picture
f222 picture
f225 picture
f226 picture
f228 picture
f229 picture
f230 picture
f231 picture
f232 picture
f237 picture
f242 picture
f245 picture
f247 picture
f249 picture
f252 picture
f253 picture
f254 picture
f255 picture
f256 picture
f257 picture
f258 picture
f259 picture
f261 picture
f262 picture
f270 picture
f275 picture
f278 picture
f284 picture
f285 picture
f286 picture
f287 picture
f296 picture
f309 picture
f310 picture
f323 picture
f324 picture
f331 picture
f332 picture
f334 picture

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item missing
i5 picture
i7 picture
i8 picture
i12 picture
i23 picture
i27 picture
i42 picture
i43 picture
i55 picture
i87 picture
i88 picture
i106 picture
i111 picture
i118 picture
i121 picture
i125 picture
i127 picture
i133 picture
i142 picture
i150 picture
i155 picture
i162 picture

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loci missing
k102 all relevant records
k103 all relevant records
k104 all relevant records
k107 all relevant records
k111 picture
k112 picture
k201 picture

All the loci do not have a relay measurements except for k109, k111 and k112.

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qitem missing notes
q22.5 definition and description
q22.51 description see q22.50
q22.53 all relevant informations see q22.50
q97.1 measurements
q117.5 measurements
q251.1 measurements
q257.1 measurements and description note from lC
q271.1 measurements and description
q274.2 measurements and description note from lC
q371.1 measurements and description
q472.1 measurements
q529.1 description
q539.2 description

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q-lots missing notes
q171-q184 completely missing Q-log was entered?
q191-231 completely missing Q-log was entered?

Most of the qlots are missing the horizontal definition.

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relays missing
r44-r53 completely missing
r61 completely missing
r63 completely missing
r99 completely missing
r101-r125 completely missing
r127-175 completely missing
r197-r198 completely missing
r282 completely missing
r294-r298 completely missing
r308-r325 completely missing

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views missing
v101 all relevant records
v111 all relevant records
v115 completely missing
v123 completely missing
v130 completely missing
v132 completely missing

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Some formal discrepancies

Under the pottery description of the right hand side, some formal scattered discrepancies can be recorded. They concern two main aspects: the code of the vessel shape and the measurement of the rim diameter. These differences are due to the presence of two different professional figures: the draftsman and the analyser. The differences are usually minimal, 2-4 cms in the rim diameter, and small variant in the shape description.The difference in diameter is due to a minimal difference in the inclination of the sherd when measured. The differences in shape description are usually related to very small sherds, difficult to be reconstructed in the original shape. Sometimes the discrepancy is due to changes in the codes format, happened during the years. The discrepancies are generally minor and slight, and usually do not affect a right understanding of the single sherd, since the drawing is present.

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While many staff members have worked on the data present in this publication, any errors are the responsibility of the authors.

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