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Errors for Unit A12

Mary Stancavage – June 2022

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A complete explanation for the UGR approach to errors can be found in the MZ sitewide book. Here the problems and errors specific to A12 are highlighted and explained.

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In general there are very few errors in the A12 record. Usually the daily journals were written by the Unit Directorss with additional files added by different assistants over the years. Any substantive grammatical or spelling errors have been corrected. The majority of the mistakes can be found in the object descriptions where technical terms are sometimes misused, and where spelling mistakes by non-native speakers are common. In general, these mistakes do not impede the ability to use the record.

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The first season MZ12 (1999) offers the most challenges as far as the record is concerned. A12 was created early in the season but after excavations had begun in A10 to which it originally belonged. A number of constituents were transferred from A10 to A12 and renumbered. This led to some confusion when referencing some features and loci in the journals. Some information for these constituents is quite minimal as a result. The UGR was also in its infancy and there was some confusion in coding.

In later seasons there was much more attention paid to recording especially as the importance of the unit became more apparent and there are relatively few errors in recording.

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Apart from some recording issues in the first season, MZ12, the excavations were handled meticulously because of the importance of the structure. The strategy and the different ideas about the function were well documented and reflected well the way the features and loci were determined. The meticulous attention to detail allowed for the final interpretation of this underground structure as the ābi and to recognize the changes throughout its use.

The only concern is that the attention to the underground structure itself did not allow for a more thorough examination of the features outside of the abi such as the platform f166 and pavement f146.

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