Unit Book A14

Topical index

June 2024

Total number of topics: 22.

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Topic Section Title
architectural dataA14 Synthetic View / TypologyArchitectural data for Unit A14
archiveGeneral IntroCurrent version of Unit A14
bio-archaeological dataA14 Synthetic View / TypologyBio-archaeological data for Unit A14
chronicleA14 Synthetic View / IntroductionChronicle of work in Unit A14
comparative dataA14 Synthetic View / IntegrativeComparative data for Unit A14
conservationA14 Synthetic View / TypologyConservation in Unit A14
depositional dataA14 Synthetic View / StratigraphyDepositional data for Unit A14
depositsA14 Synthetic View / TypologyFloors and deposits from Unit A14
emplacement dataA14 Synthetic View / StratigraphyEmplacement data for Unit A14
floorsA14 Synthetic View / TypologyFloors and deposits from Unit A14
geo-physical dataA14 Synthetic View / StratigraphyGeo-physical data for Unit A14
historical dataA14 Synthetic View / IntegrativeHistorical data for Unit A14
indexGeneral IntroductionIndex to Unit A14
inputA14 Synthetic View / IntroductionInput for Unit A14
objectsA14 Synthetic View / Typology / ObjectsObjects from Unit A14
prefaceGeneral IntroductionPreface to Unit A14
sequencing dataA14 Synthetic View / StratigraphySequencing data for Unit A14
staffA14 Synthetic View / IntroductionStaff for Unit A14
table of contentsGeneral IntroductionTable of Contents for Unit A14
tabulationsA14 TabulationsIntro to tabulations
versionsGeneral IntroCurrent version of Unit A14
volumetric dataA14 Synthetic View / StratigraphyVolumetric data for Unit A14