Unit Book J1


Processed on 2023-12-09

Date Author Record
2005-08-24 cvp In this moment the loci using the Elevatore are two, k12 and k106. In the pile of dirt that is constantly thrown there, sometimes we find interesting sherds and objects, but then it is not possible to recognize from which of the two loci they come. In the present moment, even if they are two different loci, the feature dug is the same, the deep multilayered one, but a different feature number for each locus. So, by gB's suggestion, we are keeping a q lot opened for this material. We give a theoretical feature number f0 for recording purposes. So, right now it is q lot q463, with dirt coming from features f178 (k12) and f151 (k106). Today we have found a bronze pin here. [Input: P817CVP.j]
2005-08-27 mS per gB we are collecting the sherds from the dirt that is being collected by the elevator. We are labeling it f0 and defining the q-lots in the q-log notes. This process began on P824 with the recovery of a bronze object, q463.1. [Input: P828MS1.j]
2005-09-04 mS we have been calling the wall f72 which was one of the feature numbers given to this wall in MZ16. In reality we should have been calling this a3 because all the feature numbers were subsumed under this aggregate in that season. [Input: P904MS.j]
2006-08-30 mS although the excavations are moving lots of dirt, we can proceed fairly quickly because we are excavating the same features as last season. We are able to follow them in the sections. The sedimentation is very uniform throughout the area with variations mainly against the wall. One point to notice is that we had created new loci in MZ18 combining several older loci because of the odd nature of the excavation. This season, the old loci numbers were utilized again and we are using the old feature numbers when possible. [Input: Q824MS.j]
2006-09-13 mS for the pottery collected at the shafat we will use q-lot numbers starting with 999 and working down. The feature will be 0 in the log and we will note which q-lots the pottery comes from. We have been doing this for several days, particularly since we began using the shafats. [Input: Q912MS.j]
2006-09-21 mS per gB we will no longer give q-lot numbers to the pottery going into the shafat. Most of this pottery comes from more than one area and feature and therefore is not stratigraphically identifiable, although we are looking at it to insure we do not miss any small items or important pieces of pottery. [Input: Q916MS.j]
2006-09-30 mS the 900 series of q-lots has been used for sherds coming from the shafat with no real stratigraphic data. Since we reached 899 in q-lots, we will skip the 900 series even though we are no longer using this sequence for pottery and will move to q1000. [Input: Q926MS.j]
2006-09-28 mS we have stayed in features for a long time because some of the accumulations are over a meter thick without much differentiation. This is not really the correct thing to do, but it has been done. Now that we are reaching Khabur levels and coming down onto the plaza we will make sure that we will change features approximately every 25 to 30 cm especially if we continue in accumulations with no differentiation. [Input: Q928MS.j]