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General Introduction

Preface to Unit J1

Caitlin Chaves Yates – October 2014

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J1 at a glance

J1 is an excavation unit on the edge of the temple terrace, spanning into the Plaza area. The J1 excavations are part of the broader investigation of the temple terrace area including the excavations of J2, J3, J4, J5, J6, and J7. The J1 excavations were begun in 2003 in an attempt to examine the links between the Temple BA and the Palace area. As the temple terrace was further exposed the emphasis of the excavations shifted toward understanding the revetment wall and associated sequences during the 2005-6 seasons. Subsequent seasons focused on the earlier Late Chalcolithic finds (2008 and 2009).

See the Chronicle for a more detailed history of the excavations and the Overview for a more complete introduction.

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J1 and the Urkesh Global Record

The J1 UGR has been under continual development since the first excavations in 2003. The various unit directors have contributed to creating the initial data inputs (i.e. Right-hand side) over the years. This portion of the UGR was constructed simulteanous to the excavations when possible. Some of the programs were incomplete and there were gaps in the record. Study seasons (2007, 2010 and 2011) allowed the completion of several sections that needed additional work. The left hand side of the UGR was prepared primarily by lC in 2010 and 2011.

Over the course of the excavation, portions of the work were reassigned to Unit A19 and therefore some numbers within the various sequences (features, views, qitems, etc) are not included in this book, having been reassigned to A19.

An overview of the Urkesh Global Record is given elsewhere.

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Preface to sitewide

A Preface to the overall Mozan volumes (MZ) is found at the sitewide page.

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