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Unit Book J1

J1-methods and techniques

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Date Author Record
2006-08-19 cvp At k3 we are now too deep to use the usual markers so we have asked bWP to put a new one at the bottom of the section, but today she has been very occupied lying the squares for the geophysical sounding, so she is going to try to put it tomorrow. Meanwhile, to check the depth of the excavation at k3 to reach the first step we have been using meters. At the end it seems that we have just dig some 7 centimetres more than the required depth but we cannot say sure until tomorrow. [Input: Q817CVP.j]
2006-09-05 mS We have been excavating very quickly and moving a lot of dirt. The material however is the same as last season which we found to be mostly natural accumulation especially at this level. [Input: Q902MS.j]
2006-09-15 mS we have been unable to run relays because the last series of control points put in by bWP have not been entered into the computer and jW cannot currently locate the sheet. bWP has left for the season and it may take some time to reconstruct the numbers. As it stands, we have no real reference points at the lower levels we are excavating. We are working from old data to determine the 8800 elevation. [Input: Q916MS.j]
2006-09-22 mS we have established several loci this season because of the unique shape of this excavation unit and the fact that we are excavating portions of areas that were excavated in MZ18 in conjunction with newer areas. We are declaring new loci to keep more concise excavation units since the features we have throughout most of the area are widespread and fairly unremarkable. [Input: Q916MS.j]
2007-07-24 ms mS has a concern because the programs have not been run on the J1 data since the spring and most likely will not be run before she leaves. It will be unknown whether any of the work done here is being done correctly or if there are any errors. [Input: R724MS.j]
2007-07-30 mS We used the big pick today, with an experienced pickman, to remove the hardened layers that were exposed last season. We will use the small pick from now on since we are excavating in an important area. [Input: R724MS.j]