Unit Book J1


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Includes other label 2009-09-19 lC f38 (accumulation D), f142 (accumulation D), f143 (accumulation D), f145 (accumulation D), f149 (accumulation D), f150 (accumulation D), f157 (accumulation D), f175 (accumulation D), f176 (accumulation D), f179 (accumulation D), f182 (accumulation D), f198 (accumulation D), f200 (accumulation D), f204 (accumulation D), f205 (accumulation D), f206 (accumulation D), f208 (accumulation D) [Input: T919LC.j]
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v226 [Input: T919LC.j]



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Description (summary) 2009-09-19 lC Series of natural accumulations covering the upper part of ^wall1, when the site was almost abandoned and probably just a scattered occupation was taking place in the high mound. The big revetment wall wasn't visible any more and just the memory stones were showing its ancient presence. These accumulations are much different from ^acc1 and ^acc2 because they are almost constituted of pure brown incoherent, but at the same time compact, soil. No many sherds surfaces were formed in this last abandonment period. [Input: T919LC.j]