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includes other label 2021-3-07 jW a1 [Input File: ZF307jW.j]
2021-3-07 jW a20 [Input File: ZF307jW.j]
2021-3-07 jW a22 [Input File: ZF307jW.j]
definition (typological label) 2021-3-07 jW burial [Input File: ZF307jW.j]

description (summary) 2021-3-07 jW Three separate burials, (a1, a20, and a22) found below the EDIII glacis, f50, which covered and sealed them. Furthermore, each was buried below what we posit was the LC glacis (f58 and f368). Burial a22 (kl10), that of a woman contained organic grave goods which permitted us to securely date it to about 3,600 BCE. Burial a20 was a jar burial of a child near a22. Burial a1 (k104), that of a woman contained a stone tool, but no organic material. However, considering that the mound sloped down from north to south, the elevations of all three are approximately equivalent, leading to the assumption that all were Late Chalcolithic. [Input File: ZF307jW.j]
best view 2021-3-07 jW v182 [Input File: ZF307jW.j]