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Processed on 3-13-2021
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includes other label 2021-3-07 jW ^LCinstal [Input File: ZF307jW.j]
category !! !! installation [Input File: !!]
definition (typological label) 2010-9-27 jW glacis [Input File: Ux05jW.j]
summary 2012-10-07 jW Crusted layer of soil believed to be a late LC3 glacis atop earlier construction including wall f348. [Input File: Wx07jW1.j]
best image !! !!
[Input File: !!]

description (summary) 2010-10-07 jW Crusty surface of deteriorated mudbrick atop wall, f348 and fills, f351 and f352. It is of the approximate thickness and hardness of the baqaya glacis, f50 and f109, and probably served as an effective seal for features below. At the close of excavations we formally designated this layer as a feature and glacis. [Input File: V206jW.j]

Volumetric Localization
m#/elev @top 2010-9-27 jW 9247 [Input File: Ux05jW.j]
m#/elev @bottom 2010-9-27 jW 9242 [Input File: Ux05jW.j]

Contact Association
type of contact: latest events 2012-4-14 jW f346 (fill) covers f368 (glacis) [Input File: W414jW.j]
2012-4-14 jW f369 (pit cut) intrudes f368 (glacis) [Input File: W414jW.j]
type of contact: earliest events 2010-9-16 jW f368 (glacis) covers f352 (fill) [Input File: U917jW.j]
2012-4-14 jW f368 (glacis) covers f351 (fill) [Input File: W414jW.j]

Time Sequencing
stratum (to which element belongs) 2012-9-09 jW s860aJ3B [Input File: W909jW.j]
stratigraphic reasons of assignment 2012-10-07 jW A crusty surface which covers fills f351 and f352 and wall f348. [Input File: Wx07jW.j]
typological reasons for assignment 2012-10-07 jW No ceramics were recovered to date this surface, which was well-sealed by glacis f50 and f109. [Input File: Wx07jW.j]
other reasons, reservations, qualifications 2012-10-07 jW Nevertheless, the evidence is very strong for placing the crust in an LC3 stratum. [Input File: Wx07jW.j]
phase (to which element belongs) 2012-9-09 jW h2mJ3B [Input File: W909jW.j]
strata (included within phase) 2012-10-07 jW s860aJ3B [Input File: Wx07jW.j]

texture, surface finish 2010-9-27 jW crust [Input File: Ux05jW.j]

Analogical Record
view/drawing of features

2010-9-16 / jW / [Input File:V205jW.j]

2010-9-16 / jW / [Input File:V205jW.j]

2010-9-16 / jW / [Input File:V205jW.j]

2010-9-16 / jW / [Input File:V205jW.j]

2010-9-16 / jW / [Input File:V205jW.j]