Unit Book A16

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A16 Synthetic View / Stratigraphy

Depositional data for for Unit A16

Caitlin Chaves Yates – September 2014

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The overall depositional sequence thus far exposed in area A16 spans from a phase pre-dating the construction of the monumental courtyard, through a period of re-use for burial during the Khabur period, with a later mixed accumulation covering the whole area.

The earliest remains uncovered are part of the construction of the Palace, with several underground features discovered below the courtyard. A red subfloor was also detected. The monumental courtyard was paved over these structures and features. The courtyard continued in use and remained clean, without accumulations, for the duration of the Palace’s use.

Following the use of the palace, the courtyard area began to be used for non-palace activities, and the deposition shows accumulations and tannur use in the area.

Eventually the courtyard area comes to be covered with red material, possibly collapse material from the Palace itself. With this collapse the area becomes an open-air use area with accumulations including pits, dumps, and some burials.

By the Khabur period, A16 was a fully outdoor space and was used primarily as a dumping space, with the large hollow (presumably created by the collapse of the Palace) and deep pits filling in with ash. This area was then apparently leveled, and populated with small structures including rooms and graves. A second phase of small buildings and burial structures followed.

Eventually these structures were covered. The upper layers of A16 include a large brickfall, and modern burials. The upper layers lack any archaeologically distinctive phases.

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General statistics

construction 70 burial 1
drain 2
floor 1
hole 6
installation 2
pavement 7
pit 1
platform 1
room 1
stone fondation 1
tannur 1
wall 41
discard 43 fill 43
accretion 140 accumulation 49
brickpile 1
layer 81
lens 1
topsoil 8
disaggregation 15 brickfall 15
other 6 baulk 2
bricks 1
isolated stone 3
total 274

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