OVERVIEW / 01.htm
1: G. Buccellati, June 2003


Geographical and historical background

     This section provides a non technical introduction aimed at the first-time visitor.
     The photo shows a general view of the modern site of Tell Mozan, with modern graves on its ridge (showing as white specks). The mountains of the Tur-Abdin are in the background.
     Taken after a winter storm, the photo emphasizes the fact that the ample rainfall supports a rich farming economy – and it symbolizes the blending of ancient and modern dimensions that confront us in our work.

     The section on geography introduces the first time visitor to the landscape and the environment that conditioned the growth of ancient Urkesh and as is still operative today in the plains of the Khabur where modern Tell Mozan is located.

     The history introduces the first time visitor to this broader ancient context, Mesopotamian culture as a whole and as a backdrop for an understanding of the finds from Urkesh.