1: G. Buccellati, October 2007

A chapter of the digital monograph: Site Presentation

The Temple "panorama"

The kiosk set-up
The plates

The kiosk set-up

     The Temple “panorama” is set on an artificial knoll that allows the visitor to see the full sweep of the Temple Terrace, the Temple itself, and the mountains in the background.

Looking at the Temple from the Panorama kiosk.

A kite view showing the field of view from the kiosk.

The knoll with the kiosk
and a group of visiting archaeologists
(the team of Tell Chuera in 2006)

Detail view of the kiosk.
     At both the Temple and the Palace we have installed a lighting system (in function only when the Expedition is present) that highlights the architecture and allows for evening visits. In the photo below, a night view (from the kiosk) of the monumental staircase.
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The plates

     As the picture at the top shows, the plates within the case are arranged so as to develop a separate narrative, which is divided into two sections. For each section, you may open a PDF file with all the relevant plates, which are also shown as individual thumbnails.

     1. A look through time (PDF 470K) deals with the chronological question: the Temple Terrace lasted for one, and possibly, two millennia as a continuously revered sacred space, which guaranteed its preservation with hardly any major change and no damage of any sort.

     2. The perception of space (PDF 395K) helps the visitor to develop a sense of identity with the past perceptions of a sacred space, seen once again in its monumentality and against the background of a pristine landscape.
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