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1: G. Buccellati, November 2009

A chapter of the digital monograph: Site Presentation

9. Reception suite of the Palace

The protocol of the sealed doors
The formal courtyard
An architect at work

Signpost (PDF 148K)
     The formal wing has been excavated only to a minimal degree, but we can already notice many differences from the service wing – beginning with the fact that it is about 2 meters higher in elevation.

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The protocol of the sealed doors
(PDF 824K)
     The most incospicuous of displays in the entire tour, this is one of the most significant: it is the findspot of the door sealings that included the impression of the seal of Tar'am-Agade, the daughter of Naram-Sin .

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The formal courtyard (PDF 213K)
     We are coming closer to the heart of the Palace: a portion of the courtyard where the king would grant audience to his visitors...

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An architect at work (PDF 722K)
     An intriguing hypotesis – as one looks at this three room suite partially excavated.