1: G. Buccellati, December 2005

Urkesh Global Record: Area AA
The Royal Palace of Tupkish and the later settlements

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     The Royal Palace AP was built by king Tupkish around 2300 B.C., and remained in use as a royal residence for only one generation. Under Tar'am-Agade it was then used as the dependency of another Palace, which was probably built not far from here, perhaps to its immediate south.
     By about 2100 B.C., the Palace was abandoned, and it came ot be overlaid by a wide open area, that served as the outskirts of a settlement to the north. This area eventually developed (by the Khabur period, about 1800 B.C.) into a burial ground consisting of miniature houses, as if a city of the dead.
     In Mittani times (about 1500-1300 B.C.) it served as the service sector of the Temple, until the site was entirely abandoned with the arrival of the Assyrians.