1: G. Buccellati, December 2005

Urkesh Global Record: Area JP
The Great Plaza

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     The great Temple (= BA) and the Terrace (= BT) on which it stood is linked to the royal Palace of Tupkish (= AP by a wide Plaza. Three soundings (J1, J2 and J3) are helping us to define its perimeter, but we have not reached its floor level anywhere – even though we have good reason to believe that it is found at elevation 8500, almost 7 meters below the current surface of the tell in that particualr area.
     It is bounded to the east by the monumental access area (J2), while to the west we have so far only indirect evidence, from a geophysical survey, that it may have been closed by a structure, possibly a second monumental staircase that served to provide direct access to the Temple Terrace from the Royal Palace.

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