M. De Pietri, 2018–.


Stefano Valentini and Guido Guarducci (eds)
Between Syria and the Highlands
Studies in Honor of Giorgio Buccellati & Marilyn Kelly-Buccellati.

Studies on the Ancient Near East and the Mediterranean 3,
Roma: Arbor Sapientiae Editore, 2019.

     The volume presents several studies published in honour of Giorgio Buccellati and Marilyn Kelly-Buccellati.
     Here the TOC of the volume:

Foreword (Stefano Valentini, Guidi Guarducci)
Giorgio Buccellati & Marilyn Kelly-Buccellati (Biography)
Giorgio Buccellati (Bibliography)
Marilyn Kelly-Buccellati (Bibliography)
Author Biographies
  1. Ruweiha, a Village from Northern Syria During Byzantine Period: Study of Preservation of Domestic Architecture (Maamoun Abdulkarim, Afaf Laila)
  2. Integrating Conservation, Archaeology and Community at Tell Mozan (Urkesh) (Neville Agnew, Martha Demas)
  3. The Wandering Life of the Hittite Seal Dresden ZV 1769 at the End of the 19th Century: New Archival Light (Silvia Alaura)
  4. Tales from the Desert Nomads: From Textual Sources till Gertrude Bell's Letters (Mohammed Alkhalid)
  5. Šamagan and the Mules of Ebla Syrian Gods in Sumerian Disguise (Alfonso Archi)
  6. A Tale of Two Temples of the Ninevite 5 Period (Piotr Bieliński, Dorota Bielińska)
  7. Give a Man a Fish or Teach Him How to Fish? Situated Learning and the Emergence of Communities of Practice in Bronze Age Eastern Mediterranean and the Near East (Luca Bombardieri)
  8. How Kirta's Love for Blue-Eyed Huriyaa Clarifies Ebla Ophtalmic Terms and the 3rd Column of the 'Barton Cylinder' (Marco Bonechi)
  9. Houses of Nippur: An Architectural Study using EnCAB (Federico Buccellati)
  10. Symbol of Wisdom, Decorated with Earrings: The Ear in the Ebla Texts (Amalia Catagnoti)
  11. Quelques Aspects Méconnus du Statut et du Rôle des Quartiers-bâbtum dans les Villes Paléo-Babyloniennes (Dominique Charpin)
  12. Tell Mozan's Outer City in the Third Millennium BCE (Caitlin Chaves Yates)
  13. Alike but Different. Drinking Vessels in the Eastern Mediterranean around 2500-2000 BC (Marta D'Andrea, Agnese Vacca)
  14. Beasts and Wine. Zoomorphic Vessels and the Northern Corridor of the Near East (Vittoria Dall'Armellina, Elena Rova)
  15. On the Basalt Base from Susa (Sb5): A Reinterpretation (Rita Dolce)
  16. The Scepter of Sitagroi and Early Bronze Age Symbols of Power (Ernestine S. Elster)
  17. The Repentant God in the Flood Story. A Comparison between When Gods Were Men and Genesis 6-9 (Stefania Ermidoro)
  18. The Roman Bridge over the Chabinas: Meaning in Infrastructure (Diane Favro)
  19. Ladies and Cups: A Reconsideration of some Akkadian Artefacts from Northern Syria (Candida Felli)
  20. Seen Through a Glass Darkly: Reexamining Connections Between Mesopotamia and the Caucasus (Ellery Frahm)
  21. About the Eblaite Names of the "Cultic Journey" (Pelio Fronzaroli)
  22. La patria protoindeuropea e le migrazioni indeuropee (Thomas V. Gamkrelidze)
  23. Learning from Canis 203. Impressions of an Absent Artifact (Rick Hauser)
  24. Traces of Third Millennium Pastoralism in the Jebel Abd al-Aziz Region (Frank Hole, Yukiko Tonoike)
  25. Between Enduring Symbols and Elite Identity: New Glyptic Evidence from Nuzi (Marta Luciani)
  26. Through the Eyes of the Ancients. The Perception of Beauty in 3rd Millennium Syria (Yasmine Mahmoud)
  27. Thoughts on Ancient Textual Sources in Their Current Digital Embodiments (Massimo Maiocchi)
  28. Les Murs de Kilizu (Maria Grazia Masetti-Rouault, Olivier Rouault)
  29. A Note on Lions at Temple Entrances in Old and Middle Syrian Temples (Paolo Matthiae)
  30. Up and Down in Early Syrian Palaces: Spaces of Power Performance and Economic Wealth (Stefania Mazzoni)
  31. Some Considerations on Walter Andrae's "Urformen des Kultbaues", in Mensch und Baukunst. Eine Correspondenz 2 (1953): 1-5, or rather... On a Hidden Grundthema of Archaeological Research (Maria Gabriella Micale)
  32. Collection of Seals from the Settlement of Tell Hazna 1 (Syria) (Rauf M. Munchaev, Shahmardan N. Amirov)
  33. Miniatures of Wars: Fights, Skirmishes and Conflicts in Ancient Near Eastern Seals (Davide Nadali)
  34. Il ruggito del Leone. Qualche Osservazione sulle Immagini Ferine nel Mondo Siriano del III Millennio a.C. (Luca Peyronel)
  35. A Game of Goddesses (and Thrones?). Some Reflection about a Cylinder Seal Impression from the Royal Palace G of Ebla (ca. 2300 BC) (Frances Pinnock)
  36. Wild Water Buffalo (Bubalus arnee [Kerr, 1792]) in the Ancient Near East (Daniel T. Potts)
  37. Going Red in The Iron Age II: The Emergence of Red-Slip Pottery in Northern Levant with Specific Reference to Tell Afis, Chatal Höyük and Zincirli Höyük (Marina Pucci, Sebastiano Soldi)
  38. Nel Segno di Ebla. Memoria Topologica per la Città del Trono al Centro delle Quattro Parti del Mondo (Marco Ramazzotti)
  39. The Terqa Cloves and the Archaeology of Aroma (Monica L. Smith)
  40. Between Philology and Archaeology. Some Comments on Urartian Landscape Management (Marie-Claude Trémouille, Roberto Dan)
  41. Placentas, Sieves and the Ancestors (Willeke Wendrich)
  42. Giorgio Buccellati's Critique and Archaeological Explanation (Diederik J.W. Meijer)