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On the fringes

     The present page collects information about tangential (and sometimes misleading) information relating to Urkesh, such as extraneous material or dubious blogs (thus, being defined “on the fringes”).

Facebook account of a rock band, taking its name (consciously or unconsciously) from Urkesh.

“Revised Chronology views of Mithrandir”
A blog discussing the origin of Abraham.
Quoting verbatim from the blog: “ Abraham was from Urkesh not Sumeria. It's a pretty controversial position to take, that the Ur Kassadim 'Ur of the Chaldeans' Abraham came from wasn't Ur in Southern Mesopotamia, but a city in modern Turkey” [about this topic, cf. Berlyn 2005].
The author than cites a the Wikipedia page “Talk: Urkesh”, dealing with the same topic [this Wikipedia page has also been entered in the E-Library, under the page Blogs].